Bills-Buccaneers Preview - John Murphy & Mark Kelso


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Let's open up a live line bring in as we always do before game day. John Murphy and mark Kelso the bills broadcast team guys thanks for joining us marked as we always let's start with or I'm sorry John let's start with you. Citizens out here I'm getting the hang of it all will get it right. The big storyline obviously is who will be their quarterback when Tampa Bay takes field against the bills what do you think. I don't know I would looking it over the last night at ten conflicting reports coming out of the park. The book he kept yesterday about how much work games went and got a nobody that the book them he'd written and said that. He threw a little bit but that others that there was no real meaningful throw in. I think did today will be tested. Either way you're going to be looking at it is game is what's been you're going to be looking at the core American obviously your shoulders if we compromise a little bit of they have to wait until. Friday to get him throwing but you know we'll get your report late this afternoon and they will lose game went in them and get a little bit questionable which means. Technically 5050. If I were a betting man I would bet that he would play but I don't think that the elected don't want to have to wait and see it as it approaches. Know markets are tricky situation for Tampa Bay because you don't want to risk a long term injury. To your starter Janus Winston but also it's a short season you gotta wanna win every week. It certainly do that if elected rampant that you get the bill last year particularly in many at Cuba's best quarterback is busy career so. They've got some weapons offensively in addition at this point and then. And they've got speed and that it Jackson Evans is really get receiver great that's Qaeda has spent respect. This year and that's so they've they've got some offensive weapons other than that and and but I I would agree with him you know he's selling well or so long term injury to. 200 starter who the guy here you have really oh board has progressed overnight that first several years is career. The bills are coming off a bye week is that an advantage or was it harder to Europe for game after one. All if you're asking me I think it is an advantage there a little bit healthier they were blown in the last week for example in. Not totally healthy so there's that you know that the bills' bye week this your bill. Are fairly early in the regular season but if you look at things you know pre season included there were. Eleven weeks of training camp in note regular season and then the Bahrain and there're are living weeks left in the regular season so it's sort of go right in the middle of the heavy workload of the season. Hit it hard that you know what John McDermott first. Cricket being a head coach and he kind of experiment a little bit was scheduled for the players. And so I'd I do every from the other day that that all the analysis and over analysis of the bye week in the affected by a week ahead is this sort of overrated every. You kind of get the sense of who your team is by that point in the seat and then they're probably gonna play the way they play but. I do think it's a bit of an advantage to have a little a little bit arrest more than this week. Tell mark when you look at this week and next week if the bills are gonna be a playoff team. These are two teams they need to make that jump and be great. But I know it is that we continue to play well every week in and I think anybody suspect that everybody will be a clip seeing here but certainly at the wing games that you play your own building against. Seeing that. Has a lot of good young starters and and players that are they're trying to make their mark seriously particularly in Winston and then next week and when you look at Oakland common I mean there's a team that was so arguably favorite. Two to be representative. From the SEC you have to. I mean these are good things during your own building built up played really well. Are at this point in the season particularly on the defense side of the ball that got some work to do on the opposite side by. I think they're plus they didn't give or take away which is. But is there really call eight here in you know that this early in the cease and would be at that number and and they just played really well at least as the all these data and gains in your own building and they continue to do that respect consistently then. You know have an opportunity in on center as the season progresses. You know John you just mentioned may be beat by a week is a bit overblown as ours as its impact but for these bills offense. Maybe a chance to find themselves hero week off to reevaluate that can't hurt right. Thought that I felt I think you know big they've talked about how they. Give a lot of self scouting a lot of analysis looked at a lot of numbers in this in the week off and sort of I figured out you know what they're doing well on offense which. Other that is pretty short and what needs to be improved and that was pretty long so I think bill lomb. I think they'll use that to their and it's certainly in and I'm really eager and curious to see what they've come up with you know their running game which is. Supposed to be their bread and butter has been virtually absent for the last afforded. And you know there are elements of Webster's running game that they began to incorporate for the by and I'll be eager to see whether that continues as a trend of the keep doing matters it. More of an adjustment that they make their game became pregnant other opponent. Are we close with predictions for me when you who's gonna win. Well I think I think bill will win I don't think it would be easier I think as mark pointed out there's an awful lot of good talent offensive talent on their great partners roster but. I think this is probably beginning that it builds up and begins to take the first step for a little bit. But the more effective and I think book about the Victor. And yeah you have ordered in their assessment and I do think it vitally well in my I think they'll get their running game attractive I've. I've seen glimpses of what they're able to do in the running game. Particularly with what happened last year I think they'll find a way to. The put themselves in those situations and and run plays there have basis offensively and defensively just that they don't give up big plays. That they'll have a great opportunity to win a organized the program that went out Sunday at. I read the Buffalo Bills Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday new airfield 1 o'clock. Murphy and Kelso the bills broadcast radio team.