Betting On Sports: A Vegas View - Brian Blessing


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We're talking about the legalization of sports betting for states and Bryant blasting a former buffalo guys joining us from Las Vegas this morning Brian's with sports book radio and Vegas cocky hotline. It Brian the the impact of this legalization decision on Vegas and would they still beset in the line. The bottom and it's two of them black in diplomats to protect them whatsoever in them in Vegas remained. A sort of bent destination people will still column here. All of it is that they're kind of the gold standard furthest I've been in the greens you think it is true perfect big and anyway in fact you would open doors. Or several local properties to be administrators. Aiding other states want this book comes to fruition. You know for a lot of people whom maybe don't live in this world that are kind of eager to get to taste here in New York I'm exactly what they're looking at are we talking about simply do you expect this to be betting games based on a line are you may be expecting things like in game betting you know after the first period you can. Put something down what should people expect the rules to be. Portal source for everything the game aspect that would certainly so but the Bible I'd think. Bet that more experienced sort of thing I think at the beginning you'll be you'll what are the parameters so you know where. TI going to be are they going to be racetrack or casinos around the country all I think the biggest thing when it's. Really takes ought to wrote him. Certain states would be. Doubt what when they're able to utilize the ball and that people could spot body and then wager right double fault but I think that's years away. Brian around here they're talking about adding it to Batavia downs which you're familiar with OTV here in western new York and course casinos. But what people actually with they'd be able to to bet. During a game once a game is already started. Dogged in game wager probably. At. BK become portable or for the bit. Analyzed by 67 years here at Las Vegas and yet it basically separate periods. You can do it at all commercial. You know the people. Bought the well eighteen on Cleveland they've made in the chip that line based on what the score is. At that bowl so the spotlight is but he never read from wagering perspective but I do really believe. That will be more thorough thing I've seen in public shortly probably ready. It's to do it in a row that we shall Bernard side. But it the other states there's still a lot of legalese to get through taxes that they figure we. Ultimately you're gonna want ball. In Korea you as soon. From day one this all the European belt we led by the end of belt have bought this. To prevail it would be a workable Burkle. On the Super Bowl. Once years ago yeah it's all it's been good luck receipt from day one it's all about quality about weeks ago of one of these life. Prop bets were familiar with those from the super ball we're not talking about any of that kind of batting right. You know how long the anthem is that kind of thing. We'll look at it old school beat. Look like let people that bites. Objectives. They it will Jonathan mark just so you know horrible. Will quietly Smith score a goal. I'll so door there are things like that that wrote the Wii easily. You know can be offer me Soviet being yet they can do anything. If it's just that question how fast and out. Book of people before it wanted to open. Give us an idea in Vegas now that they have the professional sports team of their own if you go to a golden night's game could you be in your seat. On the up placing a bet on the game you're watching. Absolutely. Bet it's. You're the only the only way to. A golden knights wagers is New York, New York. Which is the Ngo property it's basically sets the scene mobile. Other than that they're all that. Back in the reason to grab an app. You keep your actually noticed and to do right. You want multiple hats because it looked like not air a fact that was flawed in that. The ability to shop her number so you can feel like as the opera based on the team you want to play. Which simply by having all Opel. You're kind of indicating a minute ago Brian that. In a Major League teams they stand to win office big time right. They do. The question is you work as people are so it is worth their while to do. I think what the NBA with them be police are proposing that 1%. Of anything that's wager. Well that would be page species and their raked in so at the end of the day that you obviously there are all sides all of wager. At the end of the day it's a good support look at the end of the year so they'd say oh. Six per cent that was a win by 6% of everything that was wagered that a week you're gonna take more per cent of incredible flawed and they're basically take its 40% of the business. You mentioned some of the different line drivel to get on different apps. Do you think that if you go from city to city you know say if you're looking to place a bet against the Buffalo Sabres. What you get better. Odds on that. In buffalo event in Las Vegas or in Boston has some of these other cities because of how many people wanna bet on their team or. Do you think to start it might just be one line set by Vegas that ever want files. No will be like yours picture I'm sure. Simply put what the biggest. Well with the goal exploits are your biggest they were also vote one. Saw in the offshore or world with jets were bigger paper you know so it would probably be it. What the dollar thirty dollar 35 last night anywhere what the vet. Brian you know. The Vegas and event in other sports and event is just a change sports as we know it once this is is statewide. You know what's new Epson dot. If you look just cut to the chase and people have been betting for our. It's just a question of are they were doing it with a dial a quarter of all short. Vegas would what the what was stated about it take the greens being as miniscule. In terms of the amount of money it's wager worldwide. People that all. The way to make of this is there's gotta be something now. Where OK it's going to be on board there are better place walk he would make your bet. And dispute individual states can taxes and it took to regulate it. Baker has always been standard herbal the teams of the week. The integrity sports. Ubiquitous sports is there if any the biggest watchdog. Or any potential problems. Is that terms of the integrity of sports. Vague bit wants no water beer game more break than anything and ordered an example instances the sort of have been discover us they. So he gave the industry it was actually a big watch Bart actually had relationships with the league's super security. Think that there's going to be a convenience aspect where people can do that oh wait till the Al's going to be more can be. Hey Brian you host of Vegas hockey outline have to ask you about the team I mean what are you more surprised by over the course of the year that. Success at the golden knights or. How was I. Rapidly and rapidly they seem to have been embraced by all of Vegas. It'll tell you this city has been on here. The 41 home game regular season only to light. We're building marginally quiet table one night was the only game they got roll call. All of that this has been a certain sector around here. It's a tribute city people like me that there are 45000 people that move cheerful well what. There are 75000. People move your structure Kabul Philadelphia. It's an educated hockey market action about it. It's very early. Really early job you could see this seems good. In bed or away is he really. Had them. They tight series against the jets it was such we actionable reaction be one where. Hockey world well they met their match against what. That is what it. Worked briefly the year they only lost four catching up in game one. And last night they are I mean there are we got you. And lesser figure but all eyes well well it realistic. To winnable thing. We're jealous frankly really really jealous. Yet it's a funny thing those 50. What party out of such a station in the may have that you there's a Chicago right. And I you know. And it really cypress community and you walk of the waited everything I could put it in jeopardy that I could occur that you patent what's the exit as well the sabres game. We're hoping that the TV. And all they've what are you like you you know maybe I. We don't like people around involved what built long long time was still remember it. And with so implement your legal debate comes. If you get the TV ratings every year so believable. It's teams that are involved to ball float like the two were three ratings nationally it's such an incredible shots you markets they deserve better. Hopefully beltway and Michael battles that it's on the court to get this thing turned around. And hey we hope better times our around the corner Brian thanks so much for all the time and hey good luck the rest the playoffs hopefully will be checking in with the again maybe in the final. Brittany.