Beach and Company Pledge of Allegiance 8-10 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Friday, August 10th
An Atlanta Charter School is replacing the Pledge of Allegiance with the "Wolf pack Chant". Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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We're back live Beijing governor what the hell's going on I'd like to know what the hell is going on in our country. In Atlanta charter school lived that has grades K through five. So what's that from kindergarten. To fifth grade which would be around ten is okay your miles merry ten Euro. There there are they were planning to dump the pledge of allegiance. Because they wanted to be more inclusion. They wanted to be. They wanted to be more inclusion are and by doing that instead they want to replace it would have. The wolf. Pack chance. The wolf pack air is heated at their mascot. A pack of wolves is their mascot. And that they wanted to be. Include visionary. I'm by you know chanting for the wolfpack but dumping the pledge of allegiance I mean I don't believe I really don't believe it. And this idea that good post here says. How is not saying the pledge inclusion married. Not saying the pledge sure sounds like you're separating themselves more and there's separating K through five developing mines what heck. And I agree with this you tell you said here you send your school your kids or school. To be educated not indoctrinated. This is through Europe or in the Cold War period okay. Well who would find out things about Russia which I might remind you. Communists. OK and we hear about of the stuff from the newspaper that was probably. And we zero a man can you imagine that happening here and we laugh about it now a member rampant here. Can you imagine in school being taught what the government wants to indoctrinate Williams you know Iowa and have been here it is happening here it's happening now. It is happening now and here's another tax per John Rosemont and John Rosemont and I think Pia is a genius when it comes to join our. It says that per gyros while once upon a time children did what they did because they were told. This was before the experts inform them. Because I said so destroyed this self esteem of entire generations. San Diego shrinks of America have been eroding public. Confidence since the sixties. Why don't oh why don't of them parents brainwash the kids should demand faculty pay cuts. See out that it's done yell what are they say the teacher makes too much money. And demanding that the teacher take a pay cut I wonder if they'd sprang into action. I was so that it would be in included with the thought process of although kids who are trying to stay within the lines of ring. I mean think about this if it's obnoxious. Hypocrites who says ending the reciting the pledge of allegiance based on concerns of free speech issues. And replacing them of another pledge to a wolf pack. You know if you did if you thought that advances you can't make this up QB right you can't make this op. Because if if suddenly he's a dual show on this. Have them jump the pledge of allegiance. So and replace it with the wolfpack chance. Okay and they used to do the pledge like most schools and in the beginning of a school day probably come on the PA system and and I certainly remember it vividly. They don't want that they wanna something else and now. Even in the backlash get this they're still going to do the wolf pack chance at the beginning of a day. But in order to escape of further scrutiny. They're going to do the pledge in individual. Classrooms. Anytime during the day. So you know what that means. It means that they'll do it fewer and fewer times fewer larger classrooms and pretty soon is gone and their back to their original goal but should they have a sign up when you walk inside this is a gun free zone probably just amaze are not armed. Is amazing to me some measure wonders if the of the sun is melting the brain of a Floridians. Let's go to court and my sister who I leave out of that this is Terry in Texas terrier on WB here. Expand their they'll have them have children who have turned them all inside and am so father and that's what you lesion educators go out and the more mega travel I have right there are the man right free speech. Good why go or just expressing our freeze vision our critical of your administrative. Skills and though we think huge step down resign. After that doorman all the mop up some all the same bag fortunately. I can't bear crawl school exit there at least one market go to in the school student handbook accent all of them at the beginning of the year every year. And they're all wired. We is red flag collegiate at this school or out or not wired partner site but we will continue to itself every single mortar. Well good video you know with Texas in my mind is the last outpost. Of America. Do not given up and grudgingly fight for every inch and got there because. If if if you give it up we've all laws that thank you Gerri appreciate it. That was when NATO went to Texas the program W BJP in Dallas. One of the things that I thought of right away. Was the great pride that Texans have in America they have a great deal of pride in their own state. Think that you don't need any signal from the feds today that. But it was a great sense of patriotism. In America and now as I read more and more and more more you Eagles are being are coming in and that sort of make. I think they have to be really vigilant to keep that because if that slides away. Seriously we have some. Serious problems. Are we elect understands and realizes that the majority of the country stands by the flag yeah they don't edit their at a small minority. And that's right I get off I ten year old First Amendment right shoot every day. You have to be kidding me. Andy and I wanna know where I K through. Fifth grade suddenly while there are on the playground instead of going dodge ball they decided to look at the constitution. Now this came from the teachers maybe. And a survey to kids about taking tests I'm sure they were come out against testing. So while we just eliminate testing any. The kids are took a vote and they don't like white milk they want chocolate milk. And so if you wanna be inclusion there if you wanna include everybody. What about their kids they'll want that chart Ramel. I mean we can't just assume that everybody wants white milk. And and think Bill White males matters. Actually each rebels matters in lately and had revenue of chocolate milk also. But do we get that looks too happy we shouldn't have to carry any. And has no we shouldn't have and home partnership alcohol or more and test and let's rewrite history to allow or okay. This Vista charter school which I am out in Atlanta and utterly ashamed of themselves they should be close out on Martin Luther King. Well and whether Georgia ought to be smarter than that. We'll be back after this was better than a burger or about thirty of them and that's how many they serve up. And Berman and burger in Batavia right now get a twenty dollar voucher for ten dollars to use that urban and burger. His today's the end of the details of my level of perks dot com we're trying to dig up a video wolf pack which meant. We don't know if it's available now we're digging now on the Internet and try to find that out because that's what they wanted to replace. The national. Their pledge of allegiance. To the flag. At an Atlanta charter school okay. K through five they want to be inclusion. Errie. And so where where to believe that their kids up to ten years although looking for first amendment rights. And not to woods as they've applied so what they decided after the you know what hit the fan. They decided that well we'll still rules still do the the chance. At the beginning of the day like we always have but the pledge can be an individual classrooms. Any time during the day that is called divide and conquer. That's called sums some classrooms will have been some wall. But it's another erosion. Of the pride of a vote living in this country. And I find that to be an outrageous thing and the reason we're trying to fine. The wolfpack chant is I want you to think about this you larger laden nature shows. When wolves under impacts. And what do they do to make their presence known they howl. And I'm just guessing because I don't know we haven't found it yet I'm guessing that they want to replace the pledge of allegiance. We have a kindergarten through fifth grader is howling. As there's school mascot is the wolf pack. And that is so they they want to replace the pledge. We're following young students. You kept me up you cannot make this up. He is once as a sandy I live in Clarence. School mascot is the red double. I'd drop that pledge toward demolish immediately ridiculous as a Republican I'm offended. And it's it's another example of of how insane we've we've become. Let's go to appease Ontario Peter on WB. You know. Off off off off our it will be not how it. There's no we we can walk around and say this is a side issue at Google. Now. People. Will it. They're never stopped and even that people ought awed right there are. All. Are and. It the guy you're you're right you never hear of any anything done to curb this. And I say we assembly because I'm trying I'm trying to be inclusion married. With people in this country who call themselves Americans but. They've taken over the schools or are are about two and they've taken over a lot of the traditional things we held dear and that turn it upside down. And look at the world day in what. Country. At. We call to look at what's going. You know. There's optical. It is off topic. But the point. And I. And well. Like. Its attorney general or what it's all situation. You know all that it would. Oh and started. Absolutely and you're telling me and they're trying to guarantee be free speech. The First Amendment. Two kids do away age ten that they're demanding not to do league pledge of allegiance but the -- something in his place I don't believe that for a minute. You know and these are released that for all Americans. They really cute pews stop like getting the mid terms. Write a letter on. In the first line in in American history we have a president that isn't. A politician. Yet EC. Dot com as well forum is a it's art I can see is compromised attorney general like all about things going on and they just get overlooked. It's like whack a ball there it is like whack ammonia viewed take care of one and another one shows up and it seems like fear of their overpowering us right now what wanted to give it up thank you registry. I found one wolfpack guy chant is probably not from NAVTEQ is definitely not from that school which is to give you an idea what a world fair share may sound right okay. And. OK. Okay. Okay. We don't know if this is these will have the chance but it is. Wolf that is packet it is a chance what you have buzzing. And I called the Atlanta neighborhood charter school today about what the heck let's try it I asked them what the wolf pack chant was the eighth on the money. Good. OK okay cars like girls they have this kind of funny that they don't have the courage of their convictions. If you believe in something aren't you willing to stand up and defend it. On that outside the school told CN the second inside inside his school all they had bears self sufficient they have their own little world. And they have their own little world of probably faculty members that's my guess because we we hadn't heard about this until they were ready to do it. And now what's today Wednesday as made it public all you know what broke loose. And they seem to have back on the backs up a little bit but not a lot there's still going to Google backed chair in the morning. Instead of the pledge. The pledge can be said later in the day is these some of them. Maybe on maybe they can say the pledge can be said there on the day of school holidays when nobody's in the room. Let me guess nobody's allowed to Wear like a flag lapel or anything like that and every pretty good guess president. I find this to be outrageous to be honest with the case showed up with a make America great it again hat ya get kicked out or anything military. Yeah you know maybe verify whether their mothers in the military and they're wearing a badger but something like that this is discussed it is discussed. 2004. President Bush got reelected the day after what are my classmates wore a shirt. Whereas the a pitcher rich yet made it with a picture of President Bush on the back and it's had. W still president she wrote on the front you know she was asked to take that off by third period teachers that you can't where. Amazing it really is amazing I'd I just wanna know what are we gonna take over the country. When a week going to stand up for what we would you off or raise that way. Somehow. Somehow somewhere we got off the track and I think that's what's going on right now. Lebanese city OK this isn't his thing. If it says if we keep going like this we won't need the word United States anymore and that's that's true. Sandy the left wants inclusion and togetherness is lying is is there items. Otherwise all bets are off totally disgusting and I grew event. Is sandy they wanna see secured the howl so they can be ready after the next election when they lose. They'll be Holler about it I like that hello levity abroad and there. Better adopt okay here's one. These are all tax records. Bet a dollar to a donut a foreigner is somehow involved in this respecting the flag of the charter school. I don't know if it's not in the story about I would not be surprised. This is put it that way but some aren't relying. We still have people willing to stand up. Otherwise they would be doing what they've planned to do. Without any alterations but even then there even than facing what would be presumably. People who don't want that. They've done is move it through the through the second or third place. And then not in first place which is where it should be at the beginning of the school today. So they said if if it can still be a sad the pledge but it has to be in individual classrooms is that girls school. And at various times during the day so what they've got a very divided up. It's pretty easy spotted them. Maybe. Maybe some people ought to have a little conversation. With the administration. Of that school district and find out what the hell's the arms that Clinton on I think a lot of big boy what's that major malfunction the. Yeah 803 current trio wanted hundreds excellence are signs of music star and I thirty. Inclusion. They want inclusion. Take this for inclusion. Right now. Right now we're gonna go to those are only come back we wanna talk to you on news radio and I started WV. Okay. So is our kind of fair and inclusive. Ways they run that they're charter school. Because their job ever called a charter school asking a simple question. What is video wolf pack. Well what to call a chance wolfpack chance. Sound like him he's got hung up on so that ought to tell you something they rarely they're really wanna stand behind their their values system. Don't wanna tell you what it sounds like what they're willing to indoctrinate the children aren't. Here's a couple of Jackson and I'll go to calls no pledge of allegiance but you can make animal noises that's exactly right. The wolfpack chant a would have replaced in the national non financial on the pledge of allegiance and the bottom line is. It's still has. Because it's going to be a done in the morning. When via pledge usually it was done and pledged can still be done this these in of them ranges toss into the curb. A but it has to be in separate classrooms ought anytime during the day which raised they just deluded. Instead of everybody would you know hearing it at the sentencing again everybody. They just watered down so that a lot of people would mean an error during and he. I think it's very unfair that the made a did not report public demonstrations from the football players during the offseason. Oh wait there weren't any as good I like that where protests in Chicago pol wearing I guess that non agency that they. I missed that and that's the thing these these players have all this money and all this free time in the off season but they have to do it in the sixteen game again everyone watching. That's exactly right that's exactly right. Let's say I'm an optimist let them howl let them change America. Then Nolan you'll ever wanna come here immigration problem solved. Like that. Let's go to or Caroline Orchard Park charity on WB yen. And hello Carol up early. And coast to coast AM. I did do it do you know in addition. But the Red Skelton yes I did these are you about America. Always alone was. 82. The guy was excellent I don't you play a. I PF we have access to a policy of slow we can figure out that thank you for suggesting that appreciated Carol Ocalan. Can we get that as the it was a sign off on George Noory I heard this morning as well. Red Skelton. He you know he was famers were doing things that would bring a tear era. And I think he scored a lot of points. I guess you can term it can talk to me I'm just tell it's four minutes is a form it yes well that's good timing because they got four minutes of a break aren't if you are listening to a coast to coast Red Skelton for those of you don't know. For the U Mullen meals. A very famous or comedian. And I did pantomime while I was in movies all kinds of things. And he was great American Jew he signed off. The show would have as something a Red Skelton had done regarding our fly again this is what it's own life. School getting back to school I remember a teacher that I had. Now I only I went I went through the seventh grade I went to the seventh grade I left almost ten years old because I was hungry. We're gonna summer I go to school and winner but I had different one teacher was the principal of a Harrison school in Vincennes Indiana to me this was the greatest teacher. A real say each of of my time anyhow. He had six wisdom. And we brought reciting the pledge of allegiance one day. And he walked over the school teacher mr. laughs well what's his name. Mr. Lester well this is and as I've been listening to you boys and girls recite the pledge of allegiance. Also messed it. And it seems as though it's becoming monotonous to hear. If I may. May I recited and try to explain he blew the meaning of each word. I. Need. An individual. A committee of one. Play which. Dedicate all my worldly goods to give without self pity. A lead you answer. My development and my devotion. Do the flag. Our standards it all glory. A single free. Wherever she waves. There's respect. Because your loyalty has given her dignity that shouts freedom is everybody's job. You 98. That means that we have all come together. States. Individual communities that have united into 48 great states. 48 individual communities with pride and dignity and purpose. All divided with imaginary boundaries yet united to a common purpose and that's love for country. And two of the republic. Republic. A state in which sovereign power is invested in represented d.s chosen by the people to cup career. And government is the people. And it's from the people who the leaders. Not from the leaders. Of the people. Careers. Only chief Stan he. One nation. Are one nation meaning. So blessed by god. Indivisible. Incapable of being devised. With delivery. Which is freedom. No right. Have Pollard to live one's own life without risks. Here. Are some sort of retaliation. And justice. Were the principal. Or qualities of dealing fairly with. Girl. World. Which means boys and girls. It is much your country. As it is mine. And now boys and girls. Let me hear you recite. The pledge of allegiance. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands. One nation. Indivisible. With liberty. And justice for all. Since I was a small boy. Two states have been added to our country. And two words have been added to the pledge of allegiance. Undergone. Wouldn't it be a pity. If someone said that is a prayer. And that would be eliminated from schools to. There you have it through a Red Skelton motto that was played at the end of a Georgian or show. This morning at 5 o'clock and words to live by hopefully for not just the immediate future. But future all time back after that it is a big time company here is this was in the press release regarding me wolf pack Chet. AM and this is a school spokesman. In the past the pledge of allegiance was recited during our all school morning meeting but in the start of the school year the daily practice was moved to the classroom. The decision to stray from a morning ritual. Was carried out in accordance with state law. And aligned with other Georgia schools. Saul state law in the state of Georgia says that day. They cannot or they are or they should not have the pledge of allegiance to a flag in the morning kind of kind of laws that. Did any of us ever hear about anything like meg going on and to know why the hell this is all the going on I really would. Taking anything that we will raise with the as as as nurturing or as frightful as we are living in this great country. As a being non acceptable now. We can accept it and there's somebody doesn't agree would you so we're going to decide who is in big great inclusion word. And their make sure that nobody gets anything. Really meaningful. Out of the school day it'll just be agenda driven from start the truth Stan. Let's go to Scott in Buffalo's got here on WB yen. Page San Diego applies got what's on your mind. Digits if I get this straight there's. Because it's not inclusive court. It's coming from. Other countries then well that's what they say they say it's not a good a closer look for a it's like. Who look fact chance. Inclusive towards the is that my game from other schools throughout the year. While that's true they have different. They have different. Examples of who bear mascot might be the end the wolf doesn't fit a ball. Monitor. About the other. That's true lies and there's no way that everything that's done includes everybody every time. There are some things that do some things that don't. However. You a pledge of allegiance to a flag of the country is something that has been going on in my lifetime certainly which is considerable. And and nobody had a problem with a and so now now having problems with the everything. And it to me it's just. There's there's so proud of what they're doing that they hung up on Joseph beamer when he called to ask about it thank you. I would love to sell order. Along the line somebody is going to post that wolf pack chance. And if we find it will play forward but I'm thinking you talk about. A disrespectful. That disrespectful. You are you're going to take down essentially the big privilege spot of starting the day would the pledge of allegiance. That'd take that down so he can put up. A a you a chance a an athletic. Mascot is the wolf pack and you're doing a chance. Too little wolfpack want to make it to the demo what the hell why why why bother it was as well go right to death ball. And at least they'll understand where you're going. Because I don't think wolf Packers anymore inclusion area than anything else at the bigger issue is the left is completely on Indy car. If it's some lost it it is amazing it's as like. We should have you know we have national days in national days all is we have a national day for a medal of the valuation. Well we should all have to. It'd take at its essence if we're not on here and yet. Because it seems like that rigged to favor watch TV essence of Arabia where wherever you go there is this. And that you're kidding and every day now every single day and you said zoning. And I agree would you. Revived my kid was going as Libya out of there except that that school may not be enough. This press coverage says it's in accordance with the Georgia law. Are you telling me. That they legislators this size says the decision to stray from a morning ritual was carried out in accordance with state law. And aligned with other Georgia schools. Well I can't believe that the legislators. Would would legislate. That you shouldn't have the pledge of allegiance to a flag. As Seoul and what's going on here it can't all be about drop. It can't possibly the world of turning on its axis cannot be about drop everything is in about trump. Somewhere along the line Dave. They've said that not everybody agrees with the pledge of allegiance woes and like the pledge. If you allegiance of the country. Doug don't you first of all tape you know when you become a citizen an acute you've taken allegiance pledge from them mistaken. I think that's true. But if if what's wrong with the that. What's wrong with showing allegiance of the country. Pitcher living in the country and it's giving you the opportunities. That you couldn't get in other countries. The country that does its best to and seek every every as citizens opinion. And if you don't like it via a here you know as a pop or consume the president aghast. You make it certainly on and off for the and a reconsider what they might wanna do not do I just don't understand it when did it all changed on the wind that it when did it become. Not just unpopular. But unacceptable. Who's a deployed and do these athletes have anything to do. He'll I don't know I can't pinpoint an exact time and place but it seems like it's been creeping up. For last so I don't know decade maybe. And these athletes now we didn't see it here at least I'm not saying it didn't happen here I'd just say we didn't see it here. I was watching the game last night and good did not did you happen to see. I saw pictures of Miami Dolphins and not our struggles with us artists in the UF a power fist in the air. OK I saw that yes. Get over the teachings never mentioned in the ABC. But for the pledge of allegiance this is something that when I was in school people were sitting because the site under god. And they want that removed it seemed that kind of leveled out and I think you're right when these protests in the football game started back up I think that's when the pledge of allegiance started taking center stage again. Sure because look at it like this to a lot of people NFL football is mossy. It's must see TV it's must see empowers them is must see right now until February some. And so would that kind of when that kind of a stage. They decided last night. To raise their fists in the power salute. While there collecting you know I'm I'm I'm torn loyalty toward them. All kinds of money toward them. All kinds of things where they they put their name on it you go by and you Wear their name around. Around the town and school in your house or whatever on their jerseys. You paid big money forum. You pay fifty dollars to park your car and and a bottle water. And then this is the kind of the kind of feelings they have towards the treatment. That obviously going to be doing is just rhythms of four others are obviously going above themselves do they think that they're being mistreated in this country. With a time of status that the NFL as is disgusting. I mean you have to wonder how dumb today. How dumb are and they. They're cutting off their arm and and and speeding it's of the wolf. And now the wolf pack they're going to give it up because if they keep this up it's going to eat the NFL now a from the inside but from the inside out. Are that about wraps it up. We do have a chance your 1000 dollars how would you like that. 72881. Is the number and send the word cake. As an enemy KC. A case aid to seven situated one him Monday at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty WB here.