Beach and Company Term Limits 6-18 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Monday, June 18th
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Well I don't follow in his region governing our sandy beach what's the whole on this morning I think it was our Cavuto is comment. What's strange about it as he was on the phone. I can't quite figure it out because they came into the studio reason I thought it was here is there was an envelope with some rubles and and I assume that they worry as. I could be wrong. And transco. Rubles an intentional make a good country Sean Roche event. Robles a trench coat for you. I as I began my Campbell is that the second fifty years I don't think so far. But thanks everybody of whom made go Friday a very special day. And the good food was good Tony. I don't know if you had a chance because it was a mad rush to the other Rome and the food was there and did you get any food yeah I did I was able to get past pocket to. Score myself plate I was being interviewed by Mike Randle as soon as I got off the air and I looked up. And I mean immediately and I look up and mirrors this pocket front loading a plate of food. File for row later use in the newsroom I would like if Banco Popular restaurant. That's on Delaware avenue is a great Greek restaurant and they had. Rice putting off so good it was it was a dive for thank you JoAnne very very nice. Johnny sees Delhi and catering thank you. Pasta dish was excellent fantastic have very good all sends. I got a very big cake in my face on it I hate to eat my own face so I did not take the first things I cut the first base but I didn't need the first breeze through very very good. Financial guys made sure that we had some hall has gone so thanks in them. And then I Gina Browning made some of fabulous Jayne a running for it sells us all law ice and ice are reminded them. And Emory front Zack who's just the dollar Gina memory of both dolls with some good desserts soon so. It was a very memorable show on Friday and thanks especially through. A Bernadette Pollack. And Tim Weiner a basically a good dude you know almost all of the work on this and and thanks to the guys Stewart who came off for a pretty well technically even though we had a lot of people in the studio so the machinery held up pretty well he does have a good job. Thank you as a technical challenge that's for sure sources as were down a feeder. But so we are the artists I know what that means what is down a fade or me or we have our failures that controls the volume and each feeder has the source that we can bring up whether it's a computer. Whether it's a news moved from parents of microphones. Ambien that we had all the microphones in use that represented to different faded out for each so we're kind of bouncing back. Between news and everything we yeah we used basically everything that this Bork has as the says the Star Trek we need more Apollo captain. I have thought it was great to listen to the stories I could listen to keep these stories. Over and over and it's fabulous because you guys were doing it when radio was fought. Oreo was alone and you guys were encouraged to be creative you were encouraged to deeper our personality out. Force not so much that any more so it was a lot of fun to be able to hear. That the stories that you guys had. As some things that though we you know we can't tell everything home it's something that I haven't. That we didn't they get through for instance if you ask me of all the people. It worked it KB. Who was a home among the funniest could hold his own web anybody as far as being funny it would be Fred glistening. And you would never guess that as a listener because recklessly was an excellent personality but he didn't do comedy. On the air but he did a lot of comedy off the air and it was very funny and we we are encouraged him. Those of us who do a lot of commenting on the hundred it. At because there is some of the great lines came from Frederick Palestinian. But he just then you wouldn't as so that but some of the things you were told a story by little we're somebody remain anonymous. And it may it remain nameless about their Freddie try to break up an air personality. By appearing naked in the doorway as sound like he was successful when he was very successful I couldn't stop laughing. So we had to find a way to get back adamant about two weeks later is it when I read a piece alive copier it is like there. And I I bet they have information on America and I read the copy okay. I decided maybe make a little more challenging for Freddie and lit it on fire and I. So you gotta flaming piece of property and your hands. I can't. If not the easiest thing to do. But it was great to see all of my friends and talk to my bosses and stuff like that so it was a it was a memorable day listeners don't know this but during and I think you no skin was reading copy. You had to do in the Indian plant next highest rate on stands for REI and not only by your kids use rubbing his life you have. I. Wear clothes and we're that close. The vehicle upgrades earlier. Or better break and I will be back with more on newsreader and I'm thirty it is region company a couple of bundles I was reluctant to work to do that show on Friday. Simply because believe it or not I'm I'm fairly low keyed. And humble I'm not always but usually you don't like things like that you know what you birthday you know it's true and I don't but. Well Bernadette Paula tells it and do's and do it. You as you look at your sweetly NC. Yo round the yeah I got another part rug you know five. In fact I. So why I don't know go. I suppose out but it was that it was very organized and that thanks that. My grandma from channel seven and a and a buzz was here to do if they did a lot of recording and and we'll see where that though that ends up. On the blues yeah and buffalo broadcasters we're here are taking pictures Israel while. We spent time on Saturday morning talking about the event we have a lot of young listeners. The tune into inside guys don't know I explained. To people just Howell. Big KB was you know when we bring our team men. On a Saturday night take them through the tour through the building. And we stop AK EB and I and I around the blown away with stories about how dog rents the ratings that you set a seventeen share at one point oh. Seventeen years nothing but they did one with Jack Armstrong to myself. So that would be from three until midnight I was on from three 37 and Janica seven tonight we had a 66 share. Of the audience sick that means two out of three people had a radio on we're listening to KB home. I said if you had. Whatever I tell that story if you. If you had a 66 share in today's broadcasting. The give use of building you don't the company ya you really would. I'm just telling a bit if you had a six digit share. Gregory would run a promo about it. While maybe gotten a couple of but just as there's an interviewer a couple of guys to put her respect passion is good nowadays yeah absolutely don't you talk about a 666 Xinhua it's so that's an assist oil allies and the we lived we enjoyed it or did it and to those who can still remember that have good memories and. Things that blows people's mind is when you think about the that the actual power. All 50000 watts and how far contract covering the East Coast the first call I ever took a KB when I was doing seven amend night. It was from Guantanamo naval base in Cuba and means then the next one is the national is from Maine in Utica. You can yell from our studios to Maine in Utica. That was the second one. So if things if things go on but that thanks again to everybody. It was a big part of that appreciated. Now I saw a picture Tony. Having the most delicious Italian dessert I had never heard of just the name of it got me interest that it. And then when I saw a picture of and I got rarely insisted I know. Well let's finish what I mean what is it the dessert is called boot penal farm print outs in the club okay do you. Does that sound good the out a lot of custard I love chocolate chocolate custard it was some he solved and I looked at it and you or you are living large. However I thought somebody was it was pretending to be you. Because there are things being eaten that I should Tony would never order that eggs Bennett. And a vivid guys. It's your high school know that you eat eggs better woeful photos of think well are they found out yesterday when a post ups and know what else you had something else that seemed out of out of your usual. Realm of of menu selections lobster Mac inch he Steiger managing high bar you added lobster. All. God you know what I assume as a result lobster are merits there's an imposter and it's not Tony. So you'll you have an edge on Father's Day. You have my father who I think you pop it took us to the 31 club for brunch and aren't. I like to get things my pop it takes is out usually takes to someplace he's your father my father knows pop we call pop up a little mamma obviously where it was so he takes is an island other takes leader club very well I'll column problem okay. I'll invite who he says he's available any time no we want disease. He's been on the show them assembly animal and they he had just argued the case before the US Supreme Court anyone who. So that anyone yes resume when the club on. An ideologue or did you Friday's. We go out of their laws. Burger. But I'd like to get something that I've never tried before when we go out to us from you know stuff you're not going back and the chance to do that. Oft is listen okay this is something I wanted to try to. As he wegmans Ares it a lot of register restaurants advertise it. As our government lobster Mac and cheese and it's not the type of thing where you know it's a little piece lobster no bridge. Bridge on gay holiday too real lobster no artificial and and be good chocolate custard just I'd love custard. And I love chocolate now our beat our guard was there a squash everybody in Europe or others. In your father's gift selections of there's there was. Now there's not I I followed. I did get my get the same thing I got my mother which was a gift card's replacement frequent well that's nice putts I love your guards. It's one of my favorite things the only problem as well buy a gift card burns a hole in my wall. I can have money in my wallet and okay money in my wallet I don't have a mad desire to spend it but if I ever gift card I got to spend it right now. I hear hear all yes let's go go let's get the car and going in music so that's that's always give us I've bought the morning call these next few months as that's very nice exhibitor job. I guys is what's going on the them what are we got a couple more days left of this term of the legislator and in Albany. And I think they're basically. What they do every once in awhile. It's just it's just an opinion is they take things they did little tease. They take things that they know artists are important. And so important. That there. They can't be rushed. All right but they don't even introduce a more get better get down madame you wrote in the process. Until it's too late tune devote enough time to have them. One of the things that they very I think they're doing this year would that is term limits. The term limits obviously we've talked about term limits many times and very you know Iowa will go over the pluses and minuses of term as. But the point is then and he wrote that now we're aware school days left them arriving Wednesday they wrap up this session. Gonna come to any kind of decision on something that important in that shorter time but it will stay in your mind. That behave they were discussing journalist. You would discuss things. Armaments were a minute half laughter gul. India in the final reform or gun goes off. A minute and a half from Philly and every game beyond their guard that tells me that we're gonna devote a lot of times that and the other thing is sports gambling. Whereas you can bet on I'm teams and things like that horse racing and and a goodies like that and so I'm thinking that. By the mere fact that they're discussing it now tells me there's no chance that either one of these things gonna pass in this session. But I wanted to know how you feel about them. Term limits. And I had something to term limits you know in New York State. If you are a judge if you're a New York State judge there's an age limit. There's an age limit now and I think you can get an extension OK but that's. When you so if you or you pass the age limit and then you pass and your views the extension and you don't have it doesn't matter how good you are. Doesn't matter how wise you are. You could be very wise this judge should ever put robe on. And let's hope you do have a robot arm on the bench reminder of the we've earlier. But the bottom the bottom line is. That should there there are age limits should be age limits on legislators. Why not. Why not be in fact I think there's probably a better he reason to have age limits on legislators. Because that's kinda you know like a term limit business. I don't know what the age limit would be. I think somebody rationally could say to be realistic you could say F 5055. CUB generous women. But there are people who have been in the legislature for forty years I've heard that mentioned in the early morning news. And and things like that so. Do you favor term limits the at one time you know what's funny is the first talk show I ever did on B Aaron. I was that one Oates who across the hall and they said we like to sit in for an hour whip Kevin Keenan and and did to a radio talk show MB yen just for an hour. I said yeah I'd love to 'cause I wondered who would do talked eventually. In I think that would be interest and it would be good to go. The first thing we talked about now Tony I don't know if you ran that show or not. I did you the first thing we talked about was thermal. That's why the kind of sticks in my head. And that was years ago so my very first talk show on V or was it was with the term limits and I was on would have given Keenan and Dave may. I believe Randy bushel or produce that there Randi do we have because I train the to produce national. Because he was moving and to move through these side to a deluxe apartment rooms guy and yet but the third one all move on up into these. But god term limits at first. But for at first blush I was against armaments. Because I said now I usually well somebody's doing a good job why should de extensively being kicked out of a job. Assembly because at that time is up if you got something good stay away that. But I've since I've changed mark I because there's always a price to be paid for everything. As sure away with term limits occasionally somebody might have to step down there was doing her job at a hearing overall on the other side of it. It's much much better for a lot of reasons lots of lots of reasons. In general we come back our goal over that world's agreements are on sports gambling so. This is one of those little teaser we've only got two days left until it is important things like this. A new Israeli and I'm thirty W via. Bad Religion governor they have got to accord sexier sandy when I was in the navy. You're in the south Caribbean on patrol our radio room would fight them KB radio. So all the crew from buffalo could enjoy MB even more home sick sign Armando so that's nice would that kind of outreach with the raiders there's. Tony Lugo told me a story that when he was in Vietnam. They had to is something had to go to the she acted had oh guy guarding the weapons. And the guy was jamming to some rock and roll and McGrew asked him what are you listening do the result KB radio out of Buffalo, New York. Andy was in Georgia weaponry yes. Some wire Joey rails and weaponry don't mix some thinking and quick it it is that's Everett. All right I term limits I think. I think they threw this out there because laser so near the end of a term then I'm gonna do is decide anything meaningful in the last two days. And sports gambling a lot of though if you would like to see either of those past. Term limits give you my pluses and minuses and sports gambling because a lot of pluses. I'm not that many minuses but we'll talk about that as well let's go to who frank in snow on the frank you're on WB yen. According city again congratulations. For so many years thank you the radio business paid you know you've brought back a lot of memories tell you when I was in the service. I was over in a not for inside got Vermont then and and I caught chew over there and when I was in India are born I was an in Germany. I caught he'd be over there. Amazing it's just amazing everybody has the story do. In this visit in 196667. I'm not kidding you waited. The exit that program mind and I'm Friday brought back a lot of memories that that was a great on my guide Greg great stage. I may tapes for the US government to be played on the usually on the ships. In Vietnam and I got that feedback from a lot of the guys from Matsuzaka. And I used to throwing these little. Anti government jokes and see affect it should censor. And I think L made it throws the I was in pretty everybody what you think about term limits or sports gambling their frank. I hate I believe it and term limitation you don't want average younger I thought. Well the person that you're a great job why should we get rid of them but you know as time goes by eight. And has that gotten older it used to celebrity. These tigers made any senators that are Rolex they've been under for forty years now look at it people vote for crying out loud. Sometimes you get up there on the podium as she can't put to work together that make any Indian side. And they're they have too many relationships. They're not flexible enough. Everything everything they have to have that they want to do as the pass through so many filters because they've been there so long and also many people so many favors. What national debt and don't look recovers from world sermon I gotta get what you in his ninety's it would help in the year all held up by had to bite war. And yet some summit says that that was put them everywhere he went. I probably. Drop over dead in a while it was sitting at all in the is super right. One out but let me what is the purpose of bad. Date to chip don't hold on the power. And it's not like well why do we give up that wisdom. Usually the ones of have been there that long aren't that wise at least I haven't been knocked over by their giant intellect. Now I guess but admit that don't expect agreement covers Supreme Court justices are read a book. On them that some of them literally have it worry you early stages of the match up and it was still serving in the supreme court for crisis. Some of them have fallen asleep during Supreme Court arguments are you tell me how you can cast the vote. Well why you were sleeping may be the most important aspect of what you're they're going to decide was was though rendered an open carding you don't remember. That's like at any sort look at those who don't live typically have to say to yourself Lipton you know little at the plate when you're just certain age. Reach higher. You know. Retire and just yell at them and get what you like let somebody else step at your place but you know I'd really assert that really do believe that term limitations. I should come into effect detectors Serbs so many years of the problem it's only served eight years. And I think that there are senators and in tigers rent should only serve maybe get the most floppy ears and get the heck. I didn't got it's this tool may any error relationships. On normally relationships are good. Because OK I trust you you trust me but what do those relationships. Via come obligations. Well remember last time I do this for use so this time we got to do this from me. That doesn't work as far as I'm concerned. I'd like to have real obvious have to buy the politicians. Every a couple of years them there by a Muslim or lifetime of service. That's for sure I mean you're you're right about that because you'll all be so now why don't you. And you know it's nothing about what you're doing it for you can sit towards their call. They had nothing that would bet it's all about well this person who won't let person and everything is forgotten about the people back home. I don't know what about an aged nobody's ever talked about that but yet we have it we have age limitations in New York State court system. You that there's a limitation and then you get a Franco one extra O on there an extension of your like that but. But I you have to leave the bench at a certain age why why not the same thing for legislators. It's the SK eight I grossly out doubt I think. I think I tell you that seven years old 78785. Years old I think that should be that that should be the criteria. And I think you should be out there I don't think you should be I mean there are receptive sort of role but I think when you reach. The obsessed anyway your results are crying out loud if not an eight and I know my limitations for crying out loud. I think when you start drooling. That's should be an automatic. I think we've heard judge. All right figures somebody that's in the legal profession and you've been serving on the bench prologue time I think illicit. Why do you need to be therefore there's got to be some younger people that a lot more aggressive there are a lot more energetic. And you know I think that its server. That they have bigger capacity. And you know like at that they have a lot more energetic after awhile you just you're just. You're not aware now I think you can show up for Clark who Barack Obama no pants it's time ago by. All right guys ranked thank you thank you thank you very much. We have for judges want to have a from legislators about that. And so my original a physician was why should we have to kick somebody else because. The idea. Term limits OK I have since changed believe me. Because I did not want to lose wisdom. I've searched around for a long time I can't find him. Or very little OK so I'm thinking maybe term limits might be a good idea you know I mean. And at what should have an unholy alliance maybe somebody you do a relationship where does somebody know legislator should have a relationship. And but has an inside because of Leo and long term and it stays in there you drop dead and good. I'm in favor of a reasonable. A time limit a law. On those radio and I'm thirty WB. Here is an idea attacks and leave you really are serious about removing corruption from government. Get rid of lobbyists. Now normally I like the idea of getting rid of lobbyists except for one small problem. As Americans we are guaranteed the right to petition our government. The let them know what we want well we don't want and lobbyists a part of that as long as there's full disclosure of who they are representing. You know hey I'm talking on behalf of the of such and such group and you know whatever. A that's part of that so we can't we can't just get rid of lobbyists although I wish we could. To be on this would be a but just remember this regarding to limit the founding fathers did not want politician. To be a job. They did not want politics to be a job bear. Outlook was okay your work on the farm. C'mon and run for public office come on and for a couple of years in the back from afar. Mean I was. They would they would turn over their graves and off they saw via every every politician wants to be a politician for life. When all the benefits and that's usually with again that's not what they had in mind let's go to Pete Ontario figure on WB yen. And again graduate who I don't big gains on Friday and I got on line that we get a look at some won't stop on the computer. I need wolfman Jack is my friend out that was pretty awesome. Yeah lot of good stuff going on Mendez jarring mentioned him you know. Yeah it's really incredible in term limits have been out so much like these sounding all others. We want it to turn it now and I eat. Like John McCain but. Matt will go right to agree. Rocking our city doesn't deserve to opt at this point. And and stuff like that it is true I mean not. You know why there's no question. That they intertwined with lobbyists were. The collapse the the American system now because they actually up meeting. At which I call it or not I don't see. You can never get lost the where I'd go all we want it or spotted circle BC. Dot oracle. You know. Who go to school with the congressman's daughter that our report only want. It's not what happens on the federal level local municipal all about it it will never get out I'd agree this. It's almost like the people that we put in power have all of his money all of this authority and it's for sale. A whether they actually get is something in their hand for it or they get promoted for art of get a job when may stop being well politicians. So our economy is for sale. Our laws are for sale and it seems like the same people are talking to the same people. The lobbyists have been there forever the people are talking to have been there forever they all know each other. If it's way too cozy for me it's it's not as structured as I would like through Syria. They don't hide it it's incredible what comes out in the local bomb it like a third guard there and with the ball and people. Ed out what ever can get it fat and lied on the mend it but you know I love. You know people don't give enough credit like Rush Limbaugh I hope cart because the local on and beat you can't. Is so great. Influences audience it's giving people a proper box and there. The right decisions. You know I mean you know you're you're you know like rush deserve it you. Ought. When he comes on the block. Well it's guys don't know while we're talking about what people our interest student in hearing about and what will affect your lies and we trends are the best job we can had to campaign always good to talk to you. Guys it's it's it's way too cozy a relationship. And M I I wish there was even more disclosure there's probably disclosure we don't see or hear that much about. But I would like to know what went into a bad congressman's or what went into that. Senators. Thought process before deciding to vote for or against something. Who whom whom damaged or. I get them to decide to do something is it all trade out is that all you did something for me and now I'm gonna have to do something for you. I know that's the essence of politics. But I don't necessarily like it. I like it better way of an open mind. And thinking about who should be thought about first the taxpayer the voter absolutely. And not been not a lobbyist not a big contributors because there is. Influential certainly islamists. And if travel trying to formulate this but I think you know the laughed. It just like us were both anti corruption we don't want corruption in our government but why is it that they don't see the corruption that we see. When whether you like trump or not you have to agree that it's a swamp when he calls a swap these 100% correct. We have some of the scar me is politicians. Run and our government are why doesn't everybody recognize that and look at that as a major problem that needs to be fit. 'cause they all want one thing you know you know you you would think that though we would've caught on by now we know one thing and that one thing they want is power. Okay whether it is via a media person who writes a column. Media personals on television radio whatever they like the power of influencing. Others here's semis here is some odds that we we throw that out there. Are certainly politicians love the power. The ability is say I can I can influencing get that billion dollar contract to your company. And they light of it like to pull the strings and be able to be in charge I if that's true on radio. I've from an absolutely true and radio I've worked for owners that the power was more important in the bottom line. And believe they believe me it's it's true. I have Monday when you see that it's sad because we should be serving the listeners the politicians should be serving. The the populace the people who pay the taxes and the people who vote. They shouldn't be serving the big donors. As specifically ahead of the rest of us and certainly not the lobbyists as though the dollars lobbyist whatever it should be. The voters and that's us. And the taxpayers that's us through. So that's why if if you have term limits you can only buy a politician in Jolo for a limited amount as a cameraman far far. About that forever. Is that you get to keep umbrella politicians got you have to keep buying new ones so at least it would cost the more I mean the end if I don't like that. That's that that's one way you have to look at so term limits. What about age limits because we have them in New York already we have them in New York already for judges. Well then why not for politicians. In New York State there's an age limit for judges. And then you can get an extension I think you'd get one extension and that's that's. Then no matter if you could be the best judge ever in the history of judges. And you're done. Here you are done and Dubai hang up Euro ticked all the people that have been on the party far too long. Or your a lot. Where are their names are synonymous with the would be you know with the position in sports bowl party guy it works from both parties there all of the power it's all about that one word power. Because from power comes money influence all the other. So it wanna know view have favored term limits. Your favorite age limits. What about sports gambling. You know they get a throughout the tees well where words about it is things where I got a minute and a half left before you hit the road. And and the sessions come up please don't it's not that that's not the first time beamer. We'll be back we're more on news radio and I'm thirty WB yeah.