BPD Capt. Jeff Rinaldo on Italian Festival Parking

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Wednesday, July 11th
Rinaldo on parking for the Italian Festival.

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Partisan. Red. Your. Starting tomorrow is the annual Italian consulate here out outer harbor. We just gonna make some brief announcements this year there is he detour in place because of the skyway. Closure so from 11 AM until midnight the skyway will be open outbound towards the festival grounds. We have worked with both the event organizers as well as the Department of Transportation. Be our guest calls this city engineering and we have a very effective traffic plan in place to do that. Closers there's a multitude of the two hours it will bring you down to the space around this guy away. So here on the 119 south you'll notice that detour it will take you off that either or. Or it would take you up to Louisiana street and bring you directly into the events if you like Michigan street. Taking to Ohio if you're coming from the south towns. You can take routes by as you normally would. You'll exit Fifth Avenue in the traffic will bring you directly and we will have traffic officers assigned to the festival. For the entire team which it does run Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday and those traffic officers. Worked out really efficiently and this year to move traffic quickly down Furman and into the event space. One of the things alleges that wasn't well communicated was affected the parking for the festival is free. So people last year were seeking parking tangled. Further away from the event space and they had to. But again target lecture halls here is pre. We encourage people to come down hard in the events based. Festival organizers moved the parking closer to the event. And can accommodate a couple thousand cars right on this case so with that rule and it up to any questions people have. Let them. There won't be detour signs strictly for the outer harbor. On this guy right there will be a terrific are starting around 4 PM it will be positioned up on the skyway closing off the outer harbor it. Pushing traffic directly to its history is history then there will be officers directing people there. So that we don't wind up with a Q trip that. You know what it's cracked me. There was sold last year was the first. Major event at the outer harbor they went around for this amount generation four days in rural. And one of the things was number one signage Harkin said event parking didn't seem very even though was very. So there was a lot of congestion in the roundabout directly in front of the events based on Furman boulevard. Where Harris poll win and so we tried to stick around we'll see part. Boulevard so signage is going to be. Completely different this year. Obviously the parking is free but signage will be up and down Furman wrecking cars were to go additionally in the traffic does get busy down here. Our traffic officers along with all pro parking attendants. Will be reversing the flow of traffic in the circle. So that vehicles as opposed him at all all the way into 360 around the circle as they come down Herman will be directed directly into the event space. Same thing on the exit we solve it after some of the bigger shows. Last year there was kind of a trip to jam getting out of the space. We've come off the trip you plan to make it more readily accessible. For two exit points from the events base again we do ask people to have patience fassel as we know drugs hundreds of thousands of people every year. If you're coming down obviously with the skyway closure it will cause some amount of traffic congestion. But if you follow the detours in trust the plan that we have in place people shouldn't be tied up in traffic. There is security so like last year it's similar to any. And that now there will be security screening when you come in. We'll use security screening and there will be please detail assigned to the event Nathalie or traffic but for general safety. Again it's family friendly event. There were no issues that your role. The same this year. There's been conversations. Would like Texas part of the detour. Cited and it just for the feeling hospital as far as actual science during the event on the boards they really are directed. He's sort of normal traffic but that's why were put enough information as soon as we can. If you are you telling us this website I believe that these formats are polls are right on the web site. To attract people exactly how to get.