Bills Draft Preview - Sal Capaccio


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Celta hot chill is with us this morning from WGR Sports Radio 550 bills beat reporter and sale it's hard to remember such a year without clarity and where the bills may go tonight. Others. Use it about this. Even now. Which of course. Now it can't be bills draft without talking about a quarterback yes. That's right it's the fact. Be it seemed to walk for. Structured took. Mr. it's all. The parts that now it's. There at least. East the ball or alt a certain way. Know what you see the bills doing at ten are they going to stay there move down. Move up. Here the wanna move out the most. Like. The opportunity because. Suitors mr. Up ever so probably. Stay right surprise that the tickets as a cop. All starts its X eight. Spots. It's. Still. What do you see it is that the biggest need for the bills. All over the port equally as secondary because they like or walked. Free agent. Air corps league it's like I'd iced it acts. Next year once it's off season. The site it's more respect yours six last year. Those teams our tax. Air safety on its says that is very important backers while. All. Receivers actually outsider's. Eyes the. Do you get tweets and emails from fans just wondering how this team hasn't need. In the secondary on defense when they Spence what is it two out of the last four or five drafts using the first pick on a cornerback. Well you know I think mostly and they don't ask how they tell me how and they say you know what this is what they do they spin their wheels they draft a quarterback and he let him go after 45 years up. I mean I would not a step by Gilmore contract you want any of the bills offer of a substantial. Contract he walked into England and I am. I think it was Smart to let him go but that's what happens in this league plus right let's remember I mean the way the game is played today the spread offenses for five receivers that type. Most teams are playing with a extra defensive backs are playing with an extra quarter on the field a lot of the time in the NFL so you need those guys and. They say well this is happening in Philadelphia the strength tonight what the goal is be there are they too bogged down in you know the sabres search for GM. Or your Buffalo Bills were up tonight. There's. Some short but they'll be awfully you know. It. It's it's nice on nothing happens. Here. The team's. Front office is. Back. That's all for TV. Who whose parent Philadelphia for the valves. Sent representatives from the team sometimes it's people's carriers. Oh work in the front office may be some sort each role have a couple PR people there percent. It's finally out at. The buffalo. What happens is the pick is off by that we shot snapped. They call 20 that personal. On the car it's the commissioner. Our itself upon GO sell we'll check in again with you tomorrow when all the action happens thanks for joining us he is covering the bills today is they have that tenth. Overall pick in tonight's NFL draft.