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Tuesday, March 13th

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News radio 930 WBS. I thought that's fun to be million delusional campaign. It's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know you I'm sorry I'm a grown up and David Bellamy let's shoot anyone agrees with you today. I would doubt that David its hourly and they'll be I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality land it on news radio 930 WB. Pull out dot com. Back to buy hourly and bella via let's get these phones ring and again let's start off by given away another 25 dollar gift certificate to pains restaurant I'll take the tenth caller. 64498756449875. You win the ten dollar a 25 dollar gift certificate to paint a restaurant. The kid and Nortel analog. And the values 25 dollars general contest rules apply you know pains restaurant. In north town wanted to ask for mentioned. They're located at 984. Payne avenue you might think. That's a weird coincidence because the restaurant is being pains and they're on pain avenue well. You know how you do that. You do that by serving families delicious Italian American favorites for over fifty years. Any older we would ask pinks restaurant not to drive anymore. Still we're combining the game contest with the topic. They're open for breakfast lunch and dinner you around paying restaurant kitchen gets you to do have a winner. 30 and thirty start I 3106. Absent WB and we're talking about old people driving and the reason why we're doing that is because. It turns out in New York. When all people are driving. 65 years and older we're losing 220. To what here's the stat in New York State 222. People. R&R killed. And one of the two drivers is 65 years and older. So naturally you can take from that. That statistics are showing that the population. Is is Agee absolutely we know that we have all these great things in. In modern medicine and everything else threat. But the pig and we can't take away from this. Is that. This social coincides. With a tie game. Where a lot of people are using technology. And also getting distracted and a lot more there were switching numbers right now we're young people lose their lives a car accident. What happens. If that young person that drunk person that text numbers and hits a persons over 65. Now am I gonna tell you the people over 65 statistically our folks I'd want to be in my overdrive or not exactly. I need to get the airport for hours can you do to do make that happen. At the juror bulls going so I mean look I know a lot of people that the drive super slow. I've never really met a lot of old folks who have like a lead foot all of well did you know there was that miles or Roddy accident with a pro golfer. And this pro golfer was a terrific event of a household name golfer was recently in a flurry accident. And the driver of the Ferrari was like 82. It was a good speed accident and I thought to myself 82 years old and you drove Ferrari in which three. Of pretty crazy you know. Bill Haas bill Hoss say to bill Hamas he was with Luke Wilson. Lou that's right look at the actor look all I had little certainly. Not the wild guy his brother don't know all when Wilson is the guy would occur crooked nose who tried to kill himself after Kate Hudson broke up with them. According to the national cooler. But they broke the they broke the Al Gore story. Of the national choirs and credit. But anyway. The population's growing older. So naturally more older people are going to be involved in fatal accidents that just the way goes let's go to Mike in on north not a lot of Mike here and to be via. It. Mike is there are all oil Attleboro via what's going. We're talking about driving and about so people drive yes. Okay my quote driver. And we're required to take a test every two years physical and also driving behind the whales. And the PPP cup cold. And I had 78 years olds. Knobs I do every one overseas are you should be years old in your report to take these testified to drive a school bus. Would you be upset if they ask you to do that to drive your own personal vehicle. Yes that's a different school books but it helps you to write your old car. You save your safer driver for having that instruction. You're safer driver for having that had the instruction from the school bus drive. That's correct and it makes you well whatever what you to point. Would you would you advise that we kind of change driver Ed to make it more involving. Well let's get to this point what and what about the training may do better driver. All they tell you want to argue he's got a group ahead of boxing you got a global real attraction or. And all sorts of. Cultural things we can all do the card what did you learn that made you better drive and. All how to drive better. He got a trainer that's with the only trade you'll. Eddie curry when you can can you tell us you gotta tell us what you don't want higher toward it. And I think that would work which are also. Right Artest had better instructors. Yes constructive we'll help you. What. So I think that just that the political idea okay given an accident like. No I never I've been doing it. Thirty some nearest port you it and never prevent it. Awesome and I appreciate you don't like what I think about the fact that so why people get so worked up over people over 65. Lately they let airline pilots fly. You know some people want airline pilots to have to be retired at 65 if a guy excel he can land a plane on the east in the Hudson. What you want that experience behind the dub it an a cup. Are you are. So unlike you drive in my kids and a school bus if you've been noted long in and you know you know. Yeah correct. That's how we do whatever we're doing what's right so how often do they test you want to make sure that you have like everything going right. OK we needed to a take a row just. Behind a wheel right dancing and just to do that every two years. Yes we need to do to edit feature here at just let requirement and we're checking your eyesight we're checking your everything. That's correct he took in your blood pressure you do need to get physically check your blood pressure and you got to ask you go to Milwaukee if they got a think I tell us. Let me ask you another question have you ever left the kid on a bus. Never what is going on with all these stories a bus drivers who like they turn around and seven kids are sleeping eating Bologna sandwich is what was going on there. That meant that the bus driver rename itself if you're required to do that. So when you when you park your bust you walk don't the bus to make sure know what's in there. Yes we do we have to walk it back to us because we at all I went to turn off. And I think you'll have to the Beckham won't turn off. So there's no way that. A person could they're not turning the alarm on if they're not check in the entire bus. Yes he'll go to parliament recently you open the door and Utah investor which particular investors switched that a lot of the alarm. And you view PepsiCo restaurants. What should turn their best which will in equal rector pressed the work to. If they'll like her at all. It was so when you hear these stories about these kids like him bosses like is that like a professional I've disgraced it. Yeah. Seriously damage that it makes everyone look like bus drivers are just. All the time leaving kids on the bus parked that thing go get the Santa waging gone wrong. Yeah LSU. A lot of parents. We try to thwart what I'll try it for. The last train and some don't do well trained. All that developed under the bill itself. All right Mike in Nortel I don't want to you give us everything we needed in a little bit more and we appreciate that our regular there isn't like we're there. How fast and it wasn't yet and they've definitely changed when he barrels a bus drivers what goes back to what I'm saying you meet a subject matter expert. Give as much information and you can't. Now I might do a program down the road but children left on buses okay the go back and think. I talked to Mike who's a bus driver. And he told me that every time competent bus driver stopped the bus. To have to make sure I don't know. There aren't children as still always like box car children living in the school bus. Living on white bread and now water. Why was one of those kids and I was younger guy left I fell asleep on the bus multiple times back in my day. They drove into the bus garage and if you got left out the year decline repaired pick you up. That was basically if they wake you lopped. Yeah well they won't they draw all the way back to the garage and let let you like you're in Boston found they've brought you into the conflict the common area sat in the chair with a missing sock in a coffee guy edit and have a thermos that was left on the bus we have a child about once a week yet. While you were not love the hell that is horrible why don't we should have bought us. And adding your fault. It's your fault in a way though if you slept on a loyalist totally my fault I'm in less than it was anyone else are it's just a wide that you weren't so once and hang on the last one this guy sleeping. No I can because I was last stuff. Dry he had so I was I was always at him when he stayed after school you're at the bus ride they condensed down like four bus mostly roughly two hours. I think it's lost interest in. So I was upset wins the sound effects which isn't. Yeah texture but texture would. What the defense. They thought those were insensitive. Yes. Well make sure that those. We on a plane anymore of those sound effects Tayshaun. Don't do any more on the. Service that let's go to my neck and Amherst you're on WB and go ahead nick. Dave I don't sir but thanks. First thing I've got every year books are amazing it's a matter you really. That's what kinda you nick and I that's very kind thank you means a lot. You're welcome hey Dave I got to the library open. Hey you know watch is do you do you still read it and that's very equally thank you. Much that you could've bought it though nick in it would have meant more to me. I'll admit thank you and Eric got what would you call. I want her book catalog I'm not pay a private school. Am actually had a case where a child would look dumb luck. A young girl or great around there a member at great it was and I am numb we were actually I'm. We call school it was left in the back to Bosnia bus driver it checked. Whether or stroke and the pork isn't walked off the bus crying her eyes out didn't know where she was. Armed. Took what some liquid bulk or broader. Put two together broke the restaurant. I guess they figured it out while we were interviewed by channel short the time to sit and made a little bit of news around here. And it would add a bit that they actually start putting that the ribbon in the science. That's gonna be about eleven years ago at Villanova long. Not as as the principal you gotta win that. You know you want it both ways that you. The bus drivers that work with are just what they got a call you before terrific people they really are a lot of our parents grandparents. They're wonderful people. What you hate it seems like the ship and you really do it this was. I mean honestly though if the actions and we look what we're hoping that. And a mistake it happened and meet people leave their kids in cars port both ends up you know and people have bad days and whatnot but you know. That's kind of about it that's the major primary responsibility to make sure that every time department that bus technology and you know it's really not a lot to ask yourself. And it's really unfair to the administration of the school they have to answer questions to the media from what's kind of mindless behavior. Ill and the public scrutiny and did you tell exactly what you did censor. They're wonderful people they're all great but somebody has dropped the ball that day I mean I guess that is better at Piedmont park your blood. Walken look bad they don't wouldn't make sure nobody did that poor little girl will not do our best. The appellate court you go out. Yeah excellent. I empathize with these people and try to do everything and it's a job. But you know you're gonna end that would that would be Obama. Whose little great daughter was well a couple of and what is it like it so yeah I mean I credit. Equity it was a bit more important. You said Dan and I actually yeah. Make a bus driver feel better about today you need that release date. You are not being principal anymore has nothing do this kid on the bus doesn't. I. Thought Ted what do make sure did never a lasting effect on your career. All of thank god nick thank you for Colin and I appreciate it and I think to be of service to our kids that's pretty cool. All right nick an amorous you know again it's. One of those situations to be answered questions for something that you know that you can be the best principle the world. And you get eighteen of the best bus drivers in the world and that one is gonna reflect everything and I got to ask. A guy like Mike ignored that a lot has been a bus driver for years never had a problem I got to ask him my kids being left that Abbas because one person was a full. Unbelievable. I dynamic duo is back to both really great guys you buy hourly and Albania on WB here and. View who do we have by our. Currently we're here today this would be known as the darkest hour that's like the Kennedy picked to us on Q so would text and I got on the wrong bus when as a kid 1985. Years. That refugee camp and the bill's. Second year with the red helmet that's how I do my time line but the bills helmets. So yes this would have been blue face mask red helmet. 85 and the driver would drop off when I got around Basra the kid identified the driver wouldn't drop off anything besides they're designated stops. I am going to the bus depot. Not much. That have really wait I mean eight. That can't be a real felt like a school bus there's got to be like a city plus. There's no way. When we get nick back on the phone last. My answer more questions. Was going on here David my nephew was left it for about project housing. And his first day of kindergarten miles away from his house were awaiting the bus stop form after its first day. And then he when he did not get off to a second nightmare until some only found him and brought her into her house and called the police. We did not know where he was first to vault. Projects or mansion that woman is eight absolute hero for doing that god bless her. Second of all have a conversation with a kid about stranger danger I. I didn't anyone's house and you're dropped out anyway that's a horrible story. And that's pretty scary. I mean that at your first day of school by the way you know. Real. Breaking news. Out of Austin, Texas a bomber we talked about yesterday Austin bombs according to police. ABC news actually Austin bombs were sophisticated and they had motion based detonators. And can they consisted of shrapnel. The device is also had some sort of safety switch which enabled the bomber to move the devices without blowing themselves up. While I sort of ruling doesn't ago. One I think James for sending that James. Is always an odd Twitter Barley bella via come finalist by the way James is like. Always doing great stuff for the show and I just James they don't ever thank you so much what you do James direct message me and I. Take you want to watch James. Well this guy and you want to lunch with me all you gotta do is my job. And do a better than me so hard to do if you've been listening for two years. Floor including. The week I had my own gay. But if you don't you. Twitter James is always put them losing and Faxon important stuff and I really really appreciate that so direct message me and I'll I'll take you out man in. You get whatever ten dollars can afford the Iraq. Go to get a taco caller today James my treat. Changes a weirdo. What did James you know what does this elaborate ruse of like two years of five times a day giving us nothing but breaking news stories. Is just to break down my trust. So that one day I would soften up invite him to launch. Where. I end up in his face while I thought you is I'm not go to lunch with strangers why I think I'm gonna trust James and this. Every five times a day he's text easy updating Twitter. James I trust you. Get. On the is gonna go you know James Micah. A big. 030930. Now ginger cool. That's all that's a great. We talk to old people and driving and somehow this got and bosses I don't know what happened there bus driver. We we talked to a guy from Nortel and I want plus average this is the darkest hour. And I'm gonna say right now mongoose were not put in this sort of culture Wenger wrote quit. And ask him if we can not put this hour up online is that all comes down to WB yen. Would WB and says is what we do everything all you do your own show this teleprompter baby. I am no different than any news person wonder writes all of our words do you have problems you go to Tim wonder he has the guy. As responsible for all the ideas all the thoughts. BG has got Doug target about stranger danger. And so you said. Mustering you're dating is vital random stranger at a lot like James I trust James and I'm gonna ask about the launch them. And I don't know well I'll give an update will do. I heterosexual version of what does it give an update live from James basement about what what is the old love connection. But what James this is not anything close to that but I'm guessing you would go out with someone that you give an update on how away and the audience would vote against him that would dated August saint. We have lunch that I update people on how the large wedge. And the audience determined whether or not. I'd go to launch would James again. Or hurt I had him arrested and get a restraining order that's I think that before in game so I got on the wrong bust in 198093. I'd love at some compound run by dude named David. I got the hell out of there there wasn't any alcohol. I wonder whatever happened to good old Koresh. Dude is making. They put a school bus underground and lived in ethnic bomb shelter. And this sick person. Is making fun. Of the bloodshed at Waco Texas. Those Branch Davidians. Have never ever. Did nothing to deserve that they used to be fighting words. It out of me and we got really during the Clinton administration. Waco was a a really big and it wasn't that Waco represented anything I mean most people tell you that David Koresh was lunatic. But most you'll also tell you David Koresh jog every day it would probably been easier thrown at Bagram van. As he was jogging down the street didn't you know it was a show of force it was trying to you know use that that Texas swagger but also. This was this was a political thing to I was ruby ridge in the same category is what bridges again. It's hard to find sympathy with the victims and ruby ridge because they were whites says supremacist right. And who and who wants to say like yeah you know that that skin at that white supremacists come why are we treating insulin fairly. But here's the problem just because you're from anti or your black lives matter and I think here you know. I don't have much respect for your positions they don't have much respect for the way you conduct yourself. But you still have a right to. I don't know not get shot when you know your in your home. I think it's a little bit excessive. To have someone give a green light to take a shot. Someone with the with kids in the house I think that's really stupid not to did. Was it was a self inflicted absolutely was Waco self inflicted absolutely. Money. Best way to get the government audio life stop by and AK 47 through the mail stop pregnant in twelve girls that's usually the best way. To get the government out of my business will stop having babies would babies. And by making 47 eventually get on the radar blot. There is a difference between. You know. Barging in and said you know any situation that it results in children die in a bad day. You know it doesn't mean that the government was wrong to just after you engage government agents. Just what buddy you're gonna have a standoff. I mean I don't want out of a living a country that doesn't have a standoff after you. Violently engaged representatives of the law absolutely not do we have to get to do we have to get to that point. Now we didn't and and and people died. Did we have to get to the point ruby ridge where you know guys going to meetings he's on surveillance there was toxin via Randy Weaver that. He was actually working for the government at some point to turn other people limiting accessibility it wasn't a problem with them. Why did have to be like that. But then again there's there's stories about black Panthers. Didn't you know. There are subject to save it wake obviously with high profile it was a national TV. But. So what so ever ready in 230930. As James and making it's really weird and it's it's actually funny. But when you look at. You know that the right wing tends to focus on the things that Clinton did but I'm sure there's you know stories of people black Panthers in the sixties and seventies it. You know found some misadventure. I mean I'm gonna sit here and tell you that. Think I watched. Movie and Netflix called mud bound to be seen that movie. I just feel I strongly urge you to watch the movie mud about. Eight incredible time in American history. I talks about African American who basically serves his country in World War II. Is treated like the hero he is by you know women in Europe. Many comes all of you out it was on country and and there's that there's bigotry in the south and it's it's horrible right. And it's just it's great to me integrate honest look at race relations at that time at that period that place. Which. What I think about like where we've come. And what we are dual like the trajectory in which we go. There is nothing wrong we've you know addressing all the what black lives matter if it was the true legitimate moved. And we were diagnosing. What is happening to African Americans in our culture. I believe that there is a whole lot. A whole lot of apologies. And straight faced pay this was a bad deal. And this was a horrible thing that was done here ancestors. And there's absolutely zero excuse. But these are your ancestors. Let's get to how we treat each other. And let's move forward. Let's let's get beyond this. Let's talk about some of the did the disadvantages today that African Americans have strictly because of where they live and their skin color this is happening. In our cities today there are people disenfranchised. Because of what. Where they live geographical. Racism. People in the city don't have the same opera to look at the check and. We're sitting here talking about how different everyone is you don't think a person the city has a right to keep and bear arms. You don't think neighborhoods would be safer. If people were able to possess firearms legally in those areas. It's ridiculous. Because your what blackened live in the city or you're Hispanic rhythm of the city you shouldn't have a gun unit responsible enough to have a gun stupid. Well who would if you find a person celebrating unemployment because of political party. Are horrible human beings. Don't belong in the republic that they should be elected either party. We want to see people working we want to people taking care of their families this is like all positive stuff right. We have to acknowledge that there was some home big things done to black people in the United States absolutely. You even allow us to have. What America. If there is a if your going to start saying that ancestors. Some. Now are are connected to the way Irish people were treated and listen. Asian Americans. The rail road. Native Americans. Homosexuals. I mean you talked about different groups that haven't been a lot of horrible things Japanese Americans forward Q. Puerto Ricans in the fifties in New York. You name it. Right we go through the newest one. Able to have a dialogue. And and actually teach American history. Because of the fact that it's it's always. It's dot com eight will you be accountable for that. You have to show accountability. And what does that mean. I don't know what that financial accountability. Is an immediate Coppola what is it. But if it does it does Bob that movie mud down I think puts it all out there. You know I'll and you might agree with you might disagree with it whatever the case maybe I don't really know how you can disagree with a fictional story or agree with that but. In my defense some people whatever it is. It you know you look at the people who serve their country they come home the Richard like that pretty a pretty miserable stuff. But look. My my point is I would like to have a debate I'd like heaven about guns. I'd like that to happen about schools and education. The Jeremy. I'm not gonna pretend marble Garza plastic bag is is really important right now. Mean at bet that's one thing you wanna talk about and you wanna do that fine but. Why why can't we have a dialogue without ad hominem attacks why can't we have a dialogue without you know play in the game of black people don't vote Republican. Bull Republicans hate unions. Republicans hate gay people. Right at all humorous is these leash easy is ridiculous evil why are we here. We're here because. What we watch something that historical. There have to be accountability today. Constant accountability. Is is a white man I could tell you I am it's ridiculous. But I'll tell you why. If I would hope that a volatile live at a time. When eight African American had to use the restroom that I had the intestinal fortitude to say this is outrageous. In a quiet any platform in and I would like to think that in 1950 deal I would use that platform to do something about what I considered to be an injustice. I have no telling that to lie because as 2000 any team. You are Marky mark and I'm not eleven flight. Predicting what you would do if you were on flight 93. Because you have no idea of knowing. I have no idea what I would have done at a time of how wide a people lot ideal Donald trouble to stop the shooting. Marky Mark would have stopped 9/11. I would've stopped racism ever one would do that her road thing I'm sure you would. But we know and know. We have no way to know what we would do because it's ridiculous what I do know is 12018 I can show you respect as a man. I can assure you respect as a woman. And I could treat you with the same dignity and respect I would expect you to treat my children. And we can have discussions like intelligent people would believe belittling each other. If that. It's that strawberry milk. Megabits that without belittling each other. We can have a conversation. Without choosing sides blanketed because of party allegiance and everything else or we can just be obstinate. And we just sit here and look at each other and say we did agree to disagree. And let's just continued. I don't think it's more everyone's text and I don't think it's more political parties I don't think it's a political thing. I really don't. I don't think it's a political thing. I think it's what we do every day when an 88 year old person calls into my program or uptown buy hourly you buy hourly ability of program. And we're sitting there listening to people. We'll shouldn't. But relief for twenty years ago. World War II special where actual veterans tell Bauerle storage what is Bauerle do he is citizens. Look (%expletive) I don't care if you're black white woman feet give me wisdom teach me. I wanna be better than view all for the U. And you're gonna help me do that so cure what you look like would you love what you do telling your story see if I can learn something from and I can't. I can. But what is different about that. It is very threatening to our friends. And it shouldn't be. Not your fault. Well we'll see you tomorrow but hourly and all of the this is the song we play when the show is over tomorrow three to seven. On the Mildred. Hi this time as a Credo of the room and let me introduce you to then use a joke error. Yeah. Have. Had you at. All in that pale moonlight. Gates. No. But I would be. Walk. Supposed to be is why some serious ones still scenario is next with a smile. On this thing fly.