Bonnies Ready For NCAA Appearance - St Bonaventure President Dr. Dennis DePerro


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We're joined by Dennis to pero precedents of saint Bonaventure university is the bonnies prepare for their. NCAA tournament play in game two nights hoping to make it to Thursday as well let's got to be an exciting time around campus. It sure. Well the earliest the the BB climate around campus spirit it is just what a great basketball season. And then be more on thirteen treacherous. Williams and then he Atlantic ten tournament and in now here. The NCAA term. It's it's it's it's it's just great great great time I think I'd venture. Dennis I saw the video from Sunday night's election you know when you made it and the excitement. That everybody was showing them I mean it's spend several years since the unease for last in this turn dammit it's like of a whole new generation of students there to right. Yeah absolutely we know it was in April last and he return man was twenty well of course in 26 team they were on the bubble of course not. And that's before my time there but I know that a lot of people there were disappointed. So I think there's this gave the community to say and they know that beep beep Bonaventure community. Community in the southern here. Bonaventure alumni. You know there's there's such such real spirit there and they just never gave up other team. And I'll tell you sort of two weeks ago weekly gave it all in our students were on break it and we were concerned about the students there who would have many in the arena especially for a senior night and get a read it was packed. So there's just you know it's it's it's a wonderful thing for community wonderful for it could be a long night and so forth. Now's been cool to see all year long we've been hearing so much about buses heading to Dayton for tonight's New Orleans to Dayton. Oh looking at tells about who's on those buses and how it was chosen who would be able to make the trip. Well it was a lottery for the tickets of course. The NCAA wants certain number of tickets university it would include Dubai is really worse because it to accommodate as many as possible. And that we had a lottery tickets in that we have we have. You know to overload earning. Our good friend bill will hurt you you know in others that it supported us. In. And probably a lot of money to allow students she ma to to. Trample their bye Bob. And so we don't we have right now at least. Three or four buses that are going to the game we leave campus there what about yourself. I'd sit right here buffalo. Awaited flight could be met this morning. Are maybe you'll be there at to a cheer on the team. We're at what do you think about now if you guys win tonight were all we've got our fingers crossed and everything. The next games would be in Dallas now Dayton in Dallas to vary difference destinations as far as how students would get there. We're with everything you've seen this year would you be surprised if a lot of students want to head over to Dallas. I would be I would be surprised at all I think you know. You know again I think we try to do we could keep it from there we obviously you know we are universities who got it do you have classes. And you know all we epidemics sided thing. But. I'm sure it'll be in a person who will try to get your especially given that it Thursday late Thursday night. Well one game at a time right you. I married while we wish you the best of luck a little bit later on tonight Dennis to pero president of saint Bonaventure university the bonnies take on UCLA tonight just after 9 o'clock in Dayton if they win. They go on to play Thursday night.