Big Warm Up Coming - NWS Meteorologist Heather Kenyon


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Let's go live to the National Weather Service and meteorologist Heather Kenyon. Heather tickets through the next couple days around here. Yeah that's the word switching gears from chilly week out we had. I'll we're expecting temperatures to be well above normal the circuit workweek really continuing. Through Wednesday Elliott temperatures. Reaching. Fifties today and then even warmer for Tuesday Wednesday we could see some records broke and I'm especially I'm cute they only see temperatures close to the mid sixties. How could we possibly even parts of western New York City seventy tomorrow. Well yes and as most people now that cold icy lake we'll keep. And coastal area as. Cooler than it inland areas so the city of buffalo likely they. Probably in that worked though like load at mid sixties but further inland it's. Places such as Claritin or are they exceed upper sixties. Possibly have any bigger aids. What is the record for two. New record for tomorrow's 63 degrees. As well as wind today so we're going to be club. Yeah okay rain is coming in to is this anything significant. Yeah how we're gonna he's steady light to moderate rains. Beginning late this morning and that's gonna continue after the evening. Areas across Western New York could see. An and possibly inch and a quarter. So. Luckily. With the warmup of last week we don't really have much of a snowpack Acropolis in New York. So right now we're not anticipating any flooding and he is. But that rain will be soaking rains said he could see some time being it's anything any viewers are blocked. Could see them you know. Local. You sense. Writing OK I think signature hits and a flood watches or warnings for us around here. Her and Ari and I mean it would be cruel to returned anything cold so this is that right. You could. What is that did late February now. We're gonna go back down into the thirties. Thursday as the culprit come here when it. Okay it's a short list yeah it has but and kind of like a bonus for February will be piquant. What's the count.