Brian Higgins on the gun forum 930in716 April 6, 2018

Friday, April 6th

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It's 930. In 716. More follow up to yesterday's discussion with congressman Chris Collins and this weekend's student organized gone forum. On the podcast. It should be spirited discussions. But I do think that the students have advanced. Berrian play at all very reasonable basis for holding. We have. Moderator is there which we're going to be asking the questions. So people concerned that questions and it'll be passed by the moderator but no shouting yelling everything that was the noted. Make it into an uncomfortable settings there could hurt. I'm Jim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Yesterday we heard from congressman Chris Collins and his rationale for not attending this weekend's student organized gone forum at saint Paul's cathedral. Well discussion in this is based on there. About. Eight there are making illegal assault weapons in America. Today congressman Brian Higgins he is part of the forum discussion. If you look get didn't count Connecticut Yankee cook elementary school twenty people were killed. Twenty kids between the agency conservative. The shooter did we were able to kill destruct. Within five minutes in one shouldn't get a mass murder. With an assault weapon that's a weapon of mass destruction. I've seen her weekly polls. Nightclub shooting in Orlando. 69 people dead picky people won't think one tutor. Within nine minutes that assault weapon the weapon of mass destruction in Las Vegas. Picky people dead 851. Injured. In ten minutes one shooter. Within assault weapons at the very lean and should be that Gucci. A ban on assault weapons and keep in mind that. Our federal courts. Or ruled there and there assault weapons does not violate the Second Amendment. Out of there's no constitutional patient here it's simply any congressional society. Taking what sort of action to get you to make a legal. The the complexion and corrections. Under assault weapon because they're deemed to be. Our weapons of mass destruction in ghostly incidences that this site and are clear and compelling regions to ban assault rifle. Congressman now we understand that high school students have organized this event. Is this your standing. It is and guard met with a group of students earlier this week. In mine are awful lot and some of whom will be participating. In this all of that conference Saturday. Are we heard from congressman Chris Collins this morning on our error saying that he would not participate that. He felt this were turned into. An anti Second Amendment rally. How disappointed are you that he congressman calls won't be taking part on Saturday. Well that his decision Bob but I will tell you would be beatings are here with students. They are cleared to they are respectful. About people who don't know. Believed it the Second Amendment. Allow individuals to protect themselves to routine. And I weapons. War actually course board yeah and for content attitude now about secondhand and this is about. What we can do to keep people protecting it. We can the parameters in the Second Amendment. And there's not a neutral court this is iBurst good. Yeah a ban on weapons of mass destruction in the band on assault rifles. I could not be achieved legislatively. And also a cold. The principles of the commandments so I don't buy. The constitutional argument against. A ban on assault weapons because they're democratic they're. Central court or decades. The their assault rifles are protected and the chicken man. Congressman on T we anticipate that this will event will be. Vociferous where and in Blount with science or do you expect SP molecule are very or early quiet conversation. I had no idea. To get in there and I'm talking to participate. And it should be spirited discussion but I do think that the students. They have big banks to burying correctional buried reasonable. Basis for holding they're looking should be protected. From another incident that includes one sugar. And objection to being in school or public place or work or anywhere and it could get reasonable expectation they believe good. It's it's congress now protection. And win at the end it's concrete take action which is entirely consistent with the Second Amendment to ban assault rifles. Banned weapons of mass destruction that the ball in. There should be that is something that congress can do in addition to background checks communication to a mental health. Funding in addition you can keep an airplane because Europe or watch what you should be able to see you should be able to purchase. What about in car and what a lull. All. Of the a lot of area years that. It'll allow legally didn't. That the constitution to take action to protect. The general public from. Death and destruction and problem nationally and so what we want to take place mark Cutler Beers so there's plenty of grown in their twenties grew spirited dialogue. And that should be patience from march to take on legislative action it's congress to protect people. And again this time one of the organizers insisting this will be an event with decorum and it's completely operated and planned by students. It's so we were both student I can tell you firsthand that we both took place. We've invited all the people we've done we've been contacting you uncoordinated they all sit completely rebutted. Andrew called chick is a Clarence high schools seen year. Basically we saw that we tried David Hart or what's sides apart from saying that Ireland should have a town hall filled with sincere concern this could try. Your mouth and also. Communicate with some sort of going from there. Basically. I was invited to a vigil to speak there on the topic is about Eric. Within the group New Yorkers against gun violence but many students were warned to participate. So they grew guy who has headed it just popped loose on the group it says are at this which goes it's what you guys should do if you guys want to do that. Go ahead with that I'm in the end not just skill and from there we just started playing that are. So outside of getting the incentive to do this from David Hogg there's been no other influence from him or others. No it's been completely run by a. Now oh what do you make of debts and claim from Chris Collins yesterday that this is simply going to be he called it a circus that it would get out of hand. If he attended just kind of people going after him and attacking him. On this issue what do you see happening tomorrow. Well first we have moderator there which we're going to be asking the questions. So people concerned that questioned there's gonna be asked by a moderator that no shouting and yelling everything that was good noted. Making it into an uncomfortable throwing error hurt. And as well or the other circuits it's a little ridiculous I think. It actually listened to what we are going to say on it if you actually participate I think he would have found out they are simply charge you. Proposed solutions and find different ways to look at mr. Is the public invited to this. Yeah certainly. The public is partly this is in terms of pushing large social media to get people involved. Just because we know that's how our main focus is invited students for anyone who wants to come. But are you worried that may be some other. Factions or groups organizations. Might show up and try to commandeer it. Well again that's an area of the moderator it's not going to be an open Mike for anyone to say Alex Sink is to want. Make a point there percent of up to a prime. So. I would say northern and that congress fearing it. Now one of the other things Chris Collins said yesterday on the air with us was that many of the people involved the high schoolers. Yet they're not eighteen they're not old enough to vote and they're not in his district. I can you give us an idea of some of the students you've spoken with about this form who will be in attendance and oh what do students your rage planned to do in November will allow a lot of them be old enough to vote and there are they registered do they plan on. Going out and showing their feelings at the polls. Yeah artists say they're definitely ought to alliance. Are going to be seen and they're gonna be great to vote and I've already registered to vote personally but it. I think a lot of people also are especially with. That are Clarence walker I know you're ending a voter registration forms a lot of people with them. So I'd expect that people who want a voter to vote. The forum is set for Saturday at 130 at saint Paul's cathedral in downtown buffalo. Back Monday. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.