"Bridge Pushing" Incident Being Probed - Cheri Preston


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You've probably seen the video by now if you haven't check it out and news radio and 930 on Twitter teen show of from a bridge by her friend. Hospitalized that lucky to be alive Sherry Preston joining us live now Sherri were hearing. From this girl who was pushed off a bridge as it turns out breaking ribs seriously injuring herself. Yeah exactly that's what happens in multiple potato water park in Washington State it's it's actually closer to Portland Oregon and then it's it's. I'll bridge that nick didn't sixty feet above the water typical there every summer as kids will do. In other kids that would swimming in the water than kids go to the top you know pummel them cues to jump off and you know the police chief they're every year they have a couple of kids really getting serious injuries well this young girl sixteen year old girl. Calm wind up there and she said that she was just sort of standing there. And and trying to decide just getting good care Q not getting scared Jordan holder senator named. Omni has not yet that I can't do it looked the same time. And you may actually in the video. Another friend coming from behind her and just pushes her off. A serious injuries ambulance crews arrived and he had five broken ribs and injured trachea bruised esophagus air trapped outlining a prolonged all according. To her mom she's out of the hospital now she had friends around her. But the one friend who did it put his head that he was very sorry for doing it and what that does pitching in the outcome of this. Kill the note that the dirt thing to do what others are saying should she be charged with hit and they're still trying to decide now at that point whether any charges should be taught. Says wondering I mean you watch this video it's horrifying. Has to see the way she pushy sir and what happens. Yeah exactly and it's one of those things where you know falling into the water from that height can cause some really serious injuries which it did to her. Yelled at Clark had a sheriff there that the investigating its saying that dump. You know they they do it again kid do that every summer and it happens but it's it's really a very dangerous thing and you know. People do without their people do drowned somebody's got to wonder like this other girl the one who pushed her off to bridge means you don't connect. What was going through her mind to. Is there a thought that if she. Jumped off another way that she wouldn't of sustained these injuries that maybe it's the way she fell or was this bound to happen whether she was pushed or whether she jumped. What yeah I mean experts say it seriously when you fall into the water from that height he laughed clearly have to followed the right direction I mean people are known to do this they train for a long time. After actually gonna do that yet she was she says he kind of blacked out when she was falling there. And he you know he doesn't really remember how he felt that he was trying to put land village he would insist stated many injuries but it means. Imagine that like landing on on on a clean up the act of evil or something like Vatican paper that if you're from that height. Going into the water I mean media would you think you would want to beat Google announced first. Com but clearly didn't happen because Vichy species are flailing and she says she again that she think she stated in the Erica with a girl long time to fall. And if you like video you can actually hear her fault that the lottery area that the water tallied it's really shocking video and a lot of people are talking about it. I asked now is Jordan for giving her friends. You are giving her comments he's saying you know he's he was asked by a reporter afterwards you know how how he's gonna pick her friends in the future he should should be a lot more. Careful she says you know he had talked to the friend of president Sheikh Tariq. Other people are saying you know Alfred did the full forgiveness come there yet but again I'm not these kids parents or their mom but. You know what she's saying is you know she's reached out to her they have discussed but at this point it's still kind of you know keeping an arms like. Our cheery we appreciate the update that Sherry Preston junior slides if you haven't seen that video yet check it out at news radio 930 on Twitter amber and academia really is. Horrifying to watch.