Buffalo officials update on Cazenovia Creek flooding

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Friday, January 12th

Update on Cazenovia Creek flooding.


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Our commissioner of the department of public works. Deputy fire commissioner Jonathan eaten. Buffalo police captain Craig Leone. I and fire. Department lieutenant pat wildly. We are going to give you an update on flooding conditions. Would write an update early this morning at about 9:8. Am. Today we are at in June 25. Which has been in the command operations senator. For their response of various city agencies. To some of the flooding that we are seeing in the south buffalo portion of the city of buffalo. To date. We well at this point I'm very pleased to report. That. Some of the waters are receding at the Casanova you creek. And buffalo creek. The war has receded about two feet. Which is freed. The jamming that we were seen that was creating flooding conditions. About a hundred homes. Have seen some watering the basement. Lieutenant while it will give an update on some of the city's response. To assisting families that have had flooding. In the basement I wanna recognize. That the department of public works the fire department. The police department. Since about 4:30 this morning have been going. Door to door. To homes in the affected area. Just letting them know what to expect. Offering assistance. And doing assessments. In the homes to assist people. In the flooding that today are seen. What we have also put in place art to fans from the city's Department of Community services. A bus from the from buffalo public schools. To give our fire department the ability. To transport. Families. Who might need to go to a warming center. To the warming senator that is located. At touch Collins. So those vehicles are in place and families that need to be transported. To be warming senator. And all and we will be able to transport shoe fair. I want to legislate a special thank you two states senators Tim Kennedy. Who has provided. Coffee. Hot chocolate donuts. For the warming sooner task Collins. For city workers and for families. That might have to go to the warming center. The warming senator. Open at 2 o'clock this afternoon. And will be open through 10 o'clock this evening. They are also working with the Red Cross. It is day facility. Four families that might be displaced. That don't have. Family members that they can stay with overnight. It is with offices in west Seneca it's a school in west Seneca. That is through the red cross and families can go there to sleep overnight. If they don't have family members. Or other options and they are displaced. Front and it homes. I want your largest recognize. That. City agencies have been working out pretty much Johnson's last night through this morning. There's been a real significant effort. On to go door to door thing police buyer. And I'll public works but not going over 400 doors. In the affected area of the city of buffalo and certainly want to thank our city workers Wear those efforts. The buffalo sewer authority has been involved they have been. Flushing. The sewers. To present her to prevent sewer overflow. And so for back up. Into homes. That activity has also. Been pretty successful. And it has really reduced our problems that we might see in that area. Now I'm going to turn things over for more detail. On the public works side. Two commissioner Steve Stanton act. Then we're gonna go to lieutenant pat lolly. Talked about some of the things that the fire department. Has been doing and what residents can expect in the way of support are from city agencies going forward. Commission certainly I think humor. You this morning when we met an assault part of the bridge just some news that are here today or tonight we're we're here this morning. And what we saw was the H Jim we're we're actually occurred and caused the back up. In the buffalo creek that actually extended out to the cast and all the creek. We knew that was gonna be a big test last night we saw that and you know mother nature kept wearing out at that and eroding that in this sort of break loose for us that was a great sign we saw those water levels drop. Mid afternoon when those waters levels sort of that the drop for us. At this point where we're at the mayor said we are down in those areas of those waters are dropping their movie and they're still is some more water coming down. From upstream coming down that that's keep those levels at a higher level what we anticipate that they're gonna continue to drop there tonight. As you know it's gonna get very cold very quickly reverted dropped down. Below freezing that's gonna start to reduce that that meltdown from what what's coming up from Holden in those other tributaries that come into the national via. Weren't just being at one of the drop throughout the night. And in turn we're we're we're hoping that that's gonna help some of these. All told Paul strain out and actually get some of the water the basements and actually were with the source systems have been so much capacity in them right now. Know that the divert to an effort that occurred last night occurred about Florida morning when police and fire and public purse got together and realized. This is situation we're in we're gonna go dormitory and notified folks to slicker when so shows and and it worked out very well. Thank you. I'm now gonna have lieutenant pat quality wolf over the fire department response. And where residents can expect going forward. Thank you mr. mayor. From an emergency services perspective. We were able to search more than 400 homes this afternoon. Unfortunately there is almost a hundred homes that we he would shut off utilities. And we are going to work through the evening and into the night trying to restore as many of those utilities as possible. With that being sad people coming home at 4:5 o'clock we have some safety concerns if they come home and find water based and if you water your basement. In the chemicals are involved these column on one. You'll com we'll do an individual assessment of the house to see if we can manner safely shut off the gas and electric and get to shelter for the night. If you come home and there's water in your basement and there is no mechanical involved we would ask that you would. Either just wait till the water recesses and then have someone coming clean it up in the following day or so or make you clean it up it's. Clean up yourself. They're also you have Patrick and it was our shot off you can call National Grid they'll come out and turn your power on if you know don't gas service you can call national fuel. People that are coming home to find no utilities we have some carbon monoxide concerns again we have the medical response here in south district right now. Ready to take care of any medical needs of many people. And also get them to the warming shelters like the mayor mentioned. We've transportation. Famous come home and find they cannot say they're for the night we'll happily come over will be able to pick them up with the help of the Boston we have. Get them medical care and get them out to a shelter so that warm safely sleep tonight. Should members fire and emergency services are concerned it's a safety first situation don't hesitate to com final one. You'll applicable into an individual assessment of home to make sure that you're safe in his house there and. Lieutenant again mentioned that. If you come home and you have no power there's border near basement. Utilities have been shut off and you need some place to stay overnight. That location is be wind Chester. Elementary school in west Seneca at that site has been provided through us to us through our partnership. With the red cross and wanted to thank them for that.