Bills GM Brandon Beane on trades of Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby

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Friday, August 11th

Brandon Beane addresses two blockbuster trades involving Buffalo Bills.


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All of my interactions with a great great man. Good football players obviously and I wish the best this is this is not easy this is a I'm an emotional personal guy and I wanna get that all these guys personally and that's the hard part of business is business when you have to call these young men and affect their lives. That's not easy and Shonn did that earlier today. Is day is they move forward their journeys to LA to Philadelphia respectively. So again I wish those guys the best and appreciate what they do for the Buffalo Bills. What prompted them who's who they were two separate rooms even though. Fortunately the timing worked out the way I wanted it to happen. I was not shop and these guys. Had calls from multiple teams about Sammy always backing you shortly after took the job. And so. You know those things happen all the time people think I mentioned before people asked about different players all the time honestly you never know what serious or what's just bait. But again I was not that we. We're not actively shopping you'd either of these guys are not actively shopping anybody but it became. LA got very serious. About Sammy and Philadelphia got very serious about Ronald and the timing. Worked out and as I realize the time it worked out I was able to. Acquired Jordan to help fill in for for Sammy in Beijing Games to help villain for it was wrong. He's really feels pain how's the another meeting which they want it couldn't maple. It's hard to say if I wouldn't of it's funny both level we're getting similar traction similar momentum the last couple days. And once I solve both of on this Ford on the road as they were getting. I kind of set up I wanna do own together if I can. If some might have backed out I don't know because. The discussion I had the first time I really set down in late. This out for Sean and Terry was after the game last night they want to be a distraction. So. I laid it out what was potentially nothing had been agreed upon where things were very close. And you know that's kind of where was. Nobody backed out at that point we finalize them this morning but yeah. It. He. Everything's a week we talk and everything is that we we all through everything around the people the players the men what they've done. Who the opposite is the players that we requiring. The draft picks everything went in and listen this was not an easy decision. Again business is business there's also emotional these are two fine young men. Yes does this is. Yeah. He. What it was for the future what can you game. I'm always a said it was a day we signing on I'm always gonna try to win today and one tomorrow. And that's that's that's the nature that's how I'm wired that's how I think you went in this league. So again if I'm coming off a fourteen and two season. If someone offers me something that I think is good capital and as a worthy investment I have to consider and that's what happened. There. For like for the twice seventeenth season. You know you could make arguments either way. I'm thrilled that. Lose and a guy like Sammy we were able to acquire a guy with Jordan Matthews canceled all. EJ has started 25 games in this week. He was on the air so we're all rookie team. So he's got some pedigree he's not walking in here. Not knowing what to expect they'll compete with the other corners you know not guaranteed a spot that. They'll come in and we'll see where it goes. So. It is pretty. Yes they both actively ask me about these two guys I was not shop. Is there. They cannot you know they can all playoffs. As well. That may be where they've been news Jordan on that team filling the way they use the most a lot of sloppy you can see it went outside again. I'll leave where they go and how they line up with brick ranch on those guys. He's another great addition or. So they've been taking cult Samsung's Q what was the tipping point review what part of that deal it is worth. Giving up on someone's journal. Well you have to consider everything you have to consider reached on ability. The draft value. A lot of things went into this it wasn't one single thing. And you know you balance at all and make it you know the best decision. In jail in the back and if you injuries coming people figure it back. There will help us. It. EEU. You do have to consider everything again it's. What he's done in his career over three seasons. And how much he's played you do consider all that and again he's going into this last year of his deal. And yes sign ability cap situation. Everything honestly went into this decision it was not looking at one factor or. It's. Okay this. That's that is. It. Well I'd you know. I've not I've been around Jordan Walden draft process under the Islam that I don't know each case as well. You know that'll just be getting them here compete and see how they fit. When you silence my future that's got to be a mutual they gotta wanna be here we got to see how they fit in the locker. The locker room in the culture of the coaching. All that goes into it so we got time on first thing as justice. If we're gonna do these news won the duel now so that we still have three exhibition games a lot of training camp left to figure out how these guys fit. Forward eight. It. It. Well it's hard because. You know these guys are talented players. But there's that human element and you obviously. Nobody wants to see your friend walk out the door even no matter what you thought this talent. And so you get you get to him asylum as well with these with these guys. Hopefully they'll understand you know they don't necessarily know Jordan you know Sean normal little that I know from Philly but most guys don't know Jordan or are EJ. Salute you know hopefully they'll reserve judgment until those guys get and it strap that's all men and jump and with the men and we'll see where those. It. I don't I don't like the word untouchable. You know I'm not actively shopping outselling guys like that's the honest to god truth. It's just. You're always looking in this business to help yourself now in tomorrow and that's that's the facts and so. I can't stand up and say. I would never trade another guy in the next three weeks but I'm not actively shop and. Yeah. My. Is he we're. You. Well you know again I'm just walking in the door so it's not fair for me to totally assess. All that there's various reasons why the guys are the fourteen that's exact number that are still here and you know the guys that are gone again it's not a it's not an indictment is ma you know if that's what you're trying to get it's just it's the nature of the beast rosters change over to new regime so to speak. And we're trying to do everything. That we can't. To build the right team the right way sustained success is the word I use that took this job. And that's that's format today. Or. Yeah. He's a tough kid. I think he's one of five. First juror in the first three years of his career to have 65 receptions a very yours it's pretty good group he's and so. He knows how to play he's a tough kid. He's kind of a self made man was not recruited heavily. Played at Vanderbilt. Which is in the SEC but nobody realizes there in this case you know. He's a tough kid he's gonna work hard. Smart kid he knows the game. You know my understanding and news wasn't college my understanding is he's that same young man in Philly that knock out work him. He's numbering leadership toughness and our pentagon. It received an age. And we're here. Through that process beauty. If he has always everyone involved here. Yeah it was that are. You know all that. It this is still intentional physicals all fours four players involved in both of our. Transactions so yes if someone does not pass a physical then trait would the players would revert back. Your first question. I had no inkling what you know where Sammy was. You know want to be in all that you honestly and to be fair to him and never have to matter nobody directly told me. You know I believe in our scout staff and definitely do and we are and what the work the manner in which they just left last week the college guys and you have to draft well this week to win. That's the financial model you know those players are the most affordable. So that helps us to have that kind of currency. In the first three rounds at the prices that you pay those guys vs getting in in the free agency and other avenues to bring players. It's. Worthless. It. Yeah I'm not trying to I'm not one that believes I didn't draft him so he I don't care about it. That is zero if they're good players they can help us win a game today. Then. All of a law take every time. So it's not about giving the guys only that it shall not brought in here vs the regime before we got here. There's a lot of guys that have. Jumped right on board doing the things that show on his staff at best. And we look forward to continue to work when those guys. I wouldn't comment on. You know we have lots of course. You know. Going to who's asked about hours. Does anything and we get hurt by its forget we signing Kwon last week. This is not a throw in the towel thing at all and this might mention that some might say that out there now. Quite honestly that's annoys me because that's that's not you don't know me if you think opponent now would rather play ping pong or whatever London Owens out. For its own talent and trying to get a start receivers back so. To your question on Tyrod it's nothing we've probably got Anquan and we added who is. I told you on that leaves all fairness to still play in the sleet and Jordan Matthews is starting receiver. You look at his numbers what he's done. Those are you know. Are to be left to say so Tyrod. Will get every opportunity to lead this team and we're all rooting for us in our best teachers. That. And we had different guys that can run streeters can wall how can. We have some different guys. Who knows there's other ways to and more speed we're always looking for talent. We play in a month so. The main thing is to have our rosters set posted jets. You know what I've not spoken Tyrod. Shawna spoke to the of the players involved in children eighteen. He probably better answer that he spoke directly. Here. It is. We'll. I mean again I'm taken this year one of the time it doesn't mean that we cannot extend. Any of these guys you know. And while lost key plan he's a good feel it here and he likes it here we can always extant and Tyrod is that is the number one quarterback on this team right now. And won't let that play out before we decide how it goes in the twenties and thank you guys appreciate you guys.