Bill Cosby Found Guilty of Sexual Assault After Years of Accusations,4/26 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

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Thursday, April 26th

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News radio 930 WBA. And the. According cups. Frozen putting on us. In all the fun has also served jello pudding pops paint an immune. It's combo hourly it's just not the board game because it's so rich and creamy. Indeed the ability America are based on the dummy half. It's the hourly and Olivia. On news radio 930. I eight. Did you ever think that you would ever see that when we talk about bill possibly being convicted guilty guilty guilty I hate to paraphrase or actually. Gloria all red but. Guilty guilty guilty the. Bill can I gotta tell you I don't I'm not here to defend the honor of Bill Cosby. But I I don't think they get this the right way I I think that you know when you hear these these. These legal experts and on TV talking about this appeal the 'cause he's gonna have. You brought five witnesses. That all had statute of limitations issues were there allegations. And you brought them in. As basically supporting witnesses to someone totally unrelated. You know out of sync if you're claiming someone did something broken your home and stole you know something from Rio. Sexual assault whenever the allegation is you can bring in five people. Who never went to law enforcement whose story is over fifteen years old. All saying different accounts of different different things and using them as C he did it here too but no we didn't you ever accused of that. If he was a accused of reaping these women you could certainly bring that in this guy's raped three other women before that is something that is gonna have to be brought up on appeal and I don't think that's that's would you feel good about you've got the proper way to do. Well look at it as a member of the jury if the jury believe beyond any reasonable doubt the Bill Cosby was guilty as charged considering not only the statement you just mentioned but all of the other evidence. And bade decides that he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Until such time as the appeal is presented heard and adjudicated. You you've got to go with that and and let's face. By the way was made about ten white people to black people seven men five women. They took fourteen hours to come back with three. Guilty verdicts. And being the victim took great pains during a news conference to single out the black men four going along with a guilty verdict against bill Cosby's saying essentially a hero for his. That it took a lot of courage for him to basically as a black man. Issue a guilty verdict against a guy that many of us white or black. For naught was America's father. For a time while I I still that's a ridiculous statement that should never be made. A person's skin color has nothing to do well there but. The reality and they reality of America today it of the victim. That what I've went with the victim was trying to say is that this guy showed. Courage by not going along with that the race card instantly going along with the fact tired because the fact supported error the victim. But you know we'll see what happens with with with the appeal but David let's face it bill copies what eighty years all. He is already past his life expectancy so I would imagine that for Bill Cosby. He's his attorneys may be playing. What I think you have the left is doing in Washington with the trump presidency with a deep state epic is doing with derby election 26 team I think what Bill Cosby is gonna do is he's gonna try to run the table in terms of his wife and his life expectancy. And may never even see it day in prison. I guess the appeal process go more than a lot. I gotta tell you that this is funny to me The American Legion did this thing where they they voted for like the America's all time favorite veterans right. It's a ridiculous list it's told I mean there's no way it's accurate because no one no stories from the Mexican war and always Tony's story three key twelve so let's not get all hysterical here. And they put me on that list you are one of the top 800 most beloved veterans and American history now this is that I was 82. And all of a sudden I got a plaque in the mail. And it said it was 81. And I was like what they must've been a revote. Cosby was 81. Things sure as in the navy beat my service. And he was right next to me and he moved me back what it would build who's accused of rape in the American League kicked them out well David I am I one and I'll ones I notice how he's. Rape is affected my life we have the honor of being able to be the only talk show in America the concern is that one of the co host screw Bill Cosby the an action movie one where he's roots and actually introduced may be back you know here's here's the thing that that I don't think and I think a lot of the. Media people are a totally missed the boat on this David because. You know obviously the meat to hash tag movement is very very big obviously Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey stories in every other day for YL. Charlie Rose there were stories. About men and powerful positions who were doing all sorts of terrible things to women Bill Cosby of course make it if you don't get much lower than using quickly alludes to knock out a woman so that you can have penetration. Of that woman. When she is in no position to consent. But you know there are a lot of people were celebrating the guilty verdict and in some ways I suppose it's it's warranted. But the bigger picture here David news that rape and sexual assault. Like so many violent crimes there is no victory even if the guy is convicted because. The victim of a sexual assault can never be made whole. Once somebody is sexually assaulted. That part of them is damaged for the rest of there lives and even if Bill Cosby is sentenced to the rest of his unnatural life behind bars. The victim still is living with the knowledge that she was a victim not of include words map of elude proposition. But frankly of a violation. Of the most personal parts upper body. So there is no closure here there can never really be justice here for the victim of rape and sexual assault is a forever crime to the victim. I uh huh I agree with everything you're saying I will only add this because this guy was such a high profile guy. And because he was so untouchable. For so long. I think this is a little bit more special than just an average. You know it's kind of like the gymnastics coach. This guy. You know was doing this for so long and hurting so many people. That they thought this he would never see justice because of his position because of his power and when those guys go down again hobbled. It is a really. It is agree that made you think that certain practically speaking given bill Cosby's age that one of the legal strategies is going to be to drag this thing out as long as possible so that bill Cosby's. Although he may be hurt in a civil lawsuit. It is not gonna see a date behind bars I mean it wouldn't be the first time they've but I am I gonna hate the average daily mob reference here at WB yet. By the way our calls. It be can you believe what's going on with this Bill Cosby situation guilty guilty guilty 803 old like thirty starlight 3180616. WB at 8030930. Starlight 3180616. WB EM. But what are the techniques. New York's premier mob boss of the 1970s. Carlo Gambino every time. They would go to have a hearing. Putting him in prison or possibly deporting mr. Gambino he would suddenly develop. Heart issues and is suddenly the media would be either taking pictures of this gentle kindly hawk nosed old man. With an oxygen mask out being carried from his all and that's one of the ways in which shared Gambino delayed any legal proceedings against him it was actually able to work. Died peacefully in his bad I don't think Gambino spent more than a night if that ever in jail. Here's a here's the problem. You're actually right in in any other circumstance I think any legal advisor would probably say the Bill Cosby. Will not see inside the prison for you know three years because verve. But we also have the Supreme Court of the United States making a decision as to whether or not the president that states can affect immigration law. Which I don't any. High school so width. In this era where prosecutors and judges are doing things that they really have no business doing we court ruled yesterday. That he bartender can choose to not serve you based on the political statement on your hat. But a couple is forced to make a cake for gains. Marriage we gotta get into that a little bit too I mean that's just but I just say in the world that we live in legally. A copy could be in prison with the swat team tomorrow means yeah. Rather it I would not be the first person suggest that there is no justice system in America there is a legal system in America. You know that that ruling by the way and the bartender we got to put that up on FaceBook as a lot of people might not be aware of vote which were discussing Brooke. Bill Cosby guilty. Guilty guilty and get us one of those things where. You know you you you don't want it to be true but a jury says it is true went. You know Bill Cosby means certain things to different people depending on the age you happened debate. Now for people who are like my age to maybe 65 years old Bill Cosby was a stand up comedian. And he was before Richard Pryor before Eddie Murphy before well to a lesser extent red fox had a different kind of stick altogether. But before those guys bill Crosby. Was an amazingly. Gifted cross over comedian. And there were a lot of white American households were talking about it of the 1960s. Early 1970s. Where. You might have a million record albums at one black guy that would be Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby had a eight enormous popularity. In white America at a time when white America which they'll use words like articulate to describe any black man who didn't say oh well. Here's something that I I real always have taken offense which especially when it comes to intellectuals talking about race. When you talk about my generation for forty year old man or woman. White America grow up seen black families mayor. Because of Bill Cosby. The way white America was introduced if you lived in the suburbs and you'd have black people in your community. You were raised to see. African American couples that loved each other that we're professionals. Doctor and a lawyer that raise their kids everything was the same. So when we went through school. That was really kind of the idea that we were raised as white supremacists that looked down on black people and that always annoys me because Bill Cosby really changed that for tiger this. This generation. Never saw a Sanford and Son show on television we never solve the Jefferson's. We never saw a lot of the racist thinks that that a lot of people grew up with. We saw African American couples is as married love their kids that. Everything. That a normal person should see another race in the same light. That's how we were raised in and all of the racial stuff that really came in the seventies and that well. It's at first thing and exactly the point because it depending on people's age than name is Bill Cosby evokes different members and you have your first experience with Bill Cosby. My first Bill Cosby experts must have been seven years old in the basement of my friend John Hammond Brighton road and Ottawa and we were a couple of white kids from the suburbs and probably an evident they're black person of all I don't want to and we were listening to Bill Cosby and laughing at his comedy schtick right. And then you are some what younger than I am so your take on the bill because he goes to the TV show which was top of the heap ratings wise Fat Albert they are open all effect forgot that Albert. You know late later out. But for the millennial generation. The name bill Crosby evokes quite lose. I'll be pretty. Well you don't forget he show on Nickelodeon little bill right. And that was a very very popular cartoon for a lot of you know so. Yeah you've got LE 2345. Year olds now grown up a little bill. And Bill Cosby did try to make it back under at a CBS in early 2000. Wasn't as successful so I may look cute you look at it a guy who can memorably beat George Carlin was with Thomas the tank engine in the replaced by Ringo Starr. My analysis of that puzzle. I mean the seven dirty words George Ryan O'Neal hurt is if it ever. But bill Bill Cosby. And by the way Boca is now officially being stalked by media. In a helicopter this is like anybody remember the OJ Simpson case and collings well here we see a slow speed police chase but receiving an aerial shot of bill Cosby's gas guzzling SUV. I carry through that in their bill Cosby's gas guzzling SUV. Driving back to what ever is left of the cause be a state. And I don't know if they're gonna show and exiting the vehicle or whatever. But it's something that is interesting and I think may be at Al David in two Cosby's personality. You know for for many of us look we didn't wanna believe there's you know you -- preconceived notions of Boca has been I get my preconceived notions of bill Crosby and then woman after woman after woman stepped forward to make allegations. The first time things worked out pretty well warm today obviously things did not work robbery well forum. But you know after he was convicted today and we don't have any tapes of this that we know of at this point but Bill Cosby. Launched into what we are told was a bellicose. Belligerent. Violent verbal tirade against the prosecutor. Now that might. David just be a window into the real Bill Cosby you know the public face him. Vs. You know a guy who basically flip singed his stuff after being convicted it's so crazy that they count the verdict is today. There's a story in the in the New York Post about aid means to reality resurrection series. Where you take people that have been shamed by me through their careers girl Louie CK. Matt our Charlie Rose. And you get used the journalistic chops of people who have been ruined by me too and have them basically. Doer reality show of their redemption. How sick is this society becomes we want to destroy. And while watching the old back because we love the underdog we offer they suggest that we love resurrecting an underdog. If these guys are guilty for what they've done they should never have a chance to be your TV's again and I mean his mental point of meat through. Well you know IE. I'm just gonna be interest to deceive Bill Cosby and he looked like I don't think Bill Cosby is a flight risk and that's a big controversy right now the fact that he's not be held but I don't think he's a flight risk I do think he's a suicide risk. I truly do but then again I say that a lot about famous people who are convicted of heinous crimes. And I think the big turn out to be about 5050 so well my xmas that's our bet on that one but. But in terms of Bill Cosby I think that you know the strategy is going to be hey look you know you're eighty years old here's your life expectancy. If I do this this and this legally I should be able to keep you out of prison until the time the viewer natural depth so. And again folks when it gets back to an I hate you know repeat this but. If I you have been a victim of a violent sexual assault. And to me if somebody quite Lou Jew in breast removed your ability to consent to sexual activity and you've been penetrated. He even a conviction. Although it may vindicate what you said all the long. Nothing is going to make you whole it's one of those things that you'd. Pay it it's very very difficult for people to get over and most people don't so you've been a victim and you never gotten over it it's a it's a really really big club so there is nothing of which to be ashamed. It airs are lived under for about thirty WPP. And show. Let's save their art where what what is the lesson from the guilty guilty guilty verdicts against Bill Cosby today what is the lesson and you know. We have been talking about this from the victim's point of view because ivory strongly believe that when somebody views physically sexually assaulted. Not even the vindication. Of a court of law and a jury saying he is guilty she is guilty. Not even that makes the victim. Whole let me just give an example how many have you ever had your car or your house broken into and the sense of violation of just somebody being in your car you didn't want in there was enough to make you wanna get rid of that car right away where you get burglarized and you just can't live in the house anymore because if you feel that you've been so violated its abuse in your personal space now what is more personal space than. Your private body parts and the sense of violation. That the victims of physical sexual assault feel. It is never goes away at that particular crime as one of the most adoring. And horrific. Legacies. And memories in all of criminal victim hood it never goes away so. For any victim of bill Crosby or anybody else. There really is never going to be any such thing as closure and there can never be any thing as true justice because he. You can't turn the clock back. That there is another dimension to this as well David. And I we've talked about this before because usually twice a year some famous buffalo person generally an athlete. Gets accused of being involved. In LF CAA via a non consensual. Escapade. And gets the name dragged through the mud and as much is. This is probably gonna units in trouble here. There are people in this world who are willing to say any thing against anybody. If they think that there might be a payday involved at the end of the day which I might that also complicates things for the genuine victims of any kind of assault particularly sexual solo. Bill Cosby's network as well right now 400 billion dollars you know that he might as well just write that signed that over to Gloria Allred right now. Others it will be cut up most definitely now here there was a bit of a controversy when that when the decision of the jury was read. The verdict was read and he was guilty. There was a back and forth between the district attorney Kevin Steele and the judge presiding over the case and it came to bail. And steal it told the judge that county has a plane and he might flee. At this point Bill Cosby himself. Lashed out at the DEA and screamed he doesn't have a plane you a whole. And said two when his attorney grabbed them he said I'm so I'm sick of them. So basically Kevin Steele. You know that's almost like Perry Mason moment that's an app that's something you would see on television well look the best predictor of got away with a devoid of view yeah hundred them. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior has Bill Cosby missed a single court appearance without a legitimate excuse in this whole thing now. Bill Cosby has shown himself to be somebody who has to show up somewhere he shows up somewhere he would take a flight to Libya no he didn't go to somewhere without extradition treaty. He's also a very it's very it would not be hard to recognize Bill Cosby. You made if you were to go to Pyongyang's North Korea and I'm just painted its Bill Cosby is one of the most famous people on the planet and it doesn't matter how old he gets or how heavy he gets that faces iconic in America. I don't know you would anywhere in the world that they don't cops who go on recognized government. It in the ideas and if the if the idea is that he's gonna fly out of the country and he's gonna you know somehow reach he's gonna go beyond the reach of American justice well he he ain't done that yet. And I really doubt if the age of eighty he's gonna do it now Michael Jackson would have done it and harping well. Agreements to be the far more likely scenario. The a's for his attorneys to get as many delays and continue axes as possible hoping that bill Cosby's natural lifespan will expire. Before he's ever got to report to it for day one in prison. Up your phone calls on this adultery all right thirty starlight 3180616. WBE and interestingly though Bill Cosby while being considerably older than rich okay it's a formerly of the cards. Looks better than Rick OK is it formerly of the cars Tom Petty at the current moment much better Fredricka Kaczur. RI let's go to Jim in Toronto on WB he and Jim. OK I don't on the citadel stock conspirator but over the last 35 years it 3COM a block them from being taken down. One you know Clarence arms. Two Herman Cain. Three they'll caught one all of them have in common they all leaned conservative. And they all get they'll cause if you were ever hit it six years ago. These are getting pretty outspoken about the community out ornament of music and and and my members think and that. You don't want that. Now you to jump ahead in a couple of years later lobby for all these other allegations in Lebanese. All the sudden they'll now if he's still you know what he did a company out there and apathetic. And then that. I what you say listen here's what here's why I think you're onto something. I don't compare Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas because that I compare that Mort what just happened to. President trumps VA secretary that's just with the media decides to take someone apart they're gonna do. Because there was no there was no substance to any of the even that the Clarence Thomas thing to this day is absurd on its surface. But let let's go let's go to Bill Cosby though I'm gonna tell you this. The reason why Hannibal burst everyone's talking about Bill Cosby now because the stand up comedian. Had a viral video where he brought up Bill Cosby re keeping people and he actually acted so casual about it. That it was that everyone knew about it that it literally sent the entire Internet. On the fact that you know everyone's like now Bill Cosby is a rapists and we're hearing about these stories for the first time. I think what hit the reason why Hannibal Burris. Wanted to throw Bill Cosby under the bus is because Bill Cosby was very outspoken about young African Americans that culture. The respect their clothing. Their music everything. And and that well it upset people look. For those who don't remember this and you know Jim. I'd legible in this because what Bill Cosby said it was back in 2004. And it's known as the up pollen cake speech that it and that's the pound cake. That is in the urban dictionary got a patient on gate which you don't wanna look up a Bill Cosby famously said to. These these are people going around stealing Coca-Cola. People getting shot in the back of the hand over a piece of pound cake then we all run out and are outraged the option they shot on what the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand I want a piece of pound cake just as bad as anyone else and I looked at it I had no money and something gulp parroting said if you get caught with a you're going to embarrass your mother. Not now you're gonna get your butt kicked you're gonna embarrass your mother you go to a bare your family. Cosby also talked about single mothers in the notorious pound cake speech he set. No longer is a person embarrassed because they're pregnant without has been in the old days a girl getting pregnant had to go to itself. And that her mother would go down to get hurt Cosby chastised women who have five or six different children from 810 different husbands or whatever pretty soon you're gonna have to have the lake cards so you can tell who's making love to Abu. And then again accused by this writer in the LA times of sounding suspiciously. Like a guy guilty of get off my law mayor. Ism when he got talked about names like shindig well sure legal Mohamed did and people with their hats on backwards and pants down around the crack. The pound cake speech Bill Cosby absolutely no way that ladies and gentlemen is there any is there anybody if I had said the bill Cosby's of those words if I told you that Donald Trump would say those words you'd say oh okay yeah I can imagine that Bill Cosby caught so much crap for that speech last year. What I'm saying though it doesn't change the fact that he'd. Is also being accused of doing horrible things. You know and by the way there are a lot of people from a lot of different walks of life. Can army keep the exact same allegation that I've never met each other about Bill Cosby. This was the first trial this was the first one he's guilty on three counts so we can now say that he's been convicted of this. And I'll say attention was brought on him by the left. But it does not excuse the fact that that attention brought light upon rate salt he should go to jail for the rest of his life if he's guilty well look. I mean given a choice between acute with his pants down to correct a vast and the multiple quite lewd rapes. Of the kid with the pants down the crack of his but odxa it is far less of a threat than is being alone with bill Crosby but. You know but you but the point that Jim in Toronto trying to make is. The left turn on a very successful. Black men one of the wealthiest people in entertainment in America. When he went conservative. The men they went conservative and you know should put this article up from the LA times he got accused of being out of touch he got accused of being an. All because he said things which have some. Validity I mean we saw with Ferguson Missouri. You know the power and Kate argument in practice except it wasn't OK it was blowouts and then we also know for a fact. That if you have children out of wedlock statistically. You exponentially. Increase your all of the risk of poverty and the idea that your score on also is at a higher risk of poverty criminal activity incarceration and trouble on the streets and percent of these things bill Crosby was vilified. You're absolutely right and I think that. And I think they'll golden platter I know Herman Cain was not use campaign by all the sudden the women were coming out of what's been distraught all of sudden they all disappeared. When she was taken out of out of the process. Com. There's Tomas. Succeeded by to idle today he would succeeded. What that allegation. I'm in gimmick but casual Wanfeng. Com. Yeah your right about the fact that Clarence Thomas JJ Jim what do you say about you read a Claire's Thomas and players comes happened today. They would have herb eviscerate them. Well another thing where do what you were talking up eludes in the drug apparently Bill Cosby and which did you know these these you know that's what this is all about. Well Imus sued young Pinochet college and let's say. Some guy by the bill a couple of drinks she had a couple of drinks and all by Stella got a couple of drinks. And they there are they invite them to fighter back to the hotel room and and after the whatever the light the next day the big girl doesn't feel great about it and that. We're gonna lie I must say you opening the door out where did our mothers our grandmothers sort of set this. There's consequences they would send a young woman should not be going to the bar drinking and then head back to hotel room. Now that's that doesn't that's not politically correct today big but there's no consequences now there's no responsibility like we are even a man number have a guy. Meet some guy in a bar any image some guys invited this guy that he doesn't know back to all how room. Most men would say oh whoa whoa whoa you don't get good again it's not gonna happen may you know it didn't in most cases I think if you didn't. And I think his word we got a lot to lose all the blows like or ball is too much booms are too many loose is that whatever is what makes you ma'am my party. We gotta have responsibility and I think Bill Cosby years ago when he did say that he talked about we have ever spot. A lot of get something else to say because we are generation between breaks a news radio 930 WB EN Bill Cosby guilty guilty guilty. Net worth estimated at 400. Million dollars. And that they've but I I said a few minutes ago that the what do you think should be to start signing those checks over to Gloria all read it. And or her designees right now we don't. The thing. It's one thing did Gloria Allred obviously she's got a long track record you can judge hear from. The times she's made a total fool out of herself for the time she exaggerated or the times G straight out wide. Because her plight of allegations. But that doesn't mean that all of glory all roads you know our clients are. You know victims. It's presenting people that have been sexually assaulted by a guy who's been above the law for probably the last forty years. I don't know maybe our old 25 million of its 400. I mean if a guy is basically running around. Big talk of you ADT the group that. The worst serial rapists in the history of the United States if these stories are believed in and he's guilty of. All of the allegations were talking look the Golden State rapists there at the Golden State killer he murdered twelve people and raped 52. Because he's accused of 57. Red Sox serial killer levels of rape. Yeah man your 400 million I'll give it to whoever. Is got a lift that every day what a sick son of a gunman. Even if one person got all of the 400 million after glorious feast of course the mafia is out of principle but my engine it's still it's still is never ever gonna make up for the damage that is done to somebody who's a victim are Jim you got to wrap up a good blitzer and Barley envelop via a WB Ian. The banks are desperate but you know Kanye West come out pretty support. I'll talk. And that's saying this but I don't think it'll go gonna hit because well it. Starting at this and a hockey gazette if he doesn't he's about to arrive. Yeah educating isn't and I tell you what I think anyway just totally blew his chance of being the next Supreme Court nominee. Thank you for the call Jim a Toronto. Twosome in 030930. Start at 3180616. WBE. And I've just related Gizbert. I think it's or just Alexander.