Buffalo Stand Down: Sean Lindstrom & Kristen Weese


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We're here to talk about the buffalo stand down tomorrow this is a heads up for veterans and their families tomorrow is the eighteenth annual buffalo stand down in studio with us is Kristen waste. With the VA health care and homeless programs staff. Along with Sean Lindstrom Kristin let me start with you this is an annual event and our veterans pretty well familiar with this. Actually think you so much for having asked I'm as you said this is our eighteenth annual event. I mean it this is the first year that it is open to veterans that are not homeless it's open to. Every single letter and in the western your community and their families are very excited. Now I'm looking through some of the different services that you're going to provide all at this one events employment services terror concerts I care there's even. Preventative pet care that you're going to be offering I can you talk about some of the things that veterans are able to take advantage of from this one event. Absolutely tomorrow are burger and how about a 160. Different service providers both DA and community and like you said I'm gonna unemployment we have forty employers there that are ready to higher on the spot to come with a -- main dressed to impress. We're going to have. Medical exams you can I'm habits and your primary care it's you know checkup with some hepatitis C testing HIV testing him your glucose checking your cholesterol checked. Get your eyes checked out and there's a lot of fun getaways are going to be given out from military surplus there's going to be a free meal. I mean Dave is the list goes on and on and what's an album sunnier to virtually taking over keybank center than right. Yeah they've been fantastic to us. You know we approached the Buffalo Sabres because we kinda outgrew the footprint over Coke coal field it was at the last few years. And they're excited to have us and we'll be down there today setting things up and we'll be all throughout alumni plaza the event level than 100 level of keeping tomorrow what are the hours tomorrow Shonn. It's from ten to three. Veterans can start to come in and pre register at the aggressor opened the doors up around 9 o'clock. And the providers will be there from 10 AM to 3 PM. And parking is free you won it her way to know that price he had in years past we think about the times we've been at the Connecticut street armory where there is no parking and folks are parking blocks away. Here at the arena the sabres have made you open their lot on the corner of their parking garage in the corner of swan in Illinois freaks everyone coming to the stand down. And and percent of people are thinking along the standout this is just for homeless veterans it's it's not this is the first year you said that this is opening up to everybody absolutely every the air across the country is required to post to stand down and traditionally that is for homeless veterans. In 2016 hour community received the designation from Washington to have a effectively and in veteran homelessness that does not mean aren't homeless veterans and that there won't be. But it means that as a community we have the infrastructure. To help. I'm a system homeless veterans and families so this year is going to be a very different take the stand down we won't have. Every single batter in Western New York to congress tomorrow if you haven't registered and EA you can do that tomorrow. Because everybody at any better and I could could benefit from these resources tomorrow and we want them to. Not because of all that I am expecting yours. If you're expecting to see more people than usually how many people who normally turnout for this event how many are you expecting tomorrow. Well in 2016 weeks off 400 men and 59 veterans we went from 459 to about 630 last year. And as we continue to educate the community on. What it means to be at risk you know at the end of the month what we said. If you're trying to decide whether or not you need to charger grocery bills your light bill you need to be at stand you know there's advantages and services that you can be taken advantage of so you know I don't think there's necessarily a limit as to what we can X. Tomorrow. Probably around 2000 veterans are there more providers than ever before to absolutely I think we had about a hundred and when he service providers last year in our Q. A 166. And this morning we were still getting calls saying we wanna be there and we're going to keep banks right after this to see if we can fit them. So don't let those numbers may be scare you off a thousand people might attend but between the hours and how many different people there are to provide service. Sound like you're going to be standing around waiting for anything I mean there are plenty of people available that taught you right away. Absolutely I'm really glad you said that because I personally am not a fan of crabs and we have over 250 volunteers there tomorrow. Ready to assist with any better and so I'm we're hoping to move the lines very quickly I'm we don't anticipate it you know having on tax an and it's it's it's spread out enough that I think. I think it's a comfort fine again let's say the number time it's ten until 32 room keybank senator. But also they need to now. Did it need to bring their military idyllic. Even DD 214. The AIG military ID things like that the same type of idea you showed Lowe's or home devoted to 10% off you wanna show that to get in the door. One of the things we do give out is military surplus and we have a duty to the department of defense and verify that is going to veterans. So we have some high value items to be given way to it. All right well it all sounds like a great events and that we hope there's a big turnout tomorrow if you missed any of the information more posted them on Twitter. And our FaceBook page this morning guys thanks so much for coming out good luck tomorrow. Thank you so much see it stand down OK that's Christian wiest and Shonn Lindstrom VA health care for homeless programs staff.