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News radio 930 WBA. And the Donald Trump is a man who loved admired and respected like many who doesn't pass stormy Daniels rough. He he really. Well Hillary we can't go twenty minutes on its network and without stormy Daniels there. It's Tom Bauerle he's got a real problem folks and David Bellamy no I appreciate that more than you know. As big of swap. All all. Its hourly and Olivia actually no credibility to to begin speaking further on news radio 930 W. I don't play throw quick audio from Ryan Borough ABC news this Missouri duck boat accident yesterday seventeen bodies recovered. Just an absolute tragedy Missouri's. Eight Highway Patrol sergeant Jason pace confirms divers found and pulled the remaining four bodies from the water bringing the total killed to seventeen. While officials have not identified the dead we do know they include children. Elderly people and the driver of the duck boat there were 31 people on board including two crew members the captain of the boat. Did survive Bryan Burrough ABC news. Well you know we heard that story and I'm sure all our thoughts and prayers of the youngest victim one years old the oldest was seventy. Mike McQueen joins us from star won a 2.5 and I was told that you know you UN bent on this tour before Mike. And how crazy is that entire I mean first of all these duck boats just explain real quickie you you've got family and in Branson Missouri. And son in law lived there for about three years and during that period of time about five years ago. We were traveling back and forth visiting them and and on our visits 34 times a year we got to do all the tourist these things are gonna Branson Branson is a big. Tourist destination ride in a big music entertainment theater might. Daughter and son a lot of work for one of the major theaters there and so we took the duck boat tour on one of those trips. And it was such or you know a great experience it was it has oh wonderful family experience families take this tour. And one of the news broke this morning while I'm doing traffic at channel four I was just stunned I couldn't believe what I was watching. That the videos from the storm that blew up out of nowhere over table rock lake. So Mike McQueen joins us from star wanna 2.5 and and I just kind of get an idea of you know these duck boats and talk about this company. They have been 36 fatalities that this company has happened since 1999. And this appears to be you're describing it as almost a hybrid of a military. Not in previous vehicle. Exactly they describe it as such on the tour that these are reconfigured. Old style military am envious boats that they've turned into two's tour docked boats. And for the most part the tour is on land it leaves. You know the downtown section of Branson the main drag Branson makes its way up into the Ozarks just outside of the outskirts of the city. Man did you go down the steep incline toward table rock lake which is this huge ozark mountain lake and that is the lake where yesterday. At thirteen people were killed and you mentioned. Nine people for one thing you just saw that break on social media's few minutes ago that apparently nine of the seventeen victims Euro members of one. But these accidents on the east votes since I actually court. And you're you've been on this tour. And one of the things one it was debris where this. Did you have no any sort of life preserver on what they do when you you know when you sign up and obviously you go through the process you buy your tickets and you know they agree chew and then they they talk Q and two aides say the speech went down on what to expect during the tour. And oh what to do in the event of an emergency point out where the life vests are on board these vehicles. But you don't Wear them during the two hour again. I mean that that that's a matter of you know debate whether you should have them on the all time but you're on land almost the whole time except for that. You know short span. Out on the table rock lake. There there are on board the vessel up above you was I recalled. Searching through pictures you know it happens would change cell phones over no organized whose pictures. But that we're able to determine through a memory and threw a couple of pictures that my daughter had. There are above you. It point them out to you but you don't Wear them. And so if you got this odd duck boat and it was choppy waters would you made that decision this is -- would be if the conditions were sixty that I can't swim elect so I would never got to pick and that's choppy although I shouldn't say never is on a cruise ship ones that went through a low pressure system called it with 25 foot waves you know but but now hello I don't wanna see but now there I mean it's usually such such a gorgeous. Thing you know at the table rock lake is you know again nestled in the Ozarks one sun's out it's just as beautiful job like going out of Lake Erie you know ever expect never would expect something like that that happened Mike McQueen from start to point five excellent for us thoughts and prayers to all the victims that's for sure. National story seventeen people killed duck boat accident. A sixty mile an hour winds awarded 630 yesterday there was a pressure system coming in it still went on the waters at seven. And disaster occurred in. And we found one of our own family. Our work. Family here we had gone to war it was so crazy and by the way the information was told me that you were on the ball yeah initially I scan it and try to didn't I didn't have a heart attack and it's comfort food myself my veggies so much thank you to start wanna 2.5 policy here a month. I WI PP were also joined. On the live line. By captain Ronaldo from the awful police department sir thank you so much for being patient appreciate that. Okay so today we we had a situation this afternoon about an hour ago with the with the bottle please department. Which which appears to be. First of all situation is a 100% in control right now there's nothing to be alarmed. With civilians in the area. It appears that it is 34 year old. White male had a shotgun was in home we Anna Anna appeared to hostage situation. Can you confirm that there were shots inside the home. Yes so her officers responded to and I won't call for suicidal mammal. Yet approximately. 2:30 PM at an interest at 660 McKinley park where. Oakland officers are right to be pretty you're commotion and how they are two shots ordered. That kindly request to the source and crisis management team. Model that's where. This subject in that milk at the sight of how. Good female subjects appear to struggling. Old burger shack and that you care. And at one point during the struggle suspect's. Gun appear to airport are. At that point in our top. Certain that choice but to a printer. Got that from the suspect and you shot. Our aim to screw it immediately after seeing Hewitt take into the NC were currently in surgery. Sounds like. Actually no choice the officers on the scene days they haven't. You know we hear all these money morning quarterbacks of what the officers should do when a situation like that. That escalated very quickly. They made a decision. As far as this investigation goes that round that was fired. Whether it was fired in the direction of the officer into the ground into the air. People could have been injured. Things changed dramatically when when that shot gun went off outside. Exports to the YouTube can't. You know who lose accounting. It appears that point two detracting it's armed suspect. She was not successful. In the end it begun will speed Russell that was that we pointed at the officers. We know from witnesses are officers repeatedly kept screaming at to drop the gun. Drop the done refusals requests in again in north mr. the no other option other than it's trying to stop the strike. He was clearly are lethal weapon. And they're really no other options. At this point for the officer that we contacted your attorney is our air our internal investigation. Are that are here as well sites or. But again you know I think captures an excellent out into it that nobody got hurt the situation. Shock it's a feature was a captain amber and all the for the bubble police department talking about the situation that occurred. In a cool what would the area it is the area still with the police presence are people in the community able to travelers are still investigation going on in this area. He edited the areas particularly parkway is definitely vote now it is our call so I would ask people to avoid the area at all possible. Are you anticipate their current yeah officers who either for quite some time and I still processing the scene. We obviously have the Natalie outright ouster as well and tried so it will be probably internally dirty game before they areas opened back up. And an aide to Kim we got here if there's any of the officers were injured at all it appears that they're they're safe. Correct that we don't have any officers injured we want concert that is going to treat cystic it checked out. Thankfully none of the doctors or by sooner or hurt. And they'll begin to. Or we'll call it that we want Serb put in the thought it was such a little shack up underground. Knows very little options looked at that point. Could you comment I capture and although on and the injuries out of the officer what was that involved in the scuffle or was there debris here. I'm just being evaluated and are standard operating procedure and both critical and I'd like for physical well you know there shall be reopened. Our attitude to the end. And just thinner heparin procedure Boris. And as far as this suspect he's if he's in surgery right now is out of surgery here. I can still uncertain is when he. Rushed from the scene that with the police escort. Our two weeks PNC and you're brought in immediately brought in this order are jobs all the thank you so much as anything we have covered. Now I and I think that's it for now we have another further racial or at least we 00 record I'm. Thank you so much for your time sir captain and although the bottle please department. The tough job and every time you respond to a call you have no idea what happened. And up to yet hats off. I appreciate that awful pleased pharma Katherine all the given us an update now appears to have been hot situation. That shots were fired with a twelve gauge shotgun inside home there was an and 11 call please respond back all. There were shots fired inside a home. All of a sudden the stuff that comes out with the woman they start struggling with a twelve gauge shotgun. The the twelve gauge shotgun gesture is at that moment. Bubble please. You know this is not a negotiation at that point this becomes a district party. Two shots have been fired inside one shot has been far outside I don't know what law enforcement. You know what you have in your backyard but there's restraint their patience and then there's survivability. And we have to make sure that no one else is injured in the community that this hostage. Doesn't lose her life and these awful please don't get hurt. I need it quick decision. That was actually forced upon them by this. Alleged suspect's actions engaged with the the suspect he was injured. Interesting that they immediately got into an ambulance so that would mean that the it was Ari stage in preparation. Again. You know we talk about. All the preparation that goes into these types of situations when that 911 call came out for a potential hostage situation that it just responding officers they also brought. What appears to be. You know some sort of or at least the Booth was scared to take him quickly to EC MC with police escort an officer also went to be checked out calf or all the says it. That just as standard operating procedure when anything like this happens you wanna make sure that everyone's mind psychologically emotionally physically all that good stuff. But kaptur and all the panel to join us to give us an update no officers have been injured the suspect is in surgery right now. We know update after all the cabinet to join us live line and hotline patients what was thought it would Mike McQueen from star wanna 2.5 he was actually on that tour. In Missouri asked that killed seventeen people nine people from one family died in that I mean I I. I don't even know. There were 31 people on the boat and under from one family the youngest being one years old the oldest being seventy. But Mike McQueen from Starwood 2.5 giving us such everywhere where you can get better from and what you've been on the the boat to Wear yourself. You know these these duck boats are beat Sweden four year old old amphibious military. Vessels majority of that tour according to Mike is on its on the ground you're driving around. On the ground and in the very short part of it it goes in this table rock lake access steep. Incline. And view. The in in Missouri outside of Branson Missouri. And there was a weather warning that came out it's 630. Local time in Branson that said that there was going to be severe wind. Gusts up to sixty miles an hour. This accident occurred just after 7 PM Brent after the show ended yesterday's when the accident occurred. And there's a video out there of people out there on a boat after at a restaurant or at the shore but. A gentleman you can see your reflection off the window is he's filming this with his Smartphone. And again I don't think they're filming it because they think a disaster is going to happen there's multiple duck boats with when you look at the video one of them gets away. The other one you can just see it's it's bow is just literally take in water and and and of course it cap sizes and what we asked Mike McQueen from star wanna 2.5. You know to give us we are the the light jackets on this thing. You know Mike said Gerald above your head in at the boat turns upside down a water starts coming in. He can't swim. You know. You don't go on that because you're you're expecting to tread water and in forty feet of water. In a very dark dark body water table while rock lakes Mike McQueen was kind of to sit down to join us from start to point out to talk about the Missouri vote. I'd disaster today and then capped an entrepreneur all Pokemon for the Buffalo News or from the bubble police department to give an update on the buffalo officer involved shooting. It appears a hostage situation. That. Went completely out of control guy discharge a shotgun two times inside the house he then brought. The the hostage victim outside they started wrestling with the twelve gauge around was discharged. Apple please. No option at that point around has been discharge and young innocents can we put it this way. Buffalo police would have a different press coverage if they allowed a guy with a shotgun that killed two people. And and not you know stepping in and and that situation the buffalo police department ended this situation. Professionally. And without hurting any civility and that suspect is in surgery EC MC. And I will give you updates as they come but capturing all the time to join us. Once again violating my hoodie and the blowfish rule. Bill Kennedy thank you for that and Sean Murphy and Tom pocket. Alan everyone here we that was a crazy out there. Captain and all the involved police department. We did enough data and the misery. Duck boat situation with our own Mike McQueen from star won a 2.5 who went on that two more like five years ago gives all the insides of you know the fact it why not just put everyone in life jackets what's the deal. It's not really do the water part of that Torre's. This most parts it's on and it's an amphibious boat form you know military vote. And Gupta psych report broken for a national news again. Over this I Sherry a jacket it's she's a writer for. The USA today and they hit by the way the USA today gets fired. Irish carriage activists for there. What I can say look there's. Always is is now while I am richer when it come activist okay. This is a guy who's been in every trench for the last 25 years he has no problems throwing mud taken all. Roger Stone Michael Caputo good do when this all over the world okay. And all the allegations. That are being made it's my group photo. For working with Russia again that there's nothing that has ever been hidden from the Michael Cooper would go win win the American government want to bring Rock the Vote. Post Soviet Union collapsed in the United States. It was the Clinton administration. That some people like my computer to Russia to help guide thing Boris Yeltsin. Not glad prudent but Boris Yeltsin that was eight. Concerted effort by the American administration. At that time Bill Clinton at the end of the George H. W. Bush. Tenure as president. Russia collapse. You know the Soviet Union has collapsed and they're trying to bring in democracy. Bringing an American politicos to make sure they Yeltsin is their guy they wanted to Yeltsin to be rappers that's what's important dinner rush right. Well now. I could of been involved in every Republican running for president is that the trumpet. There's a special relations with drop because he is part of the group that wanted trump to run for governor in new York and they had that relationship he was a part of the campaign he was not the campaign manager he was running anything having to do with. Outside groups all of this stuff is just pay. You have been Russia hey you Merida a person who by the way she's Ukrainian. Neither here and there let's get into the facts. Again I'm I'm I'm close what Michael I know his family. And I also know the weight Kapono operates I'd coop Bhutto is a black mama are right. US would conclude oh you're you're gonna get the thanks absolutely. And he's got a law. Did this what he does he rolls in it he throws it and he's got a pretty thick alligator hide. Put what will chair Jack Davis has done. On Twitter in a public forum is one of the most repugnant things I don't care if your prefer if if she is just all of a normal person on Twitter. It's inexcusable. She should lose her Twitter privileges that are blue checked mark just for the things she said but the idea that she's continuing to right. For the USA today in the hill is really without. I don't know anyone can consider that to be in a world where James Gunn is being fired from a movie for comments that he made ten years ago. Each area should have no employment for comment that she's made six. Minutes ago this is not this is not over. She's continuing to go after a family friend. Let me just play a little bit of a month ago put was talking about today he spoke with our very own Tom pocket. And I hear this a little bit of my Cavuto. Cheer greedy started but it is important to talk about her unborn children are should be ready. Aren't aren't these kind of comments so unacceptable are USA today can be cruel newspaper have both tiger corporate. And now what they hill is as fired her over in well foods not just the USA today and adhered to if we have the story if you wanna know what was said. You could look it up yourself. Org just listen to meet. With the was doing it this if you followed a photo on Twitter he does this with a lot of people. You get attacked constantly every other day there's another person throwing a barbed since you are going to jail or Communist era KGB guy right. So he fires back with you know Europe bot bury your real killer whatever the case maybe. Which Arie his comeback with a hash tag. Bitter childless and alone which I think it's. At least it's he's firing back it was above the belt at that point she's attacking him relentlessly now. She starts making attacks about two poodles daughters. Now talking about to put those 32 year old daughters we're not talking about two poodles married daughters with children were talking about the Poodle it's. Under eighteen. Under fifteen. We're talking about the photos eight year old daughter's. He asked me these are these are not adults these are minors these are our our girls that are even took the to its weapons barely the ones on the school the the middle child. She won kindergarten. After kindergarten daughter's children I mean it's absolutely repugnant. The two tweet that was over. The topless quote argue. Are your daughters you know ugly like you are can trump use them at the Epstein parties that they can. Survive when your broke bitter alone in prison for treason. This of course is the guy that was connected to the Clinton. Bill Clinton this was a bill a millionaire billionaire who was accused of pedophilia convicted of charges connected to that essentially saying you know. Are you going to. Prostitute your daughters to a to pacify. I mean that's. That's funny but it does that's so out outside of the bell comes ups of. A just rash like you never saw that anyone in my conversation with you and you brought my kids but you said that my kids wanted to my kids should be. Abused by a pedophile I mean you're not leaving with wood tee I mean oh what man. What person. Would believe that that is par for the course. And if you want and college in battle like this was a former Janelle former Republican because there was an uber work career is over as it should be. As it should meet but now she's on Twitter attack he could total more talking about how to Motorola. Somehow connected to this. This madam Robert Moeller has just subpoenaed aid madam in New York she's connected of course to. The Eliot Spitzer situation somehow Robert Mueller is gonna say that Caputo and stone working with the madam somehow put. It's Spitzer in a situation where you had to buy prost. Aware of this is going to Russia collusion. Now we're talking about a poodles daughters now we're talking about me. If you again my friends. We've talked about this how many times. We got on guns and we talked about mental health issues. Any person will Whoopi Goldberg crazy and I'm Janine Piero and if you kick dropped the sentinel that apple horrible stuff. This is a part of the mental health crisis in the days. And when we talk about it when it's a gun went to guy with the gun and shoots of the school or a kid grabs are gonna get we talk about mental health issues. There is absolutely. No place in any discourse where you were attacking someone's children. I don't care you know what pulling cars and Ohio Lou that is going to be one of the bloodiest battles. Yuri county you've seen in a very long time probably a collected columns import cars he gets of the this this year is going to be a very bitter it's going to be a bloody sort of political slugfest. But in no time will mark pulling cars or step on my hi Lou talked about each other's children. Because these are grown and these are professional and he's honorable people. Okay these they're not going to go to that level and if they do they should indeed they should be should know no one should ever boat. Four candidate for a person uses children makes comments about children's appearance by the way. Stars are athlete gorgeous. To put his wife is is a beautiful and there is absolutely. Its role if Ottawa line it's an an honestly. Did there I'm not a big fan of blacklisting people you know you're accused of being a Communist your. But if you're not going to play within the realm of decency. What blacklisted in shame is all about if you're gonna go after you know a guy like Allan dank. He's a liberal we don't see the world the same way. There's absolutely. Never a time. To go after. Sure where the guy works I don't care what it is doing this. Duel with with discourse. This is about social media terrorism is what this when you're taking under aged children and I don't care what your politics are. It was Capote going after her children you would this same conversation. No one should employed someone who is going to use their platform. To slander. Or you lose their platform to wish. Something could happen to someone. When you have underage children and and now you're sick they're thinking how to defend yourself against this. Here's a woman who has a column in the USA today hill she had the powered to throwing his name out there he can respond on Twitter. That's all we can do we can lawyer up and sure. What do you do when you're using your platform to a tax of one personable and I think that you know sharing is is upset. If you go to our Twitter page you UC this. She got a screen shot of it I'll leave that she did a photo of of a monitor but you think a photo Vermont or to show. That trump offered her a communications director position when he was running for president and battling for the record Sherry is very interested in the job. Here's the thing. Don't see that. Offer green her job putting savings are you available for an interview we're looking for a world class communications director. Sure what time I'd love to and he's like well LaGuardia's got a back up but I could I can meet with you and have dinner with. Now she claims she was offered the job. And she uses this screen shot as an example of hit them offering her the job offer let me think they wanna interviewer maybe she's good. For the job maybe she is it will turns out she wasn't good for the job we usually get the job. And alt support owed it was mentioned you'll hate trump. Because she didn't get a job as a communications director. And by the way you are all team trump until they said we don't want you. Retrospect it may direct the stage as a person obviously. Offer rocker. If she's going after underage children and wishing that they are attacked by a pent up while I mean it's the most ridiculous stuff I've ever. I don't think anyone has ever seen this before it more Capote. I think she's attacking my wife and children just for the same region cheap couch the white from children of anybody associated with ultra. Treat him mentally. The range she has. I heard an emotional problem one that can only be. Really addressed by medical personnel. What I said you know there's two Puerto uploaded it is. Psycho analyst app again I really there are times when. You can look at well you know to put on plays in this arena and and that's what happens when you play in that arena there is absolutely nobody on the democratic side and it'll. I don't know how Zelda got involved I really don't know the the whole idea that your county democratic. A party got involved. Or this other website did that pushes a bunch of nonsense I don't believe that there's anyone in Western New York. On any side of the aisle that would condone or support or even nurture such attacks and if there are. They need to be made famous because there's no call for that at all listen I am. 180. Degree keys in the opposite. Of the way I see the world as is the way mark Porter sees the world that is. 100% uncalled for you know people lie on the fence for 30930. Also wanna remind you top video going to be. Go back that cash towards 6 o'clock you wanna check that were to seven to 81. And your chance to thousand dollars. What people are in in about these duck boat we talked. With Mike McQueen and about the duck boat in Branson Missouri he's actually from start wanna 2.5 he went on the boat a couple of years ago. Rick lake after noticing that these abduct dirt retraction or modification. It's an amphibious vehicle that's a modification of war two it's a deuce and a half which I do not now. And the other person a broad in that the dot poll was based on the army's. Two and half. Basically that the deuce in that truck it was used while widely in World War II. It was heavy use in the Normandy invasion and many shank. Because of high seas and overloading. It's a problem. And what the problems we saw yesterday. What what is odd though is that a good 36 people who have been killed in these duck boats across the country since 1999. A good chunk of those fatalities occurred on the ground not in the water but actually. You know accidents that happened for. These vehicles were driving down the street. Another about a lot of comedy about the the food situation with a journalist just one of the it's fun it's uncalled for it's uncalled for and I don't believe. That. Again I don't know the information I don't know what who what website is involved what I believe in my heart. That there is a Democrat in Buffalo, New York in Western New York that would ever go to that level as much as they acres columns as much today whoever. That they would not ever go to that level and if they're telling us that they are not a part of this in and spreading this got to take these people at the word I mean there's. This shouldn't if we live from the world that its us vs them and it's full war and we're going after kids and wives and. That all the world leader. I mean it's it's 100%. On called for by the way Chelsea Clinton I mean Wayne's world have to apologize to twelve year old Chelsea Clinton. Don't these curls would be doing these kids. I mean for for you to question what they look like in an hope that they get her. Little girls and their beautiful little girls they're content little girls and none of them asked for. None of them that I've heard more things about proposals wife that are some of the most. Cruel. I mean big and a ballistic attack this is this is not a body decent. Respectable human being does. You stay away from spouses you stay away from kids I'll tell you why. If you're roll around with the wrong guy and you start talking about that stuff. You're opening the door to things we eat we don't want. And mayor were better than where batted in this sort of discourse hey. Real quick were to take a break but when we come back we're gonna talk more about the news of the day at a ball flops are shooting today we dock accident yesterday were our top. Of the day which was happy and fought back up. It was happy and fun it but the best thing ever. Ever should not violence. Couple broke. Up. The worst. War is absolutely the whole showed just unraveled. Right after we're like let's be happy for.