Both sides speak in priest abuse scandal 930in716 March 22, 2018

Thursday, March 22nd

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It's 930. In 716. Drum beat sun as the names of the priests in the diocese of buffalo are released beat arrogance is beyond. Believe. Yes we're happy that 42 priests names were released but. We asked for the names and the files they never released any personnel files for any reason let me remind all. Including bishop Malone that the only reason. We are here today is because of what happened on February 27. It was a 52 year old man from south buffalo. Michael Whelan who came before these cameras and said. I was abused by father Norbert ore sports that was the way of the past now we follow strictly what's called a zero tolerance policy. I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. The diocese of buffalo did this week what many had been calling for and released the names of Kris 42 of them both living and deceased. Who have credible allegations of sexual abuse lodged against them. Robert Oates and who appeared previously here on the podcast. Is encourage those names were released but is also demanding that all documentation regarding those priests also be revealed. Hosts in appeared outside and across the street. From the Catholic center. Yes I'm gonna start with a with a with an anecdote personal anecdote to try and connect. What happened yesterday and where bishop Malone was yesterday. WBN's Mike beggar man was there as coats and and victims of abuse were speaking out. In 2003. May twentieth 2003 it was a Catholic priest in the archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey. And I testified before the New York State Legislature. Senator Tom doing subcommittee. Which was. Basically the introduction of the child victims and that's as we know fifteen years ago. Well I called for the resignation of any bishops who covered up or secretive cases of child sex abuse. On May 23 2003 I was called into my bishops office archbishop's office and fired. From my ministry. I was directing to a schools in the inner city of Newark I was working with poor kids. And I was fired. Well for months after I was fired. The priest who was assigned to replace me was removed. Or inappropriately touching an eighth grade boy. A boy that I took particular. Attention paid particular attention to because he came to my school. If there had been sexually abused in the neighboring school by a Catholic priest. Ladies and on this is what we are dealing with the we are dealing with a church that refuses. To recognize. The real issues. Bishop Malone being released a document yesterday. And had already been in Albany. Lobbying against. Justice for children who have been sexually abused. What is wrong with that picture. Not only did he not discuss the 42 names. He literally just kinda threw the paper at the media and through the paper at whomever. And they took off to lobby against children. And sexually abused children. The arrogance is beyond belief. Yes we're happy that 42 priests names were released but. We asked for the names and the files. Because unless we have the files of the information behind those 42 names. Which by the way is a pet in an inadequate list as we know. It's not complete. Because here's a go bishop Cunningham admitted that there are 5050. Or so. Priest who had been named. What that this is not included as a religious order men and women. It does not include. Deacons. Men who work in parishes. Every single day. At times it does not include. As we have found out of priests who are deceased who had only one allegation against him. This is bordering on the absurd now. That this this church this organization across the street is sitting there. Using all kinds of machinations. To make sure. That they're protecting their assets not their children. This church is supposed to be about protecting a flock. Taking care of the flock. And going toward the one who was lost well. It's just. It's more victims. And how many do you think that there are. Are though. I've had phone calls from at least two people who've said that they reported their freeze names to them and they're not on the list. Okay. There's no way to trust what if anything that the church does or does because we never ever get. The transparent and honest truth. That's what we're asking for. Your mind at all including bishop Malone that the only reason. We are here today is because of what happened on February 27. It was a 52 year old man from south buffalo. Michael Whelan who came before these cameras and said I was abused by father Norbert porcelain. He'll then the media thankfully. Followed up and found him father Norbert. Within admitted. Whatever happened the only reason list were released the only reason why hey he had an independent reconciliation program is in place. Is because of the courage of brave survivors. Shortly after votes and spoke outside the Catholic senator WV EN was invited inside to speak with bishop Richard Malone we never really spending. Personnel files for any reason the bishop spent time with myself and Mike. Talking about the list released and his trip to Albany this week. Because those are confidential files. That pertain to life and ministry of an individual. And personal and business. Police then number. Potential victims in this case because we don't tell you the truth we don't have that all was to work that I'm not I am not at all opposed to releasing a number of the victims is just have to be very very careful all the the reason why these things take time. If I have a responsibility to do this work meticulously. You know. And make sure the information week it is not in correct. We know that of the victims. And we owe that to the alleged abusers that we hear that that well we've been working on these. Cases of these files for months and months and what got that. Started was that probably almost a year ago now. When the downstate diocese has put in place the independent reconciliation. And compensation program you've heard about that. That offers. Compensation and all to people who have had custom views. That got us. I knew into all of the files and we have to do that very very carefully. And that's that's why some things take time but I'm not I'm not adverse to releasing the numbers victims find out. Specifically it's talk about your trip to Albany and in in what reason for that I'm happy to just about every year we didn't do it last year every day every year. All of the New York issue session we have eight Roman Catholic diocese. State. And all of the bishops. Convene in Albany. Or what we call public policy day. And we sometimes we meet with the governor the head of the senate to the speaker. All these kinds of things and yesterday we did the same thing I was scheduled by the New York State Catholic conference to meet with the alzheimer's it's about local. Legislators. And we always have a roster of topic just today. We talked about abortion expansion were already one of the top apportion. States in the country now the governor wants to extend even further to the time for a so outrageous so that was a priority for me and for us. We talked about mandated services that won't work now that schools. We talked about it Ellis insurance program all kinds of things. I know what you're asking is what about the child victims actively talked about that yes media who unfortunately. I hurt myself on the radio. Said that I was there to lobby against it would not telling the truth. The child victims act was on the list of issues. The New York bishops and I support a 1000% to a child victims act that's the right one. That extends. The time limit during which victims have to come forward. Civilly implement we don't think that should be then what were opposed the look that legislation. For reasons of jurisprudence. The Supreme Court is actually said the statute of limitations promote justice. What do you do if it. If someone's been dead seven years as an allegation against him how is that prison sentence but there are lots of reasons for that who were opposed to the look back. We are very supportive of the child victims that give victims more time. It would make that they can come forward. To present their cases heard different things that you would agree to we have to see we have to we don't want any of that. We just think it's Baghdad Baghdad later though and for for a number of reasons. And also could be very harmful not just of the church and other institutions. Very harmful. To the work of the church were trying to do. So we're post we'll look back but for the look forward very supportive but that was not if I was there. 42 names includes priest accused since 1950. But it doesn't include the date they were accused and I think a lot of people are curious. When were these priests accused and what bishop was in charge during that time of accusation is that something that you feel the public deserves to know. Where we're noting believe me we're noting all of these concerns. Like that one that are emerging now. In the aftermath he's the first thing we wanted to do was to get the names out. It was the right thing to do I believe that and getting some push back on it I am from some quarters most people seem to be supportive of it. It would take more time to get some of these this other information organized and carefully organized an outfit so where are believed he would not which shutting down everything you folks. And others ask us so we can give them some consideration it. Well because you know what I I think that. When we have. People in our case it's it's race. Who have either admitted to of them used to mine. All are for whom we have evidence that in fact that did take place. It seems to me that that has to come out of the darkness into light. The practice. Long ago. Was I think the way it was in many in many families you know something bad was going on in the family would try to deal with it within the family. And no one had no interview on those. Figures you very human beings even abuse them talking about these. Terrible things that happened. You know and it's a natural. Think the one just let let it go away those men were always removed from ministry. If that was what we call someone took through. And it. Careful investigation. It would not be allowed to function and longer as a priest of the diocese or present themselves as a priest. But sometimes in decades past and it is not the way today. And it would not be the way I would ever do it. They would then be allowed them at a function again but the kind of we would we would retire them or they would go on extended medical leave. And a lot of them were on medical leave if they had to be sent for. Evaluation. At various things to work. So but that was that was the way of the past now we follow strictly what's called zero tolerance policy. In all of the United States issues. We have 197. Count guys. All of us have pledged ourselves. Is something called the charter for the protection of children and young people. And there are norms that go with it to do things right and it at all so it all flows from that now John Paul the second and John Paul. Had said. There was no place in the church's ministry or anyone who would abuse. And I believe that a 1000% that is the principal will be. Sadly that was not known for operating principle news. My job is to bring things right now out of the darkness into the light. Primarily. So that we can offer healing justice and mercy to victims. And in the in the process. It was church because something like this obviously. Mars the integrity of the church which otherwise goes about every single day great great thankfully we have 601000. Catholics as well. These. Good things going on every single day and right now all of them questions. Off the radar because we're focused on understandably. With anger and everything and disappointment focused on this terror crisis. More to come and we're back tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.