Brett Kavanaugh Nomination In Trouble - Steve Roberts


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No word yet on whether Thursday's Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Supreme Court nominee Brent Cavanaugh. Will be postponed let's bring in Steve Roberts political analyst. Let's talk a little bit about what's going on now with Cavanaugh. After I decked confirmation process has been complicated bit by a woman's new claim of sexual misconduct Steve. Where do you see this all having within the next few days. Well it is murky. I think up until now. If Cavanaugh and is heading for. Fairly easy confirmation I mean now virtually all the Democrats could vote against import. It there were no known Republican defections and there's going to be a close vote but it is nothing emerged in the hearings. It really could galvanize the opposition crystallize opposition. Now you have the accusations by a woman setback in high school. That have been on. Attack terror physically and them. Look at my first reaction to this what high school really mean are is they're actually lived patient on get beat by. In this era of meat to. This can't be dismissed and you after the fact these are all election. Where the women's vote is going to be absolutely critical and Republicans and the White House are being very cautious here. You know one of the key factors is this president who normally would have been leading and announcing this woman. And then talking about which can't and you haven't heard a word problem and the reason is because of political advisors are saying shut up. We cannot afford. And during the coldest fall campaign to alienate. Female voters who were leaning against. That the dynamic is very much complicated by the by the fall election. Steve if Merrick Garland. Had been accused of sexual assault 35 years ago. What would've happened. It's hard to say. I think the implication of your question that. That these. I haven't here in Washington so polarized that. You know that. People are over. Taking these partisan positions I think it was clear implication. I think if it it has been reversed and again I'm just speculating here. Democrats would have defended Merrick Garland and Republican would be tacky that you have. Did Democrat or Republicans defending. Cavanaugh and and and Democrat attacking him and that's just a collection of that they have a true Washington this so quickness and so polarize the people don't act on principle they act on partisanship. It seems to me that there's a few options here you can continue to move forward. On this Thursday and can proceed like Q. Had been planning on doing in the weeks prior. You could postpone for who knows how long or you could drop Cavanaugh entirely which of those three. Do you see happening. I think there's going to be a middle ground here I think it's going to be hard for Republicans to push this through. On Thursday that it planned to already have senator Jeff flake a Republican member of the Judiciary Committee slow down. The Republicans don't have a one vote margin on the Judiciary Committee likely to vote not to advance the cabin on nomination he could be stalled. So they got to be careful also they ought to be very worried about two Republican women senators Collins of Maine. And Murkowski of Alaska who are both pro choice on abortion both of them. Have never announced that they would definitely vote for capital. You do not want to alienate them on the other hand I don't see the White House abandoning Cavanaugh at least. Right now the trumpet got a great deal invested in him. So I think the that middle ground where they're gonna try to. Be respectful of these charges. Have been hearing and and postpone the vote. For Republicans are very Leary. Here because. Let's remember that if in the fall if if the Cavanaugh. Nomination stalled. And he has not voted off this fall. And the Democrats were somehow to take control of the senate in the fall election. That would change he entire. Dynamic in terms of Supreme Court nominations are Republicans are very very anxious to get Cavanaugh the fact truthful. They're gonna do everything possible to make that happen but they have to be. Afraid they have to be cautious. Given the political risks here particularly as I say in terms of alienating. Swing female voters threw him beside a lot of these house collection of suburbs around and. In the end do you think the cabin on nomination goes through or not. Yes I do because I think you know he's given what we know now because I think in the end a lot of people say. This. This was useful episode. Even as the witnesses believable. Do we really all I wanna be judged in mid fifties by behavior and when we were teenagers and I take a sense of fairness. To judge capital will prevail here but I it's a very fluid situation and that need. Much more uncertain by two factors in the rise to the lead to movement in this this happened a year ago. I don't think there'd be any question tableau would come in are last year received so many powerful man. Just recently the head of CBS forced out just last week. Culminate our home. Accused. Forced to leave office as a result of these charges. It's a different environment and then. You add to that Republicans concerned about female voters in the fall election it just changes the basic dynamic. Parents Steve and we thank you for the time as always that's political analyst Steve Roberts.