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So tell me about. The biggest bounce house and America. So we officially got the Guinness world record for the world's largest inflatable. This is a two leg tour and we are specifically the East Coast and midwest and we have another giant balance Cassell had two hours on the list goes as well. But it's 101000 square feet inflatable. You guys have been tours around the entire country. We've been on tour since April the East Coast like the tour will go until mid October and the list goes like that to go in to. People are on the staff at our tour around the country. We have eight to ten people hurt crew so it's small group of us. We take volunteers every city that we stopped and and then also able to bring local shortly address needed. What's the idea behind this I mean I know it's just a big bounce house by your. Colin from saved a city like whoa what's what's that what's it about. So let the idea actually originated from a couple of maids in Scotland. Group that Dee jays they've done festivals and events and touring events. They were at a festival in days they walked past a small inflatable on someone's front line and they got the idea that hey we should offers something that adults can do to. I'm so they incorporated the DJ inside the castle they did a trial run last year. Mostly steered towards adults and then of course it's an inflatable so it ended up being more of the family friendly type of event. So we open it up to our age is we do that a group of toddlers Experian under all the way up to adults sixteen you know. What time it our sessions going from throughout the whole entire weekend. So today we start at 1 PM that's a junior session and then we'll go until 7 PM. Saturday and Sunday we will open at 930 and also going to 7 PM then. I'm session times are based on age groups there hourlong sessions throughout the day. I'm bed you can definitely visit our website to see which age group would be appropriate for him we're bringing and then prices will very based on the age group has. I'll. How much are tickets you know how can you get to gets it just coming here or is or at least looking in my mind as well. You can get them online there actually cheaper online if you do so at the website is the big bounce America dot com. You can purchase tickets on site tickets is so fast on line and we always reserve a certain amount of perches on site. But they'll ranged from eleven and 22223. Dollars us depending on age group and what specifically you can buy it. So we have tickets that you can get for the main bounce castle which is at 101000 square foot inflatable. And we also have our balance village. Which is a series of six smaller inflatable us and that's an all access pass if you do. I'm guessing that's over here as well we have some difference is that the big 19 guys and and they got a big obstacle course over here as well. Yup obstacle course this kind of like I. And then inside of the main castle we have a deejay Booth in the senator. We've got a couple of ninja course Ryan some basketball hoops a slide inside and outside of and we have a ball in there as well. You have some other vendors receive. Lends me and small this round geared joined at the fun. Yes everywhere we stop we always hire local vendors so we have a face pain today we'll have some food trucks available later. The part itself has a beer stand right next as Italy's changes wherever we go but we always bring on local vendors handing us when Andrew and am I would say tickets go fast so a few NN. Experience the big bounce America the world's largest inflatable definitely get yourself down yeah. DJ Booth in the sat there with got a boat machine implicit machine confetti blow lawyers it's a great time.