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Sale Apache and joining us live this morning bills beat reporter and sideline reporter for the Buffalo Bills network. And we're looking at the bills and browns tonight in Cleveland sell this is a pre season game. But it tests a feeling of a regular season game don't you think. Yeah lots of story lines here Susan I mean this is really intriguing preceding game I wrote about at our website and I said. You know who says pre season games are dull because this one certainly is not. Of course have the return of Tyrod Taylor against his former team the returner Cory Coleman just treated the bills is his former team you know Josh Allen against baker mayfield. Two of the more polarizing draft prospects the number one and senate picks in the draft. Germany wants to know about these quarterbacks of course just in itself you have you know on the bill side Josh Allen the quarterback competition Zeta-Jones. Lots of stuff going around. Had so many different story lines I'm wondering what your kind of hearing from people as far as what they're most interested to watch you know I I can't decide personally. I wanna see baker mayfield on the field I wanna see Tyrod again against the bills and of course I wanna see. How Josh on performed so what do you find the fans are most looking forward to heading incidence. Either it's Josh Allen and you know. Playing with the hopefully they hopefully not just the third string he had been with the second string a lot this week Bryant's I think that's an indication we'll get in with the twos. Tonight on the 88 I don't know who played in time of the starters I doubt it but if that was the case that he really distinct. I think most fans are really itching and being Josh Al's progression from the third string to the second string and how he can handle that how he looks tonight. So given that you know what the order that you expect who you think we'll start what about the second half. I think. It's going to be half reporter how to do that Susan but I think Google AJ McCarron. And then Josh Allen and any impairment just on the way that last week went and then the way the rotation when practice this week last week humans started. It has been rotations I think that means McCarron starts this week and all week as I said Josh Goldman with the second unit and I got to think that means he's playing with the second unit this week. I do expect starters a little longer this week because Leslie Frazier basically told us that now I don't know if he means. Just on defense because the defensive coordinator but the other day we met with him. Before practice he said. In the starters will be a little bit more time this week so they got a quarter last week does that mean a quarter a series record half and then. The sickest team will command and how long they play I don't know does that mean a whole app for the third team like last week we'll see where that goes. You know there all wrapped up after Cleveland they're heading back to Orchard Park you know saint John Fisher they say goodbye. After that whole training camp one pre season game. Can you tell us about where these three quarterbacks stand who is the favorite to be starter week one right now. While there's good news bad news of your bills the good news is all three have so far looked good at any game at least I mean. They've had their good and bad moments in practice or no doubt about that. But the bad news is because of that there's still no clear separation we're no closer to knowing who the starting quarterback is right now Brian that we were. Probably back on July 26 when they first had there. For street can't practice it's in John Fisher so. I think tonight well maybe hopefully clear that up a little bit but we hope last week would in the and they went out there it went nine of nine and you know nine at ten eventually. And AJ McCarron came in and what what 98 use seven of ten and then Josh on Kimi a couple of drops east he threw for a 116 yards and a touchdown. And it was just no separation they all looked good at. But again it's a good problem. But I that you least like to have indication of where adversaries everywhere else that right now. Now excel what about Tyrod tea or should I say to Ryder what what is he calling himself. And give us the name fame every branding. Well look when I talk to bills players last year sometimes they would call home Tyrod. And I thought it was just you know it's sort of regular directions there they speak genetically different so I never thought about it because. We always called higher and whatever corrective hit us he did not. And that one of his teammates told reporter Cleveland it's for it's not even Tyrod it's awry. And then we're OK well let's maybe that's what we're supposed to call so other people did some investigating. And it. Apparently his dad though says he calls and Tyrod so guess what article and I write them and name them right so he calls tyra accounts. And you know what it's it was just yeah I mean he's been here in the studio with this before we call on Tyrod nothing that coaches have come Tyrod again and again and again. Nothing I think we're fine it's right yeah now the hero like yours yet is is always kind of that low key guy he's. Good demeanor I think if Tyrod Taylor is the one thing that everyone always complimented. When he was here with the bills in. It's kind of showing going into his first game playing against his old team. I'll no doubt about it he was five for five last week. In his first pre season game. It's near giants bigamy you came in he had a really nice game. That's going to be it in watching those two quarterbacks as well tonight especially guys that make wheelchairs the field now write anything Bogle coming against each other so to speak. That'll be huge in this harsh tyrant concern. Yeah I mean he this he has globalism and I think he wants to can approve tonight political scores the border. Before it leaves the unity can against the bills but it's been actually watching and and you know they have that whole thing or not hard knocks on HBO get a really good glance blimps and Tyrod. And how he is with that the browns and he's just as good of a person leaders he was here buffalo. What do you think. Is the plan for Tyrod in Cleveland do you think that they planned to start him or did they we know harm are they hoping to start bigger mayfield for the season. While he he you jacksons made it clear that Tyrod Taylor's starter. That basically bigamy field is not going to win the starting job no matter how well he plays now people can always force your hand to make this decision right now but. I don't see tyrants are now lining up we won for the Cleveland Browns he's he's the guy they treated a high third round four. He's a guy that they 810 million dollar bonus to once they traded for him he is a veteran you have this rookie the lumbering along in let's not forget. Hue Jackson has gone one and 311 all surprised even as his job now. But he wants to keep his job next year I don't think the best course of action is used to throw out there by first round draft pick rookie when you have Tyrod Taylor sitting there has a chance of winning some games and this game means you'll see some of the bills on hard knocks coming up in a couple weeks during. Yeah we'll see what happens they always focus on the team there. You know their chronicling they don't focus on the opponent but I think tonight we'll probably see when you've seen this episode there. You'll see maybe some the interactions Tyrod with his former teammates core Coleman with his former teammates but. And then you'll see some pilots obviously but you probably won't get much from the bill's side of things because HBO really doesn't do that. The bills do have their own kind of version of that it's called bill's imbedded in up premiered Wednesday night it's on FaceBook watch it was about twenty minutes long the first episode. It's really good guys and people should go watch it because you really nice inside. Look an insight into Sean McDermott and the way he runs his football team at one that you mentioned the interactions between teammates talent Taylor who is Shawn McCoy. Based kind of hang out together we see them a basketball games things like that they're pretty close right. Yeah I mean it league that are totally agree a lot of guys hang out each other around the league and on the fact it tyrants only three hours away. You know he if there's something going on in Toronto or buffalo or Cleveland or Pittsburgh or whatever in a lot of these guys they. They're friends and they they'll they'll hang out much on and tyra herself friends Hampshire tyrants of friends with a lot of guys. On the Buffalo Bills you know I mean it's business the these people but in this business long enough to know. That it is a business and anything can happen in. You know it doesn't mean that you have to have your friendships out. Sell you knew this question was coming the bill signed sign that Sam Rogers earlier in the week what is their plans for him. I think he's more of a camp body I think sorry to disappoint you. Mr. beamer what you tell me about him I don't know much about him from Virginia Tech look. He's not winning a job over Patrick DiMarco and keeping two fullbacks are he's probably their day he's probably there to make sure Patrick DiMarco just doesn't have to take. Every rep in his legs ball sounds good and is can't Phillips plane tonight. Cable Shipley tonight he's had a nice bounce back week after missing. Last week with an injury I really like to QBs had. But he sent an uphill climb so to make this team based on where the numbers are at wide receiver he can show that he can play special teams who clearly be in the next two to make it there we haven't heard from LeSean McCoy eight since these latest of moments have come out over the past week camp we. Now. He has not spoken publicly or privately of the media but he still on the field he still working hand I don't expect us to hear anything and when he did speak. The first time you know that first week camp about everything. He didn't answer any questions about it anyways why even if we did hear from Bryan county we get a thing about this Ari sell compact GO will be listening tonight. From WGR Sports Radio five issue.