Bills-Panthers Recap - Sal Capaccio


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Bills' sideline reporter so Apache out from WGR he's with us live this morning. And I mean I've never heard so many people so excited. Over an incomplete. Pass in my left I think I heard a like right Fred Flintstones yeah Abbott Abbott do. Come out of John Murphy there and the same sentiment was echoed all over Twitter before saying again and again and again how great judge Ellen looked. Often incomplete pass out podshows now what does live in itself. You know looking at bats I think in years past we would have looked at that pass and said. Com and here we go again same old bills throws his first pass and it goes. Way out of bounds but ending the drought changes everything doesn't it people look at an incomplete pass now and work site. Yeah yeah I mean I mean really more about the factory of the accurate honor roll. 65 yards in the air and actors are palace something each. And you know being a big arm like that is something pretty special account of the fact it actually. The receiver did catch the ball. Just was a little bit out of bounds but. I think that was what people really excited about seeing him he'll throw the ball down field that wasn't complete there's no doubt like to see that completely. Background played pretty well overall I think he. He did pretty well get a thirteen offensive line up front and they didn't do a good job protecting him pretty well on to a few nice article as he walked back I'm sure the overall I thought he. You know at Peter men McCarron and Allen all led touchdown drives when they're on the field last night. This is still a three man races and it. No doubt about is an idea. The great thing about last night for the bills and their stances. The way to quarterbacks played all of them played really well especially I think. The duo Peter mimic care but downside in finger quote not really downside is that we in any preparation right we don't really know who's in the lead after last night because. They all look pretty good weight now that's a good problem to have for Sean McDermott at least he's not. Sitting here today looking at the though going oh my god what are we gonna do the quarterback position now to these guys can play I think it's very urging. What happened last night that position and we'll see how they go forward here but you're right I mean Tom this is still a three man race based on what we saw last. Hey it's great for us to I mean how many times do we UA. Wanna stay tuned for an entire pre season game in beat. You're already looking forward to the next one. No doubt and here's the other thing right less like it was entertaining when the last time we saw said that about a bill. Yeah I mean there was a lot that happened last night that first 85 yard drive. I'm you know he had he had defense you know get it up some plays in the papers saying and it. And then of course you know they want when he had yet to build it closely and Josh Allen came and he let it touchdown drive in the onside kick to try to get it back so looking down the wire or a lot of really interesting things I just remember so many preceding years in the past. However it really just sitting there in the third quarter fourth quarter going oh my gosh what's the traffic like in the nineteen. What was the crowd reaction like especially when Allen took the field. It is. A lot of flaws were him I would say about 20% of the crowd. Was giving a standing ovation when he came in. Was pretty much it was something. When he came in it was a loud roar was so much so if you ask about it after the you know locker room. And down you know he's said the you know he he's been coached up pretty good he said built mafia came out or their supporters something like that. Are you know exactly what to say so. I was it was something in the waiting to see. I'm really glad apple have to you know it worked out exactly the way some are required he wanted to Peterman to get a quarter McCarron get a quarter and elegant and very half. And that's the plan at all or else. Hey now wondering if you saw the video or you might have even sign yourself on the sidelines. Calvin bench amending Cam Newton before the game. I did and I was a little surprised at. Is that cold reactions from Kelvin Benjamin toward Cam Newton although I will say when we ask Kelvin Benjamin about the situation the other day at practice. And we said you know after the comments came out no McDermott said he knew he wasn't really pleased with that and get better and said he understood that. We asked elderly that are yet to reach out to candy for the game and he basically look at all the why. And I think he got the feeling that he hadn't he by no part of that. Any city what he really wasn't gonna go out of his way to do it and Nokia and came over tried to talk to Calvin gave the cold shoulder older than they. Kind of exchange some words it was pretty it was quick chat without tiger when you watch that video that was posted by one of the Carolina report. Oh Sally you know me as as a pro wrestling guy. I love that off the field drama that you see between these two guys who looks like there's our real beef. There. And that network there in that way when now when Calvin scored I think he pointed at the bench or something like Saturday he made him a gesture like jail. And not been you know having to bat registered to let him know that he scored the touchdown a DeVon fungicides somebody of the bills bench when he was over there are so it was. I think we're used to it Carolina buffalo hockey rivalry right at least we were several years ago maybe we get some sort of Carolina buffalo put all or going forward. Yeah looks like there are kind of revenue things up for the season are great sale were glad to be joining us this morning thanks. Sell the punching out bill sideline reporter from last night's game with WGR Sports Radio 550.