BPD Captain Jeff Rinaldo

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Friday, July 20th
Rinaldo discusses officer involved shooting in South Buffalo.

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On the live line. By captain Ronaldo from the awful police department sir thank you so much for being patient appreciate that. Okay so today we we have a situation now this afternoon about an hour ago with the with the bubble police department. Which which appears to be. First of all situation is a 100% in control right now there's nothing to be alarmed. With civilians in the area. Our situation here. It appears that if 34 year old. White male had a shotgun was in home with inept and it appeared to be hostage situation. Can you confirm that there were shots fired inside the home. Yet so our officers responded to a man won't call for suicidal mammal. At approximately. 2:30 PM at an interest at 660 McKinley park where. I'll let posters are right to be that your commotion and how they are two shots ordered. That kindly request to the source why not increase means routine. In model and that's where. This subject that milk at the site house. Or female subjects that are struggling. Oh burger shack and that you care. And at one point during the stroke the suspect's. Gun appear to hear what our. At that point tomorrow. Sure at the choice but to a printer. Not that from the suspect and you shot. Are into the crew was immediately after seeing he was taken to really can't see where currently in surgery. It sounds like. Actually no choice the officers on the scene days they haven't. You know we hear all these Monday morning quarterbacks of what the officers should do when a situation like that. That escalated very quickly. They made a decision. As far as this investigation goes that round that was fired. Whether it's fired in the direction of the officer into the ground in the air. People could have been injured. It things change change dramatically when when that shot gun went off outside. Exports to the YouTube head. You know who lose accounting. It appears that point to detract in the term suspect. She was not successful. Yeah and it's begun will speed Russell at that point the officers. We know from witnesses say officers repeatedly kept screaming at the to drop the gun. Drop the done refusals requests in again in north mr. the no other option other than it's trying to stop the threat. He was clearly aren't lethal weapon. And there was really no other options at that point for the officer. We contacted here Tony is our air our internal investigation. Are there courteous well rights or. But again you know I think captures an excellent jab into it that nobody got hurt the situation. Saw it this feature was a captain ran all the for the buffalo police department talking about the situation that occurred. In that Cole would be area it is the area still with the police presence are people in the community able to travel hours are still investigation going on in this area. He edited the area particularly partly is that those round trip ticket or call so I would ask people to avoid the area are all. I need to be at their current leader circle either for quite some time but still processing the scene. We obviously at this. Panel helps us out for as well and tried so we'll be probably internally very game before that area welcome back. And an aide to Kim we got out here if there's any of the officers were injured at all it appears that they're they're safe. Cracker we don't have any officers injured we want concert that is going to you can't treat cystic it checked out. What thankfully none of the doctors or Icelander hurt and you know again just. Twirled call that nobody wants that he's Serb put when they thought it was such a low shot from underground. That was very little options looked at that point. Could you comment I capture and although on and the injuries though of the officer what was that involved in the scuffle or was there debris here. I'm just being evaluated camera standard operating procedure at oak critical incident an electric physical local elder notional won't be we. Tendered to the end. And just thinner upgrade procedure Boris. And as far as this suspect he's if he's in surgery right now is out of surgery here. I can still inserted when he rushed from CNET with a police escort. To eat PNC and you're brought in immediately brought in this order are jobs all the thank you so much as anything we haven't covered. Now I and I think that's it for now we have another further racial or at least people at a later time. Thank you so much for your time sir captain and although the buffalo police department. It's a tough job and every time you respond to a call you have no idea what's gonna happen. And a tea my hat's off. Thank you very much or not appreciate that awful pleased former captor and all the give us an update.