Both sides of the aisle on gun laws and violence 930in716 February 27, 2018

Tuesday, February 27th

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Her kids 930. In 716. The conversations following the Florida school shooting continue. And much of it is political. And senators on how to keep kids safe while in school the best solution coming out of Washington today is. To arm the teachers. I mean what's next to armed students and mean that is that's asinine. A reasonable approach would be if it does have a discussion about having armed. Individuals in the school it would be voluntary teachers quit. Concealed carry permit but also significant training opera. I'm Jim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Our Western New York congressional delegation is talking about guns school safety. And want to do I think everybody agrees that. There's just certain people shouldn't have guns I was at the peace bridge Monday for an event with congressman Brian Higgins and we talked about the issues. Whether it's it's people that. You know are suffering from some mental illness or an adolescent. And I think coming up with sensible gun safety legislation. Is in my last year I think that legislation has to be asked to reflect the reality on the ground. I mean if you look at his situation today where our police are over power. By individuals with semi automatic rifles and weapons. Other allows them to kill. A lot of people very very quickly you look at what happened in Florida. You look at what happened in Orlando previous today in the would have been Connecticut. And you have a situation and we would point shooter. Killing. Dozens of people. Within a very very short period of time you know that the that the police agencies by and large. Are advancing ideas for. For gun safety. And I think you know. We need to in congress. Come up with a bipartisan resolution to this issue. Which will reduce gun violence help to reduce gun violence that it did in America just somebody once told me. Gun control is Jay and I steady hand wheel steady hand requires a sound mind. And I just think when you look kid at the horror of the weaponry today. You know the framers of the constitution could never anticipated. This kind of hell. And when you see kids that are six and seven that are slaughtered. Which by one shooter in a very very short period of time. And she doubted that that the best solution coming out of Washington today is. Tip to arm the teachers. I mean what's next step armed students and mean that is the best thing in it's it's. It's counterproductive so I think. Nobody wants to take anybody's guns that. I had them legally use them lawfully. My big donors that I know or are highly highly. Sensitive to the issue of public safety. But there's just certain people that should not hand guns and the power of these guns there's new technology the advances more quickly. In our society in the technology killing. Every day. Weapons are made to. Kill more people more quickly and the fact that these guys are finding. There are found in the hands. Of people that when you look act they have exhibited. Bad behavior that was brought the attention. Law enforcement officials. Some might think you know we need something we need something nice to appease the people that are concerned. But you've really come up with the something that will be workable. And that more had a positive impact. As it relates to gun violence like. Law enforcement is this talk all about. Every credit we didn't happen. But that's blunt force until about trying to ensure that something it doesn't happen. And you're never going to eliminate this altogether. But what we can do and what we should do. Is everything possible by utilizing the expertise. People in these these areas including law enforcement. You know they are very powerful voice out there on the ground. Dealing with these these issues each and every day and not to meaningfully take into consideration. Their views on these issues I think it's very very shortsighted self. It is now. As I said you know that beat the I want to help to protect the integrity of gun ownership. It's. If you know what Tim I I reject that and I think that this what's what's happened historically. In what's different now is when I was going tragedy are talking about. Prior to the last decade. It seemed as though every state was enacting laws but when you look at he'd he'd be compilation of those laws. Rarely would they have. Avoided. The tragedy did influence the net no doubt on the first place. And that's likely to need to really thoughtful approach here and I think you need people. Good good will. Well on both parties to come together. And you take into account to the expertise of people particularly policing agencies to do this work every single day. In congress needs to have hearings on this and really flushed this thing now because this can help us suggest. And after a law that provides for a waiting period without. No really demonstrated. Went demonstrating whether or not that law would have helped us. I choose to avoid the tragedies that we've been dealing wit. In the last especially last five years ahead. Have a conversation about new laws perhaps past loves about it you know dozens of times going to this kid's hopes it seemed like on where did drop the ball. Summer in their spare ten that's that's certainly fair and I think that's what you find out when you undertook about a conversation. I'm talking about real congressional hearings. Where you have expertise. Before at the appropriate committee. The judiciary had I not quite sure which one. Where you really take expertise including those kinds of issues. How was that this individual. People chew escape. That the jurisdictional. Watch a depletion agencies should have been on top of this thing he explicitly said he was issued at the school. I mean what more. Information you need to at least. A question that individual. Very aggressively but we again we look that that got the nightclub then in in Orlando Florida. No one shooter. Fifty people dead. 49 injured one shooter. People are talking about you know put a police officer and every school well I'll tell you why the police officer Carol. God and I think you know we need the expertise of the policing agencies. To ensure that any new law. It would be taken into consideration. Isn't you know simply cosmetic. Bad luck it. You know that's it's not my expertise Africa this legion of believing that. Young guns are my core competency it it is not. But I and that's why you need congressional hearings to. To hear from people that he had a unique perspective. I think policing agencies or it I know they need to be heard. And when's the last time that we really listen closely. You with the various depletion agencies about you know what is needed to curb gun violence be it an individual incident. Or a mass shooting that we've experienced here I think this is change I think you know we've reached a tipping point. That I think we have to be Smart about this and I think we have to be thoughtful. About. Before we take action I think congressional hearings are needed. But to highlight. The commonality of these gun tragedies. But also the uniqueness about to ensure that its the response. Is one that is responsible comprehensive. And then we'll really. Help us achieve a reduction of gun violence in America. On the other side of the aisle congressman Chris Collins he spent time with Susan Rosen Brian as a route ski talking about guns in school safety. And criticized the gun free zone aspect of today's schools. In other cases where things have happened there's been a good guy with a taken the shooter out. But that's not the case of schools are I think. A reasonable approach would be to have a discussion about having armed. Individuals in the school it would be voluntary teachers quit. Concealed carry permit but also significant training proper. I'm promote it and see in the use of gone stringing. You know what would happen in the shooter situation. You know not that just somebody who randomly has H he'll carry permit. But remember. A lot of schools and know when President Obama. I hit it went to a school that was loaded with security guards. So. I think. If something happened you'd want your child. To be the classroom where a teacher. Who was proficient with the use of firearm and want to take it right now. So it's a discussion at this point in time. The far left unfortunately politicize this I do remind them. Every one in 2009. Obama Pelosi Reid Schumer could have done anything they want relative to gun control or that matter minimum wage. Or immigration when they controlled everything including sixty senators. And they chose to do nothing and now the other hypocrisy. Something to the hole and they now point fingers at Republicans for an action land so they could have done any of these things and 2009. And they politicize them at every turn we should be having a discussion on video gains on social media. Frankly. Inattentive parents. FBI are except Europe and not this the semi automatic weapon that was designed to 1885. Chris what do you think about. Tougher background checks or raising the age minimum age for rifle purchases. Well I think I think you know we're pretty pretty up background checks. In new York and I certainly don't ever problem with a discussion that matter. But in that case. It is individual bit go through background check. It in the middle all the bird in you know it happens you know Newt on the kid stole. His mother's gone so it was even an issue background check all the weapons. I believe. You know there there are things that we can't in the presence taking the lead on this and you know it certainly. Other things need to be talked about you know like they're certainly the impact of violent video games social media. A lot to do with you know these kids. Growing up in a different environments. But we can't semi automatic weapons for a 130 years. What change is in fact I think. The social media aspect. When he worked revenues. Copycat. If it all on the beat Scott and when we talk about drunk drivers we don't blame the car. So. Well Chris there's a need for cars and need for all these other things do you think there's a need for a weapon likening ar fifteen. File in and they Arctic. It is not an assault rifle at him for the company that manufactures are Mulally rightful. I think. A lot of folks like upon. They like target shooting again this is not an assault weapon in its semi automatic. Right what's been used in countless assaults. Murders. Well sure you know that there's 330 million guns in America hundred million. Our semi automatic you know I have or our myself. Not rifle that put handguns. Is. It the Second Amendment constitutional right of Americans to keep and bear arms. And that the pick and a a psychopath. And taken it semi automatic rifle something that was like it had been around a 130 years. And in this environment does what they do. It the individuals that committed the crimes they committed. Yeah that acts. Not that it would have been something else it would have been a handgun. You know I know there are people would think they shouldn't be shouldn't be gone at all but we do have a Second Amendment. It was nine millimeter Glock. It is just this quote not a weapon. As a semi automatic rifle in his semi automatic rifle is not an assault weapons. And assault weapon is something that an automatic weapon they've been in 1930. And the conversation of course will continue. Back tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.