Bills Lose Home Opener to Chargers - John Murphy & Mark Kelso


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Murphy and mark are here at John Murphy and mark Kelso the bills radio broadcast team brought to bind northwest make the switch to north west bank and get back to living. Well the bills are trending this morning guys. And not because of the game aliens Fontaine Davis Merck have you ever even at this a long time and ever seen anything like that before. No never heard anything like that records. It's amazing it's inexcusable it's. It's a despicable that he would do at halftime but that under current think. Yeah mark we heard some the anger from teammates after the game a little bits Lorenzo Alexander talking he had a lot of things to say about Vontae Davis on it Kyle Williams through you know eight seed kind of disappointment. On his face. What does that do to a locker room when you have a player just up and quit like that. He does so only frustration can you don't know how much biting at everybody on everybody to be on the same page in the water but it would be all here. And apparently that was not the case and there are a suspect there's a little bit more going on behind the scene that. That that were not aware of what is it it was bizarre. And eight you're just up and you're not there may be felt like he was. In people playing at the level he was accustomed to him and you'd be friendly game has conversations with your teammates and coaches but. Certainly no conduct yourself that way this city is they get something that was very very extremely unusual. You know without Vontae Davis. Merv Howard the bills cornerback. Well they've been short in numbers there for the first two games. Because of injury between yesterday's game and a Karen that are all more. And that makes sure you know they dressed for healthy quarterback yesterday and then when gators. Check out there at number three so they're gonna need to numbers circuit LB hurry. Looking at the offense market Josh Allen and what did you like from his performance yesterday. Well and then there were some growth there's no question about them and made some good throws he was able to escape Menem on north partly Ingram was very well over interpret whether or not an interception. Probably ill advised to throw the ball in that situation that you show your strength that he has been. Any estimate capability in and menu starlet what is typical young quarterback Erik a lot of as patient as some guys opener of a couple currency. He did not pull the trigger because he news. He was reluctant to say that maybe somebody was recovered it was Arizona escalate so held onto it low for too long. And wasn't making decisions like quickly now let's do it again look at cut that in the end of the game it. I you know much duo. Too late at the governor Benjamin throws a beautiful throw and and duchess doses arm strength he demonstrated that a couple times yesterday dumpsters arm strength and how we can escape green and and they're not necessarily Buick as late as I thank you might be capable of and some respect as well but they extended down and the other pro ball out the other see see extensive well dislikes. You know John so many people wanna compare Josh talents other quarterbacks but I'm wondering fur fans out there are for everybody watching him. How tough it is to kind of exactly gauge how well he's doing because if you look at him compared you say guy like pat homes and Kansas City. I mean the shortcomings at wide receiver and offensive line does that make it tough to really judge how well Alan's doing. Yeah a little bit I mean I only got two games at home uses and second year on our questioner but. I'm not. Too concerned about you know Latin occurs and Chad I think they're built to process of getting the double error. As Marcus recount of that thing they've. The some steps forward yesterday and didn't settlement used to be starter that. Running game calling the plays and he'll take some time I think it will fix diaper and settle it. So the comparison I think are a little bit bit premature. I do think Gary you know limitations around that's why it's still you know kind of finding its way in there's not a whole lot of so we'll have to work around those with it'll take time and I think but they're they're a pretty big step forward mr. Our mark the second half was much better than that first half how much of it do you think had to do with. Coach McDermott calling the defensive plays in the second half and do you see that continuing. You know over character here as well not really sure of that all bring on older thank you know they're from what I heard coach McDermott. A step back a little bit from the in this comic decision to attack collaborated on things that they'd be selling it something their second at it a little bit more pressure there'd be and so mine and more movement to it. I think it settled into some coverages and that would be a little better than that and this that the target offenses and so it'll be interesting to see in the coming portrays her as a as a great pedigree. He's a terrific coach in this leg in and there'd be a need to be a lot of collaboration but. I think yesterday they were a couple. Well things certainly the defense was not going well and and it played better in the second at I think part of that was with the bill because the performance and part of that was I think the charges stick their foot off the throttle like Franklin and when you're up by eight by 8286. It's. Yeah you're you're not you're not quite as focuses. As you might be the game was hurt in contention so. I think here's the bulk of those things clip art it will be interesting to see what. What goes on moving forward but make no mistake about it I'm Lesley raiders it's it's tremendously well respected Liggett coordinator and and not turbulent collaboration on what they need to do to be successful defensively going forward. Does not get any easier next week does it John. Don't know how hectic couple on the road to lead Minnesota Eric. It's not to make it easier to get more pivotal votes are in a pivotal Ben used to playing them in very good player out working so you know that. Hey guys had a great week we will talk with you Friday morning that's John Murphy mark Kelso the bills radio broadcast team brought to bite. Northwest. And you know we mentioned doesn't get any easier for the bills next week heading into Minnesota they open is sixteen and a half point underdogs and maybe that number's about to go up report says it was Shawn McCoy suffered fractured ribs. During yesterday's loss to the chargers. Now this is Ian Rapoport reporting saying that sets an injury that does not necessarily ruled him out for next week. He'll attempt to play through its about that for different chip one guy quitting retiring at halftime the Shawn McCoy attempting to play through. Some out fractured ribs below and be monitoring that situation is that we goes on.