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Wednesday, July 11th

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News radio 930 WBA. And. First we going to honor the fact that we 63. Of the popular. But you know I will never get a proclamation would cares job cuts are no one cares or will we hear. It's Tom Bauer Leahy one to. Go into it but I will say that yes. While we develop the 63. On the heavy hitters just came out you know says they're proud to be sixty they're really. Good golfer. You don't like the PGA tour golfers like Amanda finished 63 in the master it well. Look at you know the start golf and got its hourly and Olivia. How good adulthood on news radio 930 and welcome back it is volley ability. On his radio and I thirty WB EE and lit and we have as promised we don't say things we don't mean here we have a pair of tickets to Niagara jazz festival flagship event jazz in the city Friday July 27 at first Ontario performing arts center. That's centered the Canadian way in saint Catherine's Canada valued at ninety dollars you must be 21 or older and have an enhanced license or passport to cross the border general contest rules apply caller nine at 6449875. Wins those tickets that 64498752. Minutes ago we got a text. Big accident. On the tuna the east by main street although one lane is blocked off huge back up. Thank you very much for that information if I had a nickel for every accident at that location. I think here we'd already be retired. Let's go to buffalo attorney nationally known of course Paul can agree to get his take and be. Allegations. Against LeSean McCoy Paul thanks for calling in to buy hourly and Olivia I'm WB yen. Yet our. OK so the allegations against LeSean McCoy. There are four possibilities we've been through number one he so boring and attack number two a friend did it without his knowledge number three it was a stranger number four. The woman did it to herself Tawana Brawley style may be in order to avoid eviction from the house in which she squadron. Do you think those are the only fortunate since. Number are needed in order. A that would be contained in number three the stranger. Well if there was just a stranger who just ambled in and he didn't have anything to do with a that was implicit in the stranger argument. It doesn't have to be stranger I you know this morning we were talking about there and number one I have no create an anything that comes over social media. Not about to make any judgments. Come by that sensationalize. Or anything else you have to wait till the real hard cold excrement Decourt you can actually. Form an opinion. Here I've had so much experience now. Professional athletes. Are targets. Are walking around with polls. People know. They have money. They'll make things. Order to get to that money are going to be whipped. And shall we don't know that's going on here so you ask yourself out as this person get so all that well. About this scenario what if she. Had some friends who weren't exactly. In all the best of people they would tell exactly what true Ricci. They can easily be able to identify it. I'm naked pulls something off what they wind up dealing. And in eighty would have nothing to do I mean those scenarios are all out there and I'm not about to body into the social media. I want awake through the police do their work lawyers or Kuwait he's their work well actually actually watch real. All can we can we draw any inferences about the relationship. And the possibility of a woman scoring theory by the fact that she was squatting in a hole and he tried to eat Victor. Can we deduce that thing about her overall character based on that. Well think about it he tried to be Victor legally he hired attorney. Corporate elite and you would play. So that someone desperate and in my opinion who would defy him by the law and they're capable of anything and perhaps they're friends. Are capable of think well remember it all professional I have to only be there aren't major we will take. And so people are so we usually separated problem especially. People who get all have a relationship whether it be a man or what you know there are a lot of successful women athletes is well with tons of money. And shall they it all clicked. It we don't apply I'm fascinated by how. The role of an attorney has almost evolved with social media now and in the old days you know when you look at old Jane that the situation of this was all about getting OJ out of jail lets what is it was of the civil liberties and keeping him out of prison as his attorney. It ain't gonna worry about this person's reputation you've got to worry about you know this person's ability to produce for their families in the future because. Even if you do your job. And they don't and I'm going to jail. Their whole careers Camille. Well you know the first thing that happened the days I'm Boca prosecution's side the defense side. And I'm civil civil arena that plane opened dependence side is if you have a client they walk him eventually should the first these elements as. Shut down there social media analytics is what you put on there and it be put anything out there about this. Or people comedians say look I've been victimized. In social media. And and none of this is true but there's nothing you can do to stop. It'll unlike a newspaper or magazine. Somebody an editor at the filter that. When it comes true social media and third no L. People can say whatever they want look at the revenge or situation on drugs to you know it's. It's a real problem it's. Social media is wonderful but on the other hand it could be horrible. We are talking with Paul can embryo a news radio 930 WB in about the LeSean McCoy situation. Paul do you find it a little bit unusual that somebody. Who knows the alleged victim would decked come out and say that LeSean McCoy. Beat this and beat his dog and abused drugs. Win two of the best of our knowledge there was never a report made to police about such violations of the law. Locked in on that you could you can analyze that this winnable on interest quite know revenge or number true. It could be somebody who trying to shell. That sort of situation in other words he lobbied steps saying these things they op. I mean we get that. All the time I preparation of a lot of professional athletes. And I'll get calls from civil waters before. But it the actual court situation is even old and there are just look at for money you know there will control way to get a payday. Seoul at anything pops hopefully we show what happened in some of the cases that I can't beat or with special heavily. People went to the other links are making up fabricating evidence. Well we've brought up the Patrick Kane situation which was BS we brought up the Duke Lacrosse situation which was BS and of course that Tawana Brawley situation which was obvious. Got to look at all the people who jumped on board vote in fact the prosecutor. In the in the lacrosse situation lodged elation. And somebody else committed suicide. Yeah it was that bad so anything is possible. And then kill ordered an investigation. And some kind of cool. Trust me nobody should creek church this guy. Absolutely were talking with Paul camera at a news radio 930 WB EN. Paul LeSean McCoy himself personally. Absolutely positively could not have done and any damage to this woman because he was documented Lee. In Miami at the time of the attack. He can you talk about what. Your experience as a defense attorney. What kind of investigating and what kind of questions and well maybe forensic and analysis the police are gonna use to. Ascertain the veracity of the victims' claims. Well I think you know here. You eat you know he gave me information there about by having you on IB. I haven't independently investigated. Take your word court what are your sources are but if it's true like about that perspective. That completely. Already at the beginning showed that somebody's lying on the other side. And that they're lying about one but it'll outlined each Butler I just supported let it reached good memory in basic good memory to remember all the lies. Tree I'll get tripped up. And so you know here were starting right off with. Somebody make an acclaimed ending at beacon will be shutting that there are so committee what we do is we have professional Gator we years. I do investigation myself I like to do things fans also. And eventually you can tell you build your case the next single baby look at who has the motive who are witnesses on the other side what are their mode coached. What do they show it to other people what do they say of social media almost without the sport. I would imagine the fact that LeSean McCoy is not personally accused of having personally struck the victim. Would be a complicating factor for the defense. Yet in that to mean. How do you prove that LeSean McCoy did not sibor and somebody to do this evil act if it was in fact a crime. A prize that you. You're such a guy he doesn't. Visit. Well I know the stage test to prove his guilt but you also offer compelling arguments. Yes you're talking about in pretty. In the public opinion arena. He now has should clear shelves because somebody's made this salacious kind of accusation. But frankly are. What we get out of these weeks what it got back on awkward. And straight and you waited exist at the other I mean on the other hand if you control Europe and say it took place. That's something you would about because that irrefutable. But otherwise a laid back but then try to make their case they have. Paul we got a break for a traffic and weather but are what we come back and wanna talk you about what it would take to get an indictment. Against LeSean McCoy what has to reach out and that process and I think you might have personal experience along the lines hold of talking with. One of the country's best known and most respected attorneys his name is Paul camber easily defense attorney. While we're talking with Paul Cameron and his radio 930 WBE. And Paul or all of course familiar with the idea that there it is of course the burden of the state to approve the defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. But in terms of an indictment so that everything may get under way what kind of evidence needs to be produced and by whom. Well virtual. Indictment are rendered by grand injury. Prosecution has full control. But the indictment process but it decide what witnesses to call what Ellen introduced what questions. There's no the country turning involved in any part of that commercial they could basically. Hear that whatever they want to. I would like to think in the case like this with a professional athlete. And at this point anyway very sketchy excuse me. That a prosecutor what. Do their duty and beat duplicate. There there Burton is only reasonable cause to believe reasonable cause leave the crime occurred reasonable cause to believe. Expert shouldn't involve them that I played hatred and you have to have twelve people who pull that way out of typically 23. Who are called before a grand jury eighteen for a quorum. And that's basically how it goes. And it's time for legislation. Of victim if this turns out to be fraudulent this turns out to be something made up. Is it time that that there is led isolation to say you know what if you go out there and go after someone's. Money or their reputation or ball. There's you know automatic. This is the new law you're you're breaking the law doing. Could be some kind of grim realization. Of calls beat. Right now all the emotions under rule somewhere. All speak to be punished by the civil suit of the nation. That's basically it. The ball when you're dealing with the public figure does the public figure not have a higher standard or burden of proof. Well etched through a public figure you have to show actual malice. That's the easiest case like this because if you accuse somebody of a felony happened here of that basically as a. Be a slam dunk but again these people. Are. Social view if you had a client that wanted to follow snowed again no one's gonna cover that Kate Snow is gonna care pickets at whatever happens there. I just see. We talked about revenge porn it took legislation for people even know what that was but now people in Nebraska and Iowa are educated on what. You know people's rights are when it comes to their privacy. Well my question is tennis dead repeat past that criminalize all statements over the Internet. I or through social media are publicly at least so far we have an aunt that. The remedy Hispanic civil gravity of deprivation. And it's a tricky one because of free speech is involved. And you could have Kris speech. If it's all these it matters as its commercial. You know you're have a product and so on the other hand. In the regular arena speech we have a criminal I wish. The unless it is general call to arms fighting words things like that. We haven't done and that would be a step forward the question is whether or not something like that would be passed couldn't be constitutional. It cop. Well off camera I know you're busy guy and you've got a lot of better things to do than to talk with me but we're very grateful for your time this afternoon once again and WBE and very much appreciated. I. Paul camera and joining us on news radio 930 WBE. Annie is a frequent flyer on the program. An. It celebrated his radio and I thirty WBE. I think I'm four days away from receiving my idea white telecast. Yeah baby those of you were on my face on the ability of FaceBook page I randomly and a day off posted. I need an American standard telecast yours that is ball. Well as fate would have it one came by way it worked out a trade that made sense for both of us and under is counting the moments now. Let's just be very very honest I'm still going to suck at that Qatar as much as they do the others but also something new and kind of cool to suck so. I'm all about that. Eight degrees at news radio 930. WOG. And so yeah because you get cars doesn't mean that I'm Jimi Hendrix were even Dave turner because I'm not. We you know or John the joy who's listening. You know I we just noticed something real quick I want to beat this statement there the cap and a guy. Yeah. He he's not sure. You know what Brent Cavanaugh for Albany Brett but. Here's a we have an official per did you ever think you'd ever see today. A president. Or a Supreme Court justice would be named Brett will never thought we'd see that they an American president would be named Barack well that's very it is another story altogether regret is one of those I think they are not now there's a Brett you can be praising state to be Brad that's out there yeah congratulations Brent the Bret Hart do you think Bruce and Jessica Bruce can ever be president of the United States I don't think we'll ever see that day no okay not a numbers but it adds no I don't think we'll ever see a man with a monster. You know what it's interesting you mention that because I contend that one of the reasons or woman with a month. We know that more possible I don't I don't think you'll ever see a man with a most of well you know we're out we've been talking about the Shawn McCoy situation and news radio 930 that we UB EN and I. Brit journalist if anybody calls and on this. Did you have the end of. A relationship. Firm hell now we do not want specific names are now as you just get us into trouble with the attorneys and it's really gonna sock. But have you been involved in a relationship. Which ended with you actually having to go to court to evict somebody from your premises maybe a live in situation. Have you. Been in a relationship where the person on the other end it simply could not say no for an answer and you ended up being the victim of stalking. And folks these days there's all kinds of stalking there's personal stalking there's infamous drive by. And there is cyber stalked him. Anatolia I think it would make it all feels so much better if you started your story with I'm alleging. If they're close to what does surely my boyfriend did this to these. Alleging always good my wife yes my boyfriend did the following things should. Here's the thing as a parent. Okay there's a totally different. I am also fascinated by people who are close to people who are involved in toxic stalking relationships. Because it's very difficult for Brothers four sisters. Moms and dads to endure their children. Going through this because you don't want you've all seen the horror stories you'll wanna protect your baby's right at the same time. This might be the father of what are your grand kids. You don't wanna create a situation by calling the police involving yourself you don't wanna fracture relationship. Because you're looking out for the it's weird to be near as a friend. Or an acquaintance of seller who's going through relationship like that because you don't know what your role sad okay. Folks here's here's another question for a news radio 930 WBE and they. What have you personally done. When somebody you care about is in your relationship. And you'd know that it is not. Going to end well for them okay I said earlier any time the words squatters rights are mentioned by somebody who you are living with. And they're ridiculously Hoosier run out of that situation as fast as possible do not pass go do not collect security deposit. So what is your role when you see somebody you care about in a really crappy relationship. Are you the kind of person who keeps his mouth shut. Or are you the kind of person who says. Hey you might hate me for saying this but here is why this person is no good for you and you've got to run or should he or she is gonna destroy your entire life. I mean again squatters rights doesn't mean that you live in the house for free. I mean the idea that you know you can sit and somehow we live in a Grand Theft Auto five world working evade the police log enough. Bigger stop looking for you and the idea that you're going to. You could be the law of the New York used to be you'd be six months. The claims squatters rights right so we just kept me informed me that that's a thirty days in New York State. Which so you thirty days of being. Isn't on the property. Is long enough to claim. That you are squatter on that and I assure you any Psycho who starts talking about squatters rights already knows that all he or she has to do is be either for thirty days and then they've got such they've got their hands around your throat. And once you walk away if relationship like that you stay away you can't get sucked back in do you. Are you kind of person listening to buy hourly and they'll be here do you keep your mouth shut when friends of yours are in really crappy relationships. Or are you the kind of person who says look you're gonna hate me but you need to get out bro and here is why 803. All 930 is the phone number eight I mean people felt baby's gotta get away from me every single back in 030930. Start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB and 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB EN have you ever ever ever been. In a relationship that ended with great toxicity. And when you see your friends and relationships. Elect which on records. Are you attempted to. Not just tempted to but do you actually talked to the person or do you. Keep your mouth shut or do you communicate in some way like. Maybe you don't wanna be blamed so maybe you write an anonymous letter I or don't anonymous email. I got to Australia I don't understand. There's I don't believe that there is there are people out there that would witness a physical altercation and not get involved in some way I am seeking strangers at the grocery store. All the women old men young people. Someone is going to get involved if it's a physical situation. But if if if the physical reality is happening behind closed doors where you've been approached with something with a what is your role because I'll tell you what. If you're right in your saving someone from an abusive situation you're not only a hero you're saving someone's life okay but if you are wrong. You are absolutely. 100%. Ruined that relationship. Well there is a great there's all kinds of abuse dude as you well know that there is physical abuse there is psychological. Abuse and then there are the users and I'm not talking necessarily about drugs I'm talking about people who see a meal ticket and they wanna latched on to that meal ticket. And again these are people who have studied the law they know the law so you've got your nice house on you know and Spaulding lake you're successful businesswoman some guy comes along though yeah let's move in together doubted that I. Thirty days later he says well I'm claimants squatters rights may be because I've been living here thirty days good luck evicting me. I mean that can cast a shadow over U. I just think that's why it's actually repugnant behavior I mean will we talk about squatters rights. Mostly. When you're talking about people homeless people living on the property. That nobody knows that was never meant for residential. And they're saying you know what. We now live here we have there are so many different arguments that can be made. Al widths waters right whether or not. You're breaking it a deal if it's a lease company you know what the agreement was if your name's David two names are on a mortgage or one name. I'm getting to that this is such a black and white case of a person who is legally told to get out. And you are well within your rights but the law states that there's a certain process you have to go through to evict someone. I'm so hard to benefit the most selfish thing in the world to to live where you dole are welcome to live. Is almost as repugnant is entering someone's country and expecting. Panda electorate. Me it is it's it's trashy behavior and and frankly it is not normal behavior or we hear a lot more about it. We're 8030930. Start 3180616. WB yet have you ever been in a relationship that ended with great toxicity. May be even stalking and what you see somebody you love. Who is being taken advantage of or just in a bad situation. And use it but they are blinded by love or lust what do you do 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WB. Eat and let's go to Kathy I WBE. And Kathy what's up. Yes hi. My dad had the it didn't happen in front of us a whole lot but it has come out that. They had an you know physical abuse between the two of them mostly my father or my mother. And I will say this and that I was growing up I didn't really quick exit China and how they got away with that but. It did happen and my father did come clean much says that my man died. And after my man died. My dad remarried. And today. I had never seen batter with anybody else that everybody everything thing really well and shortly after they were married. His wife. That's something to me that led me to believe that she would be the abuse. But out he's right after housing were growing out of everything and she just didn't answer me right and I answered a please call the car over. What does it mean to you what you have a lot of enthusiasm and something it just kind of and I don't know they weren't married burger line. Though it just seemed as though she should've been more like well everything granny or something but it was different kind of hesitation. When she answered me so I actor. That I pondering that question for her and after poll carnal where. And when we had this conversation I asked her straight out and she did she answer being straight out and I holder everything. And she left them. Wow so you broke up your debt at second marriage and might have actually save the life. I don't think I saved her life well her miserable life but you know I don't know that he would have but you know what he was he was abusive and I just didn't think that he deserved her. Well was was the had a personality type that if a neighbor found out that he was an abuser would be absolutely stunned and shocked. Yeah you know everybody loves them and everybody thinks you're great. And we were kids it was you know he wasn't very. You know he was static everybody looked at Eric may I mean it's kinda think. That. I don't know that. Things get said lake. I don't know I don't know I don't know who rattled here Kay aged you know vote when she would speak. I don't know you know at age it's not nice things and I got to the I did not married that way. Kathy we got up which I don't hold that you want lasting and all we got to think quick break that's an excellent absolutely thank you don't quite work out a let's get to the calls and that cap is back with a senders radio 930 WBE and Kathy we did your dad ever get another girlfriend or was there another woman a significant other in his life. Well he's getting older man out oh he is a lot. He's carved it means. Now and yet he. No we just had one with a hammer who wasn't so harmless. That's true that's true well. I thought I died say. That he's being super kind and out made my sister well I hope nobody else's kitten it like I held it in his nasty mouth. Or you know wetter. You know who else who else of these spending time with because somebody always. Getting. As far as you know whatever he decides so tell lash out now just verbally or emotionally. Is your dad a depressed guy because somebody once said that the depression is rage turned it in word rage is oppression turn upward. And government. Were what do you think the future is going to be for your dad. Eastern in where. Kidnap depressed may be it may be late in life now I would I. I don't know what drove him at that time I really doubt I will tell you that are the stranger or a coworker. Or something like that if somebody was that if I would just say it come into our corner and they aren't everything. And they don't and there won't ever know with everything OK everything okay at home and if somebody would just say it make any indication. That Al maybe things you know their husband or it's maybe things aren't perfect I come right. I'd say beating. Heading human antibody abusing you. You look at an educator market and like I can't eat at an sport everybody looked at you like why I think they did it to me. Kathy it's nice to know that some particulars and people are lucky to have you as a friend thank you very much for the call. 803 all right thirty start. 310616. WEB EE and a lot more about the ability to come up. Just a quick update might broad back of ESPN is reporting that he a victim in the the shot on McCoy. Hold invitation. Is quote working on a potential personal injury claim. On behalf of this board ended the victim and quote. I mean that hurt earnings are there are gonna look for potential for personal injury Mike rolled back goes on to say that in the civil lawsuit. That be possible burden of proof for than any criminal charges filed. Who well who's going to be that. Those who don't have so to me I don't know what that even means because we don't have charges we don't even know. No one is said anything about LeSean McCoy outside of instant I'm certainly not a lawyer but I I can play once sometimes. Obviously criminal cases beyond a reasonable about civil cases preponderance of the evidence just 51%. As Billy Bob pointed out in Goliath season one. Which was much better than season to.