Bills Camp: Brandon Beane & Sean McDermott

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Thursday, July 26th

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You push on here and more Linton. Investigators and all that we've done our due diligence and it's in their hands and nice greater role. You're. Police. But we've we've talked to the NFL. And we've we've done what we can do from our end it's it's in their hands and we're we're just focused wish on here and as can be about football. Nothing. Census the police investigation right. We're not really think in hypotheticals we're was shot on here we're just we're just focused on being here. Insiders say explains very first thing I'll give us an injury update on. So his nation. Yeah as a.'s on an F five. On the islanders just same thing he was still with white with a knee that we we had the procedure done. And that's that typical it's just. He can do certain things as a designation. So that we continue rehab and but he can't practice until we take them off its its like. But he's he's progressing well. And we just don't want a rusher we've we've been this patient and he's not quite ready. And as soon as the docs given clearance of he's he's chomping at the bit and I know he'll be as excited and ready get back out there. Well we're very confident in that position. A position for us strength. You know when you look at the guys that are. In the lineup Chris actor he's played a lot of football sounds former scouting yard rusher. You know cadet. You could download lion. With Taiwan can do markets can do we keep getting you know so we've got. Guys that we believe and and and you know so we look forward to watching them compete all through training camp. They saw the train was. They're ready to go I mean we're gonna be Smart with a number of our players just as we get started here are some of which are coming off an injury. You know we've always done in the past we'll continue to do that with some of the older players as well and and not wrap this thing up and you know trying to stay out front things as well you don't have. We're. How does. Well you know we're gonna pick up where we left off in terms of how we've wrapped our quarterbacks. I mean we're left off from sprang into view. Joshua worked with the threes. For the base of the working age and they don't work with the winds and and two is for the most part you'll see Jackson once it's like he did in at the end of the spring so we'll pick up. As a set where we left off there. No really that's a hypothetical. Question really and I'm not gonna end that we're just we'll I'm anxious to watch them get out here today compete just like every other position. And put their best foot forward every day. You know our players trying to learn every every experience which I am from every situation and Josh is in fifth street. A shots. That speaks. Now we're right now we're focused on this practice that's gonna happen about a half hour here and we'll stick won once that. I think he's behind him and you know that's that's a that's a tough deal that he's gone through him and that said you know as a basic attitude positive young man. It has tremendous mental toughness of our trainers and say. Have worked extremely hard to get him to where is. Today and then he'll continue to work hard as we move forward obviously not being with the team on the field going through practices that. Going through his tree had excellence. That's why you. Yeah it's. I mean if you ask him and probably would be were were probably hold him back more than hold themselves back we just. We try to be patient. It's one of those things lasting one news have a setback right now not that you couldn't. We're just trying to be Smart. And and get in there he's getting a lot of mental work. Any stay your whole summer and most these guys got a vacation. Days vacation was rehab and which is not easy and but he's he's in a good good frame of mind I think. And super positive despite. You know the setback of haven't have that procedure. And Michael did and what it is this it it was an injury and so. He had a rough offseason. We've moved on and Hillary to go. Or. Well with respect to the first part of your question. We have we addressed a lot as a team and that's what teams do their families to get teams that there around. You can talk things through and and move forward and that's what we plan to do. Like my friend and men mentioned earlier the shots focused on this practice and just like the rest of football teams know. You know that's that's really focuses. Know any time I mentioned this to you guys before we went on vacation. Or to the summer break I'm always concerned about. Every single one of our players and that includes my stats its kind of like it fair you worry about things and you were about. Known in this case with my kids that were about my kids. And so. It really. You know like I said before the chance focused on this practice. Let me also say it's it's a situation. That we take very serious. Because of the because the nature of the situation. You know that says Brennan mention. We've done our part into what we need to look looked into and as an organization feel. That we can afford at this point. Go. Well let's just. Our job right you know things come up through this season you've been around in professional sports like and we talk as a team out of the out things that they come up that trying. Bulletin apart trample family apart no differently and and homes rights of things you don't anticipate some time to do anticipate then. Yet to address them. And get in on the open and and then move toward him and so. We'll do whatever it takes to keep our team focused and that's my and that's my job. Not closing any doors you know same as answer back in the spring very talented player. You know were were focused on who we got here right now. But you know things change off in this business and not not closed that avenue you know at some point. Well we'll see. You know we're we're about stick it back to shift for the first time that in this morning's walk through. I'll say this as a team I feel like our our players. Handled the off season terms of their conditioning. Well to put themselves in position to get a lot of work here which is which is what got him got a nature we are focused and it appears that they are. It's a group that loves to work harder and so I'm anxious to see is. Get our first practice really under delicacy. Intentions. Now you can't worry I mean just like there's teams that are projected to have been part teams that predicted to go to the Super Bowl. So it goes either way in you've got to just focus on what you can control and you know Sean does a great job of keep in the guys focused on. You can't worry about what everybody else thinks or says you can troll the journey you control the destiny and as the answer you know what we was Esther about adversity. Every season has adversity you know just you know things that can be distractions is how you handle it and it's a family atmosphere that we try to create here. On how we'll handle it and you know unfortunately we get hit with something before it started but. In some ways that's good word when knocked out out and refocus fall camp here get started. Yeah we don't worry too much about that obviously people have their opinions I think this is a time of year where we see a lot of don't people projecting him. Which team which echo which which GM which player. That's your job we expect them we and we certainly appreciate the story you write about our players and and now the good things are going on it really rich folks on the practice. It. We've done or hardness. This morning whispered but what what what's that his shirt. Because. Yeah I'll just I'll just say you know really all the above. You know again that's. When things come up. You know our leadership team gets together and and we talk and you know we've we've done. Are due diligence at least at this point on speaking with the the people that we needed to speak with including some ones that you mentioned and and that's what we did is we as he basically did the early part of this situation unfold. It's. Us. We'll move forward. When deciding. We did there involved and they're involved in. The day to day operation. Just like Brad and I are obviously. And we keep them informed and and so. You know they're. They're extremely. Involved and what we do. And decisions we make. Not only in this situation situations. Alex is it like out and really. I think part of being part of being the coaches. Meeting players where they are and also knowing what they're going through. Whether it was shot situation or or another all of our players that's my job to. You know keep the pulse of the team and also. You know what's going on inside my my players'. Lives best action and and I share. You know and so I think we've done a good job of that to this point we will continue to do that. Get a stronger leaders on this football team. Many of whom you know already in and night I rely heavily on those guys to. Two connect my message keep the polls this team can communicate with comedians and and we'll continue to do them. Lies like. I guess that I. And I every situation is different right so. You know I'm gonna make sure our guys are focused may take the field and in the classroom and and always aware of what they're going through off the field well so. It's important that no more focuses football team as we take this human appointments soccer page editor at. Have started work. You know every situation is different I don't think there's a you know I don't think there's. Perfect way out there perfect set date kinda. Two name a starter I'm no different than. A lot of positions I get the outstanding quarterback position a little bit different. In some ways you know we're gonna we're in the middle of a competition here and we'll see how it goes. We're gonna gather as much information as we can from from the what goes on the grass and also what goes on. Off the field and and move forward. When we feel this time is right that's that I understand we're coming from and and the and be nice to to get pretty good feel early on and we'll take it one bit time not just this. At this stage didn't. Jason good. In this situation like this. How much. Yeah I mean we've communicated with them and we felt comfortable that. But John's going to be here and greater role we don't see that change. So. They are. Another question about Milan or earlier and another flared it. As mentioned you know. There's a good number of guys that are never. Tweaked a little bit their injuries in the spring it. Again credit to our training staff our strength and conditioning staff. And then really from putting this time getting in fact. Us that they can come out first they're infants and networking and it'll be Smart to those guys as well among others. Ran grass. You know we're we're gonna do our best to stay on that field in and it's expose what we do practice wise to as much of our fan base as possible that's. Are they great part about coming akin can't is to connect with our fan base and we're excited to be here it's a great facility great people. You know I had a chance to be on a couple different with a couple different organizations and this is one of the best training camp. Sites that they're part of it and and that starts with people on campus here so we appreciate it miles hospitality and can't wait to get to work together on how much. Some experience. Every situation is different right I would say overall whether it's off field issues or for anything I think. Just like when your when your plane again in the game slows down more experience you have no different. And if you're if you're doing and handling your due diligence. The game off the field slows down as well in terms of the job in the second year. Doesn't mean it gets any easier but the game. Slows down. So. And you learn some things. Both good and bad it happened in the past terms in year one. Friend that you out of working together on on basically. China and improve what we're doing and and I mean one another. And none of this organization in the right direction. Other as a menu things that we that we wrote down not only myself that the staff Brandon and his staff our operations staff Brennan grow Kevin me yanks do really good job running camp. There's always always things that you want to improve. But by and large. Like I said before this facility is can't this people here make it very easy for us to transition out can't. And I get right to work. There. Really don't. Yeah I mean. We don't control that though we have. The good understanding that it's a police investigation. And until they complete that and there's no Tom one of those things those things can be. Weeks months whatever. Though we've been you know we're we still call for words that and you know I think you'll see was shown here. It. Yeah I mean we we basically. Knows that that. We're aware of the conversations that are going on between he oh lead in the NFL PA. And and we appreciate the fact that both sides can come together and hopefully come a good solution here. And work together. Distributors. We get her back. It's right. Get your belt now. Hopefully there. I think he's some of that hair and he hasn't offered a tight and that's how come you're not so I think the something like that now. It's it's great that Terri sees that and fortunately for Sean we had six years in different roles so we didn't have to have that. Get to know you courting period so to speak it. Not been it's been great. We're not afraid we have honest conversations and we're not afraid. Say sometimes things that are direct and maybe I don't like to hear what John says to me about song or Hampshire. Things but we both know it's for the right reasons for this team and helps us get to the right answer. And I'm glad that Terri sees it that way and totally agree. Again it's early I mean we. Coming off the spring and summer break here and now we're just yet to take issue with our first practice so I think you'll get a better feel for the next couple days and and can better answer that question perhaps. Like. Like all three quarterbacks. Offering something a little bit similar you know the differences tables so that's why they're here but does it removed fourth then. Shot and the battles as a whole. First few days kind of apple news is that McCain back and thinks it's not a lot of movement is that. The ground running. I think every case is a little bit different right and you've got some players and you look at every player on our roster to has got to earn the right to be here they know that they understand that and I first learned that being around Brian Dawkins years ago about all the whole thing and a we have to sell. You know if if he has to earn his job men and you know we've all got our job. And you know with that that being said there's you know there's some movement that happens sometimes in the first couple of days. But she did you also wanna try and be patient a little bit let the pats come on and you know kimono a couple days here so that's really how the games played right so. And in my view be careful not to make. You know nature. Adjustments earlier too early and and then from claim this out. After. She took the. I waited for outing in game that. Still waiting. You bet you dinner that they're bad article you Barbara. Thanks thanks guys whose.