Buffalo Billion Trial/Sheldon Silver Chat - POLITICO's Jimmy Vielkind


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We're joined now by politicos Jimmy reveal kinda out in Albany talking about Sheldon Silver of course but first Jimmy wanna get your thoughts on some new developments. In the buffalo billion case against sim Mannelly in particular. Might be on hold for awhile what do we know about this. Well there hasn't been a formal decision made a federal judge over a year in which all nine and in all the good part. They are written ruling later this month but now prosecutors speak in the head or sitting be got to check. Just splitting up the trial into one focusing on. We should Minnelli and the so called buffalo developer defendant. They were accused of rigging the beard. You'll do you sort city factory repaired and in a separate trial to focus son Joseph were cocoa. Or work how he and governor entered or local. The governor who likened to a broader. Initially declared that registered the trials so moment. Hooper of the year that is now being pushed action January perhaps as later marcher equal. According to new court filings from prosecutors. Normally federal judges are deferential to prosecutors. These search string and so. Still wait to whatever that formal ruling is but the later this trial goes. The worse it is for governor to. Seeking reelection next year he's going to want to have much as possible between the trial in which the possibility of some incriminating statements. Are coming out in November we shall stand for what he says he election too sure. Yeah I trial in the same year of his. Possible reelection and has got to be the worst thing he could be in could one. Yeah absolutely America and other phrased this potential retrial of children's children perhaps you can kill those. There will be a corruption smorgasbord and wouldn't you for your purse. Yeah I would imagine that the governor wasn't too excited about its the decision yesterday simply because it brings says Sheldon Silver back into the spotlight one. Really I think most New Yorkers have kind of forgotten all about it. That's exactly right Brian we we thought that children's over retreated into the past. He had been ousted as speaker two years ago his successor well he's he's starting to say it is so. Agenda. Find his own way in the hole and now back from the footnotes of history columns Silber. Ought to be retried and there are legal expert supporters who I spoke with strict say that the chip that liked Joseph Bruno. The former senate majority leader Sheldon Silver could could be. So dark theater Rico our current Beirut. Artwork prosecutors book walk on the Supreme Court decision is going to be typical student could potentially lead to I'm not still cheaper. Jimmy how surprising was it. That his conviction was overturned yesterday. It wasn't particularly surprising for people who really know the law. Other McDonnell he were settled in 26 you settlement or so where was convicted. In vote. Latter happened in the last month 25 inning and the instructions that the judge in the case Alec crone he's cute security. We're very clear and they were recorded with a walk a time. Said that hooters had a note a special tax. You sort of Kuo in the quid pro quo bribery scheme and having a special XP didn't get under color of social that's a pretty broad definition an official could. I hope for the job. War could endorse your product or predict a call to hoped you. In some way. But where how they're subsequently had that Supreme Court decision which involves former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell. It is Supreme Court said you are looking reaching all the other social. And the Supreme Court interpreted an official acted very narrow definition. Just related to government functions. Being put appropriating money. Making a decision on the case making that decision on the scale. Important would that narrower definition. Processor that was built there was no surprise rejected because the judgment that something that was very contradictory to what. The Supreme Court that rules are even creep roar. In rhetoric when he's sixteen came to Albany for a table destruction on public corruption and he acknowledged then that this ruling could quote muck up. And quote is convictions of silver and you'd go so a little the possibility of your business. Yeah you have the current US attorney saying I justice has been delayed but. They don't expected to be denied their looking for a retrial and he sort of initial timeline for when we should expect that. Though not as of yet and I think that it would depending. Upon how how the party which group you. Wouldn't Joseph Bruno was do you 2000 aren't you second trial did not start until 2014. There was an interim period there where there was a lot of exchanges without evidence etc. So I think that there's a possibility that this could drag out the there's also equally the possibility that it happened. Again the fact that we are facing the potential of three or four major corruption trial. The New York's government in an election year it certainly knock decree. Artist Jimmy feel kind he covers politics in the state capital. For Politico dot com.