Bishop William Franklin, Episcopal Diocese on Ashes to Go

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Tuesday, February 13th

Bishop Franlin on Ashes to Go to help observe Ash Wednesday.


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I'm with bishop bill frankly of the episcopal diocese. And bishop Franklin and up crystals little bit about the ashes to go. Well I had tomorrow. Is Ash Wednesday and then about twenty target transport churches. We are offering people actually is not inside the church. But outside the church we offer ashes people can drive up rations. People can come on the sidewalk where are you were going to subway stops to the airport all over the place. So we really try to bring this special very directly to people. This has been going Europe for six years how to this idea come about. It's starting at about ten years ago and San Francisco which of course is warmer than buffalo. It's very easy for people to go outside and bring good patches. But the idea was that. Many people. Take parish where it too seriously what are you gadget. So the idea of this church except this goes let's figure out to people. We've done it for six years. And hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people. Number churches for Russians to go through 25 of our church and will be doing it Kamal some to get your earliest expert in mobile. Obviously this is grown our since you start this here in buffalo few years back. Absolutely. So arbitrator. At least a third of our churches are making this available to people and it's not just Episcopalians. Or all people are welcome to come and receive ashes. And also to receive the blessing and prayers. And that is that god loves everybody and everybody is well. Now other players were experiments are next year. Yes every year which party incurred more or by churches. To participate in this. And the bishop mean dark priest do it. Deacons Stewart but also let people can enjoy this certain number of Parker's it's. Played people Jordan and imposition of actions taking place all over buffalo. Aren't aren't even. Impose actions. In the middle of a big bowl game and my mother in law's senior citizens center in north portal. And did that the response obviously how polished response been obviously. Is that your response hundreds of people it's great theater industry. Take part again one year I ask what brought Robert. Clout and urged well brush like it probably should job got a certificate is that there are quite matches I can ever rations. And like many of the people who receive actions. They were cute it's nicer art and that's the message of the day. That god is present with everybody. Let's Rabbani. Got real people for orchard. While an and and that this test of this has been a great convenience obviously for those who can't get to the church on Ash Wednesday. That's exactly right through when people are taught it to worker coming out from work. Tropics are. They can come to whatever it is we'll churches and taken a position of matches and that's where. We also pray with some days are a long. Thing but we give them their ashes we pray with them and give promote a particular. With surplus and it's it's a word of giving people as well gosh present split them at the beginning of these forty days. Which leads toward the celebration. That rising due to the which is a great problems. A life for everybody for all eternity. Bishop Franklin if anyone is interested in getting an ashes to go armed how how. Does this work work and they go is there a list. Richard got a bit of old guards its Western New York which side. Start of the approach will Dodgers and New York where a site. And although Albright who are short. There will be instructions of how to get to church. Everybody roared in buffalo and question your parent that's both church. And we all welcome.