Black Friday Deals to Be Had - Jim Ryan


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Let's go dude Jim Ryan right now and a gym even though it seems like around here in Western New York the shoppers in the stores that so many people. Heading out to find deals I mean nationally Black Friday still that big day for retail. Well yeah you act like Paula attitude into the street to back in the black if they've been in the red in the last mosques. And their can't really push forward and make some proper fit the traditional that your I think the people here. Similar to what it is finding that people are doing it more portrait can share bid for. You know that that you can't get some super parking lot although there are. Great deal of people opt out there by the retailer and by the Wal-Mart that's what are the target stores you know urgent so. Sure it's a mix of regret that eventually. You'll start to see that shipped there from people who were here to save a lot of money you. Good to people who works. We ought to. A little farm. Jim we're seeing that their TVs in years past have been hot sellers is that the case again this year. Yeah you really I mean if you look at some of the bargain at that spot for example they're offering Europe a huge LEP Fortin ultra HD twenty went sixty peete mark procure to be. 430 yard par. That put the good Ian he'd except for aren't there Embarq at Britain 120 dollars up the regular price that they have. Of other technology at their Wal-Mart girlfriend fuel on us mark own part as. Our problem on your Xbox gaming system so we're between technologies that what people go for. He had that tactic and some of them like the TV she just mention. Only available in stores so even though there's deals online retailer still lying get people actually physically in the store. Right that's a leader you know remain happy that seeing price offered we're different items that they'll offers that if that means you're inside the store just try to keep that. The brick and mortar business going that slew of really they all agree that someone other than just wonder to have on the liberal tradition. Would that either camp out or will get up early in a report steel plated by Thanksgiving to. One part of the bargain. That's Jim Ryan joining us talking about some Black Friday deals.