Bills general manager Brandon Beane on Thursday's Draft

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Thursday, April 26th

Beane prepares for the draft.


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Expected to show one bills live is the name of the show beautiful sunny afternoon in orchard park New York. Our new show Jabber BC cancer Tony from one bills drive with. One don't live in our first guest on the new show joining us in studio right now the general manager of the Buffalo Bills random being written at that come by now. Glad to be here on your debut in Baghdad this great up to you with a guest re requested him what you know we pay off your purse I mean I know even in this game for a long time but your first draft. You got to be excited in that wonderful little bit nervous even about doing this for the first time actually put on the names off the board. Yeah you know I'm excited. I'm sure there via an nervously when you when you play sports unit. He practiced all week when he gets the game dangers a different feeling and yes the XP that it. There is there will be that nervous excitement whatever you call them excited were prepared so I'm not. I'm not nervous in that way but it will be nervous excitement of and obviously it is a big draft who'd you find you found that you have. Channeled the most as far as guys that you worked with in the past as you prepare for the district who do you think yourself. Well he had a good way to do that. You know. Obviously I wouldn't put it to one person you know I learned a lot from. Two unions Marty Ernie who's circled and went back to carry on in the day government whose that the giants. They both did things. There was a lot of things are similar but the each had their own new laws. And and then there's things that I. Said hey when I get museum. Ayman tweak it this way in and we've done some things like that so huge you know you try and you see what worked what didn't work and try to make the best Iron Man. Nobody cares about the coming up I've ever seen. How long's it been since a quarterback class had this many guys who were. Talked about and this many teams who needed one up at the top. This may teams who wanted to get to the top I mean it's been a long time since we've seen this kind of draft class come out and teams have kind of gotten a chance to see it. Like for eighteen months in the pipeline it either about this team before you were general manager here in buffalo when your Carolina and same thing here. This draft class like this doesn't come along very off. Now it doesn't these guys who's been McCormick position yet. There's you know there are a lot of guys that. And I know there's even and not go through the numbers but there's guys that earning even being talked among the first round that. Are still getting got a good chance to be good players that probably and other years. Would have been potentially you talked about higher but you start going with Tammy team would actually selected quarterback. But you got to give all these guys credit. Gain on in spending time with them like we did. Through the process. A lot of good young men that. In the right system you know on chance. Third are gonna be hall of famers and you know I wonder how it a couple of weeks ago maybe was month ago I walked into our control room during commercial break and said of the crew up there. Is this quarterback draft class that voters it's all hype. Let me answer that question view is is this quarterback class really that good earth are we being victimized by the run up to the draft and all the publicity about the. Mean I think all these guys warm where they're being in and listen it's a quarterback Lee I'd say that a hundred times. You got one or you don't and there's there's an ally in between so. These guys have been identified by a lot of people know however many you have been in the first round so to speak. And they all you know they all show only belong as people and and players I mean. The watching the tape on these guys as a lot of fun and you know do they have false yes. What you wanna figure out is what flaws your most you willing to deal with right in attracts it you know to be in the gulf strengths you know what strings do you like the figure. System your team and you're you're you're too young for this but I was around 83 draft and when they got seven quarterbacks taken in the first round there's three hall of famers. Which is we statistically speaking that's what it was he gets he gets like if there's five in the first round two and a half of them. You know write two or three going to be really phenomenal dot quarterback this morning we just had a list of their six guys and it's. Make Josh Alan baker mayfield Josh Rosen sand on Lamar Jackson Mason Rudolph of those six guys even even if you know some of some rumor reached. And they still get taken in the first rounder and you know whatever you'd categorize masked. That's still like three guys 23 guys. That are going to be pretty good deal. And it also depends on where their draft. After yeah I do think it's. It's important to. What team they're come and intensity that the team that drafts not exactly the number there draft the draft pick exactly which team they go to its which team which fit. You know what staffs what teens were organizations do a good job of getting you know exits when their strengths and you know there's all there's got to be the next question when these guys all get drafted are they gonna play immediately are they your city your they get an. You know maybe city year maybe not say you're those will all be the questions for every team and ends up with a one and and part of that is how do you groom your quarterback to prepare meant when he is at their time. I'll take this to even if the bills were the first pick of the draft if you flip with Cleveland you pick one of these guys and there's going to be a huge segment your partners keep. They're wrong yet what are you do it yet right yes and you can't this this not like you. Trade up and get the guy even at that the guy you guys in your staff and your. That's exactly the guy we got we government whatever to if you go to Jack to five trade wood or seven or twelfth. If you get the guy you want just some a huge population a percentage can say. You pick the wrong did. I think you know the last guy that came out was probably law that was the clear right consensus and when I was a Carolina Cam Newton those were back to back years. You Newt. You know leaving the scouting combine you can going to give those you know hats that you could the draft you know cam to Carolina. And Indianapolis give it a lot not this year you know it and since then it really hasn't been the case you know you had Gough and wins but those went back and forth. Who was going one who's going to. There really hasn't been and in the guys last year so. To your point Steve. You know you can probably guess 32 teams and it probably be they you know of a variation of orders of Latinos have reached out how they've ranked these guys right yeah. Like eighteenth taken could be the four top four guys are mean maybe. Five guys yet and even the who's number two by Wright who's number three and I think there's. There's a lot of variables. And those orders he does a lot of question to you got a new offensive staff. Dave Ball has had his impeccable credentials mean the guy won national champs if he's with the game going on he's worked for lot number of head coaches he's got a lot of experience in the NFL. And guys just I was out it. Terry Robiskie on the staff. Yummy you talk about a guy who's got some experience he's worked with everybody. So. How confident is showing what a show on in your coaching staff you guys upstairs thing and has that changed the diameter about the dynamics of what you think you can coach out of a guy I mean if your evaluation cross and I know we can do this yet. I think what we've done is we've what I said earlier we've identified it you know each player that we would you know each quarterback that we would consider. And we've gone through and late you know laid out what their strikes on the field. You know what their weakness is on the field where their strengths off the field you know from the leadership the intangibles so to speak. Where their weaknesses. And if we draft this player this is our plan. And and this is how we do it and we're not you know I was asked this way back when would I think was in like come on some I said. Are you drafting players based on Pina Bryan name losses raining like. It's funny people that's that's the wrong way look at Brian Dave Ball party knows that if I get this player. We're gonna run more of these types of plays by get this player. We're gonna do more of this that's NFL one on one that's and it's like that's how you do it best that's what the good coaches and and I agree with what you said about Brian. That's what he'll do and we've talked about OK if we get. With any of these guys this is how we do. With bring to beat the bills general manager in studio with a for a couple of minutes so with the uncertainty about who's going where and let's assume you have your player evaluations done Brandon. You switch over me PRD have to. At a game we now have a draft itself might work you know how well that would you know how do you play the draft it's a game on Thursday night that goes for the week and it. It is and it and it ends fast and and you wanna be radiant you know this morning and we did box and first of all wanna thank. Our staff did a good job so all along we got to ask you about that ethos just just to clear you know by clear their heads and come back freshen. And that includes you know our owners caring can they were very involved in the things. Not in the mock but they were very involved in our prep leading up and get enough of these players in around. In that we rate would be thirty visits. That's a Terry that would most of the season and they came our in some quarterbacks we've Madden. That's huge to have their support you know they're not in their talents we got a draft this guy based on film whatever but. You know. Character matters here and fitting the bills courtroom what we wanna be about and I thought it was very important that they took time to do that it helpless and in the process that. Back to the mocs. You know we went through this morning and we went through five different mock drafts the first two additional. Only through picks 22 that was this morning how's this morning so we we got in their. Early this morning and we basically. I assigned each person in the room you go pick one you got it to you got victory when we got picked twelfth. Then I'd the person made the the pick and selected and they and we debated and I'm not going through selected. That that your I was down there was enough it would no I I thought you know I did not put myself there I because. I want those guys to. You know have the freedom to say who they would select the right if they're on the clock in the and they got about it and we talked about it and it's funny we debated the first pick. It wasn't consensus in the room that. If it's ever but but we had a healthy debate over it and Sean came in McDermott we had him come in their. He missed the first one or two but. He was deal with players you're when he came in and in jumped him but we did that in the next two we went. In the round to. And went all the way to pick 56 which gets a little harder and it was funny we. I find some of the I told if you pick the player that started and picked up the draft from fine and so. We've we've come a little pool money tolerance for guys that if your mind yeah exactly. It's that he used but it was good and then the last one. I did definitely not sign and each GMs of a team so you have every. This person asked every pick to Cleveland this perk this person every pick of the giants so you know yes or off camera you know who's they've government and John Dorsey right who's who's such such as Elway in an element we do we did it that way and you had to. You had to basically explain what you what your picks are and how I get really wanted to make my sense while you pick a show we can commitment and no. I don't know nowhere. Mike here's a question of the did you trades in the week we don't do a lot of trades right but we did some scenarios with us up and back in and move around so. I'm gonna ask you about that's interest in me because in a room like that where you've got you know your guys played general manager of the team now on draft day yet. I'm adjusted the I guess the techno lot technologies is you have like open phone lines. To. Browns giants colts Broncos. You know. Everybody not open. Right so do you just like pushed to have a guy I don't know this you got a guy with a headphone or whatever you on the phone with somebody he pushed the button and they they pop on and they're they're good about picking up. Phone Miami area. Ever totally get you a very quick connection yes yes could you got like fifteen minutes yet you you do and went in first round it's ten minutes and they changed that so that's now we we do vote. The one thing with cellphones this sometimes you can text the guy. Call you know call me you know as soon as you get this or change you can Hitler right away there maybe they're on the phone with somebody else right rich entry of so you've yet that's kind of to me that's almost the nail biting you gotta do you want him talk to the guy and he's not right there yet. You know most of my Masaru somebody else exactly last I think it and that's actually part of the play up to. Another team on the line. You know that's it we talk about this but now he got a race states the right also it's like he got us in the I'm sure you've had conversational way like their certain teams or whatever that you gotta tell him say listen don't doing less she talked to until he talked to us I don't finalize a deal gives a chance to say no right. Right right you definitely do that. In hinders their listeners if you're. If you're trying to land a spot for whatever you may say. If you're considered trading I don't know if you are you ought to tell me but if you far. We'd be it can you do that through all draft you call us at eight. We got a guy that we think might be there are yours in trading if you are calls a few picks ahead please. That we can prepare we gonna guess and probably Tony Pauline pretty. Well respected writer who said. His quote is the bills and the giants have an agreement in principle. Omnia and a draft deal is an impossible coming up. Which I don't I don't get into that. That's archer yeah. But you wouldn't that giant wouldn't do that they would wait until the because it. Mean this situation will change between now and before the giants picked report the bills exactly. You know I'm not get into what other teams do. Or don't do I can't say that some I wouldn't have that but I can tell you this there's no truth there right now. What is left for you guys to do it the more mocks coming this week when LC if you get ready for the Dre. There were rules will sit and talk about. We're not going to be mocs but we'll talk about it similar artists were on the clock. Right now we get these guys ranked similar. Who would we really wall if they were there you know and let's talk about how they fit art. You know especially if it's an offensive guy version of the defense of guy I mean how does this guy help us now. Verses in the future what's. You know is this guy a better player now but I think the upside on this guy is going to be better in years 23 enforces those are the some the things that we'll talk to in a smaller. This motioning him. On one bills live with Brandon being we're gonna were asked you about the draft and one thing I wanna know and I'm I'm I'm kind of intrigued by the logistics of how how many. Guys are in the room and guys come in and out there yet. How many people were in the room and more importantly. Who's got a seat at the table who can speak America's K commentary yes yes India Christie's yet and and I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm free at night. We we we do you have one guest chair somebody has visitors so seriously it soon. Like to. Yeah documentarian. If your last name of ruling out there. But it I pretty much I by Thursday acted haven't changed legally it obvious that the night I got it it'd be me Sean can Terry. Joseph chain and cherish graders are college right here and then restaurant so that'll be hospital will have but some more inclusive will have our medical people there who wanna talk to some guys. Those issues of all our scouts. Pro and college or pro guys really don't have done a great job. Of identifying what teams needs our and that was part of the mock this morning and so. We may I may go to them in the fourth round sales are right. What do you think their base in the news you know if we need this position anything they would do do we need to jump in problem. Your estimated that this might put in for our scripture which is coming up on Wednesday night because if you if you haven't seen it. The Eagles draft room is pretty incredible it is you in the Carolinas obviously but with the video all with the resources we have there in the deep in the weight room which is set up you can imagine a better waited to run a draft what you have there John it's amazing. I was super Presley came here. And salt draft laws like while. This is really good. And I got some ideas along with some other teams not just ideas we can make this great and again. I say it all the time Terry can use resources and we add some things you know in the air to make it even better. And I don't know when the last and you guys sought but. It really well I've never never because I've never been right up there and Letterman invited next week and nobody likes them that's what I'll I'll bring up there will look at it but it's not next week is really. It's really near chaos and we lot of things were able to do with once the players selected their automated clocks automated. And mean and we got it needs thing it's. It's pretty well set up yet it's it's higher than my brain goes but it works well I think there was like me operate well. The so what we are bright and asked about specific race or outward of one. Kirk kicking Griffith that the guys the kid who's got the opinion doesn't have a left hand you I mean you've watched him and yet. Guys like that I mean. Everybody's pulling for the yeah and he does have some talent yet he's an undersized linebacker Ross say that but he shows a lot of ability and this is guys like that the people can get behind. Is he can you think he's gonna get drafted I think he will yeah I do think you will that's pretty awesome to me it's a great story and why wouldn't you get draft to win he he's playing with the doubts on this very important and and he shown. That on tape that he can do it and think I can actually run and you know guys like that that we we've seen him you know guys that overcome whatever even guys ahead lack of speed of the major deficiency. But they always find a way to make plays those are the guys you want those it is of that type so. It's a great story I don't know where Helen out but now he's again I will root for. Credit to setup or your first draft you get this quarterback rich draft class. You've got six picks in the first three rounds nine overall. You're gonna have fun this week what set up where he got a fuel at some level like this pretty cool I guess I Natalie and there are on a draft I've I've loaded with stuff to work with. And mr. yeah you love draft capital and we were very calculated how we did this last year and this is why we did it for this moment in our scouts in it. It put a lot of juice in them you know when I'm when they came in and because are out all fall you know on the roads it's a tough job people don't. It sounds fun being a scout it's those ties. I'm busting chops but they they got to toughen. Talking of this fish in December they gave them Jews because a look at all these picks meant. All this work I'm doing it's gonna pay off we're gonna get some good players and I'm an. In a reap the rewards my time OK now one less thing for me. Talk a little bit about how you position yourself through free agency because he you know he had a front seven need to hemming and yet your tactic hit two guys with foresight Jimmy got to get more pressure on the pastor. You that you lost you lost your middle linebacker free agency you your front seven is a real concern for people and yet you guys that are gonna retire on your front. Office once source you know guys that are playing on both sides of the ball close to the ball yeah. You got some concerns their bit through free agency. I mean that's where you really focus you could tell by the guys were signed. Yeah we did you know. Let's start with the office and fortunately what am when there wouldn't and then you know Richie retired so. Fortunately we did bring in Russell codeine and then. Also Marshall Newhouse at tackle once we moved golf from Courtney so those are some spots but. There were helped solidify and we fell last your we have some depth at guard. That probably helps us a little bit with Rich's retirement and then on the other side yes. We did you know we were not happy with. Our sack production you know or just our overall you know up front play. And we want to get better we want to be more stout against the run and also generate which you said more pass rush and I think with the additions of star. With the addition Troy Murphy. I think Shaq losses back healthy Jerry uses back and you know we really cow back and you know on knowing what cal does on the field force but we know the leadership he brings which issues so. I if I think our room. Is it in in there is is is improved from when we count walk up to build Jacksonville. But we know you make some news as the years that we do have to improve between now and next to get fixed Stuart good luck that are fun thanks appreciate you guys have real.