Bills QB Choice Still Pending - AP Sports Reporter John Wawrow


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With us on the live line Associated Press sports reporter John Wall wrote let's look at the Buffalo Bills and that big quarterback decision John thanks for joining us of what you're hearing is today the day we'll hear. Oh and so we will. Sean McDermott speak at 930 he he will be addressed before that. So I'm sure you know he will announce that the team who is starting quarterback used. At this point. I'm a little surprise at the news out of leaked out yet what are the built but it hasn't. But I expect to find out at 930 and and in fact I don't get the sense that it it it barely knew that I would be surprised if they compete. Leo don't be surprised if it's eight and Peter I think that comes as a surprise to a lot of fans who watched that first half on Sunday. Sure sure no I in in and I accept that but based on what. The weight should be you know I've I I've real. I really listened to what Sean McDermott said on Monday and you know based on what I I kind of I I I I hint of information I got from yesterday the but I can't really pinpoint it I just would not be surprised would be nick Peter with a big go forward. How would they can for at least one more game this CP can rebound from that because. The sense in in in in among the coaches. Is that as poorly as the defense is played or maybe. Because the defense has played poorly. I don't that they're looking for based computer meant oddest part to a offense. That has struggled scoring points under the Tyrod Taylor is we've been inconsistent and was actually more in the previous restart. If he goes with Peterman is it a matter of redemption or is there a strategy that he really think. Well I think this strategy is I believe shot McDermott believed that his up and seek to produce more and if you look at what happened of the jets game. They didn't until you until garbage time when Tyrod Taylor you know produced to cut down the final two drives to make the score respectable. And then if you look at what happened against you all and you know the defense yeah was dreadful. However. Beat up and did nothing until May computer me got them. I'll be scored a field goal on the first drive and an odd could I believe eight consecutive times. We got 41 down under character work I think that's the thinking behind John McCain's decision to go Nathan and perhaps can we expect. For a lot of fans though looking at Tyrod Taylor's performance they wouldn't say it was blowing them out of the water but in this AFC this year. They said in May be it's good enough. Can make Liederman be good enough to sneak into the playoffs because a lot of people are still pinning their hopes some matches you know did and after seventeen years. You know I'm not competent to build the one you know after the cut losses when the wheels are coming up. I'm not competent to build a Ivan Ivan re I've been to going into the dirt game. We're capable of winning almost can't get cannot discriminate outcome in that position. Even what Tyrod Taylor as quarterback I mean you can debate that we will never know. But I just think that the say that the bill. Up brain trust had after the jet lost on and so. Play out I get it in and then I mean I'm maybe I'm quoting on the hermit who says I get it a lot. Are what the seventeen year playoff drought but I just told the team is. In a position to one bag the expectation even before this piece of what if they win eight I can build it and accomplishment I think it's the war. And what have you made of the national media coverage of this decision now it's easy to say the bills have been no laughing stock around the league guy I wouldn't say they're laughingstock I think they're just forgotten about over the last week they have been a laughingstock though. Well there can and should be a large. May be a dozen members of national media kept separate stat line are looking at the red zone channel. Arm but if you really look at the overall picture Tyrod pillar has been inconsistent at best he's only eighteen as a starter. That is not in and and and that after twelve countries and try it of being of our guests at the mitigating circumstances. I just don't think the Tyrod Taylor is the quarterback a lot of people in the national media treat here. John Mara thanks for joining us Associated Press sports reporter. Who says later today is the day we will find out who starts flown for the Buffalo Bills at quarterback this Sunday.