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Bauerle and Bellavia
Tuesday, May 22nd

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Where were among the bet we're where in that top 100 somewhere we just got her results are doing very well yeah actually certainly time for big break. So Beatles. Beats Tom Bauerle yeah it would have an adult Ed right. That's good charm is great fuel cell culture and David Bellamy rest assured that history will remember you as. Okay its hourly and Olivia. That all of us well yesterday I was I was really disappointed on news radio 930 WD. All right give gays. In -- and is ready at 930 WBE. Michael Cooper code did deny the new show yesterday and today said he beat should be and tomorrow for the twelve voices in twelve hours program. And didn't have a nicer day to take off today doubts it's about also and. By the way wanna remind you all about it tomorrow to twelve boys of twelve hours ago been more like. 21 voices in twelve hours but anyway the holidays is. But twelve voices in twelve hours. This is all about the open daily in Colorado taking opiates tomorrow during the show with the they had an incredible I. Did an incredible. Turnout last time. And it it's like these communities want to have. You know you hear one side of a problem here the medical side here from. But it's what they went an addict a recovering person that's been mostly the other side of of of an addiction. And then you've got the family members and and everyone else was critical of all the voices a bullet nobody including me nobody supports opiate abuse and take it opened its 1989 and make no apologies what I disability I wanted them to be on the heated society go ahead I am in the unenviable position to actually be defending. Opiates. Eight ocean I'm going to do it's important I do not defend no you cannot simulate different to you cannot argue that our region has been affected by this you know that something that's just happening everywhere else and not Mike kids went the more funerals and I had it W soul. But I will do I mean it to me. Oh he probably never refusals but through it to be your friends died in huge huge structure of the Euro. The perfect enough to point that. It's like I don't go to well with either of curse every. I got into his own well girls you know if you. You know I will go to family funerals. Or people to whom I'm extremely close and indicative. You have. And then and sometimes I bring streamers and take the finger and it is thirteen minutes that was a reference to the movie seven. For those who watch Netflix. And they verdict turned the radio they have or security guards are there already. You're now peace. We have just to. We have our own. To remind our rob has proved a FaceBook live by but to exit 530 but I have to tell us via. Is gonna talk about are we gonna sound did. Not out not at all. Of course. And brought. One thing I do wanna bring up there of breaking news story and we're gonna you're right back to bicycles from Lotta people hold eagle three on 930. Start I've 3120. WB. There is an NFL hall leak. Right now. And you know how dangerous leaks can be this is huge folks they're saying that the NFL is a legitimately offering a change to the rules that would allow the home team an NFL game. To basically decide. What. They wanted to would do what is with regards to protest. And if both teams were gonna do it whatever the case maybe there'd be a penalty if you win against the teams we issues. So therefore they're offering both sides this is not. Been confirmed but it is going wild on Twitter right now so the Buffalo Bills as a whole team would decide whether or not they will allow players what on the field during the session of the order taken need during the national well according to other hill which is that the story that. Can the most hits on this. Most people are saying that this is an unpopular idea at least with sports writers. But the idea is being discussed right now leaves it to the whole team on whether the teams decide to come out for the nationally the I misspoke when I said protest the hope he would say the Buffalo Bills against the Miami Dolphins the bills choose to come up for the anthem. Now if there are people a lot of protests that they can say the bulls choose to stay in the locker rooms for the National Anthem. The whole team's choice is whether ball teams we come off the anthem and at the team's. If the teams do come out for the add them there could be and a fifteen yard penalty. Four players that Neil. That's a really big deal to have your first drive start with fifteen yards but again here's my only question whether you agree or disagree. Who who won that debate do Gerri to hula. Who won the debate. Buffalo Bills in and all the people out there that wanted to talk about birds of the matter with the right pay. The people of spoke at all we've said throughout the entire debate is. Your aren't intentionally. You or intentionally. Upsetting people for the sake to upset them they're going to get pit stop its only effect you would affect your bottom line. Guess what left. It affected your bottom and doesn't care about. Your civil liberties they don't care about your your expression they care about Monday. And the fans are happy it doesn't matter what you will sensitivities things always I don't care. Kara but that the cure but the bottom line and you said world war effect of the government and no time. Have changed his fans hated it American hated it. And now the NFL's capitulated. Urgently if there's one thing that the world learned in the two years I did sports radio and it is I don't know sports. But pass that I gotta tell you I would think they need to name me the NFL commissioner forget Condoleezza rice's lifelong goal because the answer to this is so easy. You'd take this you make this issue go away it is a stone in the issue you'll like that Sicilian red it is a stalwart in the shoe of the NFL. You'd just have a policy were the teams come out after the National Anthem is done no protest the opportunity the F. All portal Tuesday in America you've done every time. You know we need to the salute in the morning to the flag something comes out throw spray paint you know. Well how do you avoid that well the answer is that we don't allow that to happen anymore. If there's something so what is do we where they are intentionally using it to do would be disrespectful. Or they're using this and. It's based on a bunch of immature behavior look. At the bill you carry a full opera Libby you think it's like the. I don't look at football out of the bills I watched him. Constantly. But my friend ads that don't. You think they would keep your protest a field has nothing to do with the facts in the case. You wanna make an allegation that one cop do we one bad thing leave every cop in the the United States black white between gay Muslim roster affair and it doesn't matter who they are. All cops hate black people because of one situation that. You perceive as the middle linebacker the ball well we'll show. All it's. All. They need your protest look at Childs eyes what do you do when you give a tale of chill senior year guess what. You know as soon as she is gonna take those fifteen minutes that senior talent show and she's gonna make her statement. Because this is what sixteen year old seventeen year old true. It to me that shows. They're very immature I fortunately she's everything out from the beginning of this protest movement I knew it was gonna hurt the NFL with middle America and I said from the beginning the easy answer is you do with the anthem before the players come out yet take away the bend you. You preserve the mid America audience I think a lot of people I'm sorry David I think there's a lot of people like me who you know what. My life does not revolve around the NFL my life revolves room my friends my family and of course myself. But. Frankly I it was a lot less inclined last year to say hey this is third that put the TV let's watch some football because it's just all became political let somebody sent us a text. Top U should cancel your Netflix because they just did an eight figure deal with the Obama's. I'm not gonna cancel my Netflix because they're doing business don't want to promise because I simply won't watch I won't watch it. And players you have listed. Cuba would have every right to make the Libyan men the president if they get thirty million so dumb enough to buy the book. Just want to sell the book it's Obama's fault. That he's the ex president and he's young. The problem Obama is he's young he's going to be around for a very long time and people don't like the bombers take a look at that and it is for it it'll watch it here to. Obama wanted our ability to come on their show we would do it a heartbeat and I want it you're really would do now. I would. Course I do heart rate without. I'd are you glad that I. Don't have that. Here's the thing that I respected his position that respect the office. But he's out of office I don't think I have to respect but. If what is if we know right now is true about what Obama do as president. If that's precisely why. I would like to go on the show maybe got a point you know it may be achievable but I won't tell you this if you believe for 12. That the NFL is at a better spot now for whatever this. Alleged and a fellow rule changes. I think they have a bigger problem in the ever had before because this proves that I ever could shape for the last three years is nonsense they don't care about the players you know pure play Tuesday. When the person sent us the tax if freezer and entries are saying Tom you should cancel Netflix because they hired the obamas. Here's a problem that we run into. If you use the word stop. Or if you used the word cancel even in a text that has nothing to do with one off of our mailing list or are explored. I think we get you off the export and I don't know the answer to that that a few of the problem send us an email Tom and David at WB Ian dot com will forward it to the people. Who run the tax board on because it should not happen. But that that's the way the computer city. Again computers are stupid sometimes and this is an instance where they are this person said cancel your Netflix and the computer took that as oh you don't wanna be part of our service up yours. So you know it it's in on the computer takes over your cellphone and send text all your contacts and our true. So anyway it is or sixty news radio 930 W. Anyway long story short folks we're we're gonna introduce her first ball were talking about bicycles and ensure the road with bicycles. And I have the very unpopular view that most of the serious by sick list are better drivers than people in cars. As I've said literally and metaphorically you concede the good cyclist from a mile away. However there is a segment of the bicycling community which isn't part of the bicycling community there solo actors or you know a lot of times are little kids or teenagers and they don't stop for stop signs they don't follow the rules of the road and unfortunately today in our town Wanda. Tragic story about a dude. Who ran a red light and and it's on video. And unfortunately he didn't make it across the twin city highway speed limit there's 45 miles an hour he got hit by two cars and he's dead. And don't know you know what he was in a hurry four or if he was in her if we just wasn't thank him. No reference at all we're cell phone we know that he was wearing a helmet but look there's a family grieve and you know there's also family grieving. A former member of Erie county government. And one of the things we're not gonna do is we're not gonna add to through their grief. By hawking about on founded stuff. That nobody knows the origin of where the reason behind I think frankly at this point. Our approach issues let the family. More and a loss. And were not go in there so people we were ago there were not going there and anybody who's gonna try to make this a political issue. Against mark Poland cars shame on you. Editor trying to make this a political issue against Democrats shame on you. This is a tough time were you need to have some humanity and respect a family that is going through an unexpected depth. What is apparently a suicide. And I'll be there damned if I'm going to do anything to add to a family's grief I'm sorry I can't swim an inch stuff. Well listen I I totally agree and I applaud your. What were we had a bigger when we agreed mutually. But but at the same time I will not deny that the story aids. Crazy. Since day. IE don't frankly without going into details I don't think it is what it is portrayed as being I think there's somewhere else going on here but so I'm ahead and introduce go I totally understand. You know whatever reasons led us down the path that we're down but I do think it's important. Then after you know. A person is laid to rest of the family is going through with the going through. We we need more people all in elected office. Debt art. Thinking about taking their own lives I think it's a pleased to say that if we vote for you to lead just somewhere. That your cause of death is never a suicide. Well on and I I do think that has to do a lot of care there. And I think it has a lot to do with where we're getting these people for a the poll that we're getting from so yeah I don't economy comments about. A tragedy that went out but it's embarrassing. Can I make the statement as a as a person who cares about my region to bear seemed seldom works from the county. Eight public suicide. Yeah man Saturday cool. I think it it shouldn't bear support current administration's it's embarrassing. I differ with you I look at this as an individual. Tragedy. I don't know the reasons why it a grown man would make the vet decision and and all I can do. I think he at this point the only moral thing I can do is jurists pray for the family prayed for the survivors. And you know what let the Jiri county sheriff's department detectives do their job make sure that you know there was no foul play ball into and you know the time will come for them but we pleasure now I just encourage our audience to do is ready for the guys family. I think that's a great point I just think that I I'm I'm very. I'm reflexively and exhausted. From being shamed. By certain people that automatically any time a story comes out the back of the ports is going to be rumors and and that scuttle and everything else they allegedly. There was a text message that was sent to a whole Lotta people you can't pretend that posits that now. What does the truth of the evidence behind it and if Sony was saying horrible it's horrible fraud are horrible trick. You know god knows well you can't deny that it happened if you're the maverick in Pennsylvania Budd Dwyer who had a press conference and killed himself with a handgun at the press cup horrible he committed public suicide and you know the upshot was Ezra no pun intended he was right he was being framed actually laws. And that was a tragedy it is by hourly and Belle of the and that you're just joining us welcome to the show. The NFL I mean this story is breaking its trending in the NFL news addressing it there flaw that they're floating this trial balloon to deal with the protests in the NFL. It if you wanna get in on that that's fine but right now we were also talking mostly about bicycles because it was horrible accident nor panel wondered today. This guy a bike ran a red light and it was a chain extreme. Anyone over the Twin Cities and Twin Cities is like the youngest just ten miles an hour slower. And get hit by two cars I mean he originally made it across the first of the southbound lanes. But then guided by car in the second lane and then that car pushed him back into the other lane he just crossed that he the end of a dead. Our sympathies to the family that were talking you guys about. You know what you see people do it and bikes as a driver that drives you nuts and if you're cyclist what do we do that drives you nuts and and like I said those of you were serious about cycling make sure to call Lynn. And defend yourselves to the people who think you got no place on the roads because our people on bicycles I think for better drivers and be. Behind the wheel but also give a quick update on this proposed NFL policy. With the nearly the idea that. The home team would have the decision to decide whether or not the teams would be would come out during the anthem to begin to it and if you. Why I just WP guys. I put the guy I thought we're gonna take the call. Well my notes back to Quebec on hold yet now. OK so I'll buy Portis is that that that that topic came up oh. This policy it appears that Donald Trump wrote in of this policy and nothing of courses of event person did protest. Fifteen yard penalty when talking about a fine. We're talking about it even game penalty for disrespect to the to reflect it's hard to argue how any player. Cote could agree to such a capitulation. It it's actually beyond anything that was. Anyone was offended at the end of the protest never would have said five of the players on the field and that to me is. That just shows that differences spoke. Let's go to let Dan in north I don't want to Dan I get a five yard penalty for false start sorry about that. Gentlemen this particular subject has really been chipping my China concerned about this time last year that state trooper unreleased excellence. Unfortunately taken to assume. I'm a father of a thirteen year old girl and an eleven year old boy are we both we drive on the road we walk on the road and we ride bikes. Pardon me I'm a little courtside next surgery Friday from being people on last year. So that was deeply. If so while YouTube and yes I think yes sir we did drive and on the street. All right so what did you what did that get your ribs or your neck. Are down my neck where he left her driveway like her out of on fighter. Eagle he feels worse yet while I think it works overall I didn't say to move forward William well. You might need a chiropractor and we'd recommend Monroe chiropractic and main street in Williams bill by Anderson's that's and you and are oh yeah they do spinal decompression so just not a throw that in the at. By the way it does look for doctor can be spent in more more time in Canada with the springtime. And he said hey no fewer than eight times today in a five minute meeting. While self talked to us about your situation or norte on one which is terrible tragedy happened. Asian tour that if the six lane road it is is that it is. And on fun to drive across. As it is to drive down as it is to walk across storewide across me in my schedule stardom bound. The Twin Cities by adding miles to a bike route to get to the land and by an underrated to eastern. And avoid that entire wrote I do have another issue those fired. I think it on the road. What don't give up on Oliver street when I see all these guys at the motorcycle without these nice slight Donald parked in the sidewalks. Yoga big bikes. You want to put my my tenure in the road to two by the Roger you've been that talk. That's real that's real cute guys. You know so I don't. So what we're not negotiating an end compensating him and working together here everybody has to work together drivers walker writers we all got to get on and get off you don't. Ought dude you know what. And Dan I'm sure you can attest to this having is going through surgery because you get T bone. We have to be more you know we scanned the horizon as drivers more than ever before because. You know we are so many people who are not paying attention there are so many people for whom traffic devices are optional. And frankly there are a lot of people that are in such a hurry in 28 team. That's absolutely correct and the protocol for me in my kids. My my kids have been writing their bicycles and pre K and every day I love them we. And pricey mistake coming in the way they're making decisions apple certainly welcome you know. But I want to make a decision but I can learn I'm not a helicopter parent you gotta gotta figure this out. So. I'm. As we approach intersection and hit a vehicle. And we. Is that the same time we cannot negotiate I'm I had my kids up put your feet in the ground searchers beat we are not negotiating space a time no drive targets to allow me you're how do you want to go or narco. We make I figured I got to ask you is legitimate question I thought this was satire or you are you dead serious. I used our utility. Well I I totally confused here you're telling me. That I we all have to get on this together for why you're on a bicycle dominant car what do I have to do. I'm a little. Help me out on out but that's cooled Hubert you ride your bike and you wanna take definitely a bike it sounds very dangerous from what you're telling me. And I unseen. Be safe. I'll do my part but I really care if you want a bicycle all over the place. What would lay out the top what was going on here. Idol we don't. This is your hobby do I put baseball cards I can tell you about Carl Yastrzemski may be too that's. Hobby right but if your responsibility that I get a big convention Dave Winfield. That's why hopped this hobby you'll stay safe you'll get out of my way and you use. Is it going to be okay. Put it to act like this is something we all honesty cars on the road you. It bicycles. Well obviously you'd cars on the road it's affect the life I mean it didn't hurt the cars are going to be on the road with vice Ives I understood that but at the same time it's like look. What we're seeing here does not appear to be a responsible maneuver now if you're not wearing a helmet number one of -- oh is that even responsible maneuver the got to pick up to predict actually speech teaching his children put your feet on the ground be safe these are all responsible things. This bicycle is today is not dance from Nortel and a lot of this heavily. That's the guy that's true. The mine I've got a phone call from Rhonda ever heard from analog outs on the right to make you called back. They care about doing that should be that's the case you know about kind of again and we all have a responsibility to add. But we Kyra and I know I was colony we all wanna get along I don't want anybody to. I think that were more important we have a right to go on. Yeah drive that the government the current government motorcycle guy and I'd like got a nice pair of sneakers do you like Iran get out and get to get out enjoy life. All right Dan thank you very much appreciate the call let's go to to David. I'm southeast at the scene I think he's just say he's a paramedic. All that they change I believe they changed the worry. Let's go to rob it is Mitt elm on WB. The rob rob rob confirmed or not at the scene of any action that you're just a paramedic that wants to Chiming correct. Rob. Rob and alma. Rob apparently he is now a senior management and fortunately he has the accident it is their point but rather this just. Let's go to Joseph in ten more work you know we QB beat her bedroom to get that that. Hello each well here. I consider myself and it's likely. I don't always operate our race. Michael. Enjoyment Writely an album out the year here and think more. Angle simply ask the panel want to play catch up. I cannot my normal route because I hate to say it. If you younger generation. Migrate our military that it can or like I like to take military on the river and up to the plate. And too many kinds yet the younger kids and write a military which if you exactly. That special person Delaware avenue. I think it down to river. Tony thank thank in nineteen Earl played when your goals all alongside me and trying to avoid historically Turkey because some of them are very deep. 67 to eat. And they'll all along side Nino yell get off the road you we simply. Don't know. And all right Kate. That's messed up pretty well. I got a question for you talk about the bike path along the river income of one I used to walk ten miles a day on that bike pat and I gotta tell you sent them. First of all it is wide enough. For by cyclists and pedestrians. And if you are unfamiliar with that particular bike path you've got to take that line real seriously because you will get run over by a bicycle. I agree with you more and then you get a morons who stand in the middle of this thing when you're tried either dual power walker dual power bike ride is standard and Shaq you've got acres around you gotta stand in the. Again though DN indoor title line that I think landslide and if I'm not mistake that might be the guy who like cultural ways that would be. Talk about the guys like gel and the guys who were out there who are talking about there was. There are many I think that responsible talk has to be given to more bicycle is that harder than people in cars. Yes I and and like it kind of line up like ethical ideal PGA's and call it a politician ocean park. I read it almost every get up exhaled it and threat of rain. Even men. I'm a very curry then back at just pocket my wife about this morning saying in. I'm disappointed in myself likely sign it out like nineteen. Care lock in particular three year old in front of me and and let her comment let up if I'm heading north forced help and it. I explode on the break up momentum calamity if the wind at my Beck and spoke out was all he would have a rate slowed down I'd never see. The other like players. Get this thing curtsy. They fly diet and within 23 feet Angolan can show them respect the float around it you never know how unpredictable to kick in the end. That's very true well gay men and you know what those those little bells embodies the horns on bikes are definitely a must if you're going to be on the bike paths at all. Joseph thank you for the call kids on bikes are definitely got to make sure that today it's. As dangerous as adding them while they're out there are scoot around driving around in in that sidewalks one. It is 549 usually and I thirty WBM Bauer early and Bellamy a tragic accident north I don't want to today involving a bike running a red light in the Twin Cities and things that charge. I don't get I get really nervous when I see like a kid under five or six in a bicycle. Al Kara how how well they are of their deal and that they. You never know at a kid's gonna do on a bike you know sidewalk to the road whatever it's scary well if it if we've been doing a show. At nine to noon back in this summer 2010 at this time of the day I would have been on the bike that I would have been on the bike -- walking ten miles a day five miles to five miles back. And I used to freak when I see these two and three year olds anywhere near the bike path because some of these Isaac Bruce were going like 3035. Miles an hour and one thing he got to know about it two or three year old but it very predictable. And we end up paying attention motorcycles are they by no bicycles on bicycles so that's pretty fast ball now let's try rob again who is a paramedic rob you're a WB and hello. There I. Just yet. The only place at a party got the college. That is that one of the great universal rules of the universe and a drizzle yeah. He. You know I'm in by writer now and it's nine point oh right like it's 5 o'clock down main streeters shared. You know I mean some of these people and in Paris you know look for respect I. Right today and what's going. To write down that row you're taking your life here. I mentioned. Here crawled in there Mike Summers struck and killed. July 16 he was 33 feet off the road in the middle no. You know you have to look at him by 99.9 percent of the people get it. And kill our eye on the trot in the role next row you know. And we see it you know in an accident you know there's another one tomorrow. The next day I mean just. It's not in and if you put heartened by seeing wrote entered the motorcycle is like writers Jack yours. District in there I mean medical emergencies. Yet believe what happened today. You'll see where an embassy here Lopes. And in people that you should come back like that there are you. Come on in the gym and one gym because. I an article for right or right it's there's no car and actually up well. And filed by that offer our cap. Comic and our you know in my technique. But these people that are doing in an amber and on a lot. Especially during rush hour. I mean more or these street Alley it just any amount is totally stopped. Million others this is obviously it's it's tragic for the guy his family and his friends but. You know at some point I'd like to know the chain of events that led up to this guy feeling like he had to make that life was he not thinking or was he running late. I mean and I I do believe an amateur that was the case in this particular accident. But I I do believe that a lot of accidents are caused because too many of us are two overstretched we are too. Much multitasking. We're trying to get too much done in the day and we don't give ourselves enough time to get from point a to point B now having its next week you're gonna start the road work in the village Williams felon main street from. Williams BellSouth and all the way to the two night it's going to be a Mongolian cluster damp so I've already got my alternate routes pick out which I'm sure gonna fill up themselves.