Bracket Busting Buffalo Bulls 930in716 March 16, 2018

Friday, March 16th

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Her kids 930. In 716. Wow it's UB blue. Everywhere. The bulls will move on the first NCAA tournament win. Three of the buffer global. There's a sale it is the same fear of man we just took off my at a time and you know everybody likes nice car we're contained so. Reduce embraced and how to play as hard as we can't. I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Wes Clark scored 25 points Jeremy Harris added 23. And number thirteen seed buffalo pulled off the biggest upset of the NCAA tournament's opening round. Rolling over number four seed Arizona 89 this 68 in the south region. Thursday night. The bulls move on to face Kentucky in Saturday's round of 32. Neat notes picked up the phone Friday morning and talked it up with sandy beach. Were you as so we're you surprised that you have great faith in your tame where you surprised that the effort. I was given that sued to get this great victory to start the UA tournament off. You know what I want to rise up and tries with these. They're going to Richard Wright and take the Bible institute bench. And you'll walk us where I actually went to those who they were pre season the one team in the country over there at the noble objective view draft. Leo goes interpret predicts they're Jerusalem. Pretty irrelevant if we just do about it. I've there was a minute film to go we've sort of vertigo so yeah but the upper at all like our guys play earlier I think. It was Seoul city of Boise can do it behind us was beginning when daughter. It was straight and jewelry that was. Always can be he would you know Boone route. And now I psychologically. How do you bottle up what you've just accomplished and keep it bottled up and Zola until you take on Kentucky on Saturday. Because there's a natural high. Which you wanna make sure you save a lot of that for the next camera body of etiquette that that excitement at the high level. Well. We thought. Well so credit for a couple hours. We'll hear from. Bicycle regularly virtual report by the center. What was that we went we're all so web part pretty conservative. Where it all up our system so there won't do it up there culprits for Arkansas. Where you know we've got to sort out our web. And then it felt so don't join Avi in Italy immediately down to business. A charge on. Well that's what that's you have to be a superb coach to be able to make your team go to bed early when they could celebrate the whole night in the swing and astound. In the entire United States Boise Idaho. Oh. The first but vital like it was an adult life occasional voters turning out ordered power after work. Well unfortunately I Q when we got. We Rhode Island is being released. Got guys who drives me you know I get what trainer told me if I immediately in the room with the government LB who are possible in the media. For thirty minutes we can result in that case had a all the reporters government government was wired but it's so great to go crazy. You know other world order so we we expected to witness one of those that are enjoyed it but it's probably got some of the material. This is a personal basis I know you're a team guys and we're all team brokers what on a personal basis you must be dark cloud we're about a team that just a Poland unbelievable love set a new deal for you they the Belle of the ball so good luck on Saturday when your take on Kentucky coach. Thanks I appreciate everywhere and while our. The great she's certain the cancer deal it personal and it'll look familiar. Yeah I was really just just so root word but my daughter's drug here so that straightened that people won't probably able to assume so. It would cut because of the accurate now. Yeah there and vote met here in that magic sweet spot you have made the history books already and good like it may be maybe he'll make an extra page on Saturday against Kentucky good luck. I appreciate it appreciate your. After the game Wes Clark and Jeremy Harris face the media and looked back at the team's. Bracket busting performance. What is being an American movies it's easy to look at us you know a team that can compete with a high major or. But attainment you know for a forward NBA's politics that we wouldn't be able to compete but we know deep down luster left trio. We did things wrong no matter how things around overnight note that we we could play with these guys. Came out and play hard. A question few Jeremy I mean he got it is very back and forth in the first half because took over the second half of the 26 run account I mean. What were you guys is doing during that run just really get some separation from them. Due to credits our coaches will cause they it was a great. Our poor and wages followed it for the most part and that is due we've been doing all year we'd all nothing much changed in his. Office. As for all three of you you guys came out shooting incredibly in the second half shot 64 point 3% from three point. How do you explain. How you shoot that well from three point. Well so you. Nothing is assembled may do is make shots no matter who's out there you know we can get the same Okaloosa we've taken in May. It's the same kind of shows that the best or at least you would some goofy eighteen feet and hopefully it's 999 Atlantic and 120 feet and on and off. It's the same sort of played pretty well I'd say you know we just ahead as it currently isn't too worried about exactly who was on the defensive here. Jeremy hall a man you would've put their work all year. Toms at the prejudice we we always they have to at the press has before pride is elated and I. Just shooting game of size Amin is we want us is we've been here we've ended June later denied it. We had to shoot around this morning to scheme of things doesn't goose you know yearly with this season. There are social causes uses souls without. Was on the program him was are because Sankoh's is that we have an out program. We very little Bo followers and you know ever since we've been and we don't hear lead just a room. You're in the gym more you know more size do you sit out as soon as the flight. We do understand that it so we go the play what's until. When did it sucks we do we just they waited as you keep Rolling Stones eventually. Towards. OK for the three is well well community term. As we when you started yet a small section buffalo fans losses section of Arizona fans. And then as it certain picking up in the second half yet about 101000 fans root for buffalo. So just talk about what that felt like how to motivate you guys seduced her. Managed the main. By a nose into affairs insurance got we make oversized. We herd of buffalo fans in there every day we went on the run and the image you show us the whole Arenas though the rough is so it felt amazing so I guess we've hasn't come and go with court may do is they don't have. And they got behind this year. He the same faces faces mineralization. And embody unity Jamie seemed like we use an alumni arena on both of those so. Mr. look at. So. Note. It's a sale it is the same fear of man we just took off at a time man you know everybody likes. And guys are working too so we do is embraced and how to play as hard as we can't. That's one of the in the Greg Moore is on republic good mutual. One of the things I noticed but so let's just really relentless he knew exactly which wanted to do and you just stayed within where do you get that because there was a note. Made a nice little comeback but because we're down to. Going into halftime and came right out of to have CJ you can have three in the U guys. They win in a little bit with you guys sort of took over from there so where do you get the relentless us. Art as it is a matter. Because the man at the end of the table. These these are relentless garden though he is almost confidence and all of his players in. Even a game going you know. We just came in February you know. We do we belong there we belonged at this stage you know we knew we he's a scary thing he puts that into into us and there we just follow his lead. The very room first. Opposite the same thing goes those try to most. Through close I replace forehand he that it all his players. Is blood there plated name you know if you three point shooter he once you shoot through either top fuel driver. Not an expert bomb us the three point shooters. Created those close those. Who take two more questions for student athletes restrict that here. Chair man it feels good. We're usually a video camera two years ago we felt that we. That we could go out there when they're wrong kind of came down to the list for Communist. We just kind of carried over the experience you know we did you go partner is normally. Maybe six or force on the right there and we see it. We've got to put our foot on the gas go to and we just carry that experience with India. There. All. Mean where this was my roommate on this troop. We've talked lately as night on the quality Tom could close my human. But we couldn't we couldn't sleep because you're so excited to play and it is it's amazing marked man is made. I always news. We know about this in this is a great opportunity for us so he knows what's on TV every year. But just for us to be in this predicament which is a great opportunity which is one embrace it we continuously. Coach mentioned yesterday. Go ahead. Same president Barack I mean. For an embargo Obama. He pick Arizona to be it is not a loss they've President Obama sorry but I answers. It's. The and so it continues. We're back Monday. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.