Bills - Chargers Preview- With John Murphy & Mark Kelso


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Murphy and mark are joining us John Murphy mark Kelso the bills radio broadcasting from the Buffalo Bills football network. And John let me start with you Nate Peerman leading the charge. And he's seen in practice this week or had a chance attacked on. I have talked so much of nothing to practice during a radio show when they're out there on the practice field at seeing them warm up and go through watchers. Yeah but I stuck to meet these things pretty companies need to. A little bit overriding characteristic that film I get for. Peter -- they impediment to let that dictate month or so at this level of maturity to 23 year old but you'd think you were talking to a guy that. You know third openers so just mature and poised to. And composed and I think you know he's he's probably well suited to it you know pretty early is that a go. Mark count is there a quarterback change in the middle of the season like this and a affected team it's got to. I mean play with them somehow it can't just be business as usual can't. Well and in some respects it is bit obviously respect this and in Tyrod is regarded great respect from his teammates is no question about that was a leader in the locker room. And I can unplug that situation you lose you will continue to be a leader not surprised at all by what he. Said when there when change was made about how he's he's not happy about it obviously I have the that is not a required him but he certainly gonna support NATO and and out what he's trying to do with distilled offensive unit but it it will have an effect that question but again Burke pointed to that determines maturity. And he he he has great maturity is as mark mentioned and there's no court that will help in this situation seems like he has. So those intangible leadership qualities but really look forward a quarterback in and the best thing about him as. It appears from from his career at University of Pittsburgh and and that and also from his point that that we've seen in the preceded and in the last week but he very decisive and and then that go along way as well but if they don't fix. What was wrong and and don't get the running game going in and aren't able to stop the run since it's not gonna make a difference on yup they've got to find a way to make those improvements across the border. If he's gonna aren't except for the quarterback position. Tell what is the the Peterman change say about the McDermott's leadership. On this team. I think it definitely got to be honest with you know I think it. It's rare that a team that. Well yeah there have been in the playoffs and other teachers but a team that thing in a playoff spot and hit a winning record I would to deliver two games have been extremely tough but. It's rare that a coach would ever make a bold move like that and I think it. Over the you know the candidate spent here John McDermott has demonstrated that he's not afraid to do that Brit hit the betrayed. Make controversial move and tinker with this roster when necessary. To get where I want to go so I liked about you know he's decisive and incompetent and that in itself and I think the team I respect that as well. Mark do you an all sit back and kind of scratch your head in. Wonder how this is all happening with the moves this team is made you look at the players who have gone that Sammy Watkins RB. Mute Derrius in the middle of the year now making a quarterback switch to a rookie. And yet this team is still right in the thick of things with their eyes on the playoffs and those usually are moves made by playoff contending teams. Yes certainly I think coach McDermott made a comment early in. In his tenure here that the gains as early in the season in the first set there's these are won by like fundamentals and one with a turnover ratio in the bill were at work. In both of those areas have performed exceptionally well at first part of the season in the last couple weeks since not Kurtz so well and all of those categories and and and subsequently have their pick a couple of losses but there's been a lot of fluctuation at Merck said that they they just continued to emphasize the roster that too. To get to where they thank you can be consistent winner and and I think they're gonna continue to do that in. End I don't know what this says about the long term prospects of Tyrod. Certainly it may be replaced well that that's probably as an indication that that's the direction that they're gonna go but. There's there's no there's no question that they're gonna continue such this roster when they feel like there's a player and help them. Win football games since and is gonna be someone that can be a part of the contribution to call for the they're trying to establish. That they are not unwilling to make a move and quite frankly they're gonna be aggressive and make so I think it's just it's it's it's part of make that they've demonstrated so far. Ari have a great trip got is this weekend will be listening Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock game it's John Murphy and mark Kelso the bills radio broadcast team from the Buffalo Bills football network.