Buffalo Billion Convictions 930in716 July 13, 2018

Friday, July 13th

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It's 930. In 716. Guilty times four in the buffalo billion corruption trial. The governor has been accused of no wrongdoing but it's not the first corruption trial. That had hit into administration and the sentencing date forward the people convicted yesterday. There in October mid October and pick a last one is October 17 which is. Just inside of three weeks before the November 6 general election. On sure they'll be an appeal board passed beat appeal. I'm Tim linger on 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. A federal jury in New York convicted key players Thursday on charges related to governor Cuomo's buffalo billion economic redevelopment program leaving some lawyers grumbling that it's a bad time to face corruption charges. The Manhattan jury returned its verdict after a month long trial. Put a spotlight and how lucrative contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Were rewarded for redevelopment projects aimed at revitalizing upstate New York particularly Syracuse and of course buffalo. We are absolutely heartsick over the verdict said Michael Miller a lawyer for Elaine Cody arrows. Formerly the president of the state university of New York's Polytechnic institute. Defense lawyers while they're promising appeals. Prosecutors said Carl euros arranged for buffalo developer loosen Minnelli and his company L peace in an Alley. To win a development job in buffalo worth a half billion bucks. Well the verdict can't really quick and the timing now is not good for Governor Cuomo. Can love it covers all things Albany and politics for the New York Daily News and spends some post verdict time with Susan Rosen Brian mess around ski. We're only two months away. From the media and democratic primary and the pseudo revved up both Cynthia Nixon went to Poland and her supporters know whether she has. The police sources to take advantage of it remains to be seen but certainly it's not a good time for the governor. Yet not a good time for the governor in day you mentioned. Cynthia Nixon trying to kind of capitalize on this. Do we know how close in the poll Liz because at last check it seemed like. Cuomo had a very substantial lead. Exactly. The last poll that we saw last month that he had a 35 point lead them among general election voters. And that's a little bit different than the primary voters so you'll have to see about that but Tim he was leaving Nixon by 35 point. But the polls have been well look we saw Joseph Crowley CN and that's also you know hurts the governor in terms of timing. Joseph Crowley the lone timeout queen congressman who. Who the potential house speaker in the future. He was taken out by an insurgent Democrat a first time candidate looked like Nixon and he had a 35 point lead according to his internal polls. Three weeks before the primary so it may be harder than don't like to come back to hear that in May be hard to gauge who would likely voters of this year's primary. Because of that. You know on something else to consider too. Is the fact that this is all gonna come up again when these guys are sentenced in mid October which is only a few weeks before the election right. Well I didn't then certainly by then I I think for the government and the hardest thing is getting to the primary but yeah absolutely this. There's also help slow Marc Mauer and narrow the Republican candidate for governor and he has the same issue will only have enough resources to take advantage of it. But the play into the narrative because this is the first. Corruption combat stress the governor has been accused of no wrongdoing but it's not the first corruption trial. That has hit. If the administration and then we have a conviction on his former top aide and close friend Oprah Coca. Took a few months ago so this is to limit the in the span of a couple of months so you are doing here both the left and the right use this against the governor. If you measure per Coco two and two in the span of a couple months I mean. Is there any indication that. The governor is in any sort of trouble actually legally with being charged of something given how close these people were to win. No at this point we don't know that you know you would think by now something that have come out of there was but. He had not been accused of wrongdoing doesn't have been Mexican that this was the guy who is being noted in an admitted control freak. And he's someone. Who says she didn't know any of this stuff was going around the nonfiction because I don't believe that. But if it's truly can. Either totally corrupt or totally incompetent either way it's not a good picture. Do you think he'll be visiting buffalo anytime soon. I don't know he's gonna have to lending that is the primary season in buffalo Erie county is important in the in the democratic primary and but I don't know what he's gonna do I know. I would assume over the next few days he's gonna try and maintain a business as usual nonchalant you know. Talking about the national politics talking about abortion but he's been doing the last few weeks. Last night had to be interesting to me have a fund raiser. No a couple of hours after his. Couple hours after the conviction and he has allowed some of the donors like criminality. He had a big money fundraiser at the house of Billy Jolo island so but the timing was not good for the governor. You bought all or he could've fell one and there and said you know I need your money now more than ever. I don't think he would have said that and and I think he's going to be okay money wise you know meet the and financial disclosures come out Monday the governor in January had thirty and a half million dollars on hand I would assume. It could be a couple more million above that this time round. Cynthia Nixon last month. I had only raised about one point one million troops march. And had only about 400000 left on hand held. The money discrepancy. Is dramatic you know and again it's important that racing crew where Crowley had three and a half million men and his opponent can't deal Cortez had. 380000. But the truth of the statewide race not a single congressional district you do need money to compete. Well I am surprised. Legal perspective coming from our legal guru in renowned defense attorney Paul can Embry. Here's a snapshot of his thoughts on the convictions. On my partners were involved in the case and I am surprised I think the difference here was where no very co defendant. Decided to plead guilty and testify against him well I think that obviously. Major impact on the case. Without his testimony. They say they're no pews again I thought that at most they would convicted of conspiracy. That's a little easier to do. And I am. Because Oprah. Il made in the testimony by the code of fan and I think that's what. Tip the scales here. These are complicated. Case it is you know in general are we don't know the outcome would be an appeal. That's the first thing as far as the company. As far as. I can tell while we are greedy and so a lot. Are these horse in salt slew tales from the companies being run by so. And so our religious tracts. They're being it's going forward on sure Adobe and appeal board and it should be an appeal. In this case are a number of species there. Legal issues that need to be resolved. Our appeal it's it is to intercede you know lately you saw. That there were reversals like consumers case and so on. It is a complicated. Federal statute. When it deals with so called Gregory. Yeah and so why you aren't sure that there'll be an appeal a year. Yeah and the circuit circuit in New York City that disordered. I don't think that great dedication from. The testimony that IE out follow. It seem to leave that to whip out that. Co defendants testimony. It would not accuse. Normally when you're running a campaign against incumbent. You have to make stuff up about corruption and scandal and incompetence. There are massive political ramifications with these convictions as noted. By WDN political insider and host of hard line and WB EN doctor Kevin Hart way. The the Childers to Governor Cuomo to cure don't don't have to worry about that because it's you know it's it's righting itself. Interestingly enough. The sentencing date for the at people convicted yesterday. There in October mid October at that the last one is October 17 which is. Just inside of three weeks before the November 6 general election so what's gonna remind people of this this you know I mean that's good. Not most people are are are currently you and I mean we haven't followed every detail of this trial. We don't have to because. Cynthia Nixon and Mark Mullen aero. Are gonna remind us Dalian paid. Political ads and comedian and radio hopefully I am radio. And and it's gonna hurt governor well. You know they're saying that it was Kevin Shuler is testimony at Kevin also worked for seminal right. Yet that that's what really did this and you think. Yes he EU ease with Dunham. I mean he was originally indicted in the cut some sort of a deal. Presumably very a lesser sentence. And and that was the killer in this case. You know but it it I mean it is not the first set time that there Cuomo's run in the trouble is I mean even before this one of his long time. Friend Sergio super Coca Cola's convicted earlier this year of a bribery you know of shaking down people to do you know that do business with the state in New York. It's it's not good I mean I I think much of the opponents. Campaigns. Will revolve around these cities verdict. Now that being said how much of an impact will it actually have now Cuomo's been ahead in the polls when it comes to. Cynthia Nixon I have the polls against Molinaro though maybe not as much as he was against stance to Reno that's. The last poll numbers that came out of a few weeks ago. How much of an impact do you see this happening happy having in the democratic primary and then potentially in the general election. I I I think potentially could have a big big. Impact I don't think big enough or hurt him in the democratic primary but I think in the general election night you know you you talk about the polling units and having their creativity OPEC now. Most people aren't tuned in this I mean they're more worried about pal Brian may has aroused he did yesterday I think you need to change here. Your web poll question will Bryant Young receivers roster this year but I think that the Pete are focused on and other things. And that on the governor's race after Labor Day people are gonna turn their attention that this mid October will have the sentencing. Which will get a lot of play. Hello have paid political ads end and then the opponent will be telling us. What. Do what we haven't been paying attention to and I think the poll numbers don't think a lot. We haven't heard the last of this one for sure and we're back Monday. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irrigation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.