Bikes and Cars Coexisting in #Buffalo 930in716 August 2, 2018

Thursday, August 2nd

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It's 930. In 716. Cars and bicycles co existing on buffalo roadways. The city of buffalo where is very pretty lawless when it comes to driving mean. You know people are regularly speeding rolling stop signs. One bicycle is one last parking spot that you're having the place for your commander downtown buffalo. Up until a few years ago I was more of a recreational cyclists occasionally. Writing for work purposes. And now it's my primary vehicle lots to hear about here is buffalo works to make itself a more bike friendly city and by sick list tried to work toward a peaceful co existence with drivers on the roads. I'm Tim linger and 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated. Skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Go by buffalo on Wednesday announcing a new partnership. Which will help maintain bicycle lanes in the city of buffalo. The partnership including a new one with the city of buffalo and a private partnership with rigid eyes medals. In collaboration with one another bicycle markings in the city will be. Repainted after it was Warren due to weather you concede at all at WB EN dot com. Toward the way we look at it is about you don't current bicycle and about the future buffalo. About 2000 people are riding bicycles and buffalo and city engineer Mike Finn is taking note. Are we people or an growing city and that's something we've heard on all of crop and armed. One of the things that that we like to do is make sure that we're building out so he's our city. As the city grows. Were able to not increase the traffic capabilities of the roadways. Are much more expensive than just bicycle so insult. A good way to we'd like for everyone and that is. One bicycle is one last parking spot that you're having to place orders coming to downtown buffalo and that that for the people who really don't have the option to bicycle. So it's really about edit options for current station network for all the users. Company miles of bike lanes have been added in the city. In just the last few years. Our initial wall or opt to 400 and twirled her miles of what actually across the city. And we're looking to get 150 by the end of this year. I and then up to 300 within the next stop by year's accord with our our virtually master plan. Our I would say within the past offered by the years we've really ramps set up an edit. At least ten per year opera the met mayor Brown's commitment. Sitting but actually across the city. How does buffalo differ from you know some of these cities we your mention all the time Portland. Or a place like that's where you hear about people riding their bikes everywhere. What are some of the challenges in making buffalo a little more bike friendly. Well I think some some of the challenges as specifically when he talked about cities like Portland. Well or was founded in their early to mid eighteen hundreds and it was designed at that time even before ours were existing. Portland was developed certainly later in the history of America. Our Portland was specifically laid out in in like a traffic engineers green small blocks that are are equal and it's much easier to manage traffic. Also does some of the challenges we we face are really about the historic legacy of the city. And now we know we have a lot in the world relying on technology now to. Make sure that we balance. Everything that sort of what's going out and all challenges that we face. Like our bikers and and drivers too for that matter they. Do you think fully aware of the rules of the road. Well let the education is a really important component that we are stressing both ourselves in my partners Michael like awful low. I think and I cut. You know we certainly feel that they know they're reluctant. People who do have a full understanding. Of the rules of the road post motorists and bicycle but you know their their goal or a lot to learn. On both sides is as as writers to. In our picking up bicycle for the first time media signal older adults who are who haven't written in a long time Gergen back into it. In other certainly and they know what pressure education that this could the could be occurring in it the same motorists to it as more political on the road. They're there should be an awareness. And people should tickle don't pay more attention and seen these seen. And to make sure that that they're counting for but clothes that are out there. It like for example low we've heard from people today who didn't know the your not supposed to ride your bike on the sidewalk and I was talking earlier round of how I was always told us that kids who ride against traffic seek a better see the cars that's not what you're supposed to do either. You know that's the bulk of those are correct in. In bulk or laws side if you're under hers for your over the age of fourteen you should not be writing on the sidewalk you should be in. Writing on the street where would the flow traffic. I think some of the confusion. Is that if you're walking on a street. And this is more rural areas were sidewalks don't exist. He should be walking with the flow of traffic but bicycling should be done with the flow of traffic following the rules the world. And kin bicycle SP given tickets. Like a driver. Well certainly certainly that the they're obligated to follow the rules of the road. Don't apply it was going to be given a ticket for full running around later stops firing just like a driver country. What's may be the next big change in buffalo is it just simply more bike lanes aura is there something else that's really going to. Catch drivers eyes when it comes to adding bikes to the wrote. Yeah our our next big improvement that that we're really looking forward to is not going to beyond an anchor streak. Between Hampshire which is murder on the peace bridge in Ontario street where we're gonna be installing what's called a cycle track. And a cycle track is really and it's very similar to improvements we've done on Ohio street where there's a shared use path. Offset from the roadway so that worked were operating. By bicyclists and pedestrians from the motorists. The only difference the cycle track is that within the roadways but separated by an island. And now we're going to be starting network throughout this this all in building up throughout next year. Separate buy an island city keep them. Keep them safer. Exactly yeah they're they're physically separated. And and those are built out to. To really hot try to attract those of us cyclist who are maybe use. As strong and fearless as some of the cycle we've been seeing over the years. Now that the ones will write on on wrote in trap such. Those those are really you know to attract people who are just candidate who weren't percent in May be getting out during a more recreation right. They'll be physically separated from practice facility it's much different feel more comfortable and writing with traffic. The city of buffalo is very pretty lawless when it comes to driving mean. You know people are regularly speeding rolling stop signs that's a voice of Seamus gallant men with slow roll buffalo he's a bicycle enthusiasts both for recreation but. Also transportation. Up until a few years ago I was more of a recreational cyclists occasionally. Writing for work purposes. And now it's my primary vehicle. So. Had certainly undergone great change I. My my card gets pretty lonely. And sometimes I go. Multitude actually usually go one to two months really with the council on the tank how does that I think a lot of people wondering how is that possible in buffalo you know yes it is much as we talk about the awful looking more bike friendly. At buffalo Western New York just doesn't seem like. That type of place you can Blake from place to place February need to be. It it is though because that means that the one of the main reasons why. That the founders of floral Detroit saw buffalo as a good seat to expand to. Is there's so much in common for small you know with the flow in Detroit and in the one of those things that to your point is that it's flat. So. If if you have the time. I can rides I live in hydraulics AKA Clark and bill. I can get to the other side of town Riverside. Black rock and you know half hour. So yeah it would be. Ten to fifteen minutes in a car. But maybe thirty to forty minutes. I don't like Buffalo's flat it's easy to get around and I know what but Kelvin talking about a lot this morning appreciate it is. It's it's easy to navigate I mean this the streets were. Art created on the radio grid like a blanket. A tire wheel oh yeah Lego we'll pardon me and yes you know from Niagara square going out. So it's easy to navigate. It is difficult. To navigate. Reckless cars and indeed it goes I'm sure you're talking about the salon articles both ways you know there are reckless cyclist as well. But. I hope everyone who's in this conversation is. Is being frank about the fact that. The city of buffalo is broke pretty lawless when it comes to driving mean. You know people are regularly speeding rolling stop signs. So. Eight it can be tough in every time I get on my bike to ride around town I'd I do with the understanding that it's possible. That one of the many. You know 2000 pound machines around me could kill me and so. It's about. I communication and courtesy really two things that I over communicate with drivers. And with hand signals things like that Dan actually had it not only the basic hand signals that we all learn when we take a driver's test we can talk more about that about how. There should be more. Education about sharing the road right starting their wits. Drivers tests in and even when I kids learn how to write things which is something we do with cold like buffalo we're teaching kids how to ride bikes though all year round. But. I over communicate so far matter if if I'm approaching an intersection there even if I feel a car coming behind me I'm looking to make eye contact with that driver. And and let's say I've got the right of way and somebody's waiting to turn and I'm going through and they could have jumped it. But they were courteous enough to to let me put my momentum go through even on slower than them on a bike. To wave and say thank you if I'm at a red light and a car comes up behind the first thing I look for is I'd give them their turn signal. And and if there if I'm in the right lane which should be and they're turning. And they put that signal that they're turning I get out of the way in usually there's a friendly wave there it's you know these are kind of basic. Things that are often overlooked but how often do you see someone pulled over in the city of buffalo for traffic violation it's it's. We've without that enforcement com. People kind of make their own rules. And so. So as you're saying before others they're speeding there's rolling stop signs and red lights. On a regular basis I'm and it's unsafe. And and so it. We all have to do better collectively. And as it pertains. To sharing the road it it definitely makes things. More dangerous for the cyclists. Some people say well you should be on a sidewalk get off the road you can't be on the sidewalk a city. That's correct that's and that's the fundamental misunderstanding of the law the line is if you are fourteen or not you should be industry. So I mean that. And you're talking we just moved from globe like about this is saying like. It's hard to tell someone who is fearing for their life on the bite to it industry and that they wanna be on the sidewalk you know. So it's hard to blame them because we know what happens when it was you know the the the blotter is is littered with we crashes and so. What what I do my best that you as we were saint Denis is Stew is communication courtesy over communicate. Then making that eye contact with other vehicles and types of vehicles to we are legally entitled to the wrote. So. There is of course we are also obligated to follow those laws and down. And there's one that we'd like to advocate for that we called Idaho stopped. In the state of Idaho. A cyclist can go through a stop sign. If if they. He needs to be clear I think that's a pretty contentious point with a lot of drivers in a minute bicycle Issa is well. Absolutely I mean when I get up to an intersection it's about situation awareness. And if if that intersection is clear I'm I'm analyzing that it every. Point but that intersection. I'm. And and you know not unlike a car where you are powered. By an engineer I am my engine. And and if I want it but that things clear. I'm gonna go. And and OK yeah so that's not a law in the State of New York well a lot of it is what it is law and other states. So we would like to change that. Now I can't change what goes on in someone's head. But what I can do is. I'd be attentive they communicate. Sin know that I'm not gonna I'm not gonna roll it if there's a car or another by coming or if that person has to turn signal on. Yeah I'm now I'm gonna defer that's that that's a bigger faster vehicle. And so it's it's really you know it's it's something that. I think we we have a lot of advocacy and education to do collectively so keep your eyes out folks and knows the rules of the road. On both sides of the bike lane. Back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WPA and buffalo well.