Bills RB LeSean McCoy Accused of Domestic Abuse 7/11 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, July 11th

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You talk about absolutely incompetent and they've ever ever top of the extra pass but did you know. I was thinking to myself why so many people are doing farewell tour singles you know as a matter of their pop artists rock roll out. About it there there age this is the age that it's just funny anymore. You know isn't doing a farewell to work. Topic. He is gonna do when next year ago because I'm still let juries that after the time that we reported news that he's alive he's that he's alive. All right it is developing news radio 930 W heat pump that was what success humor you know the first a laugh but it would that was one of the most uncomfortable news days. That we've. That I've got a round is really weird okay I guess it's I've got a few years and you're in the business and that was one of the most uncomfortable news is for me because I am really like winning. The web site his web site put out a memorial to him yes it was his Twitter account his blue check mark whatever the page. And it was all in. Fake news. Where but here is another thing which we got this story what do you believe who you believe. If you slip that story your cubicle if you were on the factory floor today. If you were out there working on the roads and you were having a conversation every one of buffalo is talking about bush on. Everyone thought first of all the self is bill's fans thinking how does this affect the season if he's going to play or will be suspended for right now. What is the crime that has been no allegation there's a person's lawyer has made a statement. And a person deleted. But. A social media polls in two ground saying. You know accusing the Shawn McCoy of all these things for the most part and I'm certainly have been critical LeSean McCoy in the past. I gotta tell you there's really nothing. Here that. But law is moving as fast as is they're gonna move they're gonna find the evidence. And this guy is connected anyway it can be really easy to find out this is not like we're gonna wait until opening kick off of the first gained to realize. It was Shawn McCoy guilty of these allegations. So well what it's cool publish on the court situation what do you think happened here did LeSean McCoy. But based on what we think we know so far did lose LeSean McCoy. So bored or ask a friend or somebody to. Beat this woman up to get her out of the house and maybe get his jewelry back. Was a friend of LeSean McCoy is acting without bushel on its knowledge to do wish on a solid to maybe give is jewelry out and induce the woman. To move out of the apartment in the house in which she was claiming squatters what rights. Was it an absolute stranger who just got into the house without any sign of an invasion. Or in light of the eviction proceedings against this woman as much as I hate to suggest this option in 28 team is it possible that this war and had it done to hurt itself by someone she knew. So that Chad could destroy LeSean McCoy is reputation and oh by the waist and. How's it appears that the the relationship is over it appeared I would say so she's go going to be evicted from that no matter what right she's a claim to have. They're not married there's not a joint disputes. Her name is no we know where I'm on how should she there as again asked if she got paid rent so she can't even claim. So here's what we have you have. A person that did not forcibly and her home so there any chance that this is random act is gone. Because they knew how to exit and entrance to the home we an and we also know that they didn't leave without any. And there's no security camera in a home they used to have multiple angles of security cameras those aren't there you know she'd only took them away. Is she first aiming for for forgive me but she's claiming David squatters. Rights and guys out there. And ladies out there at any time somebody in your life starts talking about squatters. Rights in the course of your relationship. That should be a major red flag and you need to walk away from that person. Because that person is only going to try to destroy you so note from Tom very important learn folks. Any time somebody in your life says well I guess I'm a squad are here. You need to run out of that relationship a setup. We we also should could expect may be a bit of a description media a drawing of of these alleged attacker it would be nice to know what this guy looks likes that we can be on the look. You know maybe this is a a random she left the door open maybe he got through window no forced entry but he she still might not wanted to let this guy and maybe there's a random. Person that just knows everything about her personal life here's the thing did they get the jewelry all. So you you beat someone up. You didn't force them out of the apartment. You didn't destroy their belongings. There was no sorts sign of any. Outside of the physical assault on her deal breaker stopping him throw or stuff out sushi looking at it from another position she still has all possession and ownership of the jewelry that was gifted to her and she stood in the apartment and by the way the ruling yesterday should make kicked the apartment has been delayed a much. And by the way LeSean McCoy if you gift a woman with jewelry. It is very bad form to Aspen jewelry back regardless of whatever happened subsequently in the relationship if that and that is what happened. I did it was a gift it was if it was alone but if you give somebody so then you've given some grease up the UK and as for. I've just in it it's that horrible story all the way around by. If if there's anything LeSean McCoy has been accused of it's what people are talking about water coolers because the law certainly. If this was a random act you would expect a drawing of someone if if it's something they have access to the home they have to know. The victim. They knew it rained she's when I told she's lost her memory or that she has any sort of efficiency of their faculties which can remember what if she knew that the do you think it's possible David that if somebody was that a relationship with somebody and that relationship and it and they didn't want to and do you suppose it's possible that somebody might feel scorned to the point where they actually ask somebody to beat them up and then maybe. So ready to go to social media to try to destroy the person who broke their heart I don't have a that that's possible I think any. In a world where we're having four hours of debate and what restroom we should be used in the world. I we're having anything is pretty much possible in America today Tony eighteenth here's what I'm gonna tell you wanna Brawley the two most important people here. Are the victim and archives. Those two individuals have to be separated. And go over every single detail of their story as it is wan connection. That one person makes the other person doesn't. You have to really think of that story. I would like to bring a case of Tawana Brawley because this is 28 teams aren't likely to be savaged for even suggesting that such a scenario just let it out but they only similarity is that she was accusing someone of doing so that the ethnicity or the sort of an owner only has nothing to do now with raise the point is Tawana Brawley made some allegations against specific people smearing her with dog feces abusing her beating her and all sorts of terrible terrible things Al Sharpton rushed to Tawana Brawley's defense there's one little problem. Tawana Brawley lied about the whole thing she did it all to herself and the whole Arab before social media that was in the but it's. I think about Susan Smith. The woman accused of taking her chill oh in America are she originally set a black eye. Black guy hijacked them and it turns out that guess what the black there was no black it was a white woman named Susan Smith killed her own kids that one yet that one for a week we were you know living in the world that this is this actually happened. So there have been many stories that start up in today's. With Twitter and every every update in every Jean Cot meet the former bills guard as he works for the minister he's saying that he knows the truth. And he trust Richie guy meego. Maybe he does know that your maybe wants to call of the shall doctor Richie Richie at Cog Hill where have you go all out and content though hourly and wanna talk to you my bad. I don't care about what happened in the Jimmer and we don't wanna ask about that we just wanna talk to you rich and card NATO about which Russia if you know Richie and cognitive project excellent column appears to really cool guys on the radio talk on August carriage can honestly I. I'm not. I don't the you know and again I want to believe the LeSean McCoy is the person that we all think he has rag. But the fact remains even if he isn't this story. I mean there is a district attorney here and there is in law enforcement apparatus does work in this case they are more than. Then I capable of releasing statements. If there are some that we need to know about this case law enforcement analyst now crickets. Everything just everything we're hearing is coming out of attorneys representing clients and that's gonna be admissible in any court well as you know. LeSean McCoy did not physically attacked this woman LeSean McCoy was in Miami I don't know anybody with a arms that long so LeSean McCoy himself personally did not do it. So the question then becomes was it done at the break in and beating of the girlfriend was done with LeSean McCoy a.'s knowledge or sub or nation. Was it somebody who knows we'll show on who did not tell Alicia on who did it because maybe he just want to do favor for somebody in a prominent position. Number four is that the alleged victim did it to herself much like Tawana Brawley. Did all those terrible things to her own body. And smeared herself would dog feces and then blamed a whole bunch of people wanna whom actually committed suicide over the ordeal. And you know I would remind people that. You know we obviously you're not privy to all the facts but we are privy to history. And I can think of to situations that duke lacrosse team players. That were universally excoriated. Because they were the poster boys for white privileged and all kinds of horrible things the faculty at duke went out against him even before the evidence was and and guess what they were innocent and also the Patrick Kane situation where Patrick Kane was accused of very bad behavior there's one problem. The alleged victim's story kept changing and there was no corroboration. So what Patrick Kane learned a valuable lesson. Hourly envelop via what do you think happened here at 8030930. Start at 3180616. WBE. It 030930. Is the phone numbers start 930 in the cell phone 180616. WB eat and what. Happened in the LeSean McCoy situation mean what are the chances that you did that it is or anybody else out there who thinks that news at least the possibility. That perhaps. The alleged victim may not be a victim. And may very well have done it herself she still has the jewelry she is the one who took down the security cameras. And before as I understand it David before the police were notified. This was on social media through a friend of the alleged. Victims that is my understanding and why why was there no report made average which angered at what it was thorough report is true though. The cooler Shawn McCoy. Allegedly beating his son and beating up a dog why did they not go to the police at the time of the incident and it really happened and if he's taking steroids is the NFL that incompetent every every everybody gets tested. At at any time it's different. Fortunate that your leaving spokesperson leads with three things that are easily proven to be falls. And that year expecting did you know beleaguered. Follow up on the integrity thank. Telling you that it LeSean McCoy is responsible and anyway for this attack. Never again and she play football absolutely bills never again should he play professional football but. LeSean McCoy. Before a football player before the beloved football club player. He is paying an American citizen. Who has life liberty and if that is going to be taken from him there will be due process of the law you can't just. Make an allegation and expect to take some of lifestyle away. The impetus of that. It was accords responsible for this. This is all the ear markings of like it Jeff Hulu leave my side crime. Like if you go back to the Tonya Harding yeah you let me wanna make a child RT absolutely reluctance that the heart and move BKI Tanya came out that two year excellent movie people on the Tonya Harding was an Olympic skater and a big feud with the Nancy Kerrigan was. Definitely mortality that Tonya Harding and her and her boyfriend and I got together decided hit. Nancy Kerrigan in the kneecap. And try to injure her ridiculous caper very easy to faults all the critics attorneys on each other. I cannot believe and a million years LeSean McCoy sat down and planned an attack like this where you left the person in the apartment. Allow yourself to be maligned to publicly with a inch Graham post. And by the way you still don't have your jewelry and she's living in the apartment I think you lost this is a horrible plan it'll play. You idea and leaning into a certain direction because which I think is becoming obvious as distasteful as I find saying it based on what we think we know right now. Com Heidi. I really questioned the allegations made against LeSean McCoy. And history has shown us that unfortunately there is a type of woman who seems to be attracted to athletes or celebrities who went things don't work out or they feel they have been wrong or maybe either deep pockets will make false allegations and I'm sure the same thing is happening with men and we just don't hear about it. But yeah the proper laws took to punish people from why in hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and my theory right now based on what I think you know I think this is a woman scorned case and a woman scorned who won the state and hostess. Now. Most of all we know is that the court ruling has been extended thirty days so whether she's gonna get thrown out of the players or not.