Beach and Company Term Limits 6-18 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Monday, June 18th
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Elliott back in Beijing company a sandy beach gee we'd really like to talk about term limits and where you'd like to talk about sports gambling boat you are session ends on Wednesdays are we run out of time but don't forget. That we're going to talk about it I mean that it's is simply a little teaser campaign. And so or asking how you feel about term limits and maybe even age limits instead of just term elements. In the legislature and the sports gambling under through about that. Mr. beamer are you have a couple of Facebook's wars toys. I do tend says. What does the term limits at all level of government career politicians with not what our founding fathers intended or envisioned for the nation. He created while that's true and them when you ask somebody who vote and who is enjoying what you want ON. And the only way we get renovated is that person enjoying it hasn't Iran and a c'mon now. Is that realistic I don't think so but we got to figure a way to do it. And we we don't have via the same wherewithal as California does. At least they can put up a referendum and though Stewart goes from there although we don't copy California from time Seminole and influenza. Thick throughout California are now is probably more dire straits that this is that they're really at their breaking point. Where there every now with homeless people in the illegal immigrants. And so on but they're welcoming state Tony Snow some parts they've welcomed yet another one beamer. Genesis term limits and age limits and when they get done no lifetime health care no lifetime pensions no perks. Do what the rest of us do and get a job. Odds are likely that. I'm sure vat the vat would be a welcome with open arms in Albany it's always say yeah that's for us I didn't want all those benefits anyway. Too much paperwork in on I mean I'd rather just write the check myself I wanna spend more time moments and my family member or write a book. That I am going on tour. All right here is and his Zacks. The only thing about term limits is that women leave though I'll be appointed to a government position maybe water board. Vision be water boarded some of them he gets full pensions causing more corruption that's usually the way it works. We well okay you get into office I get into office. I when my election you lose yours but that's okay I'm gonna Mayhew and charger water. Does anybody by the way I know what the water board does. As you know they've been in the news recently and the chairman just quit under pressure they hold meetings and they do they were meeting ago water. Do we have Miami was forward against the down. Big kid would we die we're about water yes we will I'd. We can go longer without food Billy Campbell no water wells as we have water where powerful people. To leave it on for now quick give me car guys and get me a glass. I mean their car and a glass. No ills of the water board does but anyway that's and do they. Exactly that's that's the reason you chairman's adequate. Let's say let's go to rule. Who's next CJ I think in general are CJ here on WB yen. And I'm finds these days unhappy what's on your mind today. Well I don't know about term limits and you know it just seems to me when you know. If you got a good guy in there whether they're Democrat or public and I mean it's up to us to vote in and out when you don't hit out here thirty out of population. Voting. I don't. See why people are belly again about unemployment because. You're the fact that there and op. Well you know this surge should drug that are favorable the parties and if there's a person is. Is a candidate from their party is almost a sure thing. Oftentimes. Sections of America is statewide to. Things are determined by New York City and we have very little saying that is it seems I think very people get to a point every once in awhile and they say. Hide the individual taxpayer voter. Don't matter anymore as just the same people they've made the same allegiances to the same table and I I just don't the governments are reflecting me. So what happens as you find out you get outvoted. Yeah but I think come I think we kind of made that. A lot of old and we don't vote. I would like to hear your. I think it's the problem is campaign finance reform could even have ever been. In office and saying things good things. He spent on campus I'm on the phone. And gold fund raisers. And in particular. And. Well that's exactly writers especially. Well when I'm mentioning term limits especially when they're a two year charms. When their two year terms happier right half of their term is spent preparing for the next the next election. So if you didn't armaments may be expanded to your general for your Germany get more governance out of them. The bottom of the bottom line is I understand your concern about losing a good person. Every once in awhile there's collateral damage whereas if you looked for the overall good. I'll vote vote keeping fresher faces a newer ideas and less influence. Over the legislators. Yeah are you may have a rose a good one every once in awhile but I think I'm though on the margins are better off. Okay well. My message out there everybody that listening vote area. That's the best message we have and that's a good one and I hope people listen to you thank you very much. Of course yeah every once in awhile. Yeah it's collateral damage somebody may be good and doing a good job. But but they get swept away. But that as opposed to a lot of deadwood did you get nuclear arsenal while I clearing out your closet. You know he's out there the same things bin that there they've been there too long. You don't wanna vote him in the case of voting going through are going to have a men job combining a new suit you just soon use the Olsen wrote. But everyone's analyze just gonna say now what this they are clean up applause and throw that stuff out going get some new stuff. I know it's unfair to some other things which are. Hardly embryo is there road they've been looked like oh but then god and so I think you have to make that choice Tony you think that's an easy choice to make because I do. I know I know some some of you will be disappointed in some actions but I think overall. It would be for the better I think so yeah arriving Tuesday got to do that rules wrong. I use the closet analogy doesn't think human bone claws. I thought another shirt that day in a different color is the best shirt I ever had. And I originally got it in like three dollars and and now have it in like fifteen dollars every color they make. I have an SRI where now the I'm it's is its this year. Looks comfortable yet it is saying well as a revoked I think so yeah and every time they come out with a new color this is over like three years ago. I really have like fifteen them. Is really cool because. Whatever sure I dare I say I've written about my very overture there you go are bigger break as I was about as exciting as they squandered body and all that but it's great or he get a beamer sue. No I couldn't Wear a beamer shook. Now you bought a regular showed during general survey of vent your going through. I did buy irregulars who for the wedding and then we will pick an event that I will Wear the selected seem to have select this sure is. It's a kind of thing where if university or designers. Are shell. Where they show offerings through high fashion audiences Hugo. How old aware of that. Beamer is gonna buy one that's exactly just took acid somehow how to describe it kinda assume you're looking up because I know like as I've seen around Lima. I don't know how you describe it not being oppression arrangements already floral. And a those long pants or is it just the design them excellent larger shorts the shorts of York is a summertime suit you are short. True okay. Right oh Ruby Tuesday when you don't where Jews event where you're very very perjured imposed all of there'll be a lot of pitchers so people can see that I wore it where I war and how it turned out I like honestly I've responses and be sure to get pictures of yourself being escorted out by security yes we want that I have are sacks and no socks with the sense that all with the shorts and not only will global shoes and socks about onward you weren't aware. Too much information okay tough. Howard Stern under Israeli and I birdied every via two things were time though one comes on life support for sure and that's sports gambling the lowest close to a every sports gambling. It seems like there's not an appetite for right now see they have a lot of other things that they're considering a round sports gambling. There are native American casinos there or were seen knows there are racetracks. As there are all kinds of road ways to gavel in New York ready including. A the lot of reasons. Every way by Sunday so it's not like the state is against gambling. About one I heard one public official and I was in. In between getting ready for work so I didn't hear rule is say that they're not thrilled about having him. Compensate the leagues like the if you were betting media. Football you've got the visa National Football League in the NBA. The National Hockey League or anything like that so I don't know. A like kind of deals that they would after a couple of them in order to make that part of sports gambling. But I also think sports gambling is very easy to do. Another words. You can if you're trying to cut out a moral high ground for allowing sports gambling. Is it's it's it's tough but I don't think there is a moral high ground seeing that there's all kinds of gambling well from church gambling. Where your favorite churches auctioning off this or that our car Bono trip. Who knows what sort of have gambling in many ways shapes and forms. In all of the gambling had tickets that we buy and scratch and and and look at so they're already there. But sports gambling is easy the bills playing this week. Via the favorite are the underdogs I think I'll put five dollars and so suddenly it's real easy but I don't think. That's what's holding it up I don't know one of the thoughts they have about having to deal with the other forms area. I didn't know brought him and keep kickbacks to. The major leagues is Las Vegas pave the and I don't know I don't know baseball. CI don't know that's why when the legislator. Was talking about that I didn't know why they would have to do. There is no reason they would have to go because. There if you're going to have a game where you publish the score. Where the score is give them by radio into the villas in the paper or whatever. Then why can't that information be used. To enrich the state I don't understand that if if that's the case right I don't know that's the case I don't know Vegas has been doing them all the time. I would think not for our for a reason. If you. If you ever quote from the National Football League they are vehemently anti gambling. But I think they do that would their time and their cheek. Because the National Football League a lot of gambling goes on on football a lot of it okay. So I think it's one of those things where. There were it's. Like the end of the movie I think Louis is the big inning of a beautiful friendship. Where you think they're on opposite sides of the than. In the one thing that I like abouts are being there dynamic game. Is that I feel like I have a little bit of control. Over what's gonna happen all the words I'm not reliant on out colored pop up because the dice or. Here look at these horrific Mario so maybe some of the dollars and I've learned about football is going to help meet. Place a bad and I think I have a better chance that week as opposed to our play in a car again. Because you're using steel right auto or some gambling requires still some doubt as some. If you go a mile lottery ticket and you just have the machine on jargon number there's no skill involved okay. But if you're if you're rose betting on horse race. Well if you look at the racing form. And you see how long it's been no instances horses race is it to dropping Donna class is a moving up in class. Is that in my letter doesn't like a fast track. There's a lot of things are going through the consideration of your bat. So there is still involved that doesn't mean you're gonna win but it means that you are using skill to make their final decision. But we're slot machines friends is there's no skill. He just sit there and punch punch punch punch punch and people people make up things in their my wife you know. That machine is closest to the door. That would be the one that they would put the jackpot in. Because it would draw more attention all our you know of that oil and the only the only. Time I use like that is when I go to Vegas are I don't play the slot machines at the airport. There's something that's the last place. Did you ever hear of anybody winning anything is at the airport. And fifty cents or fifty cents a McCarron yeah it's yes they did the when I first derived. First thing I did was put something in the slot machine pulled it out of fifty cents came out. Oh man yelled we're hooked on that you'll spend 800 dollars trying to get that fifty cents Mac. So I idea I wanna know how you feel about sports betting and how you feel about term limits those codes do Bill Allen Cheektowaga bill you're on WB yeah. Okay is there any evidence to the detail about what do one thing is. Thank you have returned permits that the president early look bad debt gave her how many. Are you here while that's true I think you would want again sure absolutely oh by the way I I saw it online. Over the weekend now it was on line so I can guarantee it. It says that USA today says that in the survey Obama was the worst president since were weren't true. Absolutely positively no depth of proud of but it is that they. It's not about gerrymandering you talked about everything else. You know term limits can't even hurt gerrymandering. Because after our only bit of it to Republican or democratic district. I can only stay there for so long that you've got to put another Republican or Democrat. For election. And then the people that you're demanding that can play a ligament in skeleton so Daryn good or you wouldn't. And you chain that now that's about generally ending. Look at the deals there you have parties make among ourselves. In like the city of buffalo and then the suburbs. We won't run a candidate there so that'll keep that turn out. And from being too large as of the journalists who larger guy's nose so big they play those games all the time. Well that's what they've done about the election of Gutierrez judges you know pertinent I worked apparently at the Supreme Court officer. Right Norah does it goes up there are these guys shake hands and they get a pay so much as democratic prior Republican Party. Let's put this guy in the majority some of them Taylor opening I worked with Benny. I'll goods like your doom. I wrote. There was a great judge said no doubt in my mind. I think your world. That are coming out there believe me I think at some of them are political action and that what's happening system. Talk about gambling money he agreed that I can shingle and they're already gone to this stay in New York. As a forum that out because certain money. I'm an AD users and the and the that they are in. Basic pillar. Now I'm back yes I have forty seconds go ahead. Mecca for certain because we are handling. The talent this. You're spending and gambling money to run hurts government. Yup and our view on the as opposed to what was in the deal when they signed it and and they were surprised when suddenly via the money ran out. Well bill I'm glad you're radiate hope because again thank you very much we'll take a break. And return on his radio and I thirty WB and. And we're back where event region governor have said division I mom I'm always trying to improve myself. I'm good but I'm not perfect you know and I don't like it when people bring that up they. Things that they hear that maybe I am falling into bad pattern and I'm going to projectors that in his first tax. It says here. Sandy please don't interrupt Tony. When he talks you ask him a question then you over talk him. Now I don't realize I'm doing that just the way it usually works is when I'm targeting. Looking at Sony and he has something once deal raises and throw them. And I raise my hand throws it to me. Of its own idea in my overcharging you and thanks America I now. Wasn't under arcane. I don't think that. Antonio that's bad. And about current turmoil it doesn't matter or zero. Does your daughter as a sign of things going yeah. I was tried to our blog about quite a ball don't I don't know why. Odds are available I'd putt well all I don't wanna hear it. Every time I go to say something need chimes and what are you gonna do I'm sorry it my all goes as you get into a better have users was that something. I'm talking that's enough. It's gonna take over the show and revealed that a it's a VO bureau week. No I haven't known as a write in Norton no lines. Either because of I had. It wouldn't stop me in. And I can't see anything important I know you do if we let me talk the only time. Mr. whoever put that the only time. I in erupts on the news when I should it. Which is almost every. Couple. Let's get on the the next thing are right which left it about. Most of the emphasis that it has been term limits because that would have me and an impact. On. Politics in a very large way. Fresh a fresh faces. Hopefully he's fresh ideas. Less alliances we have we're the people who are influencing their government. A favors owed there be less of those unity you know you voted for my idea bill last time you have the vote for mine this time. That kind of thing a lot of pluses lot of losses now there are pluses do people who have done a good job. But I think you're if you make kids as they mated to a four year terms and eight years. In any yours okay that's enough congratulations. Thank you here's a handshake and now go about your room. Your regular job. Politics was not designed to be by the by the founding father as a profession. Was supposed to be a public service. Where you leave whatever you're doing at home you command to Iran for robbers you serve your community. For a short time and then you go home. But that has in the now in a long long time so term limits the argument is made. A fourth term limits were strong. There is another way of saying you know occasionally going to lose. Some people that you don't want to lose because it's our moms look I think about it we have age limits now on judges in New York State. So you get through the age limit I think you can get one application beyond that. And if that's granted that it doesn't matter if if you're having your greatest. Judge in the history judges you are done. So we have ever judges why would we not have that for politicians so that's the argument there. And I but I also think that it's a red Herring I think they put it up now. So that that they know they wouldn't have enough time to make any kind of a decision on important matter like that. And so I've been going through them that I gonna approach that I don't move this on the road under happened. And we'll saver shows up in the next session. The other is a sports gambling to be honest with you on the Supreme Court I made their ruling I thought New York to be among the first to say yes. We want sports betting sports books are very very. Entertaining. They're fine and I'm sure they're very lucrative. Through Las Vegas if you go to Las Vegas almost everybody goes to Vegas some one time or another goes to a sports book. And it's easy to do you don't need lessons. Some of you may win some more of you'll lose. But it's still easy to do if the bills are playing and there are you know six point underdog it's easy to figure out why it. What side you wannabe that so the bottom line is over and under bad things like that not hard to do. And and in the you can fallen your local team. As opposed to a mindlessly slot machines and in just punching boom boom boom boom boom in the when you when you'll see in regular enjoyment. When you've been on sports book. If you're Smart you'll bet on the team you think is going to win and not just your favorite team. But you can play along true if if you really think your favorite team is going to win the event on him he gives you the enjoyment of watching them. And if you illusion knows what you understand that. And then yeah I get picked kick out of the people who'll. Pick based on uniform colors and they said that I go in there with all this knowledge of OK there's an injury here. This trade they're running a West Coast off that's the other runner cover two defense but the one that goes with the uniform colors is the wanna win. Exactly the same as harsh RAZR we just finished a Triple Crown. People bet all the time on the colors of the silks of the jockeys wearing the number of the name of horrors. By the way gronkowski did very well in the in that in the last of the Triple Crown races came in second. And it was a strong second I was the only thing maybe Alan craft something like that but that's good so of people who play the horses. The people who play the horses read the form. Follow horse racing more watched the workouts or whatever. But a lot of others just do with the way I just out of the three of us which one is more likely to bat with their heart and there. Favorite college full. Balls are all Busby bing America actually is GM common. You could see you could say that I could see it my enthusiasm but I know it's not touch my teens whenever about sports let's not Vegas I go to the sports book. Every day and make sure that I don't touch the Mets and partly even if you play Virginia yeah I would. I would never do it just because I don't wanna. Now I just couldn't I did it once in my life I put the nets and apart like and the Mets the team that got lost in the money so I will never touch. I TE guide your if your other team because your love your team. If you don't if they lose and you don't Bennett that's okay they gave it whatever they could but they still lost. If they lost forget and you better than that you make you not happy at all. Wonder if you watch the game differently. Well I told us I watch my game I watched my teens because there the love I have for those teams I've parlayed neon chrome. Fifty bucks down a three team par on three game partly. Okay that's Sox but it wasn't my team that scrutiny over. Now it's like you're getting him he has Super Bowl holes. That spoke on your score hold it there's only fifteen seconds left don't score now. Because the funerals are now oh in this corner but it discord I was gonna screw me up for this quarter and probably next quarter 20 yeah you got the numbers just totally changes. When I when I play the you know those of receivable. I don't want them to games over because then I enjoyed the game policy is takes a lot of discipline not to do not to announce a look at your poll numbers for me. I would have to be really disciplined and about primarily the NFL. I think college. Can be too unpredictable. Griffin gad I mean you're going theirs oh what this team's gonna destroy the other team by. 56 points and then you have an upset and you're you know you're out. Monroe they have all kinds of vetting you go on the sports books. In Vegas. It's a walled electronics and that was years ago that I I would I saw those again imagine now even more advanced. They get every racetrack fair to ask because there are a motor sports. Horse racing every thing there it's on one place at one time. And it's as easy to get very caught up and it's easy either think it's easy and it's not easy. It's easy to lose your shirt like that. Because you think Augusta is easier over a number how crazy is this aero. And you find other quarterback was out you know carousing in and sprained his name and then you're screwed. I remember an asset that's performed last season. Especially early on in the season and the first four weeks we were blown away how holes. I'll Vegas was yards later rides I mean they were off they may be half a point. Did I say the odds makers before you finish your sentence I think I do I think you dad you should be are you said something and I thought oddsmakers Fitzsimmons. I'm sorry to support them after all these years. I promise to give you a good opportunities and he and Cyrus and I feel so deflated you showed. Will be back Whitmore it's enormity. It's a brand new me and I can hardly this year I'm newsreader and I'm thirty W via Tony you're telling me that that you read that Warner Bros. May be it looks like they are going to continue via. Cannonball run franchise which of course is our dear friend argued departed for and for our kids who weren't born and log report. Most widely around automotive journalists in the world. Obviously from car and driver but also a row for the New York Times and a all of a big national publications. And he he and Dan Gurney one year decides Dan Gurney world class racer decided let's see off last week and go from one coast to the other. I was so they had no idea I think it was a Ferrari for morrow was. And they did it in record time and after that. They started with the cannonball run which were a bunch of these guys who wall had very hard machines. Who decided rules which don't make no mistake or rules. Go us is that we can answer rebel on the beach California. And and the first couple years. The cops weren't onto it but they made a movie. They are more of one actually but they've remotely that we're thinking about. At every big star you don't believe in as Sinatra. And dean Martin's Sammy Davis junior Adrian Barr ball and a city Jacki Cheney's Jackie Chan Roger Moore everybody always it was great grades and and so they're going to. I would never voted I guess. Pam solo album that was brought up. A shoulder right Stewart who wanted to Brothers and it's perfect timing for that would all the fast and furious and video games I think it'll do very well if if it's a good script and if they get good people. But I don't know you and I were talking about this. Where you're gonna get stars for caliber of those stars to come in and and and do it if you really wanna emulate the original. You can't today's talent. It doesn't match up when you add back that and towards us the news or it'll mean. You don't have it and we do have cars Amazon Nashua yard de Justin Bieber resolved alone at all and you know that that's I mean that's gonna. Provides I'd love to see a well done movie and waters certainly a major studio. There'd be nicer if vote waters of the laws though we're Mel paso being aggressive company's long ago. Highest Brock junior about this. Maybe you about a year ago or a year and a half ago. And he did say that something was in the works but that was all he was well on the let aren't so maybe he knew about this all along. I had a lunch with a pan am a couple of years ago. And news and those talks were had started. For the rights suits a redo it. So great great guidelines as causes them well. Would you estimate they have the car's speed to start now being that there is not the talent level cars or had it. As an absolutely have to be the stars now but you have cars now that Warren complain McLaren is things like that. Got hands and legs. Yahoo! Gotti for sure with the very Iran and should Iran than the you know the various models they have. All I wanna be studio wants to invest in ours well I think you could probably. Talk of a people manufacture of those cars. Because it would be greater exposure for them and they you know when I when I got my GGR because. It had been in the video games and in the fast and furious royalties everybody knew about it when normally. The car aficionados would no budget you ours but certainly not everybody. But people used to follow me and restaurant parking lots and take pictures. I'm and I would Levinson the current acreage is of them in the car. I mean because of that exposure so I think as as an elite as those cars are I think the manufacturers' lot of them that are kind of. Publicity and think some of the celebrities that you probably would turn to would be the rock Vin Diesel and yeah he goes a maybe a mark Walt burger this Wahlberg went over. Guys like that might be I don't know who would play the age of our ballpark now. They may have to talk to beamer about that he might know where every game I just sent a picture so he understood where we were items your beer up that interview and racked my brain. Ha ha ha well but hey did you say the word Iraq. I now I do have a programming note I'd like to bring to everyone's learned 37 today David Bell the F Joseph beamer. And Michael Capuano so make sure you two had all of I want. Where does started you know because he's alive riot and a battle because you do. Yeah you funds and bring you a little bit a great time for you I'll be listening as a grad and I've I promise tomorrow I am not going to interrupt Tony at all sure I can make them from original one wide azimuth analysts talked. Yes there will be a lot Joni Wednesday to be a good time to catch. And no. Tony ire are brow than you know like twenty something year. When he won years herself with better mileage is. All right we'll see you tomorrow at nine under greater and I buried every via. Well it's they never have to music east's great leeway here have you given him.