Big Challenges Ahead - Erie County GOP Chair Nick Langworthy


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Nick laying worthy is joining us live this morning Erie county's GOP chairman. About New York 27 it's the race to replace 85 days until Election Day. Nick talk about the time line pitcher up against and how soon you wanna settle on a candidate. Well good morning anchor and morning but I think what we're really looking at a news. An unprecedented situation on the day you will be meeting. Are at some point tomorrow will Mike fell county leaders there's eight of us in this district it. In we have what you said it's a two or three games from the election. We have. Come up with a candidate in one that we can coalesce around in you know probably only two candidates. What is the more merchants. I think I guess on your agenda is it finding backed candidate or. Isn't finding a way to replace Chris Collins on the ballot. Armed there's been. All of the social angle and McCain so you know we immediately sprang into action. You know. Certainly seem scenarios like this around the country in the student politics. On in you know legal research. Immediately shirt. So so those those things you know we need action that point but I mean what's what's most urgent right now to find. You know one of the many candidates. That it will merge and in this we have an embarrassment of riches in people that. I could serve the community well. In the Packers. Very well to Kamal and ultimately be our our nominee. Is they meeting tomorrow with these. All eight of you that eight GOP county chairman is this to talk about the process or you actually talking about a candidate. You were there will be no final decisions made immediately we will be laying out of the process that won't. Gulf war I mean we Chad constituency. I mean I represented. And cheering here in the Erie. Pretty. So of course you need our organization. I'm on the table there but we have each. Counties and obviously. In in we have you were you know calm as representatives are groups and we have to come to. A decision about how we're gonna move forward. And shall discuss them and that's what you'll have a time work. You know that much work that we have to. Hear from these candidates in. Vet them and talk about you know. What sort of represented they will be for the people of new Yorkshire 27 congressional district work at a candidate. You have people coming out from all different whether it's the private sector whether it's other places in government's. On quite a few of them looking at candidates who might be currently serving as. State senators Tom who might want a crack at the at 27 congressional districts are moving over to Washington DC out wondering. How strategy changes when you're looking at some of these different candidates might be better to. Bring in somebody from the outside if you're Republicans instead of risking losing a seat somewhere else in government. And you know everything can be calculated you know and in their interest in Dalton in any track and it sort look at. In all of you if there's someone in the senate seat then so highly contested. That's probably not you know the first place she would book by we do have to. You take all that it considerations so I you know. Once you hit in a room where it is with deep political leaders and mean there's a lot of opinions so we have to try to work until consensus so that every one of these leaders in their communities can't buy in on the candidate going forward in the you know I eighty plus percent of the candidates so far are from Erie county so it's. You know for me I need you now. Good. A supporter. Of you know political leadership as far away as Cain and Abel and Ontario county so that this candidate can go out. Those leaders helping. You know the candidates give for why because it's really critical to have put together a winning strategy. Because most of these candidates that have come forward so far from Erie county. Descent into Erie county in and you perhaps as the chairman has more to say with these other leaders. Quality if it is strict and just go with the district boundaries are. Your challenge replete you know somewhere between 4045%. Of the whole population the district and in terms of the way this is considered a munitions. Awaited apple based gotten. Performance and tweak its keen. Election for congress over votes cast on the Republican line that's how we calculated we did Bolton situation Padilla. Nick Lang ready joining us live this morning for talking about and my 27 and nick you mentioned Saturday that fifteen people. At least were interested in this in this seat has that number gone up since Saturday. I don't think it's grown up. Really. If they have point I mean that the also calls have been made by the time we had the press conference. On Saturday afternoon by election in person and about a candidates in the short time itself. Com. You know until the low pressure on the political leaders say it's it's sort through those candidates have the conversations and those candidates. I mean many are looking at this once in a lifetime opportunity. To have sort of an opportunity Iraq are shall. I can't actually blame you know people from wanting to put their names out there but you know we have Q. Do to make the decision that's best. For the party. And you know executed we believe is the most viable to hold the C. So that we had a conservative Republican leader that will support president trumps gender in the twenties that can grow. Always has to be done on a pretty tight timeline now when do you hope to have an answer of who the candidate will be buying in when do you hope to have Chris Collins name off the ballot by. All I know I'm I'm I'm working on the legal team Monday and when I in terms of the execution. On a lot of little com. On the road by in terms of can't it work Cole last round. I don't know that we have much more than a week Kennedys. To work if this means being in cities world. He treat each election and we have to allow candidates go. Work reached on paying it and being involved. Captures some of these candidates to be good that it is work still screening and adding yeah. All. You know until tomorrow. So don't mind shoveled our. But. You know and if we don't have time to really. Dragged. On call maybe we can. Are you worried. Then if Chris talents name does not come off the ballot it's going to split the GOP vote. I am I'm confident through discussing this with legal team you know trucks in New York we have mechanisms. In place to remove a strong. Going back to Saturday morning if we could for second. Was it a relief to you that Chris Collins announced he was suspending his campaign that he would no longer be running that you know and the party. Didn't have to get behind a rally behind somebody who have been indicted on these charges. I EM. I am grateful to be moving on in her direction you know wolf it's important that we save of the that we can make it fresh arch. Are here I mean it it would have tarnished. All of the communities. Could be you know running with someone under federal indictment from the very serious chargers. On militias. A mild saying there's no way to really called person would and given that it was Donald Trump's. Donald Trump's. Political you know appointees that we'll see. Prosecutor he made the indictment so I think course meets in late decision toward each pay a moral. And or legal strategy and and what part. Are you going to be able to move on though because. I know they need McMurray one of the things he will probably continue to bring up throughout the rest of this campaign is the fact that. There was no primary for Republicans there's nobody trying to unseat talents. Even though the sick kind of been festering for a long time these investigations. Into his ability and his trading history. In the elections are fluctuations insurers will be neat nick Murray virtues of Republican nominee they'll be crushed Al Al we'll have been candidate he's running it. Of course cal to a community turning it will be question. But it will not be question it'll be somewhat of a new case. That is facing off against. And they'll talk about what they won't look like or in the congress inquiries liberal Democrat or liberal Democrat speaker that's going to work to impeach president. We're going to fight for conservative Republican on the ballot that won't go out there and light wintry trumpets and. Nick is Chris talent himself involved in anyway and trying to pick his successor. Our concern. All right decline were BB Erie county Republican Party chair joining us live nick thank you for the time it is the race to replace in NY 27.