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Sunday, November 5th

Tuesday's Ballot 


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And rod we can this stuff politics we are headed into election night on Tuesday. And there's much to talk about I I have to kind of pull back the cardinal but don't tell you for the past several weeks I've tried really fairly hard fairly regularly. To set up interviews where we get you some of the candidates in here together not a debate Chris Sabin joint interview. But between schedules between it being the weekend whenever he wants to be out on the streets or in the church's. And between the the the theory that of course in a lot of cases these people don't necessarily want. Do a boost the the other candidates don't necessarily want or approve appear with the other candidate. Because of that we don't have all the candidates together that we would have liked to have brought you. Well this did this morning or however right before Meet the Press comes UA twelve noon. We will bring in two separate interviews one with Bernie Tolbert the challenger for sheriff. One with incumbent sheriff Tim Howard and the meantime between now and then we thought there are so many other races. We couldn't divide the pile up into a lot of pieces or get you to expert exert observers who can now look at the whole pie. Talk about the flavor of it all. From two different perspective so we have you on the phones for the next hour along with former Erie county GOP chairman Jim dumbing all ski. And can truly is here you know kind of gross he's been before politics and stuff dot com a great politics blog he follows things from the more democratic perspective and we figured these are two guys who are not necessarily in the trenches so the perspective they bring would not necessarily be. That talking points that you would otherwise get if we have the candidates and a lot of things to cover two from a lot of races on the ballot may have not necessarily a lot of excitement at the top of the battle on Tuesday of course the Big Three are. The race for city actually county comptroller. Also county clerk and county sheriff and the city of buffalo you have the buffalo mayor's race but that obviously really has only one. Major party candidate involved that's buffalo mayor Byron brown and then there's the Erie county legislature and I think that's something we're gonna look at quite a bit this hour because. It's something that's in my mind if you live in one of the really hot areas you've probably noticed a lot of mail. But if you're in the rest of our listening audience she probably didn't realize much about the different races so we'll try to educate you and anyway guys thanks for coming in let could make it. Thank you thanks Dave let's let's start by getting a look at I guess the entire ballot what do you folks see as. The major races not come to victory in the county. But otherwise what are the three major races. I their pockets in Erie county where we're gonna see. Really huge tide turn out while the rest of the county and it doesn't bother with that much because there's not much to bring out I think. Day visit to earth at 29 count you or is it'll attract a lot of folks will be Amherst and Hamburg. They're very active campaigns and both towns for supervisor council. A lot of charges flying back and forth on and on those things those old trial. A greater number of voters for percentage wise man. The rust is accounted. West Seneca because of the via 12% tax increase in your supervisor proposed more things from folks out all right edition of celebration time on the tour. I didn't think necessarily have Hamburg that when has kind of fallen off the radar because it says the smaller race. Talk to me about that when you seeing there. Well you have very. Yeah. Democrats and shoppers in active defense for a long long time and he grew up politically laws were politically. Jim and I go back a long ways. But he's running for town supervisor he won the democratic primary against and a score on. Was registered Democrat but he's now running as a a Republican in November. The gone on has been very. Aggressive about. Protecting Shiraz so plans and vice Versa. I leave and there's also want. Some council races in highway superintendent race that are attracting a lot of attention those are the sort of things. I'm a law. Basis brings out bring out Franzen Fam ways that might not otherwise show up. And so that that will be a pocket so where there will be some turn out there's about. 40000 registered voters and hammered sorts mama and significant amount of people and toggle with a hello lesson into. West Seneca supervisor me again man who is very Democrat I guess by registration but ran as a conservative. Which Cadillac that are supposed to talk 12% proper detection creation. From what I've seen in the media folks are not too happy with fans than so I was sentenced to more peace from people coming out to send a message over there to. And then there is Amherst a friend of mine who lives there god gave me a pile of mail that he received over the course of two days and there are 123. For 5678910111213. Sixteen different pieces here in front of me. If you over the last couple days it exactly that's just 2 days where I am that's really been a race where. Between Tom Margaret and the county legislature. And the the supervisor's race there has been touched on the idea. But council races well. That that one has generated an awful lot of attention Jim let's bring you yeah I. I think did it first is gonna be the highest turnout portion of the county gave an end. Yeah the interest rates is punctuated by a the open seat for supervisor others a candidate on the Republican side merger Yeager is very. Well established. As successful. Clerk in the town. And she's running against the mayor William is villain so there are two people who are known. And I think that that people have really focused on issues there. Any particular deal Buick clinical development green space. Issues that it really hit home with the voters and then there with the council race has been. Red there's a lot of really tilted and you know newcomers are emerging in that race Aaron baker being tapped that list how much of the attention and Aaron baker has getting. Is due to the fact that she is the wife of county party chairman net languages well you know like a simple silhouette but I think that if if if it were reversed into as the husband running in the wake for chairman people wouldn't be saying that. I mean. I know Mary baker before she knew little nick played really an airing is an incredibly talented woman. Who is. About a long record of community service. Been involved in government. Who worked in Washington. Has an education in the area so. Do we knew anybody let's take a shot dead air for as being married to a good guy nick is just. Is underestimating her own and if proponents do that. They'll be making a mistake can you think that's overstated. Well she's kind of raised the visibility because when you look at that pile of stuff that you've gotten things are. Two thirds of it's coming from. Shall I know I don't tickets overstated our issue raised 65000 dollars for a council race which is an extraordinary amount of money. I I think. There's a reason why any issues raised the visibility on a shelf arm I haven't no parent for a while to. Aaron was a a student in terms commissions college when I was the director of government relations there's so. She's nice lady in Ireland and talent that Democrats have good candidates to win nights I think that this is going to be a very competitive race because. Folks are really engaged in now what's going on and attack my folks sure. Kind of had it with all of his involvement and wanna slow things down a bit and so people are focused on that. Now here's why I wanted to look at these three areas that you guys say there are going to be increased pockets of turn out. This is a year where the entire Erie county legislature is up for reelection. Where. Have both sides are battling fierce to try and maintain the Republican majority are taken away from them and get a democratic majority in there. With that in mind do the high turnout pockets you spoke of an Amherst Hamburg in west Seneca Jim most I would view on this one will that influence. Then the races involving both candidates in the county legislature will certainly and end I think dead. One of the things that the Republican candidates have been very good about. Amid forming the voters and especially to the voters is the need to cooperate between between the local government and as he that the town government for example an Amherst. And there was this issue with respect to. The location of openly clinic end. You know it's become an issue in the county legislative race because. The incumbent Tom Cochran was that. Willing to engage in any issue with the locality and guy Merlin who's running for this seat is may get an issue saying well you know if I was your county legislator I understand that. The counting the ten have to work together that's not accounting issue vs a talent issue it's an Amherst issue. I'm sure that that in all three of those pockets. People who will be trying to focus on the county level and local issues like that. And talk about how they would handle in fact bash. Was also done track we race can end and the south Andres East Aurora parts of west Seneca. Where Joseph Rio is being challenged by Michelle shown a man. They have mail at least in some ads here on this station brought forth the idea that she wouldn't mind of methadone clinic any story. Jared since that's a sure. From everything I've read and about. To democratic candidates and this additional room you are right. I don't think special position has been misrepresented sensing with Tom Locke ran. Tom has been very active in dealing with DOC opens phobia. Problem in the town only supported million dollar appropriations in the county legislature. Two are to get a handle on the problem. Frankly I think the town blue what the town controlled zoning. How to very loud that a situation to develop in the first place and so. But as part of the mr. misinformation campaign is going down and I say things at that it's part of the reason frankly is that people are turned off by a what's going on in the turn out generally going to be solo but also they've 11 other. Conn point down on the turn on turn out than these to use a local races. These Italians that I mentioned Amherst Hamburg. I don't want to analysts Seneca. Comprised of 34% of registered voters in the county and they happened to be all registered democratic so. The traditional Republican thing about not running candidates in the city so that they can there won't be much of a turn out there. What they are counterbalanced in this situation right pockets in the county where there is a lot of activity or is actually democratic challenge. Registration is okay for high turnout is in areas that have the democratic advantage. Advantage Democrats and well we can makes a good good point and and statistically how those this towns are are structured but. You're one of this it means is that the Republicans a majority in the legislature now when those same statistics exist. Because the took candidates we've recruited so for example Ken is a benefit right we Hamburg being. A hyped how that place. This election season and when Dixon is running for. Reelection to Kenny legislature there Michael Quinn Gray and end you know Michael quit no relation to former congressman Jack Leonard assemblyman. Jack Quinn the third. But you know he's running. With signs that look like he is. The people well and people who. If people know what Michael when people know when Dixon and rim has succeeded. Famously. In a district that's heavily democratic. It doesn't just include Hamburg but his Cadillac alana in part to south buffalo and then. And we succeeded because she's been well she's eight caucuses with the Republicans she's an independent. In terms of her registration. But she's very practical very problem solving legislator. You know I think they did Joseph look regal has been revoked his sleeves. Hands and kind of legislator to lose you know rural conservative again. Caucusing with the Republicans so. So when you when you look at that kind of performance of those Republicans and why we have a majority now to people are gonna continue to value. The independence of people like the re go to work or addiction in and continue to vote for the despite the democratic enrollment and listen in Hamburg I have often. Heard it said by people on both sides of the out of Lin has Teflon. Do you think there's a chance that we'll Michael Quinn could put may be dense that this year can. Well of the there's only four contestants. Democrat Republican seats in the count our am that's one of them. It doesn't seem to attract the same arm. Vitriolic. Activities that took the other three have arm. Dixon who has been in office is very tired and beat an incumbent in Erie county news Jim almost and that that provides an advantage and then Lynn has been active in there who work. Mr. Quinn is doing his best to present an option there I don't know that that it's gonna make a lot of difference all right. Wanna come back we'll. Dig a little bit deeper into the races also will open up the phone last two of their particular race as you'd like to comment on we'd love to have you aboard. 8030931. Have you seen your mail we can talk about that too. Certainly in these pockets in these areas were going about there has been a deluge of fliers if he'd like to weigh in on that. They earlier said you know the negativity sometimes turns people off if you're one of those people turned out we want to turn your back down plugged in get you on the phone line this morning. 8030930. Will be back after this more from WBN. News time now 1020. It's hard line and is ready at 930 WB and this debut though. We are talking about Tuesday's election ballot we haven't even touched on the Big Three county races we're looking at right now primarily at the county legislature. And some pockets around the county where you're going to see some really competitive races. In the towns of say Hamburg or west cynical or Amherst 8030930s. Number tell you what Madeleine when we open up the phone lines but if there are candidates out there. That was like to get maybe there were couple minutes of fame here on the air we'll let them chime in as well and in studio with some analysis we have Jim demagogue ski former. Had to the GOP party here in Erie county and also can cruelly a former Dennis course the official in the Erie county. Administration back in the day but in the meantime he's also knows where and a lot of interesting observations regularly in a blog called politics and stuff. Let's go right to the phones and who we've got here frank in Winslow high you're on the air. I was in Trinidad that. They've they've let it grips the BO the methadone clinic. We we we didn't look very tough can start just aiming at frank. Just put it they've. I think you're taking my call virtual do show but certainly it because time is Mike all right after the head because my commercial I'm. About these. Methadone clinic which one of the most negative ads that I've. Ever heard that a local. I actually kind that the that the Pelham had to say they would never vote for the guy because today. Obama and yet you guys this. Liquid COB remains to be dying and that I don't even seem. Familiar to me and I thought to myself. Little bit above average is very informed on meet that. That we just that we too much government around here means that we get so let's government that we don't even have a candidate for the beautiful well made here couldn't you know. That's what I'm Elena cabinet in it's in Atlanta we went into questions. Why we have to have political contest for. Let us Nvidia. Tightly control I highly commanders are there yeah judges and share. And understand like public support to determine whether. They can do is do do do do a good job where or Colbert who people like Al. We'll do a good job and it was the market support facilities DC highly guys the delegate he is a gold club record this shall we did. Debate been piled erode better than the other party's candidate I couldn't understand it. The I think you can probably argue with the sheriff's race maybe there's a march statement. But he raises an interest in issue highway superintendent what I'm gonna Palmer wrote in the other guy you know you're both supposed to plow roads and that's the issue here. A way in yeah I really hate it because of the number I'm familiar with. With a lot of bad living in the south towns you know weigh in with this snow belt I was superintendents pretty important office in most of the most of this DSL towns and the towns up and I think people know first of all how the roads are handled. During the winter and in the getting good. Sense of that especially in the snow belt. I also think though that what the caller is right it's hard to keep track and it's hard to differentiate the qualifications and he's absolutely right. But. When you look at what a matter highway department is for example. With the technology now on new equipment will if the large dollars and have to be spent in the need to manage manage efficiently. Yeah I don't mind the fact that that's on the ballot I think he should be in the Belcher can now. I yeah I agree with Jim arm and actually with positions like the Harris superintendent. It's more are are what you didn't do when there was something really bad happening. And what she did every day why I'm you were going for interest so you don't have to vote for the guy but it's good that you get the chance to vote him out yeah he screws up somewhat wanted to show all right. When we come back I want to pick up on another thing caller said the idea of again 122 days sixteen pieces of mail and Amherst. How do you just how body educate yourself how do you differentiate yourself. We'll have advice for people wanting to figure that ballot out when we come back Jim demo Belsky is here. Can crew is here your calls on the phone 20803 on 930s number and again we haven't even touched on the Big Three county races will do that. When we return it's hard line on news radio 930 W. B again. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Is sidelined news radio 930 W the end this is Dave diva. Coming up that 11 o'clock sheriff Tim Howard coming up at 1130. Challenger Bernie Tolbert but in the meantime the rest of the ballot this all out here in front of us and we have to analysts and experts in studio to talk a little bit more about that. Former GOP chair Jim demo gusty. Blogger can cruelly one Republican one Democrat you on the phone somewhere in the middle maybe 80309 Tony's number before the break the the car race something interest thing. In a day and age where again and I'm looking to pile here from Amherst sixteen pieces in two days. In a day and age where mailbox is getting deluged in a day and age where social media certainly piles on as well. In a day and age where where people are are being inundated. How does a voter know what they need to know give tips for voters Jim. The the flip side of all of that information is that there is. And independently verifiable information. And the Internet there's a lot of enhanced access to public records from what they used to be. Candidates do have web sites where there. Putting their positions. In front of the voter. And so we're used to be harder I think to track down or pinned down some of the voters there at least with the technology is the ability. To me and maybe get away from just what's in the mailbox but read the public record and read their web sites for their positions. I agree I Jim's got a right that's the way you find that it takes a little work. The stuff that comes in the mail. Not to really evil right I'm sort of not the average voter I pay a lot more attention. But I don't read these brochures or they are gonna circular file is too much there back to the phones we go Bob in buffalo thanks for waiting you're on the air good morning. Yes so thank you one quick government but none of point what torch like I don't. Corporate computers on the liver when you consider. Fighting other information are nonwhite politician E Street just. Called one thing I learned over the years as heartless politicians. Speak just calm down actual fighting shy and they know the percentage turnout black white brown no question other. Based on past regime which will dictate. I'll campaign will run as a dipper negative so that they can pull out holding large turnout for the pope's. They are to receive. Which is why I think we're really do need recall and term limits because quite frankly I'm disillusioned with what he's the other government. Thank you very much gentlemen have a four day. All right what about his contentions that recalls in term limits would change things and we'll start with you. Well I mean I think that. You know an old. Stand right of the voters sharpen the caller anybody want to the next election. Our head adding recall rules in this atmosphere with highly charged him for right now I don't think would do a whole lot of good. Initiative through rough random stuff Maury can we implement opportunities. And your concerns from the states from that I think I'd be interested in what the recalls not so much. Yeah I term limits I am completely for them I think it's the only way it's too and I think Europe's New York State. And the state level policy governments amassed. We need to get those people cycle through. And give new people opportunities and I think it's the only way you fix the corruption in Albany wish now let us stay there which brings us to one of the questions on the ballot. On Tuesday a constitutional convention Jim you sound like you're in favor I. Because I don't see how could make Albany worse and I think it's in movies some of the cause of talked about you know the beacon is disingenuous. Campaign. Literature you get from some of these candidates. You know the fact that the opposition to the constitutional convention. If he's got people from every special interest and a group side of the spectrum. Shows you why do you think that there are special interests and the protection thereof is at stake so I'd vote for what he's second. Well I would like to vote fort arm but to. I'm because of the highly charged political atmosphere right now I think that if there was a convention it would accomplish nothing. The conventionally had a 67 if you. Bring up throughout the dollars spent time 24017. Inch quarter billion dollars. Into delegates and staff and other things an idea is. I I think there's an awful lot of things that need to be fixed I agree with that. But I just have no hope that if there was a convention that would cut out all right bill let's bring in Kevin and Pendleton thanks for holding your on the air good morning. Yes we gentlemen you know about your border of this this overcome our usual convention in New York State because. This just follow the bigger than any office that is being sore right now or any contender credited New York assist these sort right now. When I see the Democratic Party. The Republican Party. All the nice to leap off the lobbyists and other affiliated. Special interest group. The US state Conservative Party and Planned Parenthood. Are both an agreement against this thing that right there says maybe something. You know what you know Dave did it and I support Conservative Party. Reich who supports the represented good student body news. Happening and told all recruit students to mark boy cries begging him to speak. There endorsement when he was running up those few why we need a coach convention because boot because if the because I just mentioned. It took me parties or gets mentioned earlier. They have something at stake here. And I think that have been delays there quote losing your pensions. And that's all you politicians will be don't want to give me can. The decision who would be delegates. It's all right and I think that's one reason why we should walk yeah courage because if you wanna make him the starter school. Of what is going on. Then we'll know so calm and that's what I think is the biggest issue and the thing about it is that the people who are seeing here. Okay been a bit like those who are opposition you're okay and uploaded some things. And what it was triple a ball on the usual politician as being the delegates. Or need to do folks is to fourth hole and independence. That's what we need to do. Can come on in this I know you're against the constitution convention Kevin here on the line well and I. I think that and as I said I would really like to before the convention because there's an awful lot of things in Albany Antony cleaning up and up. Are you carry it thinks that. That's for could present an opportunity brought. The way everything is divided the envy you mentioned the conservatives. The anti abortion people both being against it's similar breakdowns and other categories. People will not be united when there's a convention they'll be fighting one another when there's a convention. And so it's not like they're gonna get together from opposition grand compromise on anything. It except a I agree with the caller that the people could rise up and not necessarily. Just duplicate. Who gets elected to another words part of the no who vote in the convention though those people are saying we're gonna just see the same politicians elected. I don't think so I mean who would have thought. You know real estate developer from New York City was emerge from a 13%. A Republican primary and be the party's nominee and then the president's state so I think people are in a move to rise up and I think the convention. Mike be populated by people who are more regular people than these politicians. 8030930s. I remember when we come back we'll talk a little bit more about the Big Three countywide races. County clerk county sheriff and county comptroller more to come it's hard line on news radio 930 WB and. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB and this is Dave Devo. Continuing our discussion about Tuesday's elections we've got jammed on the golf ski here. Former chair of the Erie county Republican Party and blogger can cruelly from politics and stuff dot com. Let's guys we haven't even touched on the big races countywide races let's start with Tony Clark we have Democrat Steve sees John verses. Republican candidate making parents who is actually conservative Democrat I think we can say that. And the two of them are vying to fill the vacancy not a full term even to fill the vacancy. Our Chris Jacobs when he went up to the state senate what you see happening there gem. Well I think you're you can read it any day interest in race because we've talked about political spending in and there's been a lot of spending in that race. Mickey Kearns is a well established. Personally think he's get a reputation. As an independent person. He had Sheldon Silver as he did down there you very independent streak and I think voters like that. I also think you're saying this may sound silly but. He needs it's a little bit political malpractice for our Democrat to run and vote to Iowa the two men under sixty I think think that that I have lots of friends who are Democrats and and enable it to friends who. You know where. These are people who typically vote democratic and a lot of those guys are vote for gonna go to I saw there was a mistake standards. Always worn bow ties even when he was here is news director. Toss out and what you see having never learned out of her entire books I am not sure you're always miss a message about half. I think it's probably the most competitive with recount in races. But hesitant to dispose spending a lot to come out from a different point of view. She sham has spent more time studying officer proposing things Buffy office. Mickey. Tenant one debate members of about him and he's talked mostly about what is on and all the way which is fine but. It doesn't relate to the office of basic. Mickey is a Democrat but he's not running as the democratic candidate do you see. Registered rank and file Democrats still going with him because of name recognition. Are those votes automatically for Steve because McCain is running on the Republican line won't make you will get a good chunk of. Bob began south buffalo. Don't use most Democrats who view much Republican right now. That's worth wondering okay controller raced upon my highly of the incumbent Republican vs Vanessa groups asking. Interest in demographics going on there because not only issue CPA and attorney. But she's from Cheektowaga which carries a lot of sway and she's African American and she's a she. Well it's definitely open an excellent comptroller and I think. I think people like them he is the most accessible. Politician in Erie county he's everywhere. All the time he's got raided his own department he's audited the sheriff he's not been partisan. He had a reputation going back to his days in uses taxpayers' watch out. And there's just you may be an attorney and accountant but she's net. Practicing a lot of my analogy she's not practicing the county Mano intimate understanding. I think I've got this right is that she's a political staffer to really. The liberal member of the state assembly so I know I am not sure that she brings you know that type what we. And so cadet ears ago as a candidate. Fur and control over Phil was the managing partner of alert CPA firm. You know I. Who has mastered. Despite the fact he wasn't a CPA. Leading get off this and audits and I think he's gonna win going away he should can. As I think that there are people questioned some of your operations of where the autism been dominant and so forth. About the the fact is that I'm never in the history account patient management control which is about sixty years additional. As an elected county comptroller government defeated and it's an office where the public doesn't get a whole lot of excitement about the whole thing. And it's hard to get traction. When you're challenging and company. All right. Now let's look at the sheriff's race and I saw one we're going to be talking about. And the next hour here we'll have sheriff Tim Howard on for a half hour followed by another half hour with challenger Bernie Tolbert. Can we'll start with you on this one who what do you see happening there. How well it's a quite a fight and it's an escalating. I I think that one will probably be somewhat closer than people anticipated. Our vice as about McCarthy points out in the news today it's. No problem for told repercussions lack of races in the city which is they're gonna depressed turnout there IE if there's been a lot of negative advertising there it's gonna have some impact I I think that it's going to be. Tough and I can of history that are. And in my memory there's been only one sheriff incumbent like insurance fraud defeated in the last sixty years so. Howard certainly has an advantage going I'm talking to about history here when I think of law and order. That's an issue that I think not that the Democrats are we gonna put the Republicans have always come out strong on. Have we had I'm trying to think your democratic serves. Well October sky great experiences are running the FBI office here. The is he knows the business I think you'll be fine sure. The moderate obviously. Howard now before him gallop them both Republicans. Before him volumes. All against that's right. Brawn and to me go wrong with appreciating. Well regularly and in with respect to sheriff Howard I think that. You know he's he's these are decorated career in law enforcement decorated state trooper before he became or share. And nobody in particular his standing up and the Second Amendment issues is a fact. You know very popular in parts of the county. Where is Second Amendment Rights are important in the southern. Part of the county where I'm from ending you know. As different guns are for a part of the railings that we have in the south Townsend in any towns like in a branch in cold in the north Townsend Townsend. You know hey we review rural Wales talent in the eighth in particular so so that his base is very strong there and I think the turn us can be strong criminal action all right let's. In one quick call here at the end Al and buffalo higher on the air. There are minorities particularly caught on the part about the constitutional convention. I think it would be a great idea I really would except with a bully governor that we have. Everything would go to our game. Bullying is great breakthrough it so that's I have to vote no for the constitutional convention thick especially with Cuomo in. Office because he is willing to wade through that and I think most of the people need to act. And so for me it's got to be an apple know. All right we'll get him to respond to that he's the ones in favor of the constitutional convention they'll throw it to cause the governors of bowling has that. Okay look at Toronto. I am today and eternal optimist and in in the ability of people to govern. I'm old fashioned that way and I think if we elected the right group of people to a constitutional convention we might surprise ourselves and get some reform are so Wednesday morning. What is the headline what's the surprise then no one sees coming except for you two guys. Well yeah I think I think the surprise is that Ted Morton is going to win his legislative seat. Anti drug Lancaster. Going away no what people are projecting that to be tight race. Via Ted Morton has dealt with issues in the district like dredging Cuomo percolate. He's been very responsive to his constituents and I think people think this can be close I think Ted Morton is gonna pull away in that racecar he deserves to any upsets you seem. Beyond that. And that's I think an upset disease and gum but what I think I think he upsets could happen in Hamburg I think Dick you know people think that's fair Mike knows he did you kid Dennis guns to prevent your candidate are all. Quality people and the Democrats are some very quality people on their say too. But I I watched ten Hamburg inn and see what might happen there. Right Jim Dunn because the former GOP county chairman Ken clearly politics and stuff dot com what do you see that lamb Weston well I guess I think that there's going to be us some good results in places like Amherst and Hamburg and it should be returned my merit our attention shalom when by a comfortable margin. In Hamburg and our I think that don't help our world be elected supervisor and coach Olson that would be the surprise and you think that would be marched right OK very good. Guys thanks for this interest and stuff coming up next we'll delve into. The sheriff race and at the half an hour each with both candidates first with Tim Howard after the break amend coming up at 1130. Bonnie Bernie Tolbert will be on the air here too much more to come before we handed off to Meet the Press at twelve noon here on news radio 930 WB yen.