Bills Host Saints On Sunday - John Murphy & Mark Kelso


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We're joined by John Murphy. At Mueller field against the New Orleans Saints but says it China want to start with you quick out down here at Children's Hospital the old Children's Hospital there drinking a big move today. Oh what you want in a big part of the lobby at the new Children's Hospital they have a big boy or. With a box score of the come back game big video screen in the middle of enters heels logos all over the place. I kinda goes to show how much of a part of the community that team is and I am I know you've not been able to seed bills players past president. I rarely you don't make a difference epic it impacted Children's Hospital over the years. Yet even in the guy every other mile mark also played a big role in there and I think also several other recent. Players who have been a great governor of engaging in the community and it you know to. An amount often in an unpublicized make bids to overdo it. Children's Hospital this new era let the kids in the patent they care so absolutely and integral part of the community unit of the bill so that they have for decades. Kmart that is a pretty special partnership this and it. Yet there's no question about that that in and like John says a lot because on publicized in the guys. Wanna give back certainly and understand it is the opportunity that they have there. Two that it provides an encouragement and enrolled. Up put the spirit of some some families and and young young patient particularly that are going through some difficult times and it took until the organization as a whole they think the organization. With the with spoke of will and spamming and ethical spamming as fans as intimately involved in the community and and and that's it for years that that there will and fingerprints are all over the in the in the medical community and educational community and in the put those are the kind of following that same track as well so other just just have an opportunity that. The nit themselves into the community which I think make the community stronger and and then got a lot to make things stronger as well. It's good to hear bad and I'm glad to see you at the involvement at a Children's Hospital keep moving on its movements this new buildings you know looking at the bills that team on the field this week. At John a lot of people saying this might be the toughest test they've faced at the saints looking to be about one of those top two teams in the NFC this year. Well yeah I mean think their other role that streak when they look good for you gains in Minnesota and all the and doing and then the real victory when they're. You know second. Ranked offense in the NFL they're really an up and the machines certainly. The most officially opened the bill to think so far this year but there are. That the via a bit after the bill there are other tests coming down the road as well. And that you know you're gonna be a contender he's that type games that you gotta be able to compete in the going to be overweight or Aruba reportedly gave ultimately if we agree. KM mark what's the secret to stopping Drew Brees. You know a good question if you know please let me know there's I'm not sure figured out yet but. Probably let and respect and he's got a lot of weapons. And he just he he changes his arm but sometimes he gets himself in trouble he understands pressure eat. He can read across the healed or it's very difficult to use in the certain situations so. I do it bank is that there's some opportunities and to thank you need to pressure him to move a mop the spot because he spent a spot and delivers the ball down field. Can be a difficult afternoon for the bills no question in any need to. Community there's a lot of press covered the quarters and they get up in the space so those five receivers and I'm picked at a kind of shadow box and that kind of back up and let them run but because they're out of what you gotta get your hands on the receivers. And stop their progress and make the restart even if you're playing zone that if you don't that they run a little game where they'll clear out on his own with one. Receiver and then notice they'll. Pulled somebody else in that spot that these button Drew Brees is gonna and it's going to be a very difficult path for the bill defensively this week. Johnson I rod skating down a couple big weapons added to his arsenal this week at the return of Charles clay you were expecting maybe and that of course Kelvin Benjamin. Yeah I'm really eager to being what the book often looked like because. You know I think both looked at him play that is completely. An arsenal of weapons that the go ahead and play this year and it took well you know into the into the second at the and but Benjamin in particular because intrigued with that side and is ability to position himself well to make catches and I think you know over the past sweeping the Arab sometimes. Be reluctant to force the ball in the coverage in in due to a and trust his receivers I think he's gonna need to accelerate that brought that with the open bedroom because if you look at the potential to be that's what in the event. In a long time is that outside target. Before he got hurt the incidence in stroke play what. Tyrod Taylor paper targets don't have him back only. And to be arsenal and you don't got that hopefully strong running game which was on the court is going to be fixing the so quickly to dipping in the greeted him. So quickly they get up and running with a soft. All right sounds like it's going to be a great game on Sunday. Thanks for your time this finals talking to you both Monday morning after the bills and saints John Murphy. Mark Kelso the bills radio broadcast team from WGR Sports Radio 550.