Beach and Company Players Kneeling Anthem 4-26 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Thursday, April 26th

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And we're back with Beijing company a last October 30. Of people weren't these secret NFL meetings. Probably mostly owners what other other support people through. I'm there were discussing the problem that they were having both ratings and revenue wise with players taking a knee and disrespecting the flag. They had a big problem Donald Trump saying there be any owner or the would you love to see an owners say good to a if you're taking in the your you know your your done your fire get out and he ordered his own colorful way but that's basically what it was. So the owners and spoke up among know what to do about this and how to handle it Terry but hula. As said that he has quote. Among others is to me the anthem protest issue like a glacier moving into the ocean we're getting hit with a tsunami and that's true. It was a tsunami and they weren't expecting that they thought that Vienna for old triumph over any and all things and they found a lot of people were ticked off. And does so. A video bills had a meeting before the Denver game. Just the bills and at the Denver game and they discussed that but at the Denver game or about a dozen bills that took in the the next game fewer and of you its organs after that none all right. That there are federal law also said that it is a we need to band aid for the social problems. I think he admits he beat the analogy there usually use the term band aid. You'll say it's a band aid approach. Which is you got a little scratch on your arm you put a band aid on it. Maybe if my mom puts one of those colorful dinosaur band aids on it the trouble we're having them and stole the stellar career at times. Will require more than a mandate approach. But does Kimball Angola. And said bitchy she likes middle ground and and vote and if you if you can get it done middle ground. That's good now they had two meetings according does OJ scourge the article in the bubble and those front page today. The October meeting failed to produce any real conclusions. With the times referring to most participants talking past one another. Trump. Seized on the in action. On Twitter saying the failure to enact a policy requiring all players to stand. For the National Anthem showed total respect for this great country I general guerrilla. I tend or other things more important in our lives and football. In their more important than football players yeah I know you don't believe that some of whom giving the entire world is football but it's not. There are other things through our league wide and the policy was discussed at the idea owners' meeting last month. But no proposals were made in no votes were taken. So according to earlier times for goalless said at the October meeting. That he thought the league was battling a perception and media problem. He because the media and for all the media was standing on. The media is feeding about it. You know you have a director. Who calls all the shots you got eight gazillion cameras there you don't have to show is no constitutional. Requirement that usual protests. Not at all a you can show you showed your vision showed children you can show elbow wrist and shorter real lawn. And they chose to show it because. Their ratings pigs that's there that's how they. That's how the view things. According it's as Google said the art over many Beverly was battling a perception grow and that the NFL needed a strong spokesman preferably a player. You know I think he's right about that. I think they're coming from a single voice are you okay via. A single voice. It's giving it's precise and concise information is better than each owner going out on his own. As are all rich. But they're not all good spokespeople. OK so I think they're terrible goes right about that. He made a reference to waive a gun lobby as uses celebrities spokesman. And though yes this is that getting that single message out there is important he suggested that the spokesman be an African American. I agree with that the league has predominantly African American. And I think that's that's fine Imus fundamental problem. I think you area there of somebody who can think on their feet. And articulate and if you get that right person and it matters but yeah I think a good choice certainly would be an effort in America as they say rather than everybody Chiming M. For us to have a face as an African American early to face that would be in the media. Oh week good fail. And and get behind that. And so what he wants is a spokesperson yes African Americans certainly in the overall that. And then I get on with a message of the national football away. But when I cam for analysts suggested. You being in the in the senate. Which is a makes a makes a lot of sense. And it here in the center of the best way to do that I mean it is a sick. Apple problem it is so simple it's amazing. All right. Here you don't what you want irrespective of players deserve free speech rights but they don't have be of their rights who would do it in in your workplace on your property. Because they're gonna driving away revenue and and angering some people. So you'll you don't want angered the players you don't wanna anger via paying customers. Is our you do how simple is this. You play the National Anthem before the players come on the field. Aren't the players are in the tunnel or there in the locker room the National Anthem was playing. The audience in this stadium doesn't see it. And if they have any realistic to me. The people in the locker room of the people's decision but people Mittal. If you wanna take in the in the tunnel or in the locker room because you just feel obliged to do a good. But you don't have a right to go on the field into it. So I'm saying how easy is that you just simply take your schedule you move this over here and you say okay here's the National Anthem. And then on top National Anthem. When excitement is at its peak then you bring up a team that you bring up people on horseback and all that stuff. Meanwhile. There is no news there is no disruption of the game I think that's such an easy fix. I don't know it doesn't say in this article ever was brought up at all in the owners' meeting but that's the easiest for its second bag and it would be totally effective. You agree or that I like it it works yeah because it doesn't offend anybody right you just decide who comes out when. And obviously if they've ran out in the field and took a knee during the introductions. Go goofy so that wouldn't work. What do you think beamer as far as the as far as being a solution that would anger anybody and get the job. At the model they use in college football you know it works great greater knowledge yet the fans all do the the anthem and then they start the pregame buildup and and the team rushes out on the field no problems no controversy. Hackers you know the anthem is always a high point especially when you're a fly over something like that so picture this now you're watching the game on TV or your bare. And all of a sudden the anthem plays and there is different today where the jets come overhead. Like that and then they bring up its name I think it's a better way to do it and I did not know college that are condemn college of Lebow person. But the bottom line is IE I think there is room for compromise in the middle and that would be that would be different these simple. No major adjustments no heavy lifting. All right it Austria and I'm Israel wanted to lose 6169 through research and I'm thirty. The end of a secret meeting from says take your name and get fired. The NFL did nothing. Now thing although we did here at the end of the season that. Well I think you and I Tony discussed that there was a big chunk of money quietly. Given to the players association. To explore social. The alleged social injustice. It was a it was a big chunk of money yes that's to me it was a bribe the post columnist. The bride. If you're shut up we're giving this money and it's amazing now all of these are real hard throw problems disappear with money money talks money talks. So trump says they're getting good fire get a bill does nothing is there room for compromise in the senator. If there isn't which you suggest that inning get fired or do nothing will be back after this the NFL secret. Meeting which was held last October they've had a meeting since then and nothing has been accomplished or arresting the secret meeting was about how to deal. We have the players taking a knee and they're not losing revenue enough losing a fan base and that's what they were concerned about. A trump had said bids if you take any issue you're fired. The NFL did nothing so visit there's a big wide range there in the middle. Is there room for compromise in the middle. Here's some of the attacks and then we'll go to calls through. Sandy I am all for compromise but what does that do for the players who want to show respect for the flag during the anthem. What about their first amendment rights see I think that if you just sit and have them not on the field they can still show respect for we have them. And over the hard hat off lol whatever is the right protocol. Four you. Because you're not doing it to show the other people in the stands as you're doing it. You know I'm doing and show your other teammates you're doing it because it's it's your gesture of respect for the flag. So he can still do that I'm sure of AMP aces them as India and that are heard in the locker room and in the tunnel. So those who want to know can those who don't want or don't have to do and meanwhile the game is not erupted at all there's no disrespect shown because you can't see it. All right and Merrill find out how many of Omar heartfelt. I have you know just a pain in their heart overall this. A big gonna do when others won't see them doing it I have a feeling they won't. Here's an auto cared. Eric. See Eric Reed is an ex player. Being black ball from the ailing Mexican government I'm not really sure what was happening him so. I was just Golan. I do unsigned and a lot of people feel that he should've picked up by now there are great yeah he's a good player. You know one of the points are her brought up while sitting at home. A recovery was your teams don't want the distraction they don't you can't bury the NFL owner if they don't want the circus. Surrounding a single player. Yeah we have no obligation. We have no obligation to let you disrupt the work place this obligation is don't. Met Mike that. Nobody is stopping you from doing whatever you wanna do on your own property. Armed public property whatever must it's you're almost as dangerous. So the bottom line is the owners don't have to allow that. And simpler but they know they have the owners is the owners don't wanna Rock the Vote. They may not like what the players are doing but a lot of them although they're extremely wealthy people and influential. People they like it just the way it is a question that the that it could be on on the owners or GM's ask the players. His football important to you or is social act it out isn't exactly important we need your head focused on what's going on. From the time we start training camp to the time the season as and they do in the offseason is. Fine and it was saying that well before anybody ever knew Cameron governor was okay. That's that's the bottom line. All right let's stop. Playing man has been management plan that met on American events like this okay. The tape shows collusion to undermine the USA so good at this poser sees it as their collusion were promoted to give and undermine it. And there's certainly in this respect. That's Acela approached the players are employees. They should follow the rules be respectful grow op or get a real job. You know I mean you see what with the girls afraid of and that's why I have a secret meeting ever had a meetings is that what they're afraid of is one thing they don't want to do it as is sending a radio by the way. If you have a customer somebody that light your product whether it's the football field or come through radio. The last thing you want is for them to samples somebody else or something else. Instead of robotic plea putting on your make up and going to the stadium on Sunday because his own game. Maybe he would try something different with the family get together. And exit arrive in country gonna picnic pick apples do something else are they don't want you to do that. Because what happens it is the same thing with somebody trying and other radio decision. I. Oh yeah I think you'll stay with us that's so you don't want that even if you're the NFL. But the NFL has a a problem I think thinking that the NFL. Is the end of the world it's everybody's under the war. I love football is my favorite sport a dream of flow followers since I was a young ten years old. But it's not the end of the world. I'd I'd I'd like it I enjoy I watch it all the time but I could stop if I do and I think a lot of people for. Here's a visual for you here's two players. I want handy if Colin can't predict protests in the National Anthem taking in the you know black wise matter the whole nine yards and Ellis IDF Pat Tillman. Who ended his NFL career or go to go to the army in died fighting for their flag from. In my fire through it was a tragic absolutely. Here's another road tax you don't have a right to trojans on the job you can be fired that's what people don't understand and that's true. If if all of a sudden you went to. And mcdougals the fast food restaurant. I I don't think we do actually have a mcdougals and I'm. Saying it so I won't who's the real name. If suddenly a couple of employees that mcdougals. Decided they wanted to protest because they need a shorter hours more money blah more vacation and blah blah whatever it is. And they should and they stood there at the driveway. In the front of the drive through lane instead though a durables is unfair to us. All right if they were on private property witches. What the stadium is even though it's. It was built by via the people it is that would be a bit be fired. They be fired note no question about that and the you have to realize that yes you do a right to free speech. But there are there's a price that goes with it is not a get out of jail free card. If vote if you want no disrespect the flag. That the may be the price you pay is that you get traded to have a Jane don't get resign or whatever maybe business and no price to be paid and then you'll luck out. But the bottom line is don't think you can say or do anything you wanna do and there's no bill at the end of the bill's always there and somebody's gonna pay it and I think the NFL is and throw the ball picking up that should. All right. The the owners are these players are employees bottom line the owners should grow a pair. Including the for bullets well at least there. That's of these players the protests on their time. And that that's exactly right. As as we said you don't you don't have a right to. Two impacts you negatively your employer's business. Here's another of the owners use the word respect cap ordered the leader of a movement. It took respect out of a judgment today. He wore via. Whoever cops just there's pigs socks and remember that. Yeah I do and keep mine the media is involved where this through the media doesn't have to be there hand maiden and show everything they wanna show. Who know if the media decided they. There was more important to show the crowd or the flag or the jets going overhead but that's another trek to the viewers yes but the tickets and bring them exactly so to me is page you know that I know. And they'll do whatever they have to they don't care. If if it's the more controversial the better. You think there are any patriots did their and I don't mean New England do you think there are any patriots India in the truck. Directing the broadcasts. No. Absolutely. If they are that'll give no way. I look back Lamar and news radio I'm thirty. The secret meeting of the NFL and October. They were talking about trump said taken they get fired the NFL did nothing is there room for something in the middle of that after this. Yes there was a secret owners meeting at the National Football League last October and think of. Out of there was basically the beginning of last season. Discussing green kneeling situation. There were quite interest driven in the ago combining. Some knowledge among them. That could detect heat off for the sponsors think he'd go from people. Not wanting to go to the games or or recognize the NFL is the only. The only. Choice they have on a Sunday afternoon. And so. In the meeting they discussed. Donald Trump's. A message on the campaign trail zoom take any or get fired basically and here's exactly what Donald said. What you love to see one of these NFL owners when somebody dis respects our flag. This adept at some of the off the field right now out in five. And that's what got him going and those terrible blow is especially sensitive to it he says if he keeps that up you know is going to be problematic. Very much though he says. Our society needs a bad day I think he underestimate that but I I don't your band aids gonna do an event days for a little minor scratch. Via policy was discussed that the owners meeting no proposals were made and no votes were taken. And I as it's ever bola is said it's like a tsunami he said to me. The anthem protest issue was like a glacier moving into the ocean. We're getting hit with a tsunami which of course is deadly and that he was right about that. I his wife. Said that you'd like to see some middle ground. They didn't we grow up in the sports business world's talking about the players kemba goalless said. Of the prayer of the players they came in on the players side. So they just don't understand. Or know the impact it had on the business of the organization. On our community good or bad I do think there definitely is definitely an impact so she's right she's absolutely right. And typical said where are talking about his wife's comments. Where all Americans some people voice themselves differently than others. I would I would do would things differently than others as though I can say for that I respect my players. Respect the players union. Will try to get a solution and all Americans are happy where. The bills did not replied through Jay's Kirstie for comment. On this article which are front page of Buffalo's today. So I think the easiest solution is the obvious solution. Keep them in its novelty memory ego locker room wherever we don't put him on the field until after. The anthem has played then they can have their own little protests all they want on the side of the public social your weather there doing it for themselves are doing it from the poem. And and so that's that. But do you have any other middle of the road suggestions. I don't think there's a lot I think the NFL tried to bribe them piano last season by. By taking a large chunk of money as I recall and donating it to a player's association to explore social issues. The that's funny I I find that really amusing Tony did I miss that and our paycheck good diddley got a huge bonus so that we get explores so's your emotions as we do it every day here in front of migrant. Wrong you know when I get my paycheck I go to that. Becton new proposed thing you talk a cry closet crier closet where you if you're studying is too much for you you can go to the cry closet yeah brass style which is a lot different than when I did when I was too stressed out from. Studying for a test I want to the beer refrigerator all bets that the ground drown your sorrows very good Elvis hit are part of college let's go do a damn west Seneca van here on WB again. Thanks for having me you know you and I are a little older I don't be negative well that's why is better than not being on. The side editors the I. Weakened remember. Actually clay becoming. All each of which and we can remember who else you're becoming Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Oh. I think that in their respective sports well there's always. We're at the pinnacle of their. And here I am Al balding and turning gray. And mediocre quarterback. Stafford act Oliver shot it really the media perpetuate. Admit that they would pay no (%expletive) I don't think. It would have been a big key I think our lives matter. I think we're too political date. But my problem with college aberrant act simply as. I think a 165. Dollars per ticket eight dollars per year right dollar's drop dock and you know I actually don't watch what. Blood volume and higher in the same boat or that I love football I don't need social. Social issues being brought up before during or after the game. Absolutely. I am old enough to remember when the Olympia did to black power I thought the podium while they were receiving. They're gold medals. I could understand if you build it you're not being treated. Just okay dad dad dad your interpretation of the way like treating you you don't think you're treated her. I remembers thinking that might you just wanna alt metal you were tortured saint Louis Missouri. Early lord your belly. And America's what Wheaties box New. York. Yeah. It all all I get. You know what when I watch the Oscars I wanna hear about the movie. I wanna hear about the inspiration for making the police. I don't know if you're Republican Democrat or do you think basically import tool are too hard shot. Have you ever noticed every year the Oscars used to be one of balls watch broadcasts and on the whole television here. Every year. Fewer and fewer and fewer people. Their ratings now are knee make those that causes that they're all standing up for might be important to them but they're not important everybody else. Here it is may make one million dollars. To make a movie. They're entitled to their opinion. I want a watched a movie or I wanna hear about the person who wrote the book that the movie was based what is your view. With that people who inspired this movie which is supposed to be here. Wells that wells said then you nailed it appreciate it thank you very much. We're back after this hang on a big secret NFL meeting held log last October. Bugs and discuss the kneeling situation now they've had meeting sets. Nothing has been proposed nothing's been voted on from they were reacting to trump as saying Rihanna for a NFL ownership fire anybody that takes in the the NFL did nothing I think a piano last season they tried to bribe the players union as I recall big chunk of money sent over four for social. Yeah injustice oh god help me. And zero room for compromise. In the middle Terry Pakula. Stressing the importance of getting something done. He suggested spokesperson for the NFL much like a Charlton Heston was a spokesperson for years with the videos and NRA. And I think that's a good idea he suggested. An African American I think that's a good idea true. I was so he a couple of good ideas and meanwhile kemba goalless thanked the players come up through replaying ranks with the men not really that. A knowledgeable about what's going on the business side of this business. And so that's that's fine as he would like see something in the middle if you get something in the middle. Fine it's usually via the best choice but I'm not really sure that that is possible. Let's go to a Marion Lancaster Mary here on WBN. Good morning maybe. Hours pulling in the garage I'm involved in church and heard him say. What Donald Trump said you made his talent he's the BS. I can't think our but I said the literal thing. I. Well we're gonna have to wash your mouth with so merry I just entered good. Anyway on this thing get your guitar but you can't even capable what what happened at the end of the revolutionary war. They said they played the world has turned upside down. Kim and I'm Kerry who grew up. Shouldn't. You talk to the pre can players that they should just. Indeed get together and help them. Tell them up and down and offering big. If they're letting the inmates run the institution. They're losing fans and they're losing money. So what they should do is just going there and tell these guys looking over price morons. If we lose money. Who's gonna pay you bottom line why should the fans and even look. The community. Supper for all the lousy publicity they're putting due to their various football teams because these guys act and they're not talking about. What they're doing on the field anymore they're talking about what they're caught. And Ben about it when your ticket me and you're you are protesting your alleged social injustice. Did your employer have anything to do that know that the people who are paying big money come out to see you have anything to do that no. So why would you be protesting in that venue. And the bottom line is they did not pay the kind of money they have to pay to see you protest they wanna see you not men they alleged just a tackle. What one more thing I can't be all of this recently I'm I'm I'm a man I send them look at or listen to those. Look at all these police stopped serving children murdered. In the line of duty forty Peta publicity about that why don't think that if they wanted to show their concern for the community these players should go to these places where the officers. Where you know. Don't look at double visit O'Toole for a policeman from a Home Depot right I think one of them passed there was hardly any publicity about that at all won two cups there's shot that should be big news when no. It wasn't big nose. That's what these players should take up the cost if they're so concerned about and community involvement in a lot by the go to these places where these officers were killed. And go and talk to those families not the prison then don't they were unarmed. Black men and our war where they work you know unharmed they were. The police officers killed in the line of duty and those guys were. Murder you know killed and abiding a law enforcement officer and applications throughout. All right social injustices in the eyes of the holders there has been and I'm sure there is some. But the bottom line is is that there has to be a more rational way. And a more thoughtful way to approach this and taking a knee during the football game thank you. That Saddam nobody paid to see that. Are you there at this may be a strange. Concept to a players you're Rivera to entertain. The people who paid the money to come in and see you. The are your entertainment form as football. Daylight football. They like the way you play football. And they're willing to pay big money for so why should why should you disrespect our flag. But those people there did you see how many people were standing in during the National Anthem or Yuen the ailing. Almost everybody. Almost. Everybody short of having a physical landing gear where you couldn't I'd say it's nearly a 100%. So you're disrespecting our flag group of people. Who came here who are paying your salary made no mistake about it yeah you're good at football it's why. It's a lot of others or go to football through. And every future people who go to football at a long after you've very you've crossed that final a fifty yard line they're gonna review will play in football who are able to remember what you did. To the ones who said oh it's no big deal is just the flag. That flag campers to drape over the coffins of our service members who com home in a box that's true learn. And you see. People have fought for the flag bearers are resent. That Tom brokaw's book was called be greatest generation. During World War II there is an unbelievable sacrifices people made. Besides. Losing loved ones. A changing jobs doing all kinds of things. There were it was huge lines after. After the bombing. And and and good people wanted to join they knew how dangerous it was but after Pearl Harbor was bombed. Everybody's so we gotta do what we care for our country and now it seems like we've gotten into its all about maybe some other country. Country wouldn't be at the country is about me. I can I can catch a football. I can tackle somebody. Yeah out school OK doctor if you can there're a lot of them a lot of talk about the to the people who stormed the beaches in Normandy. And a I think they might have a different view. Then you do OK so I'm asking is there any center of the area is the bottom the bottom line is. That's a personal thing they should not take your personal grievances. Lesson involves the ownership or involves the coach but they should not take their non football personal grievances to the field. You know you have to take your take your kid to work take your dog to work you shouldn't take your bitches to work in on senator about those should be separate. Ideas you have a bitch about society. That separates and take it somewhere else but not in the workplace. Wait till after the game during the press conference and the reason I say then I brought this up last year. The sports media has been gone whole supporting the NFL players and and the protest. So let's give them the platform during instead of asking football questions let them speak out about. The police brutality. And unfair treatment and in the courts. Turn it over to that. I say take it up via property of the video stadium. I remember a lot of the stadiums were paid for by the taxpayers. And there is some private. A private venture capital but a lot by the senators are we own the stadium. OK even though we've given away every time we sent in movies but the bottom line is take it somewhere else take it to your house. Taking into some that neutral place but we'll -- don't do it in the workplace asthma and get a job pitching on the radio oh wait that's what I do at a stop go outside and what you got take that last idea out forget it we don't know we don't major thank you. We'll do like that I mean would you before if a player if they contacted the stations and would like to see them withstand the and now this is the topic we well. Any time where you're it would numbering uninteresting and provocative. It's a topic through the Airways or something just into this thing where ever you do that that's not a problem. But here's the deal. You can't use your hope it your bully pulpit because you can play football to hold up 80000 people who don't necessarily agree review. Willie back 80393018061692. Through six so I'm I'm thirty back after this.