Breaking Down Cellphone and WIFI Use In Schools 9/13 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, September 13th

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News radio 930 WB EN yeah it's Tom Bauerle. David Bellamy asked its hourly and they'll be a news radio 930 WTE. How hourly and elevated news radio 930 WB EE. Am we are moving on to some other stuff now including Wi-Fi in schools and whether or not that is a necessity or a good idea or a distraction. But today there were also keeping a very close eye on the area of the hurricane and and you know where this hurricane is gonna touchdown or is gonna make landfall and make things miserable for a lot of people happens to be an area of the country to which many of our well our listeners have actually physically relocated. That's buffalo south at their North Carolina South Carolina area and of course all of different listeners to go to Florida right now we're talking about a hurricane Florence category tune out it's actually. A good sign that it's been down into a two at one point thought to be cat five Donald Trump now graded it yes that's right good. A category 205. Miles an hour gusts up to 125 it's still a life threatening storm. And if you look at the areas that it hit. You know this area of north and south Caro and as a releasing a storm. Of this level in in probably 25 years now the category five. Four area that that's about a hundred year storm oh yeah that area I was in Charleston at the last big one meant Charleston was still real Hewlett's what's crazy about Charleston in the Wilmington area said. They had a lot of these you know. Lot of the Taurus and it goes up there. We've seen a lot of these decks in the areas that are brick walls and they were all built on awarded until the last story ahead in the ninety's. And now it appears that they've all replaced concrete structures so it's actually. They don't expect that. Damage in those tourist areas to be as bad but. You still Holmes and you still have the flooding there expecting to be the cause of the majority of the displacement which is you know. Up two possibly three feet of water. In some low low low low areas. Now even though we're going to be getting into some other things at this hour guys if you were listening to him and where is the hurricane zone are close to the hurricane zone. Or if you have friends and loved ones. From buffalo area who have relocated down bat away. And you wanna give us an update on how they're doing and your concerns knock yourself out because as David said it kind of is hitting in Buffalo's south the phone number on WB ENS 8030930. Starlight thirty on the cell phone and 180616. WBE. And and unfortunately David one of the things that used to go down fast is said the electricity and the other thing that has to go to fest is the the cell service. That's right Celso. In Japan watch your language would you would you go back to you know 2011. There are a lot there aren't many. New new regular power plants in the United States. Because a lot of people feel even though it's clean power and even though. There has really been a disaster in quite some time in the United States actually ever when you consider of about male fan mail function by the actual plan. The the majority of them in the united. States tend to be in this area Duke Energy at North Carolina runs a large section of eastern seaboard electoral grade. And you know what happens what happened at Fukushima was basically without electricity. They were able to to cool that the rods. And and those that's what overheated and and caused a problem so wasn't a matter of you know I assume army or. You know any sort of horrible hurricane type winds that affected these power play as it was at the power went down for such a long time. That the generators couldn't keep up. And you couldn't cool these the areas that overheated in and acute problems so that's actually one thing that. And again they're talking about the cajun navy how many. Individuals and just bass boats. Drive around in and help the Coast Guard helped you know first responders. It really is amazing when people come together in and try to help out their fellow man so. If you have any connection either because loved ones are now living or vacationing down there or if you were actually in the hurricane zone feel free to give us a call because they're gonna Whittle it just talking ourselves all where we can certainly do it but 8030930. Starlight thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EM and let's go to Mori in south buffalo first up Lorrie at welcome to buy hourly and Olivia. I. Well I have but I'm learning Mary with Floyd. And coming home an undisclosed time next week. He is right now is on the housing need Sherry outside camp when you Wear the agent. And need dairy if anybody doesn't now is. Within distance of that the base which closed right now because of the hurricane. And it his house is right between the river in the ocean. And what I am what I am directing it and you'll come home date died after being deployed. With not saying. Lose all those possessions are app and be faced with a match may have clean up. Have you had a chance I doubt this is true but have you had a chance to communicate recently with him. Yeah actually he needs in Europe Pallet not too bad it to land and yet a lot of life science. Denny's keep in taxes are made. Where they aren't moved everything upstairs. But the credit struck in the garage and I was really hoping they might put it on the base but I think there is all gonna go now. Where other there's something that is absolutely. Just in watching hurricane approaching the cardinal United States is always such an ominous feeling you know. I ha. And it definitely Lee we're so fortunate mama guilty we're having it's great weather right now. But when you can't personal connection at that point I do with somebody who's in the hurricane's. Path. Boy you take a different perspective it is no longer it them over there in the over here it's. Definitely. Is terrible feeling. GQ what you also part of the point that ever complains about the weather in Western New York but when you think about it these are not concerns we have I mean. We'd shovel our precipitation. For the most part when you go to areas in in Seattle where they get the to the rain and everything else but others earthquake. There's tornado alleys where every single time in the year. There are three to four tornadoes will come through and and ripped apart people's property and improve lives and endanger I mean yes. Our winners are are better we get some snell but when you look at it in perspective. There's no category five you know it's the winner of storms that hit buffalo or very fort. You do get the one total lifetime blizzard of 1970s. And at her look there is no perfect weather place and where will you can live but you got to figure out for your own self and your all one preferences needs and desires you know what you were willing to put up with what you're not willing to put up with and which. Oh which scenarios you find most distasteful as it ridiculously long winter or is that the idea that every year you have to go through hurricane season and keep an extra vigilant eye on the weather. While having come through the glint at 77 yup I was around that. I'm let me tell you it Iranian new appreciation. For the winter and now. Will your Robert wins during the blizzard of 77 like sixty mile an hour. Right now in the Florence is built now to 25 miles an hour I can you imagine twice the wind velocity. That we during blizzard. I'm on the Internet now. At least he's out of harm's way from. Well good luck to you and your son and your family and we'll certainly take calls from anybody else with family friends down in hurricane area or those of you listening to us in hurricane area you wanna tell us that what you're doing you might have the radio on the listened to the old hometown radio station as you batten down the matches as it were anything else from Hugh Laurie. No thank you that is the party hearing. There election out tonight. And you shall starting at 9 o'clock right here on news radio 930 WB Ian David Bell mobile Michael conclude out of Langer and a cast of thousands. It's like a Cecil B. DeMille movie. Right thank you very much a worry in south buffalo 803 all my thirty is our phone number stock at 930 on the cell phone 180616. WBM. At David at the air force actually has served 7000. Personnel involved in. The I guess we'd say it would cover you were damage prevention. Idea how. The real thing is that I think a lot of folks I mean they're they're gonna make this a political football no matter what type. You know we just heard from a caller that has a son in in the military. Obviously we know the Marines have of a footprint in in the Carolinas. The air force but anything coldest. You've got access to you know when you look at that the problem with the key statement win Florida and Houston got hit almost simultaneously with two. Storm systems that came through. You know the difference between Puerto Rico and the columnist and continental United States. Is that when one area United States can song you can depend on help coming from areas that are in harm's way when it comes to whether. You can't flex that on an island it's very harper to do and problem Puerto Rico was. The roads were gone so it wasn't a matter of just fixing a power line or getting new transformer in there. It was you had to literally cut into my insides because if you were hill. That was you know literally had a little dirt path to get here at your village. That was gone there's no way to get to that village so well. You know if these you can prepped a little bit more on the mainland United States that you can from Samoa or don't go long or board Puerto Rico. Another thing it shares opened with interstate because I worked in Florida Tampa it to be specific for a dime on send them when I was down there we had the hurricane season that we did beat hurricane awareness shell. And I'll tell you what's amazing to me anyway here's the fact that. The native Floridians are those who have lived there for awhile today. Basically look at hurricanes in the same way as we look at our winter storms they have the same level of frustration. With hurricanes and are predicted to make landfall in point why do they end up landing point M. They have the amount basically they've got bear hurricane plans down to a science and I'm talking about individuals not but not the collective but the individual. Just cure in Western New York nobody freaks out because we know we're gonna get snow in the wintertime we lived there is an inconvenient when the big storms but it doesn't. It doesn't destroy. Obviously with some fatal exceptions but it doesn't destroy lives. Well that's the the issue there were right players that you know he goes out of its way in Florida. For example everyone used to say that in when it came to trailer to the work place to be in a tornado. Did change change the cold of the way people build homes now if you're in an area that gets hit hurricane gets hit with tornadoes. You're not gonna get insured unless you build a certain way anchored a certain way. And a lottery and why you don't see colossal life like in the old days we alert people much quicker and an earlier and we also build homes differently than we do in the. Well apparently though every trailer park ever featured on live PD on a unique is not building trailers to those new specifications because they always look old and dinghies. And there's a guy named Robert where I think is on every single live PD episode and AMD Robert Dunn and a Pasco County Florida were used at shorts and shoes optional all church shoes optional and recent episode featured a rather rotund woman with no bra wearing a shirt that said I'd make this sure look good. Open memo to work she did not moving away from hurricane situation or just a moment David. One of the things that I am stuff I guess I'm kind of stunned by it but I know I really shouldn't be. Is the weapon sizing and and there is a word that is really come and fashion in the last two years the weaponized. A meteorite it as a political weapon. Because Donald Trump of course was blamed when the hurricane was absolutely massive. And the hurricane is it not as massive as it was Donald Trump is not gonna get credit for it. But have you taken special notice of how. Even figure out Gina has been the product of sports for a long time is directly places like US and but now all the public is up all the politics and where there are inseparable. Here's the thing you want. Beastie if you wanna be prepared to mean not everyone can have a governor like Coble who prepares over 7000 votes to Leonard. Buffalo and winter storm thaws. You get laughed at when you're the guy opener. Who prepares for historic snow to melt and the potential for money and he was a laughingstock for trying to bring votes in downtown buffalo but. At the at its core Andrew Cuomo was trying to be right before it can disaster right. Then it was apart where Andrew Cuomo wanted to have his own weather service he didn't even. A you didn't even trust that there was coming from 24 and seven or the National Weather Service he wanted a state run. Whether so it was so he could what be prepared in case relieved when it came now. Everyone has reacted to super storm sandy when it comes to New York State and in how they saw and they got hit hard. And and the ability to turn off certain parts of the power grid save a lot of New York in the subway is in there they're react in time. But what it really comes down when we go back to I think it. You know. I think New Orleans is what changed everything that was the first time you really side weaponized. Media go after. A president based on. That hit a major metropolitan city and the way it it hit New Orleans and again and it to make comments that George Bush could have done anything about. You know well it was the federal response was pour. News four at the state response was poured the county response was poured this response in New Orleans was four. There were many assets that were set up. And and checks written left and right and what do we find out or what was done with those checked all the wasted strip clubs exactly and then you know they've got temporary housing and there was this. You know is housing healthy what scheme are really doing a lot of lessons have been learned but again. Donald they're gonna beat up Donald Trump we've also seen the other politics of storms once you win that Chris Christie. Walked we've got Barack Obama have super storms seen in 2012 they blamed Chris Christie for. Effectively. Putting the final. Four in a round into Mitt Romney's campaign that that it was Chris Christie walking Barack Obama. That allowed Obama to get a bump that caused him in the elections so we've seen a global ways but I think it's equally. Void of any logic. Stay with us on this radio I thought that could be yen coming up. Public schools and we defied David's got some information were gonna get your take on a news radio 930 WB EN. I'm just waiting on this epics on it was yeah that was is not the epics on. Well allegedly ordered out thirty was the best song ever written and that was when I was expecting comfortably numb it's got to be the right topic. It's got to be the right topic. And I while we did the best I guess families of ducks walking in the was not present their topic right now. Now we are gonna get some of the stuff your news radio 930 WB Ian for 36. You argue just gently email yes we have a lot of fans of live PD on a and he who listen to the show and like I said as far as I'm concerned it is the best show on TV right now and I. I don't know if it's because it is basically you're doing right along vicariously through your television set of these various police departments across the country. Or if I don't know if it's that feeling of all MG I did not realize how many absolute morons there were in the world. Sir did you put your hands behind your back why. 92 to put your hands behind your back why and I just the Regina can beat of it I'll hold them. But is on the ground and slowly step away you know we we're talking about you know what do storm hits. Critical infrastructure electric. These important obviously need to pump the water out we saw what happened in Portland but you'll. One of the things were starting to hear more and more is the importance of Wi-Fi. As if now Internet is going to be considered. A critical infrastructure because so many of our whether it's our power grid. You know. All these Smart grades what we try to decentralize. Away from the main grid. We have to put these things in two basically on the Internet and that opens it up to hacking it opens up to cyber attacks and any else. The more and more we look at it I've we've heard this team even in political races. Cynthia Nixon talking about we're gonna wire all of New York State everyone's gonna have access to the Internet. You know slowly but surely we feared we've heard people. Try to kind of a little bit of a crowbar into the constitution of well education is a right. Healthcare is a right. These are the last 2030 years this is what the new thing right existential post modern thinking is. These are you know the 35000. Foot debates will have between Republicans and Democrats what. You know are the things the founders didn't talk about putting implied. But Internet. That's going to be heavy lift but when you think about it. If someone is it connected do they have the same access. To information to they have the same access. Two communication can still make money. I've should you be penalized because of the zip code you live in when someone lit exit an area that has Internet connection. But the one thing that I thought we can all agree on is that. During the school year at the school term we want our kids in school to be focused on school right. And there are some school systems that take cell phones away from king. Others believe that you can use yourself into two classes will we have a new school year. And already. And that that might have a family gives it obviously going to be to Pavia. I'm hearing is Tom in other districts we heard from a parent and Tunisia is high school. Another errant and tell Williams bill that was saying that the Wi-Fi is shut off. For its audience in Batavia they voted on this in June and July and they decided takeaway fire away from students and teachers. And I'm of teachers I talk apparent. Idea. That this decision made a lot of people can like women. It's your school will send you a voice mail. A text alert if your tip almost five cents and a lunch you know hey you load two dollars I don't know her new book they'll tracking down. But it a decision like were eliminated Wi-Fi you would think get a little bit more fanfare. But as we're reading through these text messages you have as well these these teachers are saying. I've I've been at war. Can not send a text message I can't receive anything these teacher had no idea. And one of them. I had an emergency at home and the husband couldn't get a hold of of the teacher. They didn't know what the deal was and in the superintendent has been you know answering questions one pair in another district was asked in. That a similar situation Batavia with a Wi-Fi saying look what would happen. God forbid a shooting occurs an emergency happens out of my kids get a hold of well use your data plan. Unfortunately some of these schools were built you know like Fort Knox is a concrete. That does not get a cell phone signal already shot they depend on the Wi-Fi like. You to a parking garage exactly losing your cellphone signal and you're satellite signal that way. But so I've got mixed views of this I need are already it's two words steer me in the right direction because I can see both sides of this I wanna find out what our audience thinks because this is your chance to basically. Help me form an opinion on this on the one hand David. And Wi-Fi in school I concede is being extremely disruptive. Of course when cell phones first came out loss and maybe it's still the case but a lot of schools are very strong and myself on policies in the classroom but. In 28 team is that really. A viable option anymore because cellphones has become such a part of our life everything from calculators to maps to the ability to search any topic anywhere any time I'm. So on the one hand there's that at. The B distraction issue. On the other hand there is the the safety issue Dave and I mean god forbid what if there is a school shooting at a school without Wi-Fi or the ability. For students to communicate even with law enforcement. And I don't think that this is a superfluous argument because if you weren't law enforcement and to responding to an active shooter situation. You would want I would think somebody in the classroom to be able to say hey I'm on the third floor in room 228. And we have good reason to believe that the guy you're looking for is on the third floor a cross the hall or can really be a real help to. Well. It's to me that it is safer to have Wi-Fi available in schools for kids to use in the event of an emergency and teachers as well. On the other hand. I don't know how distracting. It is in the classroom for teach where life is available so. We wanna take some telephone calls from you guys especially you air it's out there. New York. Are you able to reach your kid if necessary. During the school that I can your kid to reach you if necessary during the school very via cell phone or is is your kids' school a wife for a wide by and communication free zone in terms of the outside world off. Seems like were paying companies teachers as well Maynard. Chris Rock concert has no problems with people don't have issues surrendering their phones when they want to where they have to where they're being forced to. But the heat the deal here is. Well you can carry your phone just don't use it unless you're given permission to use it if kids are using their phone to nation be using it do you really need. To take away the Wi-Fi are can't you just empower teachers to actually discipline kids that seems to be a much bigger problem than than just Wi-Fi. So we wanna hear from you guys should kids be able when he should Wi-Fi be available as a rule in schools and is it more distracting. Or is it more of a safety issue we'd really like your from teachers as well because. You teachers who were in the trenches you've got a deal on shore. On a daily basis and schools where there is Wi-Fi you've got to deal with being in the middle of the lecture on. Western civilization as if they actually teach that anymore you're right in the middle of a lecture about how much Donald Trump's Sox. And then you see some kid who's fact checking what you're saying on Google. I would imagine that that would be tremendously distracting and a little bit disrespectful. On the other hand god forbid what if there's a fire what if there is an active shooter situation what if there's some kind of an emergency. The idea that today you were basically communicated Lee landlocked as a very uncomfortable feeling David. I can imagine that too when you know that a lot of people make this about you know. Lower income kids if if you're not able to afford. A cell phone. You could still get access to a low cost device that uses Wi-Fi to communicate what's. What's the what's happened. All these different ways you can text and not use the cell network. Let's find out what our audience just to say I've got mixed views on this David are you for or against Wi-Fi in the schools that there should actually be it's an educational. Instrument has to be used I think we need to have discipline and that seems to be the issue I don't know why superintendent Batavia. Had to pass this in July and not tell teachers about it in if they evolved. Look at you new know that this was going to be unpopular superintendent Batavia. And you know that there is going to be people upset. So luck pretty crazy in the trying to get a resource officer. It into a school system you're gonna hear a million excuses why you can't afford one but when it comes to cutting why fire something else. Odd to me. You could have been a little bit more transfer let's go to Karen in Amherst on WBE. And Karen steer Tom in the right direction. Hi I'm here we are. Camille Little bit. It could be a little bit better view departure about the little bit closer to where you speak and two on the phone that might help. How is the better that I know. In today's world unfortunately without. It out. Violent exit here that in my opinion is I think it. Should be able. To get out. They run. And an act of faith that that is our well. And I bet they're out. You know there there there. And the kids are paying attention because they're they're all. Indiana. And you know it you've got an hour and a AD as the master site and it didn't and at. Oh. I think it's a lot of personal you know accountability and if you don't wanna pay attention to mess around that time you know. But at same time teachers have to be empowered to enforce rules and have kids are paying attention. You know that they have to be able to discipline the kids do. I agree but again and if my kids and I have been regulator. And I only allowed makes it at their own and I adult. Tonight you've done. In that you know I'm I'm by I call. And they get and they didn't like it or street and they're in hell they're very at all. Act saying. It. Three strikes you're. You know it hit. Well let's hope the schools have a better system and the White House has when it's on the road star running around the Korean government that there's a skit involved published Obama. I. Don't care what you you think I should say that safety trumps every thing and Wi-Fi is a necessity of public schools now. Absolutely absolutely but I am coming from you know parent. On the ball hit. Sure well that's that's why because I've gotten mixed views them as to when I have mixed views I turn to you guys from birds of wisdom. Well I don't I you know we've seen how many high end. We're all of them and they were hiding an odd that they're always block the block the umpire and you really. You know. I Karen thank you very much for the call appreciate it and of course it's also helpful to law enforcement after the fact habit of sometimes during the actual scenario that's taking place to be able to watch video as it unfolds on the line it really is helpful to work law enforcement agencies this is all true but do you think you're as its prepares them for life forever and has Wi-Fi here is Michael in buffalo on WBE and Michael. Yeah like you're victim call. I have some of our largest power lines of bigger issue. Government. Where one reason or another continues to expand the services they provide at government expense. I expect her to Argentina. Venezuela and Chile. If you are in those are very wealthy countries in. They dictators. In the ankle were. Over period. And opened up a lot of services. Etc. etc. And now they're all in trouble. And I didn't hear that. I just think that people here all. Especially I don't know I really think. Don't really have their own in school that's my personal feeling quite at my age. Question and need for a minute of that ability to act like yours was there weren't. But aside from that. Well Larry is that are up about talking about students in the middle class. You know picking up the phone and calling Ticketmaster to get concert tickets. Exactly they salute to the back there who knows this dirt ball but more importantly. We find reason. I'll for government do more and more and more are shorter later. Every point down at the very quickly we won't become another. Bailout Argentina. Where. And provide a lot of things that I am somewhat. I like that period for consideration what you're saying oh well it got there as well government. Has set. That's to me that's does appoint I haven't thought of but but my old I think there's really if you're gonna. Boyle is down to two you would say a is this so that kids are learning and they're too distracted and do our teachers empowered enough to enforce the rules. And are they equipped to enforce the rules and this opinions you know I'd. When you're preparing these kids to learn and to have all the tools that they need to find information which by the way. Is the first part of our program. Why does Google have to have the right information extra training kids to find answers and when the answers were all left leaning of the answers aren't exactly. What you found to be true it is a cause for alarm but. Why Friday it it's an important part of your entire experience is. You know getting that information knowing how to have to you know find data back up your argument is not going to Wikipedia and just. Copying it over to me I don't understand why you're not able to do that yourself. We need to take a break news radio 930 WBE and if you are a college professor. And especially if you go to college professor for a long time you're listening to the show and we hope that we're teaching you well. And I've only I can only believe that cellphones have absolutely positively exacerbated. The lack of attempted this on the part of many students in college where he attended a little bit more freedom than you do in a place you're not directly paying for as a student. Hourly and bill via 8030930. Start at 3180616. WBE.