Bills-Browns From Cleveland Perspective - Daryl Ruiter


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We are looking forward to a pre season football game that's right but this one seems a little bit different here reiter joining us from the fans in Cleveland you under a human saying all morning long. I've never been excited for pre season game before in my life but. You look at tonight's game between the browns. And the bills India have Tyrod Taylor facing his old team again the number one overall pick. Speaker mayfield to have the Josh Allen and our two other quarterbacks who several months ago look at. This kind of a marquee matchup. We have free you can gain you know yeah Security Council Lotta out both sides of course court Coleman at L Buffalo Bill I'm sure would like. Put on a night show. It FirstEnergy stadium in front of browns since we're glad to see him shall pull out the door so tonight's beat period. Yet a silly subplots what's the biggest story line that you'll be watching. I'm going to be watching court Irene have a pretty good idea what I write it freaked browns. Was it a bit early approach. He's come here and march with him. Both flow on the field as well as off the field had a great greasy date last week in your I I 99 yards a touchdown. Speaker may feel an impressive. But optometrists to see help Corey Coleman reacts to what I anticipate. To be not exactly positive welcome back to Cleveland. Who are able will look for that as well. Tonight Tyrod Taylor faces his old team mine in your dealings with Tyrod Taylor. How what you thought about him as he's moved from the bills to the browns and I know we talked about that the other Dave meeting his former team. Creating several interested in in making this about him first the bills are being cast off from the bill he's looking to do exactly what he. Help to do when buffalo. And that is and did the longest playoff route for a franchise. That is now currently held by the browns. The bills' playoff berth last year. So. He's been great to deal with he's been fun to watch on the deal. He may really gravity support him I he's got a lot of leadership qualities so. They're equally bad nothing negative to say about Tyrod Taylor from ground respect this and there's art. He does the median Cleveland call him Tyrod or. To ride or something else. What we we didn't have that debate all week ever seen a spotty job quarter Kenny amputee called the Iraq. And then that he kicked wallop for medical network tweeted that out Joseph O'Neill said that the Easter is early this court now to Iraq not Tyrod. We asked him up directly up now. Well we spoke with him this week this week we wanna be respectful we want it is they bright he just speaker but yeah they're at it. I mean he. He's he's never corrected anyone before it's not just media I mean it's coaches and everyone has been Tyrod for it seems like forever. I doubt so you know it's funny. It yet he could that he called Tyrod so. But I guess we'll put calling called what you were. You gotta ask you about those victory fringes that are throughout the city at that'll be unlocked. When they get a regular season when the browns. When do you think that's gonna happen Darrell. I I think week three against the yet been York jets had to tempered at Thursday night football game I don't think it. And look what happens we want they almost caught the universal chord in week one last year. And this is obviously a much better ground game. But I don't you can go to New Orleans in week two instead and beating the ain't so. I get the jets circled on the calendar that Thursday night national television gave. Well on NFL network is that the target date those. Victory bridges. To be open but I don't know something tells me dutchess it would create commotion bike but life for something else beat only cleat went. The way I view. It's not going to be good idea. Yeah well. Hey we are thinking of making the trip down now week three we know we're gonna head down to Cleveland and just stake out by next to ring next to a victory for marriage wasn't Cleveland that did the baseball promotion years ago like five cents for a beer at a cancel a game. They're I still legendary. Mary. Commemorating. That. Operates well may be I don't know maybe the victory for edges will turn out to be bad idea maybe you ought to see firsthand GO hey. We think judge you're a writer for joining us he's with the fan in Cleveland bills and browns. Tonight should be a good one as far as pre season at 730 game.