Beyonce/JayZ Concert Preview - Nicholas Picholas


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It's a big weekend for a lot of people throughout Western Europe Nicholas Nicholas joining us now from his ninety point five. Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Heading to Western New York the plane new air field tomorrow night's you know this concert was announced. With I'm I'm definitely not as versed as you are a pop music feel what you hear these two names something. Like that too big. Pop stars in the world right now kind. They'd be up there and this would be I think the first time beyoncé performs as a solo artist. Even though she's up myself. But as a solo artist in buffalo and and obviously really never happened before and not as a solo artist I think she was here with Destiny's Child at some point I'm pretty sure we hosted them onstage overshadows well what do you think this show will be like. Given the fact that yesterday the world learned about the death of Aretha Franklin that there's going to be some kind of an Aretha tribute right there they're actually already west is needed to showed two gigs ago they did a show in Detroit's Nam where where are Rica obviously passed away and and that was sort of her home. I think once they figure out that buffalo was her other home because Aretha spent her Summers growing up from buffalo her mother's buried here. I'm pretty sure you're gonna see attributes beyoncé did a beautiful tribute and mentioned when it was heard at a wreath was very sick in Detroit. Crowd went crazy I'm pretty sure you're gonna see something on Saturday night absolutely what is the issue. O's have been like because she had two very accomplished people who are on the roan had. Different careers may be different people like there is used to but the brought together by marriage if you get. Boarded shows you're gonna love this one because the age of 42 songs. As the show stands now and that's been changing a little bit towards the and the kind of mix of songs at the end. But a 42 songs they both have a ton of hits that are both also featured on other people's songs. So they sometimes grab outside of their own songbook to grab a track that featured so is it like get a JC Ben beyoncé and I don't get together it's a couple OK so yeah the whole time. It's it's someone's mom and dad on stage effectively the only person that doesn't wanna see the show is probably their daughter. The two losses and their parents perform its its amazing couple notable signs holy Grail is amazing in and gone by what. What's been said from other tour stops holy Grail crazy in love and young forever the one that samples alpha bill. In that song it's it's just it's very very cool to see that do not miss. DJ Khaled who's gonna be on stage. Before then he goes on I believe at 8 o'clock and then OTR two stability eatery another that he just jumped on about a month ago on this tour home. Filled it in the stadium will be a these can be very failed they are still some tickets for sale. If you have some point to spend there's something called the Carter VIP section club Carter it's right down in front of the stage it's not cheap it's the mortgage payment. You get the best few you're standing from states like a party pic but then you know you have your own bar. It's apparently it is the ticket to get otherwise they're great deals to be cut and I know that's. Publicity put out something sabres fans were accurate as season ticket all the sabres or bills or whatever. You get a deal on tickets as well it's going to be it's going to be perfect weather I think it's going to be big show they've been working on the stage for five states. It's a huge stage three separate screens fifty trucks just for the skier in new work camp for five days I've heard from a number people who had tickets that they got shuffled around the state that president yet and that's some people got upset because they got awesome tickets up front and then because of stage production. Doce to disappeared because now it's gonna be staged there and they got shuffled somewhere else. That's that's the way it goes with shows you don't really know to the show up how do you like some of the shows that have been at Mueller field since the return of music Tuesday but it is it for me as long as the weather's good. I'm happy and I'm so happy that the weather's going to be announced on Saturday. Got to ask you to free now do you ever see or read the Franklin answer. Not now life no. You know and I'm I'm you know it's funny it's. I play want her son's probably every time I do again. Which which one or respect or chain for yet it's just what she's I don't know which is very special. Married so it too big stories in the music world with Aretha Franklin and welcoming BGC. Ballot and DJ could start sorry let me forget you let your friend. Out of us are right so Nicholas Nicholas thanks so much for stopping in neck his ninety point five. Check out Jay-Z and beyoncé they're still tickets available if you thought you missed out. He saw an opportunity to live nation dot com and great weather tomorrow too.