Breaking Down Cellphone and WIFI Use In Schools 9/13 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, September 13th

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News radio 930 WB EN yeah it's Tom Bauer late in David Bellamy got its hourly and they'll be on news radio 930 W yeah. And this hour I'll buy hourly ability abroad Dubai indeed did. Used by over three million businesses for hiring were business owners and HR professionals composed job openings with screener questions sort review and communicate with candidates from an online dashboard learn more at. Indeed dead dot com slash hired that's indeed dot com slash hired. Hourly and bell Libya and and we have a lot of people wanna talk about this may be he'll be next on the phone at 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB EM. David why are we talking about whether cell phones ought to be allowed in school and whether school ought to have Wi-Fi. Racially V Batavia city schools they Bennett a vote in July it wasn't exactly a public vote orderly talked about this and so kids went back to school and as normal after Labor Day. And nobody can use their phones first ball the Wi-Fi it was. Voted to be eliminated Natalie from teachers but from also from students. And that means your back your cellphone network and if you're in school bill probably after 1962. More akin to a World War II bunkers and is. You know a place for modern you know cell networks to get through so. Without live fire him. And called their parents for rides teachers can't get text messages or emails from spouses and and they were alarmed while they were told. We voted to get rid of Wi-Fi we start asking around it turns out other school systems have gotten rid of Wi-Fi for students as well. And that raised a series of questions of what happens of an emergency goes to continue to ride home or god forbid something more serious happened in school as we've. All seen on the news. Georgetown. I know did. You know jetBlue is figure this out. I don't know why the schools can't figure it out there are certain firewall that you could set up. And network ticket eliminate kids from going through. Herb FaceBook here you name it they. You can keep people from going away from them I'm sure you're gonna get a Steve Jobs an inquiry that's gonna find a way to Hackett but you know what. Discipline that he would if you if you're only supposed to have your cell phones during certain times that it. I don't know enforce it in power teachers to do their job to me this seems like. A general Pinochet a way of just save it will be all over will be nothing annual like it. Palace take some calls find out what are people have to say I've got mixed emotions about half of me says well it's a safety issue about via white Wi-Fi ought to be a requirement. And the other aptly says well I can't imagine how distracting it's got to be your teachers so I'm store and I'm still Oren. Here's Jackie in Clarence Sanders ready and thirty WBZ and Jackie. I'm gonna make you aren't born. So I have to still be with him. I have to get got a clearance or one of the metal wire and I will. It is made extremely. Clear or parent teacher guardians one backer. What a wolf are or are well. My son like that and greater. We were open Howell first day at full clearance to go out and hit by Al. Following are buying in my class and actually knew that. For. Calculator purposes of trying to hurt one overdoing it here. Charge your ultimate class because player here. Cordon and right at the order a Ford out which are a little ridiculous but it right. If you get caught your own way and they are not typical city it is true that he did it immediately. And my kids. At it like your. And and firmer and they're not abuse because they come out. So what are school system feel the need to just unilaterally eliminate. The Wi-Fi and an odd people on the Texas board the Volkswagen of Orchard Park to export threes and entries here they're ready named it saint. Hey you know what just use your phone if you need to call 911 but if you don't have Y five. And your in you know a school there's a good chance you won't be able to get a cell phone signal to go with the schools constructed when. And our Clarence why I can't cancel it urged all that so they can you. I would call at school did not allow my kick up their own I'm out. Another really like they acted is the elite but look at ex wife. I actually. The crock practiced that add up at 6 o'clock and it is now going to be at 330. Or vice Kirk stop or what have you and the coaches. All that well actually and tax grouped acts that they're wire. And let them know about older and that that kid or fidelity at the facts are areas where our rights. It backed up. I think it gives them a little responsibility he and it's the way of life as I tell you couldn't take your own at all. You know really an alchemy T. Should school districts kept the paper though why I gap I think they should expect ballot you leave it for everything out a full. I think it's valuable. Art and of course their safety site got error that emergency and I need to get all right Ed board they need all the me it does get up Erica peace and I. If you're. I don't agree with you wanted to send Jacqui if but I don't like your kid to be on certain sites I can block them from those certain sides. Is that completely. Accurate. You're not going on despite the cleric why I expect some that are blocked black Q and it also lack the administration know. You know that I'd ever wonder what do. You know I'm not real worried about and how might things get elected detect any good school right now would be totally for it. And if you're out like we are without health anti law we got it currently lying probably or five years ago. And then we had a middle school or that I can't get on the spot buyer now we're like oh my god. Actually have an emerging. Your out when Hewlett well. A lot of phone a lot of homes are unlike yours it's a fact finding a land line. And if they can expect him out of New York there will be any land lines anywhere because. You know what would you gonna do everyone has a cell phone if there's an emergency or god forbid you need to Roddy you let your kid on the snow. Waiting for mom and dad if you need to contact someone that's what a phones for. Sure and get real quick expect our new shout out land here in the ninth street opened out. It was like a global one teacher so I always remember that and I get on you shout out that while you might have a great day. Where were you shouting out. Mr. Neubauer gave me a Shah. All me ask mr. Neubauer grew up with the means there you go a long time for an. I was feeling neglected and we were at a pizza shop long time ago awesome eight of every opponent who. Went to bring some and once you know three on 930 stock and 3180616. WB EM. Probably because we would end up getting a slice of I know why five of committed no Wi-Fi no pizza no soup for you here's. Well it says in my scream Christ in north buffalo I'm pretty sure that Christ is not calling him the programs or is it Christian. Christopher what is it all I see is Cristina Cristina. Christina in north buffalo you're on WB EN. Well I'm not god that I felt like midnight and I current I felt al-Qaeda. The prize pay I would that I particulate crazed I'm actually calling. We don't have a very good call screening program. That's not our next caller is Moses saw that just got to show Asia. I am mother of three children I have two young men high school daughter needs me and I am also a hike we'll feature at a local area high school. If I go one way I would say that I really wish there was no like I expect high school. It would be wonderful. If there was a way that we could perhaps. I'd turn the white guy I'm the first union act bad after dismissal or before the morning bell but that seemed impossible. The amount of distract. Only bring into my classroom on a daily basis is on bully. Talk to us about it. The first blow when they start to be a problem Christina. Well I can working at the high school now for years that interest in here by. And our great school. Phone they're part of the culture due out there well with that. They -- loud and I will. Home waiting arrow out weary. One year but call me when they are traveling a clap clap. And they are at. It that only. And the result they are coming in late. They are coming in with the Yucatan. Aren't very very frequently they respectful enough to yet. I. There you're but you know bite out walking immediately when a black eye. He helps that there are out there are there aren't any children. And immediately drew several when they cut it or you're automatically having a power struggle with the read it and it even coming in and hey how REL. A having an ethnic centric. And at Saint Martin is. Take out your ear bud. Put away your own. And and they're not doing it automatically. The many kind. Heat we get away and I just can't I get and the pack oh wait and I ethnic. I just ask you I look at your own weight and eat it and that you know we wall. You know if that makes you feel any better referenced the show live PP last hour and it writes in reference it pretty much everyday because it is I think the pressure that's on TV right now but you would be stunned or maybe not at the number cops who'll be talking to a suspect and the suspect is on the cell phone and the cop is like sir I need to speak with you not just one minute. Sir I have to speak with you right now just a minute of it has refused to put their cellphones don't talk about addiction. Great an embedded with has instituted. That's what's happening at everyday so if we haven't worried at the hearing or a little bit every single day. And green for an at. All I'll act that. Although it turned it really add up. Has anybody suggested that the cell phone policy be changed your school. Well it could I have. But you know it it very difficult and there won't. That are very large and it atypical of who. So let me just read between the lines because that I don't want you to out where you work. Because I think we've talked in the fall before during a radio show. Yeah okay so I I know where where you're coming for a here's what were say between the lines. There is a discipline problem in schools and teachers are not equipped or given the power to enforce these. This without. You know having some issue with the student population. Give until your right now there's no there's no stinking way if you know any other. If this was a job and I'm telling you not to have your phone out your phones out I'm gonna put you on the street. Christina is where this year is a teacher were asking whether Wi-Fi should be available for students and cell phone policies in in schools. I'll wanna hear from teachers want to hear from professors want to hear from students and I'm torn on this whole issue because on the one hand I see it as a safety thing. But on the other hand we're talking with Christina who asked to spend two to three minutes a day just get it. Every class getting your kids to comply with the cell phone call before what to break you know what else. Asking Christina was argued you have seen the power does the administration gave you the authority and the power. Through discipline. Kids that aren't following these instructions or is this one of those things where the school so large discipline is a problem in general. And cell phones are just being abused because quite frankly. Discipline is being abused. I am I need and I think there ironed it and Clinton problems in it. All schools right now and I will I'll say that it into three hit 100%. The court in our accurate you. In force I discipline policy. However is. I'd eat it in history had he and I did well because a lot at all due respect to Kyle bit. Who. Absolutely. Would not on board without taking a cell phone or wait Leo look at. Actually get. I really if you try to take their cell phone away so it becomes that can't keep your heart how are like let's. Or I'm going it hit. Well wait and it's going to cut by two laps. Won't let that it had it all right he will be our kids who are. Adding to pay attention. Well you know the eight yeah I have it I like it and I had you can't write all want each grade. If there is an emerging mean I know how to get ahold of that it any parent out there Dutton now there. Elder in high school or elementary school or middle school amber and there's something wrong with that carrot. Oh god forbid. That happened I normally I get Kutcher I can't. I called their school and I trust that the school will write them and can't handle the I'm glad I did there were ever suitor in my children's school building. Odd. The last thing that I would want all alone I don't they get. Out and hit Ernie quite apparent sign the. Yeah but when you're when your put outside of the school and an act of shooting. You could have theoretically 2000 kids in a parking lot they're not gonna have acts you know eighteen tees back roll up and and hand out you know full cards those kids wanna. And no bite. Out. Acts like the last the lord and ask you. Don't you don't want it back out spoke. I Thursday that could cause a lot of problems. Artist Christina just a quick question for you as a teacher do you feel that the administration will support you when you need to discipline certain students who refused to put their cellphones down or are you basically. Are you basically a prisoner of administration that doesn't care and won't have your back. Now now he does care and they beat the heat issue. The issue is truly that we are so outnumbered. And I you know the end of the boot. They want to. Sit right high. End support that. Let it can't you know when you have. Green sport minister will you accept it aren't you wouldn't. It becomes very. Occult human forward effectively. Christina we have to break we have to go we got to get to some other folks were glad you called stay safe and thanks for doing what you do. Thank hero but thank you. Cristina calling us on the news radio 930 WB yen it is hourly and they'll be a welcome to the show don't go anywhere were gonna continue their. You used to god male myself. I'll ice it on. Cool makes phone calls and cellphones we only use them to text seriously you know that's another angle to this whole thing David. Do you text more than talk did not. I hate talking on the phone I hated it. Right but I did think of with the kids though is that there're there are many many situations that adults aren't in the kids are in. Where you know we just don't wanna leave kids unattended and no offense to the school district but you know. I dirt technology exists where you can keep people off site you don't want to go on an airplane. And if you got a kid that tacking things well that's the 110 of 1% that we're not worried about. Let this all comes down to discipline it all comes down to empowering teachers to follow rules. I'm not a big fan of passing secret little you know where to take away the Wi-Fi I went back and tell teachers were not with help parents that's what they didn't Batavia casually talk about the easy app that was horribly handled them. You know again we need a little PR lesson of your PR professional we need to get down the Batavia city schools and help those guys out. That's neither here and there were we're talking about his wife why is it a policy we've heard. Can each of high school no Wi-Fi for the students but the teachers have Wi-Fi I think it's absurd to take it away from everyone. I also think. That. There are going to be circumstances where kids going to have. To meet in the old days she game a quarter and he found a fault and he made a phone call everything's great. Today who knows what could happen there's a lot of horrible things out there air. And I don't care too much for the recording to places. The camera. Yeah they that earbuds and listened to music. It's about can you make your calls when you need it. And do you have access to your phone when you're supposed to have access to. Let's get back to call also on WBE. And schools should they provide Wi-Fi cell phones in schools and honestly guys I'm still a mixed opinions so you're gonna have to convince me today one way or the other you're so inclined. Here's Stephen in Lancaster on WBE and Stephen welcome to buy hourly and Olivia. Hello thank you I just wanted to crack open that David earlier. I'm in the work race. That number one growing safety concern is injuries that are close by so very distracted. Working. Two wouldn't symptoms like you give you number one people walking down making phone calls and getting hit by trucks. Stephen know it really depends on where you work where where I've hit it if I have my business but if I got so when a cell phone we have policies. It's in the book you don't have it on on the premises you don't have on the floor and if you do you're fired. Yep and now that's easy to say but it. And happens. The. I really do as we fire people all the time that at the cell phones out and replace if you're around machinery or anything else. Bring the union pack your logic you're lose your job people get hurt because turn yourself off. Are you there are people who work. All world but because they're they seem the machine though Romney here by up through they're sure in there here or new. What about it's horrible that shouldn't happen and I agree that's a bad thing but. If you have a policy at a workplace that you can't do some of the new deal would you lose your job. And Indian at a school if there's a policy is impossible to do that the kids should be discipline should take it away mantle's. I understand what you're saying you have to realize. In real world what you're saying doesn't have to. Steve and I haven't worked at a place enforce this all the time and if you're getting it right please. Tell your experience. Are my experience is great mileage doesn't exist or none of this is real I can't do that I eight hours to go on this radio station. I am not get a deal with this person tell me. I don't enforce the rules and force. Yes I do Steve and come work for me use your cell phone off fired tomorrow. He would fire me I. The rules we have rules you if you want to break the rules that's great. I don't care who your lawyer is you sign handbook if you are on a four and a manufacturing facility and you got people. Drive around a little trucks into when things in delivering heavy and you're on your cell phone. You're gonna get someone hurt it's gonna cost us money it's gonna costs in injury it's not worth that you will be fired. That's what real the real world. Work on it airport guide 747. And Ambien a cell phone see what happens through. What are Billy Bob Thornton movie about that Deron Washington get different different one so anyway when Davis said he's got like a million hours more to go today that is because David Sylvia and Michael Caputo are anchoring our primary election coverage Tim Wagner and the WB EN news team will be out in force that's starting at 9 o'clock tonight right here on news radio 930 WBE. And you'll definitely want to be listening. Now let's go to Jim in Hamburg Jan Wi-Fi and cell phones in schools. What should I believe Chris I don't know. Well I'm not really sure what to boo me. Which is right because everybody at the appellate opinion. And I'm out of a tough because what I wanted Q I wish I. It thinking hypothetical because everything changed now needs with everybody cellphone. And school kids. Maybe they should have a great are quite prepare cart and where the child is using her arm. Our attitude are great every time a teacher mark they're graded it on their great because. May be looking more attention to that. Can not expect them. Not it didn't that's that I think it's gonna work differently for that did the schools your enemy obviously we heard from a teacher that is an out. Oh what our school and it appears that. They don't they Arab they're going to be some kids who care about the grade they won't care about whatever I I totally hear where you're coming from I'm just saying that. Do you consider Wi-Fi to be something that's critical to your everyday life and are we can get to the point where the Internet. Is something that's like life liberty and the pursuit of Wi-Fi the pursuit of Google and X hamster. Well it's so over it at him to it can carry over rated but that's regulate it parodies coming every. Well. I mean Beckham that they could happen and meet that great but pretty late this change everything changes that have to adapt and think cat. Do you think they'll come a time where you get arrested and that the first thing you'll have is the right to your cellphone instead of I like big viewed. You don't mean like you you go to jail they're like here's your iPhone don't laugh but one of the big problems that cops and others are having nobody knows anybody's phone number anymore because were all used to that buttons on her cell phones. As you know I am I I have mile I'm guilty without one because. I am when a country like China means it's like I aim and end all it go right on. I never thought of that that's a really good point like I know my daughter's cell phone number of the issues at the same numbers and she was ten years old yes I got my ten year old daughter cellphone because she'd just been diagnosed with diabetes and I felt it was very important that you have a means of communicating now only with mom and dad but also with any emergency service she might need so I never ever rid of that for a single day. Absolutely yeah I mean I know my parents number I'd be more than happy they didn't. I felt like an effort here people like we really don't you know likely or. The targeting and that's who they really think that if they put a calendar for eight you know great in and expertly chant went up at some ink. Yeah exactly you know where it counts like it. Home they. Care of important to a very great. Or else on how many days are used to it. There are. We'll announce that it does a good idea I think that the best thing to do though is to first ball. We administrators have to stop acting like the Wi-Fi cost is what is killing our budget that schools I mean number one. If you were asked well we could hire resource observant as you wanted to have a router yeah I mean hold on here for so we're talking about. So if literally 300 dollars to give them 101000 square feet get a router and Wi-Fi system. She's we have micro credit generally okay. Subtly get training just didn't have your say where you want your cell phone jam. I. Bill are elderly neighbors jet is that all you wanna say. Yeah we we got to stop using the excuse that it's it's at its attacks. You know that the taxpayer in the tax base can afford Wi-Fi that's ridiculous. 8030930. Start at 3180616. WBE. And had a lot of women today let's get back to the dudes yours Carl in buffalo on WBG. And Wi-Fi in the school cellphones in the schools hold of the school year advocates of Batavia found that they can make calls or get taxed anymore problem is sort of the teachers Europe Carl welcome. Well you know you didn't sit up and about. Bullying and I believe in what I believe that the student need an education OK and that this crash couldn't get. That's we keep shoving down your role example I didn't I didn't I didn't take a right. I don't know I don't know I like what what it would use is trash treatment wasn't quite sure that this that you actually get this does. This is that the item another distraction in a soulful human life. A soulful. Opponent it's a distraction. As we have keep duke from. To do against texting and Friday and taught in on the outlook so why can't we have some sort of brutal setup in the school system. I didn't well it might all of that in 1980. All the way to school. Okay what the extension cord and expectation you make and I mean being stupid. And that's pretty funny as it is. And so you understand is that you have the relatively youthful that you danced Reynolds. I don't doubt echoed that view those still that the minute they upload some that we keep it entertaining. Our electronics. And in technology to these kids were just acting them on the basis. Of what are spoke to be doing in light and that is learning to. Listen Carl you're a 100% correct and I'm not gonna take your five feet above this entire conversation but you're right. And there's an expectation that we need to be connected in 2018 that you and I didn't have when we're younger we had no expectation that when news hit. Carly David had to be the first ones to find out what we've got we found out at 6:36 o'clock like everyone else. What I sort of when I was in the this. Every time we had two trying to sell organs but when I know that the majority might. We were not allowed to pet store cellphone anywhere in kowtow to this gets. Anywhere okay you nor I talked about David so that. Carl we we have our own rules here and we have to take a break right now also stay with a sun news radio 930 WBE. And Bauer really enveloped feel more with Karl and others just ahead. Based archer engines and keep them going with 210. Lap go cart races at Grand Island funds and effort just. Ten bucks a twenty dollar value for just ten dollars you really can't beat dad. That's what happens when you plug go to my ball corporate dot com it's a deal from my buffalo drugs. Details. On both parts. Dot com we're talking about Wi-Fi. Usage in school it was a situation dictating where teachers and stuff parents found out in real time. That nobody has access to Wi-Fi can they shut it off. And that's what we're going. Yes well traffic coming up just one bit on news radio 930 WB a we're gonna do traffic right now absurd your very confused provide. But my point is. We are going to be talking about that at 803 on my thirty start 9310616. WB are we got it what you don't see out what you don't see author and radio land as the number of waves nods and winks and nudges we give each other to say okay here's what you're doing well. And that's what happens behind the scenes in the verbal communication I'm gonna give Phil a non verbal communication right now. Here Diego bill that's non verbal did you enjoy that are. Phil just gave non verbal communication to show which might turn to divert all hopefully on the air at. Just kidding we left Phil Kennedy and Sean Murphy and the last wasn't for those guys the short real race. Let's get back to Carl in buffalo talking about Wi-Fi phones schools and the rules. Yeah you know it is an actor this whole thing. You know there was barker kind wouldn't let our students. Our children. Were important in the education system. And now the sudden you know without this new technology that we're happy that were introduced until it's not an essential. Two of them and it's not edited the it's a total distraction. Okay. I mean I I don't understand. Why we have to take that liberal stand and go OK let's give the child. Another means of not paying attention today. You know they were wondering why a country where they'll. OK in the Education Department because we're not adding up to what is what is right in that it teaching kids. The basic fundamentals. Of life. And and learning and unfortunately every time again a new piece of technology comes in the play. These kids. You don't Karl Karl I'm not I can't argue they are the same but I I do find it interesting that. This tech wind in 2000 this is only since 2007. You I mean there's been no time in our life that we've had something for literally eleven years that we've completely decided to rewrite the constitutional. And when the automobile came out eleven years later people were saying you have a right to not pay tolls you'd ever write to turn left without Rus Thompson did. As noted Carl Paladino the two of them that would the one poll that reception if if from what Carl's saying is so spot on because there's not never been invention that is literally just in it's taken over the entire society. Thank you very much Carl let's go to John in buffalo on WBE. And John briefly go ahead. Yes I actually agree quite a bit we're Karl com. But I can't take I want it to any of it is caller earlier this time about the school should pay for life right. I don't I don't believe them. And my taxes campers someone's wife side. I have a cellphone and I hit the service. I don't feel right side but yet I can be in the school and I could do it myself on the make calls and attacks and they're telling need to do so this whole thing about. Let's for emergencies in the. Yeah but did the problem John is that. Very carefully right you're a 100% right when you're talking big government and pain for them how to do what you bought. In these schools because of just that the way they're constructed. Bares all a very difficult there's some areas that are completely shut off in the basement of the gymnasium. It's like a hospital. And it's a Wi-Fi tends to be the only way that they can make those calls. So you know let's not forget many years ago back in the 1950s are we still have survivors of it to who are alive and some of them might be listening. I am right now horrible fight ever and it wouldn't. Annex building at the pill on the Cleve hill district and a whole bunch of people died in that horrific blaze and that was a story that happened right here in Western New York in Cheektowaga specifically 555. At news for the united thirty WBBM. Indelibly.