Beach and Company Term Limits 6-18 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Monday, June 18th
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Elliott backward that region governor of sandy beach tour and eleven heads the U favored term limits they are allegedly stole on. Batting that around in Albany but you'll notice it does Lehman really come up for our much discussion and though. The term itself ends on one Wednesday. And term limits is so important that they're not going to exist. I'll whip that thing through it's not gonna happen so I think that's wild little Caesars but I masking. You feel about our lowest. The more I learn about government the more I favor term limits. And what about a sports gambling because. And that seems to be on oxygen in that does not seem like they're two interest in doing that error somebody's say because a lot of legislators. They don't wanna have to given back to the league's and a fell in the NBA and whenever. The cynical side of me looks at it is is because they have meant to have their palms. Reached yet and told somebody figures way to grease the palms than but before the red rock band. I don't like this you're asking you the public me member of republika. A taxpayer a voter so we're in the same boat we're asking people we put in office. In a a job full power. A great retirement plan the ability to tell us how to lead our lives. And they can be there if there especially if there and protected area where most of the voters are usually vote for their party. For a very entire career. Just living. Living large we're asking them to give that up for the good of government pardon me just. And yes. And is day after. And yeah. Love a good laugh every once in awhile doing something for the good of the taxpayers. When's the last time we heard that. So I don't expected to have an anytime soon you may get as somebody who is tired of a job as saying now we should have term limits. But I think anybody. Just getting into the job was bit of a job for awhile who's in the Goldman's bottom having everything you ever dreamed of or she ever dreamed of I've been up amenable we care. Would you would you give it up I mean that's a that's a question of Nancy's. I mean there might be some people optimism I'm minded people some of the board ethics. Who would say yes I would do interval width for the good of the state of the county or in the federal government but not me now many get that golden parachutes that. Sitting there and everybody borrowing and scrapping them and did die in there have just dinner with the U. It's it's not going to be given up easily. You'd have to take away their perks are actually some of the perks to get them even considering he had at that maybe. No more lifetime health insurance and here's a point. We can't do it. They have to do it and that's all thing is not right okay. Major OO OB at the town square today and known. And will all vote I don't know. Gay have to put things on the ballot there are the ones who have to vote on legislation we gave them that. They're not gonna give it back to us then I'm going to save us as returned of founding fathers' day. We'll all come in for a short time and leave not gonna do that usually. The the ace themselves lack of a better term out of a job they either get defeated at the polls. Oh or they do something to get thrown out but that's the only way to alleviate that you got it they they leave being carried out they don't walk out. And that's that's the sad part about it why do you think both parties are against Donald Trump yes exactly because they do not like that the swamp thing I'm just California. I hear is here's a tax that I'll try to explain okay. WB and is too close to the Republican Party it is so obvious. So oh look at look in the mirror it's a joke to say that trump is claiming a swamp. All the is doing is putting his own swamp people and big business corporate greed Russians etc. that hurts that are. Let me just say this. I I don't think that we are too close to the Republican Party. I think where wrote we want better government that we're getting I think we can agree on that and just give your little inside baseball. I I don't I don't ever recall being asked by anybody want my political views were before getting this job. And nobody knows really what they were because doing that is before doing this a good music. As an as the radio personality. They want people can inform and entertain them whatever. But they they never give you wait a position. There is no official position of WV and in fact if you know our corporate. Then you know that they are far greener than any one of our holes are by a lot. And the days of they have their own opinion but they don't make us. Go unlocks that because of they did we we wouldn't be here. I wouldn't I wouldn't take your job where I was told what to think I just wouldn't go. I find something else that do know this is a national media via. But the bottom line is the bottom line is things can I kind of fall into place. And you'll end up where ago where your views are generally accepted by most of the others. But hey listen to our early morning Tuesday and he knows him any morning with some through the people we have on from our ABC. Okay do you think that you're going to bureau files shields that moments ago. In fact maybe you can hear me yelling at him through a glass one of them are even on the air yet. So I think we have people we differing points of view the hosts generally. Seem to seemed to be. More conservative than not but not all of them. Have been and that's and that. The truth well there's a keyword it's our conservative in that the people are when BP conservatives automatically think Republican. We all we and we are not locked in lockstep with the Republican Party. In fact were aghast at things at the Republican Party we're looking at what's best for Americans so I think you know that you Tom hourly. I gave develop via our conservatives at all. Necessarily lock the two together Republicans. Does not necessary have you ever if I take a position that I normally wouldn't be expected to take you should see my email. He's in my text it's it's not a day at the beach and let me tell is on the you know get a free pass. Because some Tebow lot further. Right than we are. And though some are a lot further left than we are and that's just the way of business the way it should be. It should be that it was should have differences of opinion so when the house show believe me and I don't know what this says. But there are so fuel. I was successful. What you would call liberal talk stations in the country. There's only a few markets that that support them they've all tried it. And they go to our flames there's no interest in it in the bottom line is this is still commerce and commerce drives broadcasting. And the bottom line add to that is. If you're if you're putting out a product of people like him or whether it you have a chance to be successful if they're rejecting the product you're putting out its it's we don't make up the political situations. And that's you have to see the chips fall. Who's more likely to listen the talk radio somewhere this conservative or something that's liberal. I think that's what you have to take a look and yeah are you got to survey audience that's out there and you say where in New York State. Were in New York's. Eight. And those look at how successful we are and where in New York State are very successful. Liberal talk stations affect New York City dumped its. You know don't have one anymore than anybody to come to remember about whole network went under remember that whole liberal network went under. That was a big time personality is big big promotional budgets things like that and they they units ordered dive into the into the deep end of a pool and didn't come out. We'll take a break we'll be back tomorrow newsreader and I'm thirty were asking about turmoil that's. Do you favor that sort of thing I'd definitely do now I did not used to but I do now and sports gambling I definitely favor of that. That seems to be on life support. I I think that I heard one of the politicians say. That they make more money on the traditional forms of gambling and sports gambling and it did not sound like they were too eager to share and revenue with a when the league's sole Super Eagles but probably not very far. We'll be back for more right after this we're asking about term limits and sports gambling two things being bandied about in Albany. And the one of the chief bending ears in Albany you would be Chris Jacobs always good doctor Chris Chris you're on WB and banks were holing the morning. I what's go what's going on and Albany that would be of interest to us what's so it's happening. I had just. Become aware that you were talking today about term limits and something I feel very strongly. About idea. This is my first term as in the state senate and I ran. Turkey as term limits being one of the main planks of mine in my campaign platform because I I just fuel strongly that we just have too much of professional political class up in Albany and I think it's really. Very much to source of a lot of problems and you know we having the trial going and these gallows and Shelton's over the leader of the assembly. Who was recently convicted and between the two of them I think they've served a total seven years up in Albany. I I love your platform warn Iran because of what you just told us. And Soria you know first year. Newly elected official that is so rare so I congratulate you on that. Because we understand the right to petition our government. And certainly lobbyists have a right to. Who say things into the era of those we elect. But I think if you've been there are real long time he gets a little too comfortable little too cozy I think we lose some objectivity. Yeah absolutely and I think he'll be on the the corruption because and I think there is a connection and that I've seen it now. Having been up here now a year half that this kind of Bobble. That you said losing objectivity perspective or losing. This sense of why you were here to represent. You're voters in your district and I think that point in time. There's a disconnect when you've been up your losses too long that a lot of people end up making decisions for their political. Survival to make sure that they were in the next election and they serve that as their primary. Interest not the voters in. In the district and so I just think there needs to be more about. A healthy churned more people coming in for a period time. Serving and then going back and living under the laws that they created. I think it would cause a much better more vibrant and and focused a legislative. Body here. And you know Albany it's always been ranked one of the most dysfunctional government and you know if focal legislative prophecies. And I think part of that is because people had intentionally make it difficult so it's not transparent people can't understand what's what's happening so. I feel strongly about that sheer concern that the discussion of the day coming up at the last minute. I was hopeful about a month ago that we really were gonna do it and he said its side and then you know we had a member of that. You've got called back up to military service that our side and that's really thrown things. All right enjoy into attack while I like what you just said those of thoughts of the founding fathers is a goes serve your country. And then come back home. And then that way you get a fresh perspective and you've done a white what you wanted to do I have to congratulate you another thing to Chris. You come from a prominent family and it's things like you don't need this job certainly but there's seems to be a calling for public service. Among I would think. Be more high reminded of us that to go in there and do something is good for all of us. And so even when you don't have to evil when it's not necessary. You find that need much like the Kennedy family and other prominent families. Has that always been in your mind that you would like to do that. What thank you repair is very tiny you I I I I with the fact that they write. You devote a lot of credit to my parents my father who is a doctor in buffalo and was very involved in and trying to trying to cure to the disease multiple sclerosis and he I think it's still an services and but also I think it's stems from my passion for buffalo and I think it's a great place and I think one of the things that is held it down. Over the last number of decades is. The state government and state New York City centric policies that have just crushed our ability to compete. And you know we're starting get some momentum but we have a long way to go and I just felt that. We have to fight the fight appeared Albany yet oddly out of our way so we can achieve you know all the Al that we should because we just have such an incredible places Western New York. 12 o'clock is a ticking like the sixty minutes stopwatch on both. The issue of term limits in sports gambling as either of them to have any kind of a chance to pass before Wednesday or be kind of tough. It's it's a weird year out so who knows what happens at the end term limits I think objectively is a long shot I will say. The thing that frustrates me also about the term limits as I've told everybody hates. Just let's vote on it because it's a constitutional amendment so inevitably have to go to a citizen's vote on the on the ballot. So it's it's up to the people and what what's what's a better situation why would you deprived the voters. Of having their rights so. I will keep you. I will keep the net drama as long as I can't. Sports betting I I was a little more optimistic. Couple weeks ago because I know the leadership here has been anticipating to some extent. That this Supreme Court ruling was coming down. But it is the toppled heated issue. And there yeah I know people said well some other states have passed it but they. They have different issues they don't have Indian casinos they don't have you know as we don't have all TB so. There's a lot of moving parts here in the mobile labs so I hope we can get it done if not I think we should look towards special session. After the election and get it done because it's it's it is it's at its starting up and other places. That like you said the clock is. Well I like the way you think and I feel comfortable. And knowing that you're you're you're looking out after us thank you Chris thank you very much okay Obama. Chris Jacobs. I like people that who think like he hear you Aziz a first term senator he barely knows where the vending machines are yet. And he wants that he wants term limits which Israelis really I think the kind of mines that we need. We need people going to Albany to represent us. That are thinking about us. And not themselves. Now I did to me when when you got that. And you're really going here for the right reasons not going there. To make contacts for yourself. Not going there and it's Emeka. To make it comfortable for when you get through with politics. What your next job might be. It's of those those sort of things that we don't hear politicians talk like that very often what. Novel concept to have the politicians represent the voters. Instead of special interest is brilliant. That's pretty sad and I believe them and in his. In his platform when he was running for the state senate he said the same things and and he's still saying those things in those things are things that I wish. Everybody that was elected would think and how people that wake up and understand that this is the most corrupt states in the country. We if everybody thought like Chris Jacobs. That's an elected official now we wouldn't term limits you know why. They go there they know when their job was done and they leave voluntarily right now we got to drag them out kicking and screaming and under indictment. That does not quite as saying. We're back tomorrow and goes right here and I'm thirty WB CN. It well certainly looks like sports gambling is on life support them for this term anyway. Term laments very iffy choke but they're brought out just before. The air clock runs out so. In Arianna I'm thinking on issues like vote is but especially term limits. I would definitely affect the the future of the people who have to make good decisions. They're going to throw it out there is something and they discussed but they ran out of time it's like in the old in the old days. Before his shot Clark the NBA used to have people who specialize in dribbling guys like Bob Cousy. And when you would get the ball with a few minutes left they give it to a Bob closing their own version of that. And he would kill the Clark by just. Doing Matt dribbling around there around them making them look a little silly. And but at least he knew honey in the game. I think they want in the session without having to make a decision. On term limits or sports gambling but it is but they can also tell their constituents that hey we just we discussed at the end. I mean that's basically but the way that went in so I consider it like a little tease. Yeah we didn't come to a conclusion but though rent on time leaving the impression with the though is if only they had more time maybe they go to got what was coming. I don't know I'll believe balance it but it is good to talk to somebody like Chris Jacobs though who is a first year. Senator. Who wants once. Jump lists. Now that's what I like somebody on trying to be well let's be honest it doesn't have to. But. Oh because it was in trying to first Federer nets. Secure their position within their own party. Take care of their big fundraisers. Take care of the lobbyists. And then maybe maybe then take care view and a the taxpayers in the voters. But we don't have enough votes we we simply don't. Let's go to woods and in what senator Daniel on WB again. Hey good morning I enjoyed that interview with mr. Collins and all the I'm a registered Democrat. I do think that he's done a wonderful job I'm. However I don't think there's not passing legislation to make direct sports gambling illegal isn't really that complicated. Well first of all I was that was Chris Jacobs and Chris Collins and Jacob Serbia and he's a Republican and spoke okay I kinda OK on my topic try to get a strong don't want someone the job I mean need the job was put it that way. Go ahead. And I do believe that young mr. Jacobs there is is really a public servant and I think that that's where. I think mister Collins has more shelf server for that lecture topic. I'm direct sports betting there are successful models that exist in the United States of America today and about it very successful. Oh yeah I in fact that's a big deal. Go to go to Vegas and always has been a big deal. I I'd I think you'll be very successful and they are state and I think they should pursue. And and we would all benefit from a gambling is here today. Well what I don't understand Shandi about the argument against any other type of gambling. It is the fact that it's here it's here with all its bills it's a year with all its benefits. And if you approach it correctly and you take a look at. Well Las Vegas. You can become successful. What what what's wrong with plagiarizing. Successful. Legislation is. It's like they're trying to tiptoe around which one is more morally acceptable. A slot machine error blackjack table or sports betting. I think that they they don't wanna give the impression that. Anybody can bet on sports not that not everybody can play blackjack or poker or whatever but anybody can bet on sports. But it's fun and I think the same constraints and restraints should be a lot of road map but we should have a. We wish to have and and as far as term limits. I'm with you 100% I don't want small concern and I'd like to hear. If you think it's a concern. If you have term limits in a statement. And local level. Or that Allstate politicians have to abide by it when they take their federal. Chuck Schumer. And a lot of people think he should have been reported stretch. I'm but if you limit his term and you sent him up with the federal government to take that doesn't have term limits. I think how this senate is designed by seniority. You gain more power. The ability to bring home more more. On the federal level we could be at a disadvantage. I'd like to know you think about it. Concern well yeah I was always a concern because seniority plays a big part in in legislative. Ability to get something done both an actual. A time and an influence and yes that would be a concern. I would ideally like to see journalists nationally. That would be ideal to eliminate that problem thanks Daniel Rosenberg points excellent points thank you very much. What about that Tony I brought have a good points. Usually. The seniority is handed out of the influential. About different that are different categories okay you're a senior man here you'll you'll chair this committee you chair that committee whatever. That is a good point and is something you'd have to look at. I don't know if you can do this without Colin term limits all throughout the country. Norton well you have to bite the bullet at some time right so guys you if you're going to bite and bite him for small Bullard first. Which would be the state. All right a may be of that successfully to move up in a cave or mine. I haven't had totally. And got caught up livid yet from California's gonna have an interest thing vote coming up where they may. Vote to. They did still be things need to be on that vote put. To divide just statins are three different categories with a what could I think go with that. But I don't overload when this vote will will be doing a show on the future. There's a study out of gas stops along those had you'll want people here western York we'd love to have us be separated from New York City why should near seating me. All the decisions and and we would not be able to survive. As a state with a New York City Milosevic I don't know how true that is but. That was thrown out but you know what else cause you lose power as loss of citizenship in New York State. Losing more citizens than almost any other state. In the country that's gonna cause us. We're trying to make up towards Tony because in illegal out there are welcoming stage for guys who are welcoming community we want illegals who can't vote now but eventually we figure. This is a betting on the if come. If we can get him to presidency is seek amnesty and that's there and then citizenship. Will have more voters will however need say the Democrats and then there are exactly right. Here's a attacks. Four year term lament for talk show hosts. Against armaments I've always been against our moments I think you should be able beards are trolls forever never never and better get free cake every once in awhile. And people is say nice show allowing the dribbles they show us arcs. The big differences you get good ratings the politicians know that. You are brave be voted on to our draws. It all when you go and vote that touch are also listed there and the stations had to abide by it. When medical it would be cool Beatrice and to tell you that. Will take a break and we'll return on newsreader and I'm thirty I'm against the it's never been. Will be back governments we have something to giveaway on. Oh you like to win someplace or call 6449875. Right now if you'd like to be in the running for a pair of tickets are buffalo brewers festival. Saturday Jones wife there in a canal side values sixty dollars you must be 21 years of age or older to win general confidence. Rules apply. 6449875. And bugs the we'll would take a winner at random moment 25 local crafts brewers like flying by isn't resurgence big ditch. Twelve that's big ditch for those of you which he Revere. Twelve delegates were surgeons community mere words per Austrians of the interior and more in four buffalo brewers festival. Dot com and passcode two. A Rossum Orchard Park rusher on W the end. Hey good morning sandy hello it's been throwing of these politicians are running social. We're never gonna get term touched her nightly question would be to burn and trauma and exemption. The people holding office currently most of them work all the help they won't be around that long anyway. But if you're grandfathered them and eventually we would have term limits simply ignorant as some of the deadwood integrys. I agree would you that's a that's probably the only reasonable. Way we have to do it because they're not going to do it any other way you're right. Good points thank you very much learning that Tony grandfather on the ones that are here now and though when they say bye bye to mother earth. After that whoever replaces them and their position. Woods the clock would be running on them had a bad idea I think it's good idea it's it's that I don't think you're gonna give him away. Not many people willing to give up something personally. For the good of their constituents they're just not. They're not going to cut off the benefits and economic cut down. The the perks of the office while they're still enjoying them. It's only when they're done. And and and they can't do it or won't do it anymore that they're willing to do. Yeah where you're gonna that you ask somebody to give up opportunity become an. A multi multi millionaire down by the time they leave office they'll go to office you'll broke Oreo maybe. Small make it competently pretty wealthy. And that's what makes summit like Chris Jacobs is so as a valuable to a here's a guy. Who is in his first term OK but as we said realistically. He doesn't have to worry about that being in their long enough to. To get a a pension and to make contacts were his next job or anything like that. But I do like effective ideas are calling for public service decided to do it was a successful in doing it and and now is is trying to. Work of things that weren't as the platform of his. Of his campaign. About about term promising he's trying to actually follow up that's very impressive to me. Let's go to Tyler and Mel Westerfield Tyler on WB again. And he bank you know Lou thank you very much to our what's on your mind today. You just let him go to commissioner just got to Rick rookie you don't like heated front when you've got these lifers say. You're gonna get up I'd be lying to the cash bag you can stuff your are your bank account. You can be charged with equipment they'll still get debt YouTube pension or write it opens your spotlight at a abroad but they're gonna say. Are in the webcast at eight like hectic the outcome of the election cycle and won't know by the jump. Now I you got the ball that I think you just scored who should be a move aside a tournament that kids I thought. It exactly right. Let's see let's go to the people that are enjoying. Things were complaining about and ask them to give it up for the good of the good night Mac and I happen. Not going to happen. And from buffalo and there on WDN. In the morning and what do you think about term limits and sports gambling and that sort of thing. Oh yeah. I don't let don't let it won't let don't let. I have yet certain that you. It automatic talking about where they didn't know who quit at the border ready for it if they hate it well. You're at the way it taking it. And well we at the current term drive. I don't know the people at that they are you that your your I don't and don't you don't laugh out as well because the reality on. So easy. And there. In the UK. LA and eighteen. Are. And we play a bit but older I MTV is it easy for that. We keep putting them back in the area. That thank you and thank you very much and you know lying. I think and this is just one of my theories. He is you keep putting amend their because. Maybe. Maybe. You're at the fair and they were bear. And they shook your hand. Or maybe you weren't and events they may have big east as speakers of the event Arabic maybe there's just attending the event and you met them. In and so suddenly. Even a year you'd the united keeping track of the every day jobs they're doing. You appeared keeping track that hey I meant so and so and a nice guy or she was great. Very yeah very personable and business is gonna try and get that built whatever so what may when they go outweigh outrage. Like that you remember that and you tend to vote for them again it takes a lot. For right you'd be turned off by via by the a candidate of your own party. Aminu Camby and there are times but it takes it takes them so all it needs is a little personality a little TLC. And mayor Yuri you tend to a body in motion tends to stay in motion. A body a rest since they arrest so you probably are going to many events where. Somebody from the other party is going to be there so they don't get a shot at and impressing you. But the ones in your party all that and so maybe I'll put a sign a mile on this would be nice or they fix the potholes in my strongly. We got that stop sign we've been wanting. Yeah it's not about it's all politics them if famous saying is all politics are local and that's true. If they fix that upon all of running your house. You don't care they voted against the nuclear treaty there you're you bet your candidate your gonna vote for. And that's why people have been around long time they accumulate. A lot of this. Capital. And that's why they keep general and elected over and over and they really have the stub their toe. To blow they they truly do so wanna hear from new term limits. Your favor of what about. It and instead adjust term limits what about age limits and New York State has a islamists on and I judges why not on legislators. And sports gambling here today on the Israeli airman there to give you six the five year in Frederick. A new Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah.