BMHA under attack 930in716 June 6, 2018

Wednesday, June 6th

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It's 930. In 716. Going after the buffalo municipal housing authority hard. I've said years ago that the BM mate she would screw screw up a two car funeral I hit hit it. The city. The mayor and the problems are story ample time. That's come up with a plan it's been about a year and there's so we'll take it to a higher authority. I think that that the problem is that and the authorities used. Remove them accountability. I'm Tim Wenger on 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living. In a country setting when congressman Brian Higgins woke up Tuesday he headed to the dilapidated Perry housing projects. Grabbed a camera and snap some shocking photos of the conditions at the properties. Those photos are at WB ENN dot com. Then headed to the airport for a flight and met with the media to tell them he was going after the BM HA buffalo municipal housing authority. For approximately ten months. I'd been working to. Get the buffalo municipal housing authority to take some. Decisive action as it relates to be disgusting. Unsanitary and unsafe conditions. Add to that the Terry neighborhood. The congressman says he's now taking it to a higher authority lessons. People live to Jason to it. There are cats there rafts. Abilities that properties here. These people are good people were stuck. In an awful system mean. It cannot be tolerated. It's creating Natalie unsafe unsanitary conditions in the city of buffalo. But also lighting conditions at a time when city. Is revitalizing. Both the downtown core need for it I don't understand this. I have met with the DN HK. On site with the residents. Asking them to move. I've been given assurances that we do something affirmative. With the property and you can see yourself those pictures by the way you have in your packet. We're taken by me this morning. There's no reason for this and there's no excuse for it and situation in the Harry projects is is untenable and he cannot be tolerated these pictures and these buildings where else but just I just think it. Well no it doesn't because. You know they they live people live to Jason kidnapped. In in the period neighborhood in buildings that are occupied. And nobody should have to live in these. And next to these kinds of conditions this is this is a public authority. It has a responsibility to be transparent. And she do to do something affirmative to clean up. This situation these buildings can be rehab. And the buildings are all brick. They're solid buildings there's a demand for housing downtown buffalo this site is seven tenths of a mile. From canal site down and the metro rail system. People we've talked about demolishing these buildings for thirty years. People in the area neighborhood and lied to. Repeated. There has been no forward. You reason she once buildings. That they can be rehabilitated. At a reasonable. I am telling you. It's apple. Work in the development youth camp for. These buildings yeah well good bonds and can be rehabilitate. Them. There and hopefully you don't close. Disciplines did that yep no commitment. To active and so they're really just that this is the trade with Putin's people. That overtime beat him. If this frustration. Of the people in the pairing neighborhood are good people. We're stuck in an awful situation they should not be subjected. To living in this this these unsanitary conditions. Well let me tell you is I have went out to be me now. And need just to explain to them exactly what they want them to do that is simply open up. So that developers not for profit organizations organizations like people incorporated. He means that for themselves. Structural integrity of those buildings. That issue a request for couples. The redevelopment horrible affordable. And market tree house. If it if there is a good deal to be here at the money. From the sale of those properties should be invested that he is scary neighborhood where people apparently it's pretty simple. That's the same nothing and end the lack of her response is unacceptable and that's why I'm calling on the inspector general. Of the United States department. Housing and urban development. To commence immediately. With an investigation. To get to the root. This inaction. After we heard from Higgins we sent our men Marie and down to buffalo City Hall to talk with some lawmakers and see what they would say about what Higgins is calling for and their perspective. Dave Francais was quick to respond. I've said years ago that the BM mate she would score screw up a two car funeral. The mismanagement is is unbelievable on a lot of different levels and I've brought that to the attention of the common council on numerous occasions with reveled. With the resolutions an awful also statements as well. It's a couple years ago why took a walking tour with some of the Perry project residents through some of the buildings. One of the buildings was in pretty good shape but some other buildings were pretty deplorable. Graffiti and in the light fixtures. Uncapped dirty. Ability it won't quite it's quite a huge number of vacancies and they do they just seemed the beam me chase seemed incapable. Straightening everything out over there. One of the things that I heard is that they there was a cuts and maintenance staff there weren't enough me maintenance staff. They eliminated their housing authority police department that I deep Florida. Instead it was a bad idea they had their own while police department so it's been a us to slow and steady decline. Over these many years and I have voted against the only power that counts the common council has over the buffalo municipal housing authority. Is to vote against some of the commissioners only come for confirmation I voted against a number of them. Is that in feel confident that they would industry now that mess. And did so here we are vindicated but it doesn't make. Some conditions better for the people that live there and so I agree with council member with that count the congressman Higgins. That. You know there needs to be an investigation. When you say to these residents I know right now. You said you've gone to respect them for per even the residents that live in the spirit projects right near the east vacant homes in this. Building the office of trash and junk. Yes and an investigation may be Micah change but for now they've been dealing with this for years. I guess that goes under the category don't be poor in America is if you are your subject to. These kinds of indecent sees in these kinds of neglect and things of that nature will which is you know it terrible commentary. That you know all the millions of dollars or into this housing complex. And you can't make at least rudimentary fundamental. Conditions of living that are that are that are habitable. And and I think there is no excuse for nine no mister mister brown Julian brown. It's a decent guy he's attorneys try to straighten things out but for years you've had Elvis incompetence. And and lack of empathy or you know just you know walk a mile and issues of people went have to live there. And just walking in that building you know that there are problems in you getting this does not enough hands on leadership. You need to have hands on leadership there and I haven't seen. Do you mean you even said earlier that given to the changing of of leadership over and over and nothing seems to get change it. Is it just have a bad system as it that this if the people I mean. It might be a bad system I mean there must be a better way to have. If you take just people of of lower income and put him altogether which you want is a the B Amaechi trade a few years ago playing to hard with the called choice neighborhoods. And that was to you know get rid of a lot of the towers at the Perry projects and put in. Homes that look like he'd be in any neighborhood. And they would have a mix of incomes and I think that's a Higgins is talking about is having. Affordable housing along with moderate income housing along with people of different different income level much as everybody that's poor living in you know in a big brick building him and that kind of thing went out. With you know after World War II that you have been obsolete done. So there's got to be a lot of you know shakeup for this whole system but in the meantime you have to provide clean safe decent. Responsive housing for the people that are there that's mission number wanna be Cantu would get out of the way and let somebody else do it but. Otherwise. You know you've you've got you've got to provide which you're mandated to do. By hardened by the it's an authority to buffalo Minnesota housing authorities state authority created in 1936. So obviously they saw the need for housing since the Great Depression. But it's got to be done right. The bigger issue it's seems are these authorities that dot the state they overseas such important functions as water through ways power and housing. Well another mystery there. They. Didn't city. Ability to borrow more money put things they wanted to do it in orbit it. We need that I put those in tune or altered in Albert or six on the government straight in the war. Susan and Brian reaching out to Ken crew Leo politics and stuff dot com. Who studies this sort of thing. Our summer run well or someone pretty yeah. I don't know guarding those that have major major form. You know why is it that even a year after not even a year after a total overhaul it look like with four new commissioners. On the buffalo municipal housing authority. That's were still seeing some of these conditions that were show cased. Yesterday I mean is it just the nature of the authority itself the way it's set up that. Things have a hard time being done. I think that the problem is that and the authorities. Removed from accountability. In the news. And this is a look at the example of what. I would imagine that yeah. Yeah they control running the housing in the city full all the mayor urged. And the common council and their elected by the people one at a lot more pressure it didn't help things but. That nobody all it is particularly the million members to authorities there. They have 48. I mean it or not. This whole all the foreigners and our council meeting won't sanctions accountability. Act and direct more involvement by a look at this little while. You know it's not only the buffalo municipal housing authority Petit could point some fingers too at the Erie county water authority. I know right now they're seeking applications. For a commissioner. And even says no qualifications are necessary. I mean that's hard to believe isn't it. Yeah well. Listen it's ten minutes it's in the law and a I'm one of the folks who are believed that you've been cured now or that they should be involved in future. That. And for the same reasons in the county executive legislature. Can be held responsible collection of Orange and the water authority. Actually for example all ball. Being not interest it and that is terrible. Informing people man popping numbers but they conceptually what will. No mas entrenched turns into hopefully it will call for me it. Basket intranet within government sought. This stroll in the county government as small operation could. Part of the county government. You can when they say no qualifications necessary. Is you have to be part of the club right I mean yeah did the right stripes always been. Austin county chairmen another other folks like yeah and that's in the call a pension and there are a good leave them. Point I think is that we don't really need their board of commissioners and it third overall and urged. That would remove them altogether from the pictures. But in the meantime orchard local law and that would choose. That no qualifications and you. Hey you mentioned rolling decisions too whether it's the county here may be this India wherever. These authorities may lies that been done in other areas of the state successfully. Not not very often because. Are also involved in question. And people are there have a vested interest in the reaction at all or do you agree that there's a collection state whether or and so all. You have to convince politicians to to make a change and affect all that. Not that makes a bird typical default. Also Bernard very off. So it wouldn't be just a local decision it would have to be naming a local decision plus a state decision. Yeah out there with the way it could properly started whatever yeah it would be that the local government what urged the City Council and mayoral. Our legislature and executive in the water authority. Would douse the state but in at the end of the day in the state that. I'll buy it so onward state legislature could go. Enact legislation. It's. Not not the end of the world is our emotional difficulties or deflation could be pulled off they're moving very quickly sports gambling and an hour. And homer in the days and and things that are Libya more importantly overall what was talking about where are just sitting on the table from. We'll see on this one and we're back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.