Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo on "horrific" Grape Street Shooting


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Web site it's 12:34 AM awful police responded to hood shooting home 200 watt read street. Upon arrival there were four victims at the scene. In many other people it's been described to me is well it extremely chaotic as well so horrific scene. There was a 34 year old male who was shot in the league. There was a 48 year old male who was shockingly. It was a fifty year old female who was deceased. As well as a seventeen month old child who is deceased. The child in the female her grandson grandmother. Our information right now is still coming in it's still an active crime scene investigators evidence collection. Officers at the scene as we speak still working the scene collecting information. At this point what I can tell it's from the information we garnered last night early this morning it appears as if there was some type of family gathering. People were outside or win a number of unknown persons approached the porch and opened fire. Our officers that are done in seeing campuses as wells looking for video and interviewing witnesses as we speak. We are absolutely needed the public's help with this. This is a terrific terrific crime and seventeen month old child gets shot and killed on the city's streets. We cannot allow this to happen I can tell you that our entire homicide unit has been worked this relentlessly until we bring somebody to justice. What again. There are people in the community and know little bits and pieces of this story we need them come forward. Eyewitness that anybody there is information kind of take you there are confidential tip line which is 847. 2255. Or you can call our homicide office directly to speak to a detective. That number's 8514466. With that I'll take a couple questions but I can tell it is now a lot information we can put out. There. Information visit there was a number of people seen running from the scene as far as how many shooters I don't. Correct there commission that they came out. Disappeared from the house where. There are presently about working that right now or in the campus. That it targeted. Well again it's. So early to say that put. Anytime you have a large group of people for him to readdress some of the opens fire on the address it's hard to say that it was random but again. It's still very early on in the investigation we'll hand over to him he's trying to figure. If you knew they knew any of this pensioners they recognize any. It at this point they're still in the process of talking that she's right. So again as we get more information we will be update yet I suspected either sometime later today or possibly tomorrow we will his name's Gloria. But again it is still an active ranks you know right very. And again I can't stress enough we need some community involvement in this. We need people to stand up take a stand and say this is not going to be tolerated were seventeen month old child. It's killed on the front portion of their house over. Anything let alone nonsense so again please 8472255. Or 851. Or force a sixth start making. Their previous calls for service. I'm not that I'm aware of that didn't seem accurate. He had any I guess reassuring words for people who live in that area after I mean something as horrific as this to mean. Be able to walk outside again and hear about a seventeen months. I mean again the level of violence and some of these instances is around us but you know it's. The community is coming up. We are all responsible for the safety of one another not only the police that the community is all I can tell you that obviously will have extra patrols in those areas. We don't believe that this was necessarily random act of violence but again if somebody's on the shooting kills seventeen month old that person has been taken off the street you immediately. And in order for it to be accomplices as possible. The more cooperation we get. This week in the cap was set makers streets safer. If it were still investigating the reasons behind it but again. They send some very very preliminary information we have. Looks like the party's may have been known each other to some X and. It's. They were treated at the hospital and they were released so. Investigators currently rests. It it appears that the role all of the victims are known each other we can confirm that the two deceased her grandson grandmother as far as the other two. It appears that they were all having him back again hey I know it's. Urgent but it's clearly been put together as we speak he's shooting occurred at 12:30 in the morning. I Thai people were taken will treated we're still literally work for us. To. It. They. Tonight I can. I don't know this case so thank you very much as we get more information will be okay thank you.