Bills RB LeSean McCoy Accused of Domestic Abuse 7/11 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, July 11th

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News radio 930 WB yen. Donald Trump is a man who loved to be admired and respected like many who doesn't pass stormy Daniels rough. He he really. Well Hillary we hit a twenty minutes it's over it without stormy Daniels there. It's Tom Bauer Leahy he's got a real problem folks in David Bellamy got. Now I appreciate that more than you know. As big of swap. A ball. It's the hourly and they'll be especially no credibility due to begin speaking for it on news radio 930 W. So up I. Hourly and fellow via what do you think happened within the Shawn McCoy situation let's just irritated some calls Allison in tunnel one that is first up on WBD and Allison. I eat. Ellison. Believe too loyal. I Alex and the and the peace people that I like whether seat heater outside. One of the things that really have a well I had about one character as a fact that she is claiming I don't try and she. He won't leave Nan how I need to need. Really good portrayed to be a squatters rights argument pretty much you've shown that. Dude you know out of her respect whoever Thomas rule anybody who claims squatters rights or who even uses that term with whom you're in a relationship you need to run that is a red flag you can't run fast enough. And you're stupid if you stay in that situation sorry but it's just the way it is. No self respecting limited Derek do you pack if I don't mind me out there outside they OK I'm not here Alabama don't. You know I'm not. British public point. Actual point Elson now especially when you talk about allegations like child abuse animal abuse I mean there's a couple of there's very few things anyone should tolerate. But abuse to yourself or your shot field that's. LeSean McCoy is played in the NFL that's hanging over his head. It's ridiculous that in effect the big through Ramallah in the air and steroid use that means. There are without power people all the time I don't I don't understand how he's taking steroids for ten years manna I mean all other issues and I I also don't want to believe it's true. On the net I. A lot of OJ just two and you know what Alison I can honestly tell you I couldn't give a rat's ass about which on McCoy and frankly I don't really care about the bill at all. So I can approach this in an absolutely unbiased way in terms of apparently these celebrity value of Shawn McCoy sure we're just wrote and the tax board. He just kick your butt he featured dog and your son why would you wanna stay within the first place. Q. Parents and that's an excellent tag. Well done Alison appreciate it well so OK Alison do you think what we're talking about here is another Duke Lacrosse situation and other Tawana Brawley situation. Where he didn't. Happen and all that well I'm sorry all the relief but was the destruction or the attempted destruction of somebody's reputation based on specious claims. Yeah I think he did it yourself angry because appeared to act in a couple days among him prove me wrong in out all of us shot back. You know what I'm looking at this picture as tough as that picture is to look like I will tell you that if I beat somebody with a handgun they've looked an awful lot worse. I know if you look at the blood perfectly and now I'm I don't wanna get to keep that way but I feel I'm all the social media Q I was reading all the time and from these people. I guess she just got back from London all's well that day apparently bowed out there at that time frame and the timeline there and I believe that. He had it did did we bet it's happened already now and the picture all of I think it's and that many more. I'm dying her back. Well facts it looked at this point good luck getting facts everything I'm saying is based and as I always like to say what I think I know right now. That is how I base my opinion and it is always subject to change should additional information come out work you know probative facts come out and in a court of law that. Look it as far as I'm concerned. I don't put a lot of credence in this woman's story I think eventually it's gonna be shown to be Tawana Brawley situation I think eventually LeSean McCoy is going to be X cooperated and I think you know it's who worked for care workers as a nation. When I got an Al Saddam out to you what this is gonna follow LeSean McCoy. No matter what the innocent or guilty or no charge whatsoever people gonna talk about this time. Beat you know this is a scandal it's very tough to get this off you're. You're permanent record on the Internet and I liked at once again I couldn't give a rat's ass about LeSean McCoy or the football team they lost me with the whole National Anthem things so this is not about wanting to support a sports hero I could care less I'm not a jock sniffer and it's kind of funny because we do have a lot of both believers and we got a lot of buffalo athletes and former buffalo athletes. Who listened about William bell Libya they listen they don't call and it and I wonder how many of them are kind of relating to what it's like to be falsely accused of something somebody may be looking for best payoff. Were free house. I know that I'm you don't like them umpire Bob what I do and I know David doesn't matter if he's gonna probably be expended either way. And has yet to be involved in out allegation. Did it out of our era has that there's enough here on the surface it looks like there was a dysfunctional relationship that brings bad light in the NFL. They did very well at least give them two games I've had friends who fed dysfunctional relationships and I'm going to tell you and look. I also know women who have been mercilessly stalked by men was MRSA Lee's will be stalked by a man I testified before the grand jury. I mean look I'm licensed to carry firearms but I don't ever ever ever wanna have to use him I will buy half true but only according to. Article 35 New York State penal but there were some threats that were made against me. And this guy turned out to be a serial stalker very well known to police and based on my testimony he was on able to bother anybody else for the rest of his miserable life so look I know it's like to deal with this kind of with. With these stalking personality and people close to me have been the victims of attempted murder so I am very sympathetic to the plight of genuine victims. And I can and I can say these things not because I really care about Shawn McCoy the football team because I don't. William the other thing is that does the meat to hash tag even. Is this part of me through. When your. Pistol whipped by guys try to take David if you pistol grips but he and I am pretty sure you might have in Iraq. Did they look where this meat. Didn't it look a little bit worse its heart it. Who's to say what what was used the way it was used but I'm telling you if you allow blood to dry. In a pattern like that that means you're not applying pressure right. And so I'm just saying that there's. Certain side usually when you see a blood trail like that that person's unconscious and by the way it's rare that you see conscious person would interrupt anybody who's ever gotten a cut to the head your head your scalp is a highly vascular sized area that means it's got a lot of blood vessels and so when it leads you look a lot worse then you know the injury might call for you might be the dumbest person on the planet and and might have. Wanted his jewelry back this guy making guaranteed. Twenty million dollars well cares about somebody got a Kay Jewelers is so he wants to get him back in. Maybe hires a guide to. I'm sorry but it if that turned out to be the case he's. I think he's far more television but this is but again this is what the alleged victims says that. While she was being beaten the assailant demanded the jewelry that missing jewelry LeSean McCoy had repeatedly asked for to be returned. This is her side of the story. It is it and again. It's almost when you think about it if you're telling the story you know you ought to make it well this is something only he would have known about. Well if it's he only bull would've been the the read your squatting in his apartment. Is it jewelry more expensive than house. If it's like you can stay in the house give me the 200000 dollar piece of jewelry and and we'll call today because I would make that deal if I was there so Ellison is a woman and you know you are LeSean McCoy fan and I certainly get that but as a woman. Give us any insight into psychology that would help us analyze the situation. Well let me tell you women Wear crazy and I promise you that it is possible that he could have made it up herself it'd. And they had been involved with and am married now have a baby like straight back in the past I I mean. I've done I'll nothing like this but each week makes me crazy things happened. We can speaking carry out its app really possible that he's he's lying I. I've had some friends who've had some run ins with stalkers both men and women and let me tell you it ain't a lot of fun. Worse or not just stalkers but people who have made up false allegations about market listen this is stuff that in this arrow with the Internet. Job what happens when you. You hire a person on the FaceBook you look at there is to grant. You start checking out pictures on line and what kind of person am I going to be employed what kind of person. You can't account if you're not a shock according you don't have the ability to get a great attorney and have media attention to defend yourself. You could your life is over if someone makes an allegation here and assaulted them do it there is all it takes is one bad newspaper article and your earnings abilities affected for the rest of your life unless you are damn good at counterpunch. I happen to be very good to counter puncher I don't think Alison thank you very much for the call appreciate. Oh no problem thanks thanks. It 030930. Starlet 3180616. WBE. And is the phone number. And folks I am well aware that we don't have all the facts on what the word we don't have all the information I get that. But based on previous experiences with the duke lacrosse team and Tawana Brawley. Given the fact that as Allison is pointed out I think this woman's character again it's speaks volumes that. She was allowed to live in a house rent free she was asked to leave the home she refused to do so eviction proceedings were under way and suddenly this happens I think that the fact that she squatted in a unique in a home. And decided that she was entitled to a free house I think that does speak to her character and I know that that might not be popular in 28 in your assure you I am not a misogynist. I loved women and I particularly attracted to powerful strong woman like mrs. nerd. Little bit of preparation that as I'm as well but my point is so if you're in a position where you're trying to you know we're gonna judge you by your fruits and judging by your character. In this situation. LeSean McCoy. Is doing the only thing an owner property can do which is to take some of the court. And the only record we have is that you're being accused of not paying rent and living their place were you formally been asked to leave and you refused to do it that's only officially. The DA is looking into this law enforcement doing their job all we know officially end her meeting on Tuesday was canceled because of her injuries. And I'm just saying it would be really dumb if you wanna get some out of an apartment. That you beat them up the day before of a court here but it would benefit somebody who wants to stay in the house. Yeah and especially if you felt so confident that you really get things back in court why would you. Beat the crap out of someone to get it back the day before. As a practical. LeSean McCoy. What do you make of the available information frankly I am leaning towards a Tawana Brawley like situation. And again I think the character of the woman. Look if somebody once you leave a free house and you start claiming squatters rights I think that speaks more about you than it does the alleged person behind your being beaten up. Here is Tom and south buffalo Tom. Palin going to I think. Real quick I wanna look at those photos I noticed co regulated blood in there have broken at another NATO left I. If you look at the big east Tennessee where the exact sticky part of the bandit was in the room covering part of the mandate was with a broken blood comes through. Which now tell me that they allow these wounds to bleeding and after being treated a little bit more. It's kind of lead me to believe something different. Yeah you don't. You don't normally Steve that type of bloods street with quite relational and so is an unconscious. Correct but I don't think nobody put a bandit out there eyeball. You know you don't in real thing is that. Normally I always look win with different sources of where the blood coming from. You've seen people get punched you see people get injured and cut before and it's like the forehead an eyebrow. Are not often. The air is that you see someone you know usually if it's the base of the eyebrow when he takes on the near an orbital bone or something eye socket. But on the very top of the eyebrow it's a very typical place to cut. And the nose also leads my nose bleeds legacy in my rise but did you get did this you get the swelling in the eyes with a broken nose. I'll blood at the amount of blood would. And it doesn't seem consistent with paying. I feel like Quincy and like doctor Michael Bodden well we almost have to be now. While while it. He didn't guard doesn't bend in the I think we have for the fact that we're reacting emotional promotional schedule and I'll never get to the bottom of it. I agree though that. And I also think that if you're going to lead it come in south buffalo holds a press conference from Saudi than than previously. So horrible happened. You cannot lead with a spokesperson. Who has you know. To legally take down her post and starts off with three threats. That are really easy to do as proof. I mean it's it's got a very good launch into the 333 charges recharging his son he beat his dog he abused drugs. DA can't put that out there. You can't put it out there something legitimate happen to your friend about it when my friend refuses to leave the house despite the fact that you as the lawful owner have every right to ask who believe. That wasn't in the text. Well I'll bet there are New York State law but I can tell this is the New York's. The way that the way to everything without bet that it even happened and also none. But in most comical is an offense nobody's gonna apologize to them and metal fatigue and on the back page somewhere. Well yes very true I mean even the Philadelphia situation which a lot of people speculated about it didn't really resulted a lot of I think he did I think it was Shawn got a suspension from. But a better I don't believe that it was anything criminal I think they drop the charges. I think everybody just needs a thought I'll take a look at it objectively. You know he seems far too confident you know for someone who. More than any digital an attorney that represented Ray Lewis that that's how my attorney by the way but give if you are accused of such egregious act. Acts as LeSean McCoy is accused of having committed you're gonna want the best legal counsel possible I mean it's god forbid anything ever happens to me I am a purple camera. He's represented. Alleged murderers and every you know he's he's represented people running the gamut of society but that's what that's what criminal defense lawyers do. Now it is 26 minutes and just because of the words just because he represented Ray Lewis doesn't mean that was shot I don't know equals Ray Lewis I'm saying that that attorney they got Ray Lewis off is one of the finest attorneys who ever lived because that was a really tough tough case against Ray Lewis. I certainly hope that by now all. You all have downloaded radio dot com our apps you can listen WBM and a whole bunch of other stations but why weren't you. Radio dot com is the new WB Ian app that's what that was all about. It is up hourly and Abdullah via at a news radio 930 WB. He and and we are attempting to work get a hold actually. Paul Cambodia I am texting as I speak and David were talking about. LeSean McCoy and I I'm gonna take a very unpopular. Position especially in this meet two era. And I say this again. As somebody the you know I I have seen violent crime I have known victims very well. Victims of violent crime my daughter as a student attorney is representing people. Who are domestic violence victims so it is something that I take bravery seriously or anybody to think that. Yet typical right wing WBE and misogynist that BS and also in my own personal life. I happened to really love strong. Women with strong personalities so don't ever accuse me of being a misogynist. I'm actually quite the opposite. The situation involving LeSean McCoy is ex girlfriend. It's just not adding up to me. It doesn't add up because bushel on the Corey has a rock solid alibi he did not beat this woman up. And the you know as Alison pointed out my wish I'd thought this independently. You know it if if somebody is staying in the house they have been asked to leave. And the owner of the house is forced to go through. LeSean McCoy. I think that tells us something about the character of the alleged victim and there is also the idea of history. There has been a history. People being falsely accused of situations very similar to this. In New York State beat Tawana Brawley situation comes to mind she was a young lady who said that she had been kidnapped raped and abused by. A number of point men one of whom eventually killed himself Al Sharpton rushed to her defense and it turned out later on that absolutely. Nothing had been done to Tawana Brawley that she didn't do to herself the Duke Lacrosse situation the duke lacrosse team was so unfairly victimized by false claims from a woman. But because the claims were made by a woman. The claims were made by a woman. Against men of privilege best staff the faculty at duke pretty much convicted the team before any court proceedings whatsoever so. There certainly have been. Ample precedents for false claims being made that. Destroy somebody's reputation. And only after a period of time do we find out that that person did absolutely nothing wrong and locally. The case of Patrick Kane and I know that Patrick Mannelly some of them listen to this show Patrick Kane and I said this from the beginning. Got a raw deal and I think that you know his look it is is Patrick a saint now he's got to say it. Do I think in any way shape or form read that would is accused of doing to that woman no and by the way neither did the DA so. Unfortunately folks even in this me to Europe it is true that people men generally can have false things said about them. That really destroy their reputation and it's very very unfair and it's a malignancy. Gilead are collar the other Tom called in from south buffalo brought up a point. About this photo of this this woman that I think it's. Is pretty telling him first ball. You can see twice you know dried blood and the trail of dried blood nor really don't see that unless the patient the victims unconscious but. In this case you can see where these clearly been a bandage that was put over an injury that occurred under high. But while the bandages there that would imply that someone was rendering aid. If so the rendering aid why would you allow the rest of the blood to continue to pool because you can clearly see. I'm mark where bandage was and blood moving around it. Which would mean that someone took the time to put one bandage over an area that isn't leading. And not try to clean up the rest of. Now we're going to be talking with buffalo attorney Paul Cambodia at 510 and news radio 930 WB yen and he will offer assistant general guidelines as to how the investigation is going to be done and of course remember. If LeSean McCoy is indicted and unleaded injuries going to be indicted. But the burden of proof is always on the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. That the defendant is in fact guilty of the crimes alleged. And I find again David I hate the as far as the alleged victim is concerned. If LeSean McCoy was this animal if LeSean McCoy was that double what in the hell was she doing staying with a and why would she even wanna keep jewelry that was given to her by the double a considerate first. Refer report how many women go through divorces in the first thing you ladies do we should sell Ural engagement ring digital want it around because it's a bad it's it's a bad thing that ever out. Let's go to Jerry in Ottawa on WB and Gerri welcome your hourly and Olivia. They guys. I'm trying to figure out what issue he's. Got it up part people around him stuck if you get your quick thirty days sort of hurt somebody. Like for everybody out there listening. To what he just short of power to cap electricity able to shut at all hockey. Apparently the electricity at least had been shut down according to one article. Okay. Yes that's our I do you know squatter and or just shut everything down so that it sort of you know did nothing Medicare. You know Jerry hit it almost sounds like you might if that's an experience is along these lines of my correct. I mean not I'm not that you were accused of beating somebody got to let that you had a problem and that the jet to evict. No I've had friends that have red up there are more forever and had a friend over there and then all of a sudden death and their wallet even so like well. But it should be you know addition to get a good thirty days. The worst thing you can do is is get into a situation like that there's actually an episode of shameless where Fiona lets people. She's restate quote overnight and overnight stretched into several days. Yeah I mean it's. Anyone are big indeed he got a question he's doing a good you know Anderson caught me by the cup that your back to you know it always. Well yeah and we know what lesson do we learn from this publish. Against them. I think there's a lot of lessons we can learn from this so what do you learn from a jury. What a treat him probably. I'm in the knowledge it's kinda shady no pun intended but. You. Don't vital to become limerick you. Well you know what care objectively I think she's a very very beautiful woman but beauty is only skin deep who knows I don't know anything about her character I don't know anything about her background prior to McCoy here frankly prior to this particular situation. Obviously. Yeah I mean yeah yeah Jerry in this era of social media. Do you find it just a little bit weird that the first time we hear that LeSean McCoy supposedly beat his son and dogs and abuses drugs is a social media post by a friend. Yeah I mean these social media mean that's. Grain of salt the only Jack comes about because it is where he says she just wants your regards. You don't have a Arafat you know what and in. Early to get money out of moon doing so well you know people got to the region during the review if you don't know. Place to go or don't have any money saved up for anything. Then there'll alternative of. You're always pull on the jury. I do. Well Gerri thank you very much for the call anything else you wanna say about this. Now. I just go everything come I really have OP it felt so all he wants to him up but he took four. Up to me it might working theory of the crime is I'm sure not popular my working theory is woman scorned that's my working theory. I agree. All right at a we're glad you called I can't see the name guys have the caller on line to lose somebody we definitely wanna talk about that one of the things that we should learn from today show. I'll say this one last time if you're involved with somebody. And they start talking about squatting or squatters rights. You need to run out of that situation. Not walk you need to run and not look back and not get sucked back into the drama somebody like that can destroy your entire life especially if you're younger guy. Let's go to death of that public UBE. And that Debra I'm sure yeah debt what do you make of this situation. I'll I guess I did I'd I have to. And that why they want I I am a landlord I just recently went through. The addiction got back and it is quite big in Anchorage Audi. I do also work for a living and it's big block or so that the wait it Hartman and I'll the situation it is about. Art but I urge to pay. I helped organize. A lot he felt they didn't hate about it I'll they act. It cannot look you go to court and out of court again because they were able to secure the services of a lawyer. Which are available to you be up people and X what county. And so I blog story charge about the here have a lot of day I'd bet. What do you indication that go to court that white and it really lot I held in it like it. And actually thankfully it did break the gotcha you are in good shape she could have really gotten into what and train it like many. That you get. Belly and it was that gave it up or if you're working but it. And that they look at that it made it and it should they are sorted it out. About it at that and they played by the quake that got it got what we needed to do it. A they didn't dictate what you pay a lot making it that. As as far as looking as far as legal counsel. We live in a country where everybody should have access to an attorney even if they cannot afford one I'm sure the same is done in every county of Western New York I mean. I don't the good there I mean everybody should be able to have legal counsel and yeah as a taxpayer I know I'm paying for but you know what that's the price we live for the kind of judicial system we have which despite its many flaws is the best in the world. Buy hourly and bella via talking about the LeSean McCoy situation. He plays for the Buffalo Bills and today his ex girlfriend is accused them of having somebody invade the hole in which she was staying even though which on one of her out of the home and interestingly deal at home invasion took place just before a court proceeding on the eviction motion. So while we're gonna talk with noted attorney Paul Camry after 5 o'clock about the issues at stake in this case and Dan. If you look at this rationally there are only four possibilities because LeSean McCoy has a rock solid apple by David again what does that rock solid alibi. The Miami Florida when it occurred so he's not physically you know always accused him of Shawn McCoy of being in Georgia in this. Home invasion took place so point number one. Did LeSean McCoy so born somebody to do appears that he. Asked to be played an active role in setting up the whole invasion. Opt in to a friend up LeSean McCoy without wish on caucus in college consent or. Information. Decided are likely Sean he's been good to me ominous if I can't get the jewelry bet forum he doesn't have the know. But he did make the entrance without any sign of a force entrants. Option number three of how the woman allegedly got beaten up it was a stranger. Who just happened to pit at that particular house. Option number four or is this is a fake story it's big news at any injuries the woman sustained. She sustained because she wanted to sustain them. Either self inflicted or she had somebody she trusted. To a number on her like that guy and that Clint eastwood's dirty dirty who hired the guy to beat him up so we compiled a false police brutality claim against Jerry Kelly and in the movie I mean unfortunately folks that stuff happens member goodfellas. Ups are a member of The Sopranos where they were heist at a truck and a guy said hey you gotta you gotta bust me up a little bit they're gonna think that I was in on it so you know. So many things that. Like these things happen a lot of people. Who knows what the situation was behind closed doors. But we have a professional athlete and we have a league that loves to suspend people for embarrassing leak and you can make the argument whether or not. LeSean McCoy. Hired someone had someone and nothing to do this his personal relationship. Has involved an embarrassment on the Buffalo Bills himself and the leak and that's why they have those suspensions because any negative. It hurts the brand and right now with the NFL doesn't need is another athlete accused of beating up a girlfriend or knight's girlfriend. It just doesn't mean it were still recovering from you know I mean they rake her roof story was pretty horrible there's a lot of nasty things that you can see the NFL's going out of their way to avoid this is one of them. And it shouldn't be shouldn't be happening. And as we move along David obviously we'll talk with Paul can't rewrite after 5 o'clock but we're gonna talk to people who've had to evict so called squatters out of their lives and the people who had boyfriends or girlfriends were stalkers from a at all.